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SATURDAY 1-14-23

Saturay 1-14-23

Verses for today:

He that followeth after righteousness and mercy Findeth life, righteousness, and honour.

Proverbs 21:21 KJV

Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

Isaiah 43:18-19 KJV

whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God;

Romans 3:25 KJV

PastorJack HIBBS:

Praise God for new opportunities!

I just wanted to invite you to give thanks with me for the doors God is opening for this ministry.

That’s exciting news, because it means more people will get to hear the unchanging truth of God’s Word. We may never know the full impact of open doors like these, but we get glimpses of it from friends like Ward in Missouri, who writes to tell us: When you offer your financial gift, you are actively participating with Pastor Jack in bringing the hope and truth of Jesus Christ to all corners of the world. As we partner together, we are confident that countless lives will be impacted for the glory of God.

I love how Ward is taking what he learns from the Bible and immediately passing along those truths to others. It’s an awesome example of how God uses disciples to make more disciples. As a friend and supporter of this ministry, YOU have helped Real Life be in a position to walk through these open doors, and for that I want to echo Ward’s words: “I praise God for you, and I thank you for allowing God to use you in this powerful way.”

[Pastor – Jack HIBBS]


You will enJOY the parody based on ‘Coincident’!


Improbable concurrence or near-concurrence of seemingly related events or circumstances that have no causal relation

1. The state or fact of occupying the same relative position or area in space.

2. A sequence of events that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged. [Scott at Inspire FM]


Prayer request for Wed. Jan 18:


The panel is titled “Countering Threats in the Age of Black Swans” and will take place on January 18, 2023, at 9 a.m. EST.



If you’re tired of censorship, cancel culture, and the erosion of privacy and civil liberties subscribe to Reclaim The Net

(Reclaim The Net) — The World Economic Forum (WEF), an unelected global organization that seeks to “shape global, regional and industry agendas,” has announced the schedule for its 2023 annual meeting which includes a panel on countering “misinformation.”

The panel is titled “Countering Threats in the Age of Black Swans” and will take place on January 18, 2023, at 9 a.m. EST.

The description for the panel doesn’t define misinformation but claims that “a wide range of actors” have access to “an ever-increasing capacity to spread misinformation.” This capacity, according to the WEF, is supposedly compounding “threats that were once considered outliers.”

During the panel, speakers will discuss how to predict, mitigate, and counter these threats that are supposedly aggravated by misinformation.

While the panel description doesn’t define misinformation, a recent post promoting the WEF’s annual meeting suggests that the group deems criticism of the WEF and challenging mainstream COVID-19 narratives to be misinformation.

In its post, the WEF complained that it has been targeted by “disinformation campaigns” and links to another post where its managing director, Adrian Monck, suggested that criticism of the WEF’s controversial “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy” slogan is tied to a “misinformation campaign.”

In addition to branding criticism of this slogan misinformation, Monck also lamented “misinformation concerning COVID-19 and vaccines.”

Not only did Monck brand these topics misinformation but he also claimed that “misinformation derails free speech” and called for “action to prevent lies being accepted as truth.”

This post by Monck is one of many examples of the WEF pushing for the censorship of what it deems to be misinformation. The WEF and the global leaders that attend its meetings have previously outlined how Big Tech partners with intergovernmental organizations like the United Nations (UN) to tackle disinformation, demanded that social media companies crack down on “rumors,” and pushed for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to censor misinformation.

Reprinted with permission from Reclaim The Net.


