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Monday 7-3-23

Monday 7 – 3 - 23

Verse(s) for today:

…but made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: and being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.

Philippians 2:7-8 KJV

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

Joshua 1:9 KJV

The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.

John 1:29 KJV

Thought(s) for the Day:

This is HUGE:



JULY 2, 2023

As widespread and destructive protests carried into a fifth night in France, the country's president, Emmanuel Macron, has continued to resist declaring a state of emergency, despite growing calls for him to do so, as the Daily Mail reports.

The continued unrest was sparked on Tuesday by the police-involved death of Nahel Merzouk, a 17-year-old male of Algerian descent.

We Are at War

Merzouk's death, which occurred in the Paris suburb of Nanterre, appeared to light a fuse that has led to several consecutive nights of looting, property damage, and violence in cities across France.

With demonstrators seeming to ramp up their shocking acts of destruction, which included smashing a vehicle into a store front, setting fires, and ransacking shops, law enforcement officials have pledged a crackdown.

A pair of police unions have stated their intention to mount a revolt against Macron's government unless he takes significant steps to quell the uprising, according to the Mail, declaring themselves “at war” with “savage hordes of vermin.”

“Today the police are in combat because we are at war,” a communication from the unions explained. “Tomorrow, we will enter resistance, and the government should be aware of this.”

Macron's Night out

Though the French president cancelled a planned state visit to Germany amid the protests, he has continued to draw criticism for his reluctance to declare a state of emergency and also for the poor optics surrounding the manner in which he spent Wednesday evening – a time when demonstrations were clearly gaining steam.

As the New York Post noted,Macron and his wife, Brigitte, were photographed dancing happily to the pop superstar's catalogue of songs, even enjoying a backstage meet-and-greet with the singer and his husband, David Furnish.

Leaders of Macron's political opposition blasted the president's apparent nonchalance in the face of a mounting crisis, demanding that the government take action to curtail the ability of protestors to share images of their activities on social media.

Macron's response to the entire situation prompted politician Thierry Mariani to declare the president “totally irresponsible,” adding, “[w]hile France was on fire, Macron preferred to applaud Elton John.”

Mayor's Home Torched

Though reports suggested that the fifth night of unrest was somewhat calmer than those that preceded it, an alarming incident took place in L'Hay-les-Roses, a suburb to the south of Paris, as Reuters reports.

The home of the town's mayor, Vincent Jeanbrun, was ram-raided by demonstrators and then set on fire, while the government official's wife and small children were asleep inside.

Jeanbrun was at the town hall at the time of the attack, and he explained, “While attempting to shield [the children] and feeling the attackers, my wife and one of my children got hurt.”

Though an investigation into attempted murder has reportedly been initiated by local prosecutors, no suspects have been detained in connection with the event.

Pretext for Revolt?

Though Merzouk's death has been described as the impetus for the demonstrations that have gripped France in recent days, observers have suggested that there are much broader issues at play, including poverty, unemployment, and a lack of cultural assimilation among large immigrant communities.

Despite Merzouk's own mother having declared, as the Post noted, “I don't blame the police, I blame one person, the one who took my son's life,” the young man's death has been used as a catalyst for thousands to vent a host of apparent frustrations that may or may not have much to do with Tuesday's tragedy.

CBS News quoted a 39-year-old transportation worker living in the Clichy-sous-Bois suburb of Paris, who stated, “Nahel's story is the lighter that ignited the gas. Hopeless young people were waiting for it. We lack housing and jobs, and when we have [jobs], our wages are too low.”

Merzouk was laid to rest on Saturday in front of hundreds of mourners, yet it is far from clear whether the uprising triggered by his death will begin to wane. If it does not, Macron is certain to face additional pressure to pursue avenues he has thus far tried his best to avoid. [Washington Digest Media]

Hillary Clinton makes a shocking election announcement:

Former Obama State Secretary Hillary Clinton is trying to make a comeback. How she’s doing it may surprise you.

Because Hillary Clinton just made this shocking election announcement.

In 2016 when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton to win the Presidential election, it put the final nail in the coffin of Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations.

She had tried and failed to win in 2008, even though she was a heavy favorite at the time. And she tried and failed once again in 2016, being the heavy favorite also against Trump.

Being the leading candidate twice and failing to get your spot in the Oval Office was devastating for her and she had to go into hiding.

But lately she’s been getting back into the political world, trying to make her impact felt wherever she can.

Some have suggested that Hillary Clinton might have been gearing up for a 2024 run to push Joe Biden aside since his reelection efforts look bleak with his advancing age and awful approval ratings.

That never materialized and it appears Hillary Clinton has very much given up on Presidential election aspirations. Yet, she hasn’t given up on being in the forefront of critical elections.

You see, the state of Virginia almost never has a time when they are not in an election season. Basically every November there is an important election for that state.

