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Last Post I used "Bert"... He was Vaccinated - It Worked! However the Side-effects need fixing!



Trudeau's economic statement is all about the Great Reset [Thank You – Harvey Park]

Iran's Mullahs:

Want the "Nuclear Deal", So Does Biden


President Trump said this was the most important speech he had ever given:

“If we don’t root out alleged voter fraud in this 2020 Election, then we don’t have a country anymore.”

C.I.A.’s Haspel Shot:

Wounded and Sang Like a Canary! Kat:

Wed. 2 Dec. Charlie Ward:

This election was a fraud’:

Trump gives first major interview since election

2020 Election VoterFraud: 40,000 Nevadians Voted "Twice" Claims Lawsuit: Another Big Day of Explosive Testimony on Voting Fraud.

Why do all these “mistakes” benefit Democrats?


The DOJ Said the Investigations Are NOT Over...

A recent article published in a student newsletter at Johns Hopkins University titled “A closer look at U.S. deaths due to COVID-19” was retracted. Why?


Barr Moves Durham Into Position, Deep State/MSM Panic, Hold Position Before Executing Raid!

New Exhibits & Filings:

Sidney Powell Lawsuits Reaction & Kraken Analysis, New Exhibits & Filings, Election Fraud Leftovers

[Thank You – Richard Phillips]

Trump’s Nevada Lawsuit Update, Agilis Ballot Signature Matching, Democrats’ Legal Response


FBI Makes Move on Election Fraud...

Wisconsin Election REVERSAL - Arizona Election Fraud Bombshell –

Arizona Election Fraud BOMBSHELL – She’s Speaking Out

Democrats accused of election interference in New York congressional race

DOJ investigating alleged scheme involving bribe offered in exchange for presidential pardon


Biden intends to ‘de-emphasize’ the military in favor of international diplomacy

A criminal act’:

John Brennan slams ‘highly reckless’ killing of Iran’s top nuclear scientist


Rising COVID-19 cases or flawed Testing?

Groundbreaking New Report Uncovers the Truth Behind Bank Confiscation Laws...

Ottawa signals plans to create:

Canada-wide child-care system, collect digital sales taxes

Ottawa to control film industry in Canada?

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