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SUNDAY 1-14-24

Sunday BLOG 1 - 14 - 24

Verse(s) for today:


Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation.

Isaiah 12:2 KJV


Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen. And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.

1 John 4:20-21   New International Version


God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble.

Psalm 46:1 KJV





Let God Write Your Story

Remembering Operation Auca

This week marks 68 years since the missionaries of Operation Auca gave their lives for the furtherance of the Gospel. Steve Saint, the son of the missionary Nate Saint of Operation Auca, shared this helpful advice: “Let God write your story.” Surely Steve would have never written the story of his life where his father was killed at the hands of the Waodani people in Ecuador, or where his daughter would die in his arms at the age of 18. But through those tragedies, God wrote a story of triumph.


Five bold missionaries had entered the jungle of Ecuador to make contact with the Waodani tribe in a missionary effort. The previously uncontacted tribal people were violent—even against those in their own tribe. Toward outsiders, the Waodani were even more brutal. They were known to kill intruders on sight.

After extensive planning, the missionaries Jim Elliot, Ed McCully, Nate Saint, Peter Fleming, and Roger Youderian began dropping gifts from their plane to try and establish a relationship with the tribe. They hoped to make personal contact and eventually share the Gospel with them. The gifts were meant to encourage the skeptical Waodani people that they intended no harm. After several months of exchanging gifts, the missionaries set up a camp on a nearby beach a few kilometers away.

On January 8th, 1956, the five missionaries made national news headlines for their abrupt deaths at the hands of those they were trying to save. But the story didn’t end there. “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” —Romans 8:28 [ESV] This tragic day forever changed the lives of both the missionary families and the Waodani people in a remarkable testimony of God’s redemptive power. You can watch this incredible story come to life in the award-winning feature film End of the Spear.

Take a stirring journey deep into the Amazon jungle in the compelling true story of faith.  Don't miss this powerful example of what God can do in the lives of people who are willing to put aside their hate, fear, and prejudice, and follow His path. End of the Spear is now available to stream online for a limited time. Watch this compelling story for FREE in this RevelationMedia exclusive online movie event by clicking the link below. 

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Dr Trozzi and Ted Kuntz (president of Vaccine Choice Canada) share success stories of the past week.

Welcome to the latest edition of positive updates that will inspire and uplift you, showcasing the recent progress made in our pursuit of truth and freedom.

1.      Further to the recent decision of arbitrator Nicholas Glass in the Purolator Canada case, Glass's ruling contradicted the statement made by Bonnie Henry in her order of September 12, 2022. Henry claimed that an unvaccinated person is more likely to become infected and transmit SARS-CoV-2 compared to a vaccinated person. However, Glass disagreed, stating that this statement was an exception and not supported by the majority of evidence presented. Read more about this case and the legal foundation of BC's ongoing vaccine mandates here.

2.      Tens of thousands of demonstrators in Germany have mobilized in various locations, obstructing roads and highways as part of extensive protests by farmers. The demonstrations are a direct response to the government's proposal to reduce financial support for farmers. The protests commenced on January 8, and on that day alone, approximately 19,000 tractors participated in Bavaria, while Baden witnessed the arrival of 25,000 vehicles. Read More here.

3.      The latest report released by the UK government provides evidence that the Covid-19 vaccine has fatal consequences. According to the data, the mortality rates per 100,000 were consistently lower among those who had not received the vaccine in 2022. Shockingly, the report highlights that individuals who had received three or more doses of the vaccine accounted for a staggering 92% of all Covid-related deaths. Read more here

4.      Another city in Argentina has made the decision that they will not allow the installation of 5G antennas unless they receive accurate information proving that the radiation will not adversely affect the health of the community. Read more here.

5.      George Washington University has agreed to pay a settlement of $5.4 million to former students who claim that the university violated their contract by transitioning to online-only classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Several other private universities, such as Columbia and Johns Hopkins, have also resolved similar lawsuits by reaching multi million-dollar settlements. This settlement marks another instance of universities resolving legal disputes related to the shift to online teaching during the pandemic. Read more here.

6.      Tucker Carlson criticized the mainstream media for concealing significant financial and political crimes. According to him, the media not only distorts the true extent of racial animosity but also distracts the public from unjust wars and financial crimes.  Read more here.

