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It is MONDAY of the BIG-WEEK!

5-17-21 Monday -


The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Main-Stream Media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material from the “Restored Republic” report issued by Judy Byington. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?

Romans 8:35 KJV

Although the fig tree shall not blossom, Neither shall fruit be in the vines; The labour of the olive shall fail, And the fields shall yield no meat; The flock shall be cut off from the fold, And there shall be no herd in the stalls: Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation.

Habakkuk 3:17-18 KJV


For your ease in getting to Information that you are interested in… I have divided the following Material into three Groups: It is not necessary that you read every Article… scroll down and pick what interests you! Little to none of these are found in the Main-Stream media {MSM}…

Disclaimer: All articles, videos, and images posted in this BLOG – site, are always presented as unverified and should be discerned by the reader. We do not endorse any opinions expressed in this BLOG and we do not support, represent, or guarantee the completeness, truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any content posted herein.

Sections divide Material into meaningful Groups:

First… PRAISE:


#2. COVID-19



💥 💥💥💥💥


Trump supporter comments after all the fiascos of the Biden administration has been responsible for so far:

“I would yell at Biden voters… but I can’t find anyone who voted for him?” [Richard Phillips]


💥 💥 Chinese fighter pilots are training in London area:


Protest at Victoria Park - London

💥 1500+ [Hundreds] gather for anti-lockdown protest in Victoria park:

LONDON, ONT. -- Hundreds of people are currently gathering at Victoria park, as part of an anti-lockdown protest.

The majority of people are not wearing masks and physical distancing measures are not being practiced.

CTV must have taken these pictures before the Rally began at 1 pm because the square was full to over-flowing by 1:30

1500+ turned out… No POLICE were visible! [Patrick Bestall]

[Dianne Dawson]


💥 Canadian police arrest and jail ANOTHER Christian pastor.

Pastor Tim Stephens of Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary has been under police and Alberta Health Services surveillance for months, because he refuses to limit his congregation and force them into masks. In our previous visits to the church, Alberta Health Services and the Calgary police and bylaw can be seen interrupting church services. [The REBEL]

💥 Good Interview💥 :


💥 Inflation? here in Ontario?

"I tracked down 82-year-old David Laidler, professor emeritus at Western University in London, Ont., who in the 1960s was an early expert on the subject and says he is worried that history may be repeating itself." [Patrick Bestall]


💥 Israeli military targets home of Gaza's top Hamas leader:

At least 140 people have been killed in Gaza, Palestinian officials said and 10 have died in Israel, the country reported, with women and children among the dead on both sides, a report said.

💥 Another CANCELLATION by Biden:

Pres. Biden cancels Trump’s plan to honor American heroes:

President Joe Biden tossed out a bunch more of former President Donald Trump’s policies on Friday.

Breitbart reports that among the Trump-era policies that Biden revoked was a plan that would have created a monument for American heroes.

Voter ID required in Britain:

💥 How quickly the MSM rushes to MOCK!

Voting Irregularities:

💥 Trump issues ‘devastating’ letter addressing ‘voting irregularities’ in Arizona:

It may be true that everything was above board in Arizona’s Maricopa County during the 2020 presidential election. However, former President Donald Trumpis dogging officials with accusations that amount to fraud and coverup if they are true.

Trump took aim at the county election officials following allegations that a voter “database was illegally deleted after the subpoena to produce the information” was served, according to Breitbart. He based his statement on a scathing letter outlining possible fraud sent from Karen Fann, president of the Arizona Senate, to Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Sellers.

‘Serious Issues’ Related to Maricopa County

💥 Arizona Senate leader alleges ‘serious issues’ related to Maricopa County presidential election:

An ongoing audit of the November presidential election results has put Maricopa County, Arizona, at the center of many recent news reports

Now, a member of the state Senate is raising serious questions about how the county handled the election itself — including a contentious claim about deleted evidence.

💥 💥 💥 Why you need a vac -ation!

YT comment, I didn't personally verify nor watch the video, but data matched previous ones I've checked.

