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It's Tuesday... and the PRESSURE is BUILDING!

Status Report 11-10-2020 Monday

Quick Overview – Multiple Law Suits??? [Thank You - Richard]

Joe Biden KNEW that He would be SAVED in 2020… “Plausible Deniability[Bobulinsky]:

Nevada GOP Sends Criminal Referral To Barr Alleging Thousands Of Cases Of Voter Fraud

Michigan County Flips to Trump After Major Vote Tabulation Error Discovered

*** BREAKING: Pennsylvania Count REVERSAL – Democrats Are Reeling

*** Republican attorneys general announce legal action over Pennsylvania mail-in voting

Giuliani: Trump campaign has the evidence to change Pennsylvania results:

‘Don’t be fooled. This is not over’

Watch "Tim Hawkins - The Government Can" on YouTube: [Thank You - Carol]

Georgia Counties Using Same Software as Michigan Counties Also EncounterGlitch’:

*** It's not about saving Trump [Thank You - Patrick]

*** Evidence: [Thank You - Richard]

CNN – OPPS… Porn Hub picked up by Cameras. [Thank You - Richard]

GOP forwards Michigan whistleblower complaint to Barr’s DOJ amid claims of voting irregularities

GOP poll watcher says PA elections staff kept him ‘away from everything’

*** Conservatives fleeing Twitter and Facebook to free-speech advocate Parler

Parler actually has FREE-SPEECH! Millions are transferring from Big Tech

Trump Jr. blasts ‘2024 GOP hopefuls’ for their ‘lack of action’ in defense of his father

REBEL Communications [Menzies]

HELP ME FIND THE THUG! I was assaulted and had my microphone destroyed while attending a peaceful rally in Aylmer, Ontario


REBEL - Will pay $500 to the first person to positively identify this man to us, so our lawyer can take appropriate action — and yes, we will keep your identity confidential.

You can fill out this form, or you can send a confidential email to

*** Fox News Cuts McEnany Speech as She Torches Democrats...

*** Folks: This is HUGE!

RealClear Politics...has updated their map and information, removing Arizona from Biden/Harris. This pushes their projected Electoral College votes down to 259. See their updated map and list here:

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