This year is no different. Republicans in the Virginia House of Representatives legislature hold a slim 2 vote majority (52-48) in the chamber. In the Senate, they also carry a razor thin 2 vote majority (22-18).

This political “off year” actually puts up all 100 Virginia House reps up for reelection and with Virginia becoming a major battleground states, both major political parties want to come out the victor to carry the momentum into 2024.

As for Hillary Clinton, she’s trying to bring attention to this and rally her radical Leftist base to flip the Virginia state House of Representatives this election.

She tweeted “Democrats only need to flip three seats to regain control of the Virginia state House. Plug in with @onwardtogether groups and friends like @swingleft, @runforsomething, @dlcc and more to learn how to help.”

Many of the races for the Virginia State House of Representatives are proving to be closely battled and contested and they very well may come down to the wire and see recounts.

Hillary Clinton is trying to rally her troops there because, ultimately, the Democrats have been reeling ever since Governor Glenn Youngkin rolled into town.

Glenn Youngkin ripped the hearts out of the Democrats when he handily beat his radical Democrat opponent Terry McAuliffe in the 2021 gubernatorial election.

The Republicans have the aid of the sitting Virginia Governor, who is doing fairly well in the polls, to help push them over the finish line against the Democrat opponents seeking to flip the Virginia legislature.

Many conservatives are sounding the alarm on this subtle action from Hillary Clinton to make sure the conservative voters do not rest on their laurels and let the Democrats flip Virginia back to the blue trajectory that had it on before Glenn Youngkin won his upset against McAuliffe.

The DC Daily Journal will be sure to keep you updated on the Virginia state legislature races that will be decided this November. Stay tuned. [DC Dailey Journal]


Trozzi Report: 2023-07-03 Uplifting Insightful Dr Carrie Madej "We're not just a blob of cells; we are amazing!" Plus precautions about the trans-humanist agenda, and ideas for embracing each other and the natural world.

1. On June 19th 2023 Dr Carrie Madej shared uplifting messages with the World Council For Health. The power of thoughts, speech, and prayer. Dr Madej's positivity is a refreshing break from an over-mechanized perspective of life and our existance. I hope you find the recording of this presentation uplifting and empowering. 2. It's Julian Assange's birthday! Here is your invitation to join today's meeting of the World Council For Health at 2 PM ET here: Further READING:

[Dr Mark Trozzi]



JULY 2, 2023

President Joe Biden has tapped Dr. Mandy Cohen as the next head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), though that decision has since drawn significant criticism, with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently making his own feelings on the matter crystal clear, as the Daily Wire reports.

Specifically, Cruz shared a video on Thursday in which Cohen's pandemic policies during her time as secretary of North Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services were subjected to a biting musical parody.

Biden Taps Cohen

Several weeks ago, Biden officially announced Cohen as his pick to replace departing CDC head Rochelle Walensky, and in doing so, he touted her experience at the helm of the Tar Heel State's pandemic response, as NPR noted at the time.

“Dr. Cohen is one of the nation's top physicians and health leaders,” Biden began.

The president continued, stating that Cohen “has been recognized by leaders from both parties” for what he called “her ability [to] find common ground and put complex policy into action.”

However, as Cruz's Thursday social media post emphasizes, he is certainly a member of the bipartisan coalition Biden seems to believe is in support of his choice.

“Masking Queen”

Taking to Twitter to express his views, Cruz wrote, “Meet Mandy Cohen, the Biden administration's 'Masking Queen.'”

The senator continued, “She's laughed off lockdowns, fangirled about Fauci, pushed mask mandates on school kids, and supported more government control over your life and health decisions. She's wholly unfit to lead the CDC. WATCH.”


Set to the tune of popular ABBA song “Dancing Queen,” the video takes direct aim at Cohen's promulgation of strict COVID-19 policies that have since been called into serious question.

Record Slammed

As the New York Post noted separately, much of the criticism directed at Biden's choice of Cohen to lead the CDC stems from her history as a zealous advocate of pandemic policies that have since been discredited or decried as unnecessary or even harmful.

For instance, Cohen declared to the public in June of 2021 that COVID-19 vaccination prevented transmission of the virus as well as any breakthrough cases, assertions now widely acknowledged as false. She also promoted compulsory use of cloth masks to halt infectious spread, a technique even the CDC has since deemed ineffective.

Stanford professor Jay Bhattacharya, a frequent critic of masks, lockdowns, and mandated vaccination, remarked on the news of Cohen's imminent ascension to CDC leadership that someone ought to ask her directly “how she got the science so consequentially wrong.”

“A good response [would be] 'I'll surround myself with scientists with a diverse set of views so it doesn't happen again,” Bhattacharya added.

Criticism Mounts

Cruz and Bhattacharya are far from the only ones questioning the wisdom of Biden's selection of Cohen to lead the CDC, particularly in light of the sharp decline in the number of Americans who trust the agency now as compared to before the pandemic.