7.      A firefighter who refused to be injected with the COVID genetic  “vaccine” in Fredericton is taking legal action against the city. The firefighter, named Gregory Billings, claims that the city provided him with incorrect information regarding his pension benefits if he chose to resign due to the vaccine mandates. In December 2021, after serving for 21 years, Billings decided to step down from his position as captain of the fire prevention division because he was unwilling to receive the experimental COVID shot. He is seeking $280,000 in compensation and damages. Read more here.

8.      Mainstream media is finally addressing the issue of vaccine injuries and the inadequate vaccine injury compensation program. In a report on Jan 5, 2024, CTV highlighted the devastating impact of these injuries, stating that they have caused life-altering consequences. The report also highlighted the frustrations of two individuals from British Columbia who have been approved for federal vaccine injury compensation but are still awaiting payment of tens of thousands of dollars each. The program's case managers are resigning, leaving those awaiting compensation without the promised assistance. Read more here.

9.  The arrest of journalist David Menzies has prompted the Conservative Party of Canada to call for a parliamentary investigation. The party is urging a meeting of the standing committee to address the shocking incident involving the Rebel News reporter. Read more here.

10.       Canada's Information Commissioner has initiated legal action in federal court to compel the Department of National Defence (DND) to furnish documents pertaining to its COVID-19 measures, as requested in an access to information application. She asserts that the Minister's continuous disregard for implementing the Commissioner's legally binding Order, issued under the Act, is in violation of the law. Furthermore, she contends that the Department of National Defense's unresponsiveness constitutes an "abuse of process," eroding the integrity of the access to information framework. Read more here.

11. COVID-19. According to a leaked internal memo dated January 8, the use of these tests "must cease immediately" at all Interior Health affiliated locations and any existing tests should be discarded. The memo highlights that the rapid antigen tests are deemed "unreliable for diagnosing COVID-19." Read more here.

12.      A recent report from the federal government reveals that the majority of Canadians are opposed to the Trudeau government interfering with internet access. As per a Privy Council report disclosed by Blacklock's Reporter on January 3, most Canadians are of the opinion that the federal government should refrain from enacting laws that would censor online content. The report states that even individuals who expressed worries about potentially harmful content believe that it is the responsibility of individuals, not the government, to decide what Canadians can or cannot view. Read more here.

13.      A Freedom of Information inquiry was submitted to school districts throughout BC on September 20, 2023, inquiring about the number of student absences. The obtained data unveiled a total of 96,800 absences recorded on that particular day. September 20, 2023 coincided with the MillionMarch4Children event, a nationwide gathering advocating for parental rights to safeguard their children against unwarranted sexualization by school staff. Read more here.

14.      The petition in the House of Commons, which called for a vote of no confidence in the Trudeau government, concluded on December 24th with an impressive count of 387,487 signatures! Read more here.

15.      Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green is organizing another hearing to address the issue of COVID-19 vaccine injuries. This time, the House will have the opportunity to hear from medical experts who have firsthand experience in managing patients, as well as extensive publications and presentations on the topic. These specialists are widely recognized as leaders in the field of pandemic response. The testimony is scheduled to commence on January 12, 2024, according to a report on Dr. Peter McCullough's substack. Read more here.  

16.      Dr. Fauci's testimony at the Select Subcommittee on Coronavirus revealed that Dr. Fauci approved both domestic and international research grants without thoroughly examining the proposals. He also acknowledged that he had no knowledge of whether NIAID conducted any form of supervision on the laboratories they financially support.  During testimony, Fauci also admitted  that the “6 feet apart” social distancing recommendation that was promoted by federal health officials was likely not based on any data. "It just sort of appeared."  Read more here.

17.      A recent discovery by a researcher has brought to light the existence of the "Weather Modification Act" in British Columbia. This legislation mandates that individuals must obtain permits in order to engage in any weather modification activities. This finding unequivocally establishes that weather modification is a legitimate field of study and practice, debunking any claims that it is merely a conspiracy theory. Read more here.

18.      Lawyers representing Children's Health Defence asked the U.S. Court of Appeals in New Orleans to overturn a previous court's decision to dismiss CHD's legal action against the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of COVID-19 vaccines for kids and infants by the FDA. They asserted, “This case goes far beyond the question of COVID or even COVID vaccines,”. “This is a precedent-setting case where the FDA can claim Emergency Use Authorization and escape all judicial review.” Read more here.

19.  A District Court Judge has recently issued an order in a lawsuit against the CDC, filed by the legal team representing ICAN on behalf of the Freedom Coalition of Doctors for Choice. This order mandates the release of all 7.8 million records collected by V-safe, which is the CDC's safety monitoring system for the COVID-19 vaccines. Read more here.