[Richard Phillips]

Indrekk Pringi 3 days ago ANNUAL STATISTICAL FACTS:

PUBLISHED BY THE CDC: Nov: 2020 2019 US pop: 328,239,523 2020 US pop; 330,767,888 2019 US deaths; 2,855,000 2020 US deaths: 2,902,664 2019 US mortality rate: .9% 2020 US mortality rate; .9% 2019 US Deaths per thousand: 8.70 2020 US Deaths per thousand: 8.78 Take away the increase in suicides and drug overdoses due to the lock downs in 2020 and there are over 40,000 LESS deaths in 2020 than in 2019 UNITED STATES ANNUAL DEATH RATE DATA (Taken from another source)

YEAR DEATH RATE GROWTH RATE OF DEATHS 2020 8.880 1.12% 2019 8.782 1.12% 2018 8.685 1.12% FACT:

UK deaths in 2018 were HIGHER than in 2020 In Canada the annual percent increase of deaths in 2020 was the lowest since 2012. This includes sharp increases in overdose deaths and the deaths of those who expired because their surgeries were postponed last spring Deaths in Canada 2016 = 262,090 2017 = 274,240 (+12,150 from 2016) 2018 = 283,770 (+9,530 from 2017) 2019 = 287,460 (+3,690 from 2018) 2020 = 300,210 (+12,750 from 2019) Which proves there is no spike in deaths because of a fake pandemic again… Pneumonia Survival Rates 18–64 years: 92.7% 65–84 years: 83.9% ≥ 85 years: 70.3% COVID-19 Survival Rates Age 0-19 — 99.997% Age 20-49 — 99.98% Age 50-69 — 99.5% Age 70+ — 94.6%

Seasonal Flu has a 2.5% morbidity rate... Covid19 has a .04% morbidity rate... FACT: The average lifeexpectancy is 70-80 yrs. (I changed "span" > expectancy)

FACT: Over 90% of the supposed Covid 19 deaths are between 70 and 80.

For instance, the average life expectancy in Ontario is 81 years old… the Covid death age average is just over 82 years old..

FACT: The reason 2020 annual mortality rates and growth rate of deaths are the same as in previous years, regardless of the supposed Covid deaths, is because they have stolen deaths from people who would have died anyways in order to scare people into believing in this hoax. There is no pandemic: You have been scammed. If you don’t believe me: Try to find any TOTAL annual death statistics for 2020 on the internet… You won’t find them: They have all been taken down because it would show that there was no increase in total deaths compared to previous years Basically the PCR test magnifies the danger of a virus by false positives just like the mass media and the govts have magnified the danger of Covid 19 by false propaganda…. The PCR test patent is OWNED BY RICHARD ROTHSCHILD - it’s right there on the patent! People need to run like hell from the testing. EudraVigilance:

European data base of Suspected Adverse Drug Reactions reports: Covid-19 Vaccine Adverse Drug Reactions: 6,662 DEAD 299,025 Injuries through April 10th 2021 4,178 post-COVID-vaccine deaths now reported (through May 3) to the U.S.-based Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). In Europe, the COVID vaccine fallout has been equally alarming: The EudraVigilance database lists 8,430 deaths (through Apr. 24) — and more than 354,000 injuries — following injection with one of the four emergency-authorized shots Canada has a 98% RECOVERY RATE from Covid 995,881 cases in Canada 972,525 (98%) RECOVERED 23,356(2%) Deaths 23,356(Deaths) / 38,189,999 (Canada’s Population) = 0.061157372640937% of Canada’s population dead from C19..... Allegedly that is… read about the PCR test and its false positives. Do you understand? If everything from the fake pandemic to the fake Covid 19 cases to the fake tests to the fake vaccines is propaganda; then why take the vaccine? Fauci has millions of his own money invested in vaccines. He was instrumental in founding and funding the Chinese Wuhan bio labs: THAT'S WHY. Rothschild is making a killing selling the tests THAT'S WHY. The drug companies are making huge profits THAT"S WHY. Large corporations have TRIPLED their profits due to restrictive measures imposed on small businesses. THAT’S WHY. American hospitals get 53 K for every Covid case with ventilators: THAT'S WHY. Political power mongers have become virtual dictators in democratic nations using this hoax as an excuse: THAT’S WHY. Unless we (meaning YOU specifically) organise and fight this global propaganda by copying this post and spreading the truth; we will all be forced to live in a world of police states with no rights and no freedoms and no jobs and no small businesses. WE MUST DESTROY THIS LIE OR ELSE IT WILL BE USED TO DESTROY US. They already HAVE used it to destroy hundreds of millions of lives, jobs, businesses, rights, freedoms.

This is a GLOBAL amalgamated concentration of power and greed at the top of the pyramid of a corrupt civilization; using this hoax to fill their pockets at our expense while increasing their power over the masses, by impoverishing the entire human population while brainwashing them into believing in this evil lie!

#2. COVID-19

Patrick did some digging… here is what he found:

💥 Don, something seems amiss in the story about the 10,000 doctors suing for violations of the Nuremberg code.

1. No mention of which court is hearing the suit

2. If it's a criminal offense why would it be a lawsuit?

3. Why is it the exact same story, word for word in all the alternative media?

So, I looked a little deeper.

