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It is not over yet!

Status Report 11-04-2020

Nancy Pelosi says she is ‘prepared’ to choose the next president if election is contested

Leaked Zoom Call Reveals TERRIFYING Radical Leftist Election Day Plans:

WHO ‘Quietly Negotiated’ Deal That ‘Sidelined Its Own Experts’ from Investigating Coronavirus Origin in China:

Multi-Millionaire CEO Warns Americans of Civil War if they Don’t Vote for Biden:

Texas High Court Agrees with Governor and Limits Ballot Drop Off Locations:

Leading Biden Surrogate Calls for Armed Violence if Biden Looses – On Camera!

Harris Tweets Full-Blown Marxist Campaign Video

Armed Attacks on Police Across France:

Walmart Circumventing Second Amendment Ahead of the Election:

A Short Interview with Salim Mansur Posted in Times of Israel (blog)

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