Happening Now:

IN DEPTH. 1. House Republicans Consider Handing Democrats the Ultimate Defeat by Wiping Trump’s Impeachments Off the Books Altogether New 2. Man with a Knife Terrorizing a Walmart Then A Vet’s ‘Military Training Kicked In’ New 3. Swanky NYC hotel being trashed by immigrants acting like ‘animals’, taxpayer-funded food tossed in bulk New 4. House Dems Push to Amend Constitution So 16-Year-Olds Can Vote 2 hours ago 5. McCarthy says he will look at expunging Trump impeachment 2 hours ago 6. Top Biden Admin Official Abruptly Resigns – Torches President On Way Out 2 hours ago 7. College Athlete Trades Jersey for New Faith-Filled Path: ‘Bigger Than Football’ 2 hours ago 8. Feud Over Soccer Player Refusing to Kneel Gets Worse After She Wins $100K Settlement 3 hours ago 9. Watch: Days Before Lisa Marie Presley’s Death She Honored Elvis’ 88th Birthday with ‘Moving’ Speech 3 hours ago 10. McCarthy Open to Expunging Trump’s Impeachments 3 hours ago 11. Four McCarthy Holdouts Get Top House Committee Seats 3 hours ago 12. West Virginia Governor Mulling Senate Run Against Joe Manchin 3 hours ago 13. Dems Privately Admit Biden Doc Violations “Take Trump Scandal Off Table” 3 hours ago 14. Poll: Only 1 Group of People Americans Trust Less Than Politicians 4 hours ago 15. FBI Arrests Top Official in Democrat State Over Absentee Ballot Fraud Scheme 4 hours ago 16. Pentagon Reports Hundreds of New Sightings in Latest UFO Report 4 hours ago 17. Congressman Suggests Biden’s Classified Docs Were “Planted” 4 hours ago 18. CBS Anchors Can’t Believe How KJP Defended Biden Over Classified Scandal 4 hours ago 19. Supreme Court Denies Critical Conservative Case — Huge Slap In Face 5 hours ago 20. Man Tries Towing 10K-Lbs Trailer with EV Truck in Winter, Gets 100 Miles — Gets Worse 5 hours ago 21. Hunter Lived at Home Where Dad’s Classified Docs Were Found 6 hours ago 22. Biden Held ‘Stolen’ Classified Docs at His Delaware Home AND the Secret Service Kept No Records of Visitors While They Were There 6 hours ago 23. BREAKING: DOJ appoints Special Council to Investigate Biden Crimes 6 hours ago 24. Chip Roy Backs Measure to Stop U.S. From Funding WHO 7 hours ago 25. Former Top Aide to Biden Questioned by Feds Over Classified Docs 7 hours ago 26. House Dems Push to Amend Constitution So 16-Year-Olds Can Vote 7 hours ago 27. New Biden Policy Makes It Easier for “Migrants” to Circumvent Title 42 7 hours ago 28. Robert Hur, Special Counsel Investigating Biden’s Classified Docs 7 hours ago 29. Ex-Fox News Reporter Hospitalized After Horrific Accident 7 hours ago 30. House Oversight to Probe UPenn & Chinese Donations When Biden Worked There 7 hours ago 31. NPS Denies Gov. Noem’s Request For Mt. Rushmore Fireworks — Tribe Affected 7 hours ago 32. Joe Rogan Slams Soros: “He Wants Cities to Fall Apart” 7 hours ago 33. Facebook Admits Suppressing ‘“Often-True Content” on COVID-19 Vax 7 hours ago 34. Biden Limiting U.S. Investment in Chinese Tech Except Electric Batteries 7 hours ago 35. Biden Admin Investigates TX Superintendent for Removing Sexually Explicit Books 7 hours ago 36. GarageGate: Biden Blasted After Saying Classified Docs Were Stored Securely Next to His Corvette 8 hours ago 37. Buttigieg’s Transpo Department Expands Vacation 8 hours ago 38. House Oversight Bill To Bar Illegals From Voting In D.C. 9 hours ago 39. Dilemma: Trying to Refill Petrol Reserves After 220M Barrel Drawdown 9 hours ago 40. GOP Lawmakers Decry Double Standards Over Biden Classified Documents 9 hours ago 41. Sen. Scott’s Feud With McConnell Carries Into New Congress 9 hours ago 42. Gun Control Advocate Alec Baldwin May Face Criminal Charges 9 hours ago 43. Biden Official: Does Not Want to Ban Gas Stoves — After Promoting It 9 hours ago 44. Tax Season to Open on January 23 for Individual Filers 9 hours ago 45. Minibubbles in U.S. Banking Are Popping 9 hours ago 46. JP Morgan Paid $175M for Co They Now Say Was a Fraud 9 hours ago 47. Microsoft Says It Will Start Offering U.S. Employees “Unlimited” Time Off 9 hours ago 48. Coinbase to Cut a Fifth of Its Workforce in a Second Round of Layoffs 9 hours ago 49. Volkswagen Group Deliveries Lowest in Over a Decade 9 hours ago 50. IL Gov. Threatens to Fire Cops Who Don’t Enforce Gun Ban 9 hours ago 51. Buttigieg Made FAA Safety Notice System “More Inclusive” Before Massive Failure 9 hours ago 52. Navy Frustrated Over Late Weapons, Ship Deliveries 9 hours ago 53. Putin Just Dumped His Top Commander in Ukraine 9 hours ago 54. Black Sea: Sudden Surge in Russian Navy Ships, Subs 9 hours ago 55. U.S. Passes Bill to Ban Exports of Reserve Oil to China 9 hours ago 56. Russia Releases U.S. Navy Veteran Taylor Dudley 9 hours ago 57. Army Expands Pre-basic-training Weight Loss Program 9 hours ago 58. U.S. Shipping So Many Weapons To Ukraine, Defense Cos Can’t Keep Up 9 hours ago 59. Kurt Schlichter: The Conservatives’ Game of Chicken Pays Off, We Hope 9 hours ago 60. Laura Hollis: The Warnings Are Everywhere; We Ignore Them at Our Peril 9 hours ago