We’ve seen multiple claims that various groups are attempting to take legal action using the Nuremberg Code over vaccination. Some international claims about this have already been fact checked. One is that a complaint has been filed with the International Criminal Court against the Israeli government, arguing that its vaccination program is in violation of the Nuremberg Code, although Reuters has recently disproved claims that the court has “accepted” this allegation. Similarly, reports that a Canadian court ruled that anyone who tries to force someone to be vaccinated can be prosecuted under the Nuremberg Code have been debunked.

[Patrick Bestall]

💥 BC Man Injured (2 Min)

💥 💥 Laura Lynn-Thompson: VAERS Data Deaths from C19 Compared to Other Years (6 Min)

💥 India: Paid F*a*k*e*r*s (2 Min)

💥 Renowned Infectious Expert Dies (3 Min)

💥 Deliberating Collapsing the Supply Chain including Food & Gas (6 Min)

💥 Del:

CDC Hiding V Failures (5 Min)

💥 Ben Swann:

VXX Passports is the Single Most Important Issue (6 Min)

💥 Dr. Jane Ruby:

It is the Spike Proteins Causing the Damage to the Body from VXX (10 Min)

Note: She explains the 'so-called Virus' is not the problem. Please Just Wait.



💥 Former EU Brexit negotiator calls for a 3–5-year ban on immigration due to jihad terror:

Just in the last few weeks in France:

💥 Our Book on “Church Coming-of-Age” is TRACKING!

💥 How biased is news coverage?

This website purports to compare left, centre, right treatments of news stories.

This is such a unique website that tells you at a glance who is covering a news story, the Left's Mainstream Media, or the Right's alternative media.

You have got to love it regardless of where you stand. I had no idea so much news was being ignored or "spiked" as we used to say. For example, Kerry’s meeting with the Pope on climate change got more coverage by the left: [Patrick Bestall]

House & Senate ordered to reopen:

💥 House Republicans order Pelosi, Schumer to reopen the Capitol:

Washington, D.C. is the people’s city, financed by citizens and run by elected officials. However, the Capitol has been closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, and some Republicans think it’s time to follow the science and open back up.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) — along with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) — was just ordered by 32 Republicans in the House of Representatives to reopen the capitol, Breitbart reported. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) led the effort, calling access a First Amendment right.

Deceiving Announcement:

💥 💥 Don Lemon deceives viewers with announcement of last airing of his primetime show:

That’s why eyebrows were raised by CNN primetime star Don Lemon who, according to the Daily Caller, dropped the bombshell announcement on Friday night revealing that it would be his last airing of “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.”


She is hilarious!

Misconduct Probe:

💥 Priest who officiated at Biden inauguration Mass resigns amid misconduct probe:

An investigation of Father Kevin O’Brien, the Jesuit priest who officiated at President Joe Biden’s inaugural Mass, has now led to the cleric’s resignation, after the probe revealed his participation in inappropriate, alcohol-fueled gatherings with graduate students at Santa Clara University, where he served as president, according to the Washington Examiner.

Source Troubling Trend:

💥 Thousands of migrants with serious criminal pasts have been apprehended since October:

President Joe Biden’s term in office has coincided with several worrying trends about the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border, but one recent claim might be the most concerning of all.

According to Breitbart, an insider claimed that more than 6,000 migrants with serious criminal records have been arrested since October.

On the Precipice of a Gang War

Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times, the president of Portland, Oregon’s police union said in a blistering new statement that the city is on the brink of war. “We need to talk about the elephant in the room: gun violence.



💥 💥 💥 57 Top Scientists and Doctors Release Shocking Study On COVID Vaccines And Demand Immediate Stop to ALL Vaccinations:


What Doctors are YOU LISTENING to?


💥 Nearly Half of All NIAID and FDA Employees Are Refusing the COVID Vaccines That They're Pushing on the Rest of Us:

The FDA’s Peter Marks admitted that that 40-50 percent of CDC and FDA employees have opted not to take the vaccine during an exchange with Sen. Richard Burr.

NIAID Director Anthony Fauci said the number is about the same for his agency.

Senator Burr asked Fauci, Peter Marks from the FDA, and @CDCDirector what percentage of their own employees are vaccinated.

Fauci probably a bit more than half, around 60%.

Marks said about the same.

Walensky dodged the question.

Phil Kerpen (@kerpen) May 14, 2021

“Okay, this question I’m gonna go to Dr. Fauci, Dr. Marks, and Dr. Walensky,” Burr asked. “What percentage of employees in [Fauci’s] institute, [Walensky’s] Center, or [Mars’] agency, of your employees, has been vaccinated?”