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President Biden suffers another fall he can’t recover from:

The U.S. President has had a few serious stumbles before. But there’s no recovering after this one.

And now this Biden fall has Democrats completely panicking.


Back at the beginning of 2021, Joe Biden started off with fairly high approval ratings. The American public gave him the benefit of the doubt at the beginning and felt as though he might be that “moderate” common-sense guy that the Democrats were selling him to be during the 2020 election cycle.

That facade didn’t take long to be exposed, though. Biden’s fumbling of the Afghanistan pullout truly started the downfall of Joe Biden’s presidency and his approval ratings haven’t been able to recover ever since.

This dramatic shift in public perception is almost certainly going to play a major role in the outcome of the 2024 election as Joe Biden will have to take on a strong candidate like the surging Donald Trump or even the Republican runner-up in the polls, Governor Ron DeSantis.

The polls are demonstrating this too. Joe Biden won the state of Michigan in the 2020 election cycle by a respectable margin of about three points. Today? He’s falling behind Donald Trump to the tune of about eight points, according to the latest polls.


Historically low support for Democratic incumbent Joe Biden (less than 20% of Michigan voters think he deserves another term) was a key finding of a poll that’s come out of Michigan recently.

Out of 600 Michiganders surveyed, just 17% said Biden is deserving of another term as president, according to a poll issued on Wednesday by the Detroit News/WDIV-TV. The founder of the polling firm Glengariff Group, Richard Czuba, said that this was the lowest turnout for a key public official in the contemporary political history of Michigan.

If we were to compare the two candidates head-to-head, former president Trump would have 47% support and Biden 39%. This is an 8-point deficit for Biden. Biden takes a major hit from the results; he is now behind the former president in many states that will decide the 2024 race.

The 2020 Michigan race was won by Biden with a three-point margin, 51% to 48%. Biden trailed Trump by seven points in January 2020, before that year’s general election.


With the introduction of third-party candidates, Trump’s advantage against Biden grew to 12 percentage points, fueling Democrats’ concerns that the presence of an independent ticket would undermine Biden’s prospects of re-election and propel Trump to triumph.

According to what Czuba told the Detroit News, the first poll issued by Glengariff Group on Wednesday showed that Trump had a lead over the probable Democratic nominee in Michigan before voting occurs.

“If I were a Democrat in Michigan, I would be breaking the emergency fire alarms in the White House and demanding to know what the plan is for Michigan,” Czuba expressed. “Because these numbers are very bad for any incumbent of any party.”


In response to the question of whether Biden should be re-elected, 77% of Americans expressed their desire for a new head of state. In response to the identical question posed about Trump, 33% of people think the ex-president should run for president again, while 62% would rather have someone else.

In the past six years, Democrats in Michigan have achieved a number of political triumphs, the most recent of which was securing a Democratic trifecta for 2023 by taking control of the state legislature. Especially after Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer (MI) was re-elected by more than 10% in the 2022 midterms, Republicans in Michigan took a major hit with their historic losses. The state’s GOP is still dealing with financial issues and internal strife.

Democrats in Michigan, and historically Democrat-voting Muslims in particular, are turning against Biden despite the fact that they were Biden’s most ardent supporters in the 2020 election. Unfortunately for the president’s re-election prospects, this group is now threatening to abstain from voting in 2024 due to the administration’s position on the conflict between Israel and Hamas.


Joe Biden isn’t scoring well with Jewish voters in recent weeks either. Jewish voters are also critical of the Biden administration’s handling of the conflicts in the Middle East since the tragic October 7th attack on innocent Israelis.

The current survey shows that Trump has the same amount of support as he had in the previous two presidential elections, which leads Czuba to believe that Michigan voters’ opinions on Biden have shifted.

The study showed that 3 years into his first term, 58% of people rated Biden unfavorably and 29% favored him. Nearly half of Michiganders (43%) held a positive view of Joe Biden in September 2020, just before the 2020 November election. With 41% of replies pertaining to his overall level of ability and mental capacity, the majority of the unfavorable remarks directed towards Biden were pertaining to his age. He made history as the oldest president of the United States at the age of 81.


Czuba stated that the opposition to Biden is motivated by their perception of his suitability for office.

Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in Michigan’s 2016 presidential election by a razor-thin margin of 0.2 percentage points, becoming the first Republican to do it in 28 years.