David YEO: Chlor3LLa: R3move M3rcury (6 Min) FL@T E@rth: H0W Th3 $un M0v3$ (11 Min) N3W**D!3D $udd3nLy**P@rT 10**Janu@ry 2023 (11 Min) N3!L DeGr@$$e Ty$0n: $c!3nce? (4 Min) Hug000:**$TaT!N$**P@rt 0f th3 $cr!pT (9 Min) C0LL0r@do C0LL3ge T3nn!$ PL@y3r G0n3 @ 20 (17 Min) Sc!3nce C@n't Pr0v3 Anyth!ng (2 Min) !nf0rm3d C0n$3nT??**H3LPL!ne $c0+L@nd (10 Min) D0n't Be D!$tr@ct3d w/ +/ Pupp3T $h0w** C3ntr@L B@NK$ (24 Min)

RFK, Jr. – Where do we go from here?

RFK Jr. has an important message we think you’ll want to hear…

So, we’re passing it along for you to enjoy.

The last three years will go down in history as a time when the medical-industrial-complex mounted a war against our children, closing schools, masking and isolating kids . . . and most recently, authorizing COVID-19 bivalent vaccines for babies as young as 6 months old, with zero data for this age group.

Despite these disasters, this past year will go down in history as a year of unprecedented growth for the medical freedom movement. We have the momentum now to take back our country, reclaim our freedom, and protect our children.

Throughout the pandemic, mainstream and legacy media have devolved into the servile scribes of Big Pharma and its captive public health agencies. That fact makes this recent New York Times headline — “Opposition to School Vaccine Mandates Has Grown Significantly, Study Finds” — all the more extraordinary.

Beneath the headline, The Times wrote: “A third of parents now feel they should be the ones to decide whether to get their children immunized against measles, mumps and other childhood diseases.” This reporting represents a staggering break from The Times’ mindless and consistent parroting of the “safe and effective” narrative … and its relentless vilification of anyone who dares question the official orthodoxy. It also shows that we are winning in the court of public opinion.

It’s shameful that it took hundreds of thousands of injuries and deaths from vaccines that never should have been released into the market — much less mandated — to shine a long-overdue light on the issue of vaccine safety. Because of CHD’s work in the arenas of law, science, public education and advocacy, we’ve created new opportunities to protect America’s children.