“You know, I’m not a hundred percent sure, senator, but I think it’s probably a little bit more than half, probably around sixty percent,” Fauci claimed.

“I can’t tell you the exact number, but it’s probably in the same range, some people vaccinated at our facility, and others at, uh, outside of the facility,” Marks added.

“We’re encouraging, um, our employees to get vaccinated, we’ve been doing town halls and education seminars, um, we have, our staff have the option to report their vaccination status but it’s you, un-understand [sic] the federal government is not requiring it so we do not know,” Walensky said, dodging the question. [Patrick Bestall]

[Fil Beorchia]


💥 CANADIAN GOVERNMENT ADMITS TO "CONSIDERING" USING HYDROGEL - Exploring "Biodigital" Convergence – Policy Horizons Canada PDF - Critical Information:

💥 "Considering" errantly omitted. [Patrick & Michael]

The CANADIAN Government has admitted to "considering" using HYDROGEL and is exploring BIODIGITAL Convergence. The linkbelow is PROOF positive that this is not theory. When you consider the LOCK STEP approach to the Pandemic response and public admission by our leader(s) that this is an OPPORTUNITY for a GREAT RESET as proposed by the World Economic Forum, we come to realize that REALITY is indeed stranger than fiction.

Canadians should be VERY concerned about this, this is the path toward TRANSHUMANISM and the 4th Industrial Revolution which is in reality a diabolical goal of merging Man and Machine.

HYDROGEL was developed by DARPA, in case you do not know what this is, DARPA stands for: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency - a research and development agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military.

HYDROGEL is: An implantable biosensor, made via a DARPA-Gates funded Silicon Valley company, used in ALL 4 "Emergency Use" COVID injections. The US Department of Defense and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have partnered with Profusa, a Silicon Valley company, to develop a piece of nanotechnology made out of hydrogel (similar to a soft contact lens) that can be injected and implanted under the skin using a vaccine as a delivery system. This sensor (or more accurately a biosensor), would effectively merge with the body. As a piece of nanotech, it could potentially link up with the wireless network (the 5G-driven IoT or Internet of Things) and it could potentially both transmit information about you and your body to authorities, as well as receive information.

All this is researchable, and the patents exist. This is public knowledge except without any informed consent, most of the public is truly ignorant to these facts.

This is simply unacceptable and should be a point of discussion and full disclosure by our Vaccine Approval Committee in Canada as well as the Medical Officers of Health, full disclosure is an important step toward INFORMED CONSENT.

Consider the experimental Injections being rolled out, you see the lack of shared information from our Politicians and Health Authorities which should not be permitted.

See the Canadian Government link here.

This is very concerning, public awareness must be raised regarding this issue. We cannot as citizens be deemed "Guinea Pigs” unless we so choose - you simply cannot make a choice without full disclosure and informed consent - this is the only path toward that end.

"I Upended My Life for Apple":

A former Facebook project manager, author, and journalist who uprooted his life in Washington to take a job with Apple is livid, after a woke mob of employees circulated a petition demanding his ouster over controversial statements from a book, he wrotefive years ago. The petition took aim at Cuban American Antonio García Martínez over his book, Chaos Monkeys



The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Main-Stream Media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material from the “Restored Republic” report issued by Judy Byington. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.

“A Storm is coming and there is nothing the Left can do. The Storm is upon us…EBS Incoming…” Q & Trump GreatAwakening.World Sun. 16 May

“Soon, at any moment, a turn of events will trigger the unbelievable. Our entire government will be invalidated. Biden, Harris, members of Congress and the Supreme Court will be removed. Laugh if you want. There will be a ‘temporary’ Coup d’état with new elections, a new beginning.”…US 2nd Lady Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, Sun. 16 May 2021

Restored Republic The Event – Ten Days of Darkness: Q & Trump GreatAwakening.World

A Storm is coming and there is nothing the Left can do. The Storm is upon us. EBS Incoming.

NESARA/GESARA Act was supposed to be activated by Bush in the beginning of 2000’s in 2001. Deep-State tried to kill JFK in 1999 but he escaped. Then the Deep-State did the 911 Twin Tower Scare Event right before Bush Jr. was suppose to announce NESARA/GESARA Act. We are going to party like it was 1999. You remember they told us everything would probably shutdown 1st Jan. 2000 for several daysthat’s the 10 Days of Darkness that will be triggered when NESARA/GESARA is activated. Learn more about the Global Financial Reset (GCR), the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and NESARA/ GESARA TRUMPSARA here:

Pompeo and drops. “You are witnessing/watching the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. POWER WILL RETURN TO THE PEOPLE.” Que.