Political strategist and Michigan Democrat Adrian Hemond remarked that the party saw no positive aspect to this survey when questioned about it.

“Unless there is a fundamental change in the dynamics of the election, Donald Trump is going to be president in January next year,” Hemond asserted.                                                                                                    D.C. Daily Journal

 ACT! For [4] Canada Newsletter - January 12, 2024

"Remember democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide." ~ John Adams (1814) ~

Three EXAMPLES of what is available:

#1. Canada: Why I filed an ethics complaint against an 'Antifa government lawyer' In my complaint, I remind the Law Society of Ontario just what type of group Warman and CAHN have been found to be “promoting” and “endorsing.” In Canada, Antifa members have been convicted for numerous acts of extreme violence (including physical assaults on journalists), while the Canadian Security Intelligence Service even lists them (that is, “Anarchist Violence”) as a serious domestic threat. thics_compl

#2. Globalist-occupied Canadian government no longer tolerates press questions it doesn’t wish to answer Rebel reporter David Menzies asked Deputy Prime Minister for Finance, Chrystia Freelanda about why the Canadian government hasn’t designated the Iranian regime as a terrorist entity. Menzies no sooner got the question out of his mouth and he was accosted by several brutish cops, handcuffed and hauled away into detention. 

#3. From Bullying Journalists and Truckers to Serving Coffee at Anti-Israel Protest, Canadian Police Priorities Don’t Make Sense Anymore While police appeared eager to crack down upon and arrest the Freedom Convoy protesters in Ottawa in 2022, they seem to have handcuffed themselves when it comes to dealing with growing and hostile anti-Israel protesters. As respect for police forces continues to decline, public disorder will increase. Not only among protesters but among frustrated and emboldened counter-protesters as they feel compelled to take the law into their own hands.

For additional ARTICLES go to their LINK:



‘Go home, Joe!’ Biden receives less-than-warm welcome in Pennsylvania

The president’s claims on the public “feeling much better” while visiting his “home state” were belied by vocal protesters — from both sides of the aisle.


Disapproval ratings as high as 60% truly showed in Pennsylvania on Friday as President Joe Biden visited the Lehigh Valley Area. Significant road closures and an entourage that included the commonwealth’s Gov. Josh Shapiro (D) and senior Sen. Bob Casey (D) weren’t enough to deter ardent GOP hecklers or leftists from protesting the president’s trip.

Making his way down Main Street in Emmaus, after awkwardly stroking an American flag in passing, Biden could be seen ironically being led up the ramp to “Nowhere,” an area coffee company.

As he made his way inside, cheers for the president were overpowered by jeers as voices were distinctly heard saying, “Go home, Joe!” and “You’re a loser.”


In addition to the shouts, a clear preference for former President Donald Trump was shown by some on the closed-off thoroughfare with one home waving a flag depicting the previous leader of the free world with the “Make America Great Again” tag as another individual hauled around an oversized cutout of Trump giving a thumbs up.

Flag-waving Hamas sympathizers were also seen gathered near the visiting president with a ready line of law enforcement, decked in riot gear, prepared to stop any attempts to draw overly close to Biden.

Their message for the incumbent was, “We will remember in November. No vote for genocide Joe.”

The response from the community where Biden had walked away with roughly 53% of the vote in 2020 comes as he has averaged a roughly 56% disapproval rating, sometimes exceeding 60% with his approval as low as 36%.

Friday was hardly the only such reception that he has had of late as it was previously reported that during a campaign speech in South Carolina, the president’s remarks in the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston were readily disrupted by chants of “Ceasefire now! Ceasefire now!” after a woman had shouted, “If you really care about the lives lost here you should honor the lives lost and call for a ceasefire in Palestine.”

To counter the flailing favorability with the public, Biden resorted to gaslighting in lieu of any corrective measures to revitalize the economy.


Later, when speaking at the Allentown Fire Training Academy, Biden claimed, ‘If you notice, they’re feeling much better about how the economy is doing.”

“What we haven’t done is letting them know exactly who got it changed… Everybody’s doing better and they believe it. They know it. And it’s just beginning to sink in,” the president claimed.

Meanwhile, at the coffee shop earlier, an offer to buy a round of coffee included a brief lament over the price of other beverages. “You’ll take a smoothie? Well, they’re six bucks, but I’ll do it anyway.”

Those who couldn’t protest the president in person added their sentiments online.

