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Saturday 7-1-23

Saturday 7 – 1 - 23

Verse(s) for today:

…but made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: and being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.

Philippians 2:7-8 KJV

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

Joshua 1:9 KJV

The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.

John 1:29 KJV

Thought(s) for the Day:

Straight Goods with the Boss:

Sound of FREEDOM… Why can it not be HEARD here in CANADA?

[Donna Warren]

Why Canada Should be CherishedNot Cancelled:

From assaults on historical figures such as John A. Macdonald to cancel culture and charges that Canada is a genocidal nation-state, the country that every generation and every immigrant built is now facing routine and corrosive attacks. How did this happen?

The 1867 Project is a book featuring twenty critical thinkers who argue that we are awash in relentless grievance narratives and utopians who expect Canada’s history to be perfect. They also argue that the rise of critical race theory, identity politics, and ideological politics in the education system also plays a part.

To launch the 1867 Project and to discuss the current state of Canada, True North’s Candice Malcolm will host a live show with some of the authors, including Jamil Jivani, Matthew Lau and the book’s editor Mark Milke.

[True North News Media]

They finally debated RFK Jr. on vaccines and it did NOT go well for “the science” …

RFK Jr. made a powerful appearance at a News Nation town hall recently where he went head-to-head with the so-called vaccine “science.”

By the time he was done, the “science” was in pieces. And the real kicker was his approach — RFK Jr. was both smart and persuasive, likely hitting home with more everyday people than the media would dare to admit. The 13-minute video is a must watch. [The REVOLVER News Media]

Breaking News from Newsmax:

[News Max Media]


There are reports of "Tactical units driving through the streets of Marseille."

The French gendarmerie will use armored vehicles to suppress riots, PM Elisabeth Borne said Friday "Additional mobile forces" would be deployed along with the vehicles belonging to the military unit, Borne said.

[Zero Hedge Media]

David YEO:

$0NG: W3'r3 J@bb!nG (3 Min)

ALL @b0uT F3@R**Th3r3 !s N0 V!ru$ (45 Min)

0D3$$a & D0c M@K!$: 150 D3@D Drs N0W**H0W m@ny M0re? (87 Min)

N0T#: It $ta2rT3d 0ut @ 80. Th!$ !nT3rvi3W was d0ne over 2 Mths ago.

WhY D!ff3renT L@ngu@ge$? (1 Min)

A!R-P0D$: EL3cTr0n!C D3@TH Tr@P$ (1 Min)

R3:P0$T: W3 aLr3@dy Kn0w Q !s C0nTr0ll3d 0PPo$!T!0n (99 Min)

D!D G!@NT$ Bu!LD Pyr@m!D$? (1 Min)

B!LL H!cK$ +o AL3X J0n3$: C0nTr0LL3d 0PP0$!T!0n (25 Min)

$T3W & 0d3$$a: PL@nn3d P@r3nTh00D Gr00m!ng CDN K!D$ (14 Min)

The Righteous Right for Saturday July 1, 2023:

#1. The Land of the Free:

#2. Pride vs. Shame:

#3. Rubio says 'we can't ignore it' after UFO whistleblowers come forward:

#4. Fact Check:

The inaccuracies in Trump, DeSantis and Haley's speeches at the Moms for Liberty convention

#5. Commentary:

The Supreme Court's ultimate 'judicial activism': striking down affirmative action in college admissions:


IN DEPTH: 1. Trump Torments Biden After Massive Supreme Court Defeat New 2. Melania Trump Blindsided With Terrible News New 3. Ambassador Callista L. Gingrich and Speaker Newt Gingrich: Celebrating America’s Founding New 4. Biden Looks at Ways to Ignore SCOTUS Student Debt Ruling 2 hours ago 5. Biden’s Border Patrol Agents Cut Through Razor Wire Installed by Texas Law Enforcement to Let Illegals In 2 hours ago 6. FTC Prepares to File Landmark Antitrust Lawsuit Against Amazon 2 hours ago 7. Biden “Consumed” by Hunter’s Legal Woes 2 hours ago 8. Ai-Powered Professors to Teach Harvard Coding Class 2 hours ago 9. Some NYC Supermarkets Now Installing Anti-Theft Devices on Ice Cream 2 hours ago 10. Affirmative Action Strikedown Could Place Target on DEI Next 2 hours ago 11. IRS Agent Details Adverse Career Impact After Blowing Whistle on Biden 2 hours ago 12. Democrat Strongholds See Their Tax Revenue Plummet 2 hours ago 13. Records Suggest Top NIH Official Squashed Lab-Leak Theory For Fauci 2 hours ago 14. Biden Vows Fight Isn’t Over on Student Debt Bailout 2 hours ago 15. Biden Admin Plastered Embassies in Majority Christian Countries With Pride Flags, but Not in Muslim Nations 2 hours ago 16. Charles Lipson: Supreme Court Confronts the Deep Wound of Discrimination 2 hours ago 17. Nine Times Joe Biden Denied Family Business Involvement 3 hours ago 18. Report: State Department Had No Clear Leadership During Afghanistan Withdrawal 3 hours ago 19. CNN Mindlessly Regurgitates Biden Propaganda on Inflation 3 hours ago 20. SCOTUS Quoted Pelosi In Decision That Killed Biden’s Student Debt Cancellation 3 hours ago 21. Liberal Weirdos Demand Sarah Huckabee Sanders Remove a Cross Drawn by Her Kids at Governor’s Mansion 3 hours ago 22. Professor Reprimanded After Failing Student for Using Term “Biological Women” 3 hours ago 23. NYC Mayor Adams Doubles Down on Comparing Holocaust Survivor to Plantation Owner 3 hours ago 24. Banks Pass Fed Stress Test With Mixed Outlook for Higher Payouts 3 hours ago 25. Warren Buffett’s Firm Buys More Occidental Petroleum and Now Owns More Than 25 Percent of the Oil Producer 3 hours ago 26. Former Pfizer Staffer Arrested after Using Information on COVID Drug for Insider Trading 3 hours ago 27. American States Once Awash In Cash See Fortunes Suddenly Reversed 3 hours ago 28. Libs Melt Down Over SCOTUS Ending Biden’s Unconstitutional Student Debt Bailout 3 hours ago 29. Apple Becomes First $3 Trillion Company 3 hours ago 30. Johnson & Johnson’s $8.9 Billion Talc Settlement Faces U.S. Bankruptcy Test 3 hours ago 31. Bed Bath & Beyond Lives On!(line). Buys Rights to Bankrupt Retailer and Changes Name 3 hours ago 32. Apple Stock Hits Record, on Cusp of $3 Trillion Market Value 4 hours ago 33. SR-71, the “Son of Blackbird”, Could Fly By 2025 4 hours ago 34. Could Cheap Drones Be the Answer to Tensions in the Taiwan Strait? 4 hours ago 35. $15B Worth of Patriot Missile Systems Approved for Poland 4 hours ago 36. Pentagon Claims Chinese Balloon Didn’t Collect Intelligence Over U.S. 4 hours ago 37. World Bank Loaning $1.5 Billion to Ukraine for “Reconstruction” 4 hours ago 38. David Harsanyi: Americans Have Never Been Less Threatened by “Extreme Weather” 4 hours ago 39. Josh Hammer: Supreme Court Ends the Last Vestige of “Systemic Racism” in America 4 hours ago 40. Judge awards D.C. Black church $1 million after Black Lives Matter banner burned by Proud Boys 5 hours ago 41. N.C. megachurch exits Southern Baptist Convention after expulsions over women pastors 5 hours ago 42. Fox News settles with former Tucker Carlson producer who testified in Dominion case for $12 million 5 hours ago 43. Army combat veteran to take over key election security role working with state, local officials 5 hours ago 44. ESPN veterans among 20 commentators, reporters laid off 5 hours ago 45. In One Impressive Play, Young Baseball Player Robs Opposing Team of Home Run 11 hours ago 46. SCOTUS Rules on $400B Student Debt Cancellation Plan, It’s Bad News for Biden 12 hours ago 47. Watch: Biden Gets Torched Live by Fox News Graphics, Shows the Truth About ‘Bidenomics’ 13 hours ago 48. SCOTUS Taking Up Pivotal Gun Rights Case 14 hours ago 49. Small Business Owner’s Epic Destruction of Affirmative Action Goes Viral: ‘I Don’t Need the Government’ 15 hours ago 50. Watch: Tom Cruise’s Riskiest Stunt Had M:I 7 Crew in ‘Absolute Terror’ – More Frightening Than the Motorcycle Cliff Jump 15 hours ago 51. Clarence Thomas Incinerates Ketanji Brown Jackson: ‘Justice Jackson’s Race-Infused World View Falls Flat at Each Step’ 16 hours ago 52. Hunter Biden Gives Sickening ‘Gift’ To Daughter In Child Support Settlement 16 hours ago 53. ‘No Sacred Cows’: Woke ESPN Reportedly Dumping 20 Major On-Air Talents in Latest Round of Layoffs 17 hours ago 54. Roberts Cites Pelosi To Justify Ending Biden’s Student Debt Cancellation Program 17 hours ago 55. Strange ‘Watermelon Snow’ Seen in US Mountains 18 hours ago 56. Biden Wanders Off Set During Live MSNBC Segment, Interviewer Continues to Act as If Nothing’s Wrong 19 hours ago 57. Putin Assassination Attempt Foiled by Russian Secret Service: Report 19 hours ago 58. ‘Heartbreaking’: Mom and Son’s Sweet Lemonade Stand Dreams Squashed by Snooping Big Gov’t 20 hours ago 59. Journalist Calls Secret Burner Phone Revealed In Hunter Biden Scandal; Joe Biden Picks Up 20 hours ago 60. Reporter Says He Called Secret Biden Phone Central to Bribery Scandal — And Joe Answered 20 hours ago