As the Post explained, Charlotte, North Carolina radio personality said of the incumbent director, “When we were at our most frightened, Cohen was there to infantilize us and treat us as the children she sees us as,” an apparent reference to restrictions she championed that curtailed alcohol sales after 9:00 p.m. instead of 11:00 p.m. and limited the number of individuals who could gather indoors.

Journalist Alex Berenson was even more direct in his disdain for Cohen, saying that she has “heartily supported every authoritarian measure that the last three years have proven useless. Of course, to the White House, her views are a feature, not a bug.”

Though the role of CDC director does not currently require Senate confirmation, according to Roll Call, it is clear that Cohen is poised to face serious scrutiny from lawmakers wishing to see massive reforms at an agency many believe to have mismanaged the pandemic in some very egregious ways. [Washington Digest Media]

David YEO:

M!n3r@L$ & El3ctr0-LyT3$ (1 Min)

NATT0-K!na$e: $p!K3 Pr0T3!N-KL0T$ (4 Min)

$h@K!nG: R00M 101 Th3 B!G P!cTur3 P@rT 3 (29 Min)

MaL@r!a F0und !n USA for Th3 F!r$T T!m3 !n 20 Yrs (1 Min)

J@pane$e $up3r F00D**Wh@T !s N@T0?**N@TT0k!Na$e & K2 (10 Min)

G0D'$ N@M3 !n DNA (1 Min)

!s D0N@LD ANT!-Chr!$T? (36 MiN)

R00M 101**Th3 B!G P!cTur3 PT 2 (40 Min)

U Won'T B3L!ev3 H0w Much 5z3R P@y$ And3r$0N (9 Min)

T!KKK T0KKK H@rv3Y: CDN G0v'T & N@Tur@L H3@LTH (7 Min)

E@rTH's Ag3 (1 Min)

$UNK!$T PCR T3$Ted (1 Min)

Ch0L3$T3r0L & Th3 H3@RT (8 Min)

3L0N & $p@c3 X !s L3G!T 0r a M@j0r HXX? (3 Min)

G30eng!n33r!ng W@TcH**Ch3m!c@L $m0k3p0c@Lyp$e (55 Min)

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!


General Summary

For those who might have missed it: Special Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Sun. 2 July 2023:


Note: Don’t give your currencies or Zim to anyone to exchange or redeem. You can easily do it yourself at a Redemption Center without paying a commission to anyone. If you have given someone your foreign currencies or Zim to exchange or redeem, ask for it back. It is doubtful that anyone but the original buyer can redeem or exchange the Zim or foreign currencies and there is a chance they will be arrested if they try. Report suspicious activities to the Redemption Center. They have all transactions on their Supercomputer and will straighten it out.

  • · Someone in Floridareceived a black prepaid card with 1% of the value of his Zim bond, that he will be able to use shortly.

  • · He went through a broker,Marc Guest, CEO/Chairman, at Synergence Ventures Corporation ( in Huntington Beach, CA, and paid Marc a commission for his help.

  • · If you visit their site you will see they are a UN NGO member firm, with branch offices in the UK, India, Japan, UAE, and Egypt. Marc's background is in precious metals.

  • · Obviously from this latest activity involving the UN,and this venture company in California, they are trying to skim / scam money from bond owners gullible enough to fall for their scheme.

The Real News for Sun. 2 July 2023:

Durham Report:

  • · 99.99% of Americans won't read the 306 page Durham Report. But I strongly recommend that everyone read at least pages 91-101 of the Durham Report. Takeaways:

  • · Obama and Biden were told about what the intelligence community referred to as "the Clinton Intelligence".

  • · The "Clinton Intelligence" was clearly viewed within the intelligence community as a spurious effort to tar and feather Trump with a concocted story that he had colluded in a nefarious way with the Russian government.

  • · In sum, Obama and Biden were in a room with Brennan in August of 2016 and were clearly informed of the highly sketchy and dubious information intentionally contained in the "Clinton Intelligence".

  • · There is no ambiguity fact the CIA issued a memo expressly referring in a negative way to "the Clinton Intelligence". Obama and Biden were clearly and unequivocally notified that "the Clinton Intelligence" was viewed by the FBI and CIA as being based on a falsehood.

  • · Who was Clinton's "Foreign Policy Adviser 1"? This is important because according to the Durham Report "Foreign Policy Adviser 1" cooked up the Trump Russia Collusion plan and gave it to Clinton.

  • · Jake Sullivan was Clinton's senior foreign policy adviser. Was he the one who cooked up the plan? Is Sullivan going to be called to testify before Congress?

  • · Is it humanly possible for Robert Mueller to NOT HAVE KNOWN that the CIA and the FBI had told Obama and Biden that the "Clinton Intelligence" was considered by the agencies as nothing more than a political campaign dirty trick?


T$uN@M!$ & T!D3$ 0n Th3 FL@T E@rTH (3 Min)

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