The American Wire Media


‘Not in my District’: AOC blows off Question about NYC school shut down to house illegal immigrants:

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York on Friday dismissed a Fox Business reporter’s question about New York City shutting down a school to use it to shelter illegal immigrants.

James Madison High School in Brooklyn announced students would “pivot to remote learning” Tuesday in order to accommodate 2,000 illegal immigrants sheltered at Floyd Bennett Field. Fox Business reporter Hillary Vaughn asked Ocasio-Cortez about the school shutdown.


“You know, I think it’s — Again, this is not, it’s not in my district,” Ocasio-Cortez, who represents parts of Queens and the Bronx according to the Cook Political Report, responded. “I think it’s very clear here that what’s most important is that we identify a facility that’s appropriate for these folks. I don’t anticipate this being a long-term solution. It shouldn’t be a long-term solution.”


“Wow, what a non-answer!” former MTV VJ Kennedy said in response.

Democratic Mayor Eric Adams of New York City defended the decision to shut down the school, citing an imminent storm with strong winds. Adams announced budget cuts to address the influx of over 130,000 migrants in November, including cuts in hiring police officers and has also sued bus companies that bring illegal immigrants to New York City.

Republican Govs. Greg Abbott of Texas and Doug Ducey of Arizona began busing migrants to New York City and other so-called “sanctuary” cities in 2022.


“Yeah, it’s not my district, you guys, so I don’t really have to worry about anything,” Kennedy said. “It’s her policies and that’s the problem, is people like AOC aren’t taking ownership of their philosophy, which is bankrupting cities across the country and people in New York, people in Chicago never really had to think about the immigration crisis, because to them it was theoretical. Well, now it’s actual.”

BPR - Business Politics Review



Signs Of Violence Are EVERYWHERE:

The risk of leftist political violence is VERY real. In this episode, Dan points out all the signs and warnings. He also covers the deadly attack in Ecuador and more from the southern border.

Be sure to listen to Dan’s Podcast at the above LINK

Dan Bongino



One J6 lawsuit had Biden gnashing his teeth:

Joe Biden and the Democrats are nervous about recent polls that show Donald Trump in the lead.

The Left has decided to double down on the “insurrectionist” GOP rhetoric.

But one January 6 lawsuit had Biden gnashing his teeth.

Joe Biden cannot run on his record as President.

That’s why he and the Democrats have resorted to fearmongering about the Capitol Hill riot even though it happened three years ago.

But one incident from January 6 that punctured a hole in the Democrats’ “armed insurrection” narrative was the shooting death of Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt.

Lawsuit and questions around shooting death of unarmed J6 protestor call “armed insurrection” narrative on the carpet

She was shot by Capitol Police Officer Michael Byrd while climbing through a window inside the building.

Even though she was petite and unarmed, the Democrats and their media allies treated Byrd like a hero.

But now, Babbitt’s family is suing the federal government for her death.


Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement, “The only homicide on January 6 was the unlawful shooting death of Ashli Babbitt. Her homicide by Lt. Byrd is a scandal beyond belief. This historic lawsuit seeks a measure of justice and government accountability for Ashli’s wrongful death…Judicial Watch and our supporters are honored to represent Ashli’s steadfast widower Aaron Babbitt and her estate in this legal action. Ashli was shot in cold blood and the rule of law requires justice for her.”


Ironically, the Democrat Media Complex looks for any reason to demonize police officers involved in any shooting.

Journalists made a rare exception for a Trump supporter who was shot dead.

Cop-turned-GOP Congressman weighs in

Congressman Clay Higgins of Louisiana, a former law enforcement officer, criticized Byrd’s shooting in detail.

Higgins told Tucker Carlson that “the escalation of force must be appropriate in order to effect a lawful arrest, and a bad shot is the worst thing that an officer can possibly be involved in in his career. It’s the thing of nightmares for good police officers. So, to take what was from a law enforcement perspective was clearly a bad shoot because there are some basic rules you just cannot violate.


You have to attempt to effect an arrest before you can go to deadly force. There was no attempt to arrest Ashli Babbitt. There are officers on the other side of the window she was climbing through. There were officers on the interior side of the window she was climbing through.”

Higgins added that the riot had been going on for an hour and there were no reports of gunfire, so Officer Byrd should not have been primed for a firefight.

 The Babbitt estate is seeking $30 million in its lawsuit.