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!


General Summary

The Real News for Thurs. 29 June 2023:

Conspiracy Cabal on Telegram:

  • · Get ready to be blown away by an extraordinary exposé that will keep you at the edge of your seat. We have unearthed top-secret U.S. NATO war plans that were never meant to see the light of day, unraveling a colossal web of corruption that strikes at the very heart of global integrity.

  • · Meanwhile, the arrest of Trump reverberates around the globe, but behind this intricately choreographed event lies a hidden message, ingeniously conveyed through a potent photograph. By deciphering this cryptic military communication, we unveil a breathtaking pattern—flags meticulously positioned to symbolize the stages of war as defined by the Laws of War Department of Defense procedures. This mind-blowing revelation uncovers a meticulously crafted plan, leaving no room for coincidence.

  • · But that’s not all—the floodgates of truth have burst open, overwhelming the CIA, the Pentagon, and the Biden administration. White hat AI systems, unleashed to counter the deep state’s AI, have sparked a seismic shift in power. We are now witnesses to an epic battle where the fate of nations hangs in the balance, and the truth can no longer be contained.

  • · Buckle up for an unparalleled journey into the heart of darkness, where global power structures crumble and heroes and villains clash in an epic struggle for dominance. This is the storm you’ve been anxiously awaiting—the world will never be the same again!

COMING SOON: “Sound of Freedom” & Justice for Utah Pedos, Human & Sex Traffickers, and Satanists, Ken Cromar:

  • · My friend Tim Ballard is in our “MIRACLES: In God We Trust” documentary. On July 4th, Tim’s long anticipated film “Sound of Freedom” starring Jim Caviezel (star of “Passion of the Christ”) will be released across the nation.

  • · This film is about to awaken a sleeping nation. You can help by buying tickets and bringing your friends and family.

  • · FREEDOM in Utah County begins July 4th for other reasons too. Fasten your seat belt. The cleanup of Utah County (Tim has been here for years) – is about to begin in Tim’s home county — with your help.

  • · Please consider how Utah “law enforcement” and “courts” may have been involved in protecting and profiting by the “pedos”, and sex & human traffickers and Satanists.

  • · While on a mission to stand for our own rights, and prove our 100% we, Barbie & Ken Cromar, have had many “whistleblowers” come to us with information we would never known without suffering through our 18 court case, 5 year and 6 month terror of tyranny in our “Barbie & Ken vs Goliath lRS” nightmare.

  • · That includes Utah County Attorney David O. Leavitt vs. Utah County Sheriff Mike Smith with Utah AG Sean Reyes.

  • · The following information was provided by a courageous, anonymous researcher who has discovered many alarming facts and pieced them together.

  • · After hours of discussion over the phone with the anonymous researcher I have yet to find any reason to doubt his research, motives or conclusion. Take a look and decide for yourself.

  • · Then you’ll know what to do to help save your own children, grand children and great-grandchildren’s future from this GREAT EVIL.

  • · For links to movie tickets and the research exposing Utah government pedo protectors, please see complete article at:


FL@T E@rTH: Th!$ !s Th3 N0n$3n$e Th3y F33D us (3 Min)

FL@T E@rTH3R: $h3 Kn0W$ Th3 TruTH & Th3 L!3$ (10 Min)

FL@T E@rTH: Th3y $h@r3 !t 0n T!KK T0KK (14 Min)

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