For the first time since this COVID vaccine nightmare began, there are clear signs that the medical cartel’s propaganda offensive is crumbling.

  • · In 2022, the courts ruled against President Biden’s draconian mandate for federal workers.

  • · They ruled against Pfizer and the FDA’s attempt to hide critical documents from the public.

  • · They ruled against the Washington, D.C. school district’s plan to vaccinate kids as young as 11 without parental consent.

  • · In December, Congress passed a bill that struck down the COVID vaccine mandate for members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

  • · We deserve to celebrate these victories, each one born of dogged determination and raw courage in the face of unprecedented intimidation.

Because as we grow stronger, the industrial-medical-biosecurity complex is upping the ante with ever-more sophisticated surveillance infrastructure and new ways to obliterate dissent.

· Our adversaries are ruthless, craven, and relentless . . . they’ve turned this decades-long battle for medical freedom into a battle for the soul of our democracy.

· But I know we can win this fight.

· We had a revolution once in this country that nobody believed we could win.

For our children’s future,

[Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.]

[Chairman, Children’s Health Defense]

Fed Report #012- The Ongoing Erosion of Rights:

Fed Report #012

  • Jordan Peterson’s Suppression of Free Speech

  • The Bivalent Booster Failure

  • China Collapses with COVID

  • Will Retirees Lose Their Pensions?

  • More Rate Hikes Hurting Canadians

I am beginning this week’s report by sharing some thoughts on Free Speech and the current Jordan Peterson/ Ontario College of Psychologists situation. The OCP is the governing body for Dr.Peterson’s role as a clinical psychologist and recently sent Dr.Peterson a letter stating he would have to take a “social media retraining course” to remain licensed. The OCP expressed concern over political tweets Dr.Peterson authored or shared, including calling Gerald Butts (Trudeau’s former Principal secretary) a “prick” as well as tweet quoting Pierre Poilievre with, “Enough. Enough COVID mandates. Drop the damn masks and the idiot rules and get on with life”. You can find a detailed list of the communications between Jordan Peterson and the College and the tweets in question here.

The College believes they are acting justly and taking appropriate measures to keep a member in line and protect the public, which is the issue’s crux. The OCP’s function is to regulate professionals in the field of psychology, assumedly on matters related to the practice of psychology. I have read the tweets in question, and the only controversy I can find is a difference in political viewpoint. This is where we are now. Self-righteous and pseudo-virtuous bureaucrats have become comfortable acting as the authorities of speech, and they are doing so because we continue to allow such insanity. The OCP shouldn’t have any interest or control over their members’ speech outside of practice, but in today’s world, groups like the College of Psychologists believe in their authority, and that’s a big problem.

Dr.Peterson is a controversial and often unlikable character. Even if you agree with many of his stances, you’d be disingenuous not to recognize his abrasive demeanor. But that is neither here nor there. A Provincial regulatory body has taken it upon itself to be the arbiter of speech, suppressing the political viewpoints and meaningless banter of one of its many members. The subject is so inappropriate that I’d expect Liberal politicians to join in taking a stand against the OPC. But Peterson is viewed as a friend of the Conservatives and an enemy of Trudeau, so political strategy will prevent non-conservative politicians from speaking up.

We are reaping what we’ve sowed over the past two years. In Canada, we’ve allowed the erosion of many freedoms: Movement, Assembly, Speech, Right to Protest, Right to Work, and Bodily Autonomy. As long as the breakdown happens to our social and moral enemy, we applaud it. We cheer it on and act as the magistrates of liberty. But when the same overstepping rears it’s ugly head in our direction, we forget how we supported authoritarianism when it served our tribe.

One of the best examples in Ontario was when Doug Ford bypassed the Charter of Rights to force CUPE workers back to assignment. The same groups who called for the firing of unvaccinated workers, or at best, didn’t stand up for their fellow employees even after we knew vaccination did not prevent infection or contain the spread, revolted when the PCs pointed the same gun at their heads.