“Trump or members of the Military are not going to compromise ongoing operations to save this country by telling you what’s really going on just to satisfy your curiosity. Every day you see the New World Order Devils tear down something that belongs to The People. What you don’t see are the Military raids in the underground tunnels where they are rescuing babies, and how they are dismantling the NWO financial system. There are many missions running simultaneously to clean up this evil mess. There will be an Event that will replace the NWO financial system with an incorruptible one. Biden, Harris, their pretend administration, Supreme Court, and members of Congress will be removed for crimes. Watch!” …US 2nd Lady Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy

ALL Governments in the world were being removed by the Military. Everything connected: China Dam, Tiananmen Square and Wuhan Big Pharma Labs lead into 34 Satanic Buildings getting hit with Rods of God and flooded. Cyber Attacks for the next two months and a fake nuclear scare event would publicly announce World War III, trigger the EBS, crash the Stock Market and shut down the Internet as the Alliance continued to dismantle financial systems and bring in the Global Currency Reset and NESARA/ GESARA/ TRUMPSARA. See Q & Trump The Great Awakening World:

“World War III is coming and will be staged to trigger Martial Law. Get ready. It’s a military operation. Soon a State of Emergency will be triggered worldwide, along with Ten Days of Darkness. Have two weeks of food, water, etc”…Q

Sun. 16 May US VP John F. Kennedy Jr. Telegram:

Statement by Office of John F. Kennedy Jr.: There is only one form of truth. I am not paying the ransom exactly like my father. Few people are upset by my recent actions because I’m no fan of the terrorist organization. I’m not a fan of Traitors, murders, and criminals. To enlighten once again, there is only one form of truth. When you say no john, it’s more than one at this moment. You lost the truth. That’s how I make the Q. Q is nothing without me, without you and where we go one, we go all. Kennedy is back from death! Jesus helped Kennedy. Jesus blessed Kennedy. My website will be up and running soon.

Sun. 16 May US 2nd Lady Carolyn Bissette-Kennedy Telegram:

President Trump’s Social Media Platform will be launching on July 4.

Soon, at any moment a turn of events will trigger the unbelievable. Our entire government will be invalidated. Biden, Harris, Members of Congress and The Supreme Court will be removed. Laugh if you want. There will be a ‘temporary’ Coup d’état with new elections, a new beginning.


Underground tunnels and cities around the world …. The ancient ones and the new ones built over the last 70 years and connected in part to them. People and children were smuggled through them so called human trafficking.

Sun. 16 May Whiplash347 Telegram:

“I am all girls,” NETFLIX new trafficking movie out today. When they start searching the shipping container for the missing kids EVERGREEN pops up.

Super Tornado Destroys Wuhan on Sat. 15 May:

Mr Pool decode series 5-16

1. It’s all happening – Lyrics Saint Motel

2. Emergency Broadcast System

3. Trump Election/return Potus

4. Jump for joy

5. Balloons – Some happy some lost

6. Fireworks- Sparks Events

7. Open their eyes – WATCH

8. See through Matrix layers

9. Glimpse of the eye of a man in the shadows….

10. Coming together for HNY

11. Coming up

Gold Rippled Tie = Gold XRP

20 $ note in pocket = ReVaulation

$ backed by Gold


Mr Pool – The EVENT – Nuke Alarms. WW3 SCARE EVENT. Election Flip, Celebrations, Eyes Open, Gold Standard – Basel 111.

Sky News:

Emergency alerts for terror attacks, floods and other disasters to be sent directly to your phone. The aptly-named Emergency Alerts warning service will be introduced via a trial this summer before a national rollout.

Sun. 16 May Fox Tucker Carlsen Telegram:

These are the faces of some of the top Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders and terrorists. They were responsible for the rocket attacks against Israel in the last 72 hours. They will never plan another terror attack again.

Sun. 16 May Q The Storm Rider Telegram:

What is May 17 & May 18?

Tax Deadline.

XRP Case








_Fauci is being exposed more & more

_[MSM] Says TRUMP is President of The Republican States of America

_MSM beginning to tell truth of where Covid-19 came from > mentions Fauci

Sun. 16 May Charlie Ward, Mel K, Taranick, Sylvester:

In Aug. 2020 the SWIFT was running alongside the QFS. They unloaded 17 megafiles that bankers tried to steal. In the last 10 days there has been 4,000 arrests. We are expecting the Global Currency Reset this week.

Arizona Audit Results in Legal Action:

Audit Proves Biden Stole Election from Trump:

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