The trend of convenient tribalism points to a significant issue: Our willingness to join groups at the cost of weakening our communities. If you pay attention to our Federal Government’s direction, we’re running a classic playbook for them. The administration highlights group differences by race, gender, identity, or class. They tell you what your problems are, how your problems are the fault of another group, and then explain how they will fix the problem by propping you up and handicapping your enemy. You develop a disdain for out-groups while reinforcing your commitment to your in-group. Then these communities perpetually squabble while letting the Government off the hook for their endless missteps. Division creates distraction, strong voting lines, and fierce advocates for destroying rights and freedoms. We support it as long as the erosion appears to hurt our enemies. But the problem with sacrificing rights for safety, or in this case, vengence, is that you’ll one day need those rights. But you’ll have sold them for your ideology. We are seeing citizens, schools, institutions, committees, and groups all become thought and speech police for the Federal Government, and the issue with Jordan Peterson is just one of many examples of how comfortable we’ve become with controlling other people and trampling on legal boundaries. I’m disturbed by our willingness to stand by and watch the scaffolding of what enriches and stabilizes our society get torn down; by average citizens, no less. If we don’t turn around this divergence and come together as citizens, we’re all going to lose.

Are retirees losing their pensions?

I read this article in the Globe and Mail (paywall) regarding how retirees can make up for income shortfalls if they don’t have enough money to live out their final years. The timing of the piece comes alongside a Joe Rogan interview with Geopolitical Analyst Peter Zaihan. In this clip, Zaihan briefly describes how the lapse in population growth will result in the collapse of our local and global economic systems. This would include relied-upon assets like pension plans. While I’m suspicious of the timeline he laid out in the interview, I agree with his general concern. As generations pass, fewer children are born, and more adults retire; who will fill the massive gaps in labor? Who will build, buy, and operate the gigantic economy and supply chains we’ve created? Some believe we can automate our way out of the problem, but we’re far away from that reality. Those who try to predict the future are almost always wrong, but if I were in the aging (boomer) population, I’d invest in alternative solutions.

China’s COVID collapse

After years of authoritative lockdowns and dystopian measures in the name of zero COVID policies, the bottom has finally fallen out in China. With little to no natural immunity, the Chinese can’t contain the virus, and most restrictions once hailed by global health leaders are getting thrown out the window. Recall that in the West, public health modeled our insanely unscientific lockdown policies off of the early “success” of the Chinese model. China was praised for its early success in curbing viral outbreaks. China’s actions were the main driving force behind the Global lockdowns that caused immeasurable harm to the public. The World Health Organization released a 2019 report on Influenza Pandemic Action. In the plan, they cover topics like lockdowns, masking, border closures, quarantine, and inter-Country mobility restrictions as a means of stopping the viral spread. What did the WHO conclude? None of these restrictions are scientifically supported- with the only justification for such actions as mask mandates being circumstantial ‘plausibility.’ Their list of “Not Recommended Under Any Circumstances” includes:

  • · Contact tracing.

  • · Quarantine of exposed individuals.

  • · Entry and exit screening.

  • · Internal travel restrictions.

  • · Border closures

[Fed Report #012]

Discrete Care for Medical Coincidences:

2023-01-13 Discrete Care for Medical Coincidences Finally there is a hospital treating the plague of new unexplained diseases, without making any waves!

Good Article / Stop World Control:

Thank you, DINO

The cat turned into a lion, and is devouring the coyotes

The uprising in Brazil is greater than anything the nation has ever seen, and it is a significant sign of what is happening in our world.The game of the criminal elites, who run the show of governments behind the scenes, is being uncovered in a way that is unheard of, since the dawn of time. And this is by no means an exaggeration.The uprising in Brazil is so powerful, that it has Deep State actors around the world in a panic. Biden, Obama, the President of Poland Andrzej Duda, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, and many others run to Twitter to frantically condemn this protest of the people against a stolen election.

They understand how this threatens their worldwide imperium of fraud and deception, and frenetically try to tell the world how “bad” these people are, who reject the fraudulent positioning of Lula, a World Economic Forum puppet.With an apparent tone of deep concern, Obama wrote on Twitter: “The entire world has a stake in the success of Brazil’s democracy…”

Listen to his choice of words, which reveals the exact reality I am highlighting:“THE ENTIRE WORLD...”

He knows that what is going on in Brazil, will spill over to other nations... Naturally he accuses the people who stand up against a stolen election of “attacking democracy”. Hypocrisy is the name of their game. Claiming to defend democracy, they are the ones who rig elections. Claiming to defend human rights, they trample them all day long. Claiming to improve the world, they destroy it. Claiming to be honest, they lie without winking. Claiming to heal you, they poison you. And so on.They always wear their mask of “such holy saints”, while they commit the most horrendous crimes. They are the exact definition of liars, cheaters, thieves, and hypocrites.

But they are freaking out, because they see that humanity is catching up to their game. Their masks are coming off, and the mass manipulation by the mainstream media no longer has the needed effect. The controllers have lost control!Hundreds of millions worldwide are seeing that they have been lied to all their life. The vain words of “democracy” no longer mean anything. Clearly visible actions of stolen elections, speak louder than the silly songs of these clowns.

Musk is kicking butt: What scares them even more, is that some of their high ranking members have chosen to step away from the realm of evil, and are using their incredible wealth and influence, to tear down the palaces of corruption. Who would have thought that Elon Musk would pull the lid off of Twitter, and expose to billions worldwide, how the criminal CIA and FBI have been instructing Twitter executives to silence the voice of millions of scientists, physicians, nurses, and other health professionals?

Today Elon Musk fired the ENTIRE TEAM of Twitter in Brazil, after discovering that employees benefited leftist politicians in the Brazilian elections.There is also no more press office for the company in the country. The social network is without a communication area, extinguished after the conclusion of the acquisition of Twitter by Musk, in October. Only the Twitter sales team is active, and with that, in Brazil, about 0.5% of the total number of employees remain. (Source)

Something is happening in our world, that most of us didn't dare to dream - and this is just the tiny beginning of a transformation we can’t even fathom.In an upcoming post you will see an overview of incredible happenings all over the USA, that show how the tide is turning big time.

War in Brazil That doesn’t mean the war is over. In fact, it’s just getting started. After initially blocking the Federal police from arresting the protesters in Brazil, the army was eventually ordered to step aside and 2,000 arrests were made, including 40 children. One child fainted in the detention area, after being refused food. Reports say that two died.

In footage from inside the detention area, where thousands of protesters are imprisoned, one can see how several people are filming what is going on. This is a whole other level of journalism: no longer do the corrupt news media have a monopoly to report (= misrepresent) what is happening, people can broadcast reality to the whole world with their phones - live and unaltered.The very devices designed to control humanity, are used to liberate them.

What we see, is an attempt to crack down on the protesters, and crush the resistance, but this is yet again a most foolish decision by the tyrants, who act as if they are living in the eighties. Modern technology is broadcasting their cruel practices to millions of households worldwide, and will fuel more and more awakening and resistance.No, this is not the “end times” [DINO]

Another good VIDEO:

The Bible reveals that the Pope, along with the Vatican, are key players in end-time prophecy. As we enter into 2023, our eyes are open to the final events prophesied in the Bible; we are closer than ever to the soon return of Jesus. This video will closely examine these events and show how you can be prepared. Stay tuned!

➤Free Bible Reading Plan!: [Thank you, DINO]



The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Main-Stream Media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.

Hello Folk:

This will be my last BLOG for some time… The Truth is now flooding the Media and I just cannot keep up with this effort. It has been a pleasure serving you these past several months. Certainly, from time to time as I come across something interesting, I will do my best to get it out to you.

Be BLESSED! Regards: Don

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