The Un-Muzzled News Media



Red Alert: Massive Announcement On Biden’s Bank Records


House Republicans are closing in on the illegal activities of President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. They now have access to banking documents, and although House Dems were applauding the access to former President Trump’s tax returns, they are not happy about the current revelations in regard to the Bidens.House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer has been announcing new information about the activities of the presidential family and made the announcement when he spoke on Fox News.Evidence is alleging Biden was is involved.                                                                                            The Political Signal

More details can be found at above LINK!




Hillary Blindsided LIVE On CNN By Congressman – She’s in HUGE Trouble:

As former President Donald Trump rises to heights in polls not just with Republicans but also with the public at large against presumed opposition President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton has been on the attack recently against Trump, against Republicans, and against any party other than Democrats being in power in the White House.

In an interview this month with CNN, Clinton compared supporters of the former president to cult members and warned they may need formal “deprogramming,” which in light of the recent government smoke and mirrors during Joe Biden’s administration, is a far-reach indeed.


Almost like a comedy act, Clinton stated that Trump has “no credibility left” and “is in it only for himself.” Most of America is polling FOR Trump’s return to the White House, and there is not a question of who is using their fortune to help American and who is making a fortune from being in a power position. Clinton should use her words more carefully.

As one of the MAGA “cult” members, Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds is not at a loss for words responding to Clinton’s remarks.

He torched twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over her comments, where she called many members of the Republican Party a “cult” for defending former President Donald Trump.

“How do you feel about being told you’re in a cult?” Donalds was asked.“I stopped caring about what Hillary Clinton had to say long ago because she lost a long, long time ago,” Donalds replied. “And she’s largely irrelevant as far as I’m concerned. But to a broader level, since Hillary wants to engage, allow me to engage,” Donalds began.

“You lied multiple times, you destroyed emails, you destroyed evidence, and then you laundered phony information that you knew was phony into the intelligence community because you were scared you were going to lose,” Donalds added. “You did all this and you still lost, so I’m not going to listen to Hillary Clinton about who I should and should not support.”

“She has lied to the American people repeatedly. She used our government to spy on the campaign of one of her opponents. Yes, America, she did that. So if people like talking about Watergate and Nixon, look no further than Hillary Clinton and the Crossfire Hurricane.”

Conservative Brief reported on Donaldson’s answer as well as another of Clinton’s recent attacks.

On a recent episode of The View last week, Clinton made another frontal attack as she claimed that another Trump term in the Oval Office would mean the “end of our country as we know it.”

Sunny Hostin asked Clinton what she thought a second Trump term would look like. “I can’t even think of that. Because I think it would be the end of our country as we know it,” Clinton began. “And I don’t say that lightly.”

In fact, Clinton called Trump an “illegitimate president” for years after his victory, although on The View she cast herself in a gracious light.


“I tried really hard, but then literally from his inauguration on, it was nothing but, you know, accusing people of things, making up facts,” she added. “Everything that I worried about I saw unfolding, and so I think that he’d be even worse now because he was somewhat restrained—believe it or not—in the first term by people who he hired because he thought they would go along with him and they stood up to him.”

It’s hard to imagine that Clinton, if she ever were to become president, would put up with appointees who ultimately disagreed with her policies, as no other president has done in the modern age, Conservative Brief pointed out.

She continued: “Now, he’s going to—if he were ever near the Oval Office again—find people who have no principles, no conscience, who are totally tied to his fortunes, literally, and therefore would do whatever he said. And so the wreckage is almost unimaginable.”


Clinton then went on to say budding authoritarians would then move to “shut things down” and throw political opponents in jail, much like Democratic governors shut down their states during COVID and how the Biden administration has jailed Jan. 6 Capitol protesters for years without trials.

“You know, when I was secretary of state, I used to talk about one and done, and what I meant by that is that people would get legitimately elected, and then they would try to do away with elections, and do away with opposition, and so away with a free press, and you could see it in certain countries,” Clinton said.

“Trump is telling us what he intends to do,” Clinton said, adding, “Take him at his word.”

Yes, do take him at his word, Hillary. Given the persecution he has received from Democrats, it is hard to see how anyone could call foul on those actions.

The Republic Brief



David YEO:



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Th3 N@$A M0V!3 $TuD!0 (6 Min)


'$H0T D3@D'***M0V!3-FULL (68 Min)


$3CR3T TuNN3L$ !n BR00KLYN (13 Min)


$T3W: Y3M3N'$ H0UT! ATT@CK !ZR@3L (40 Min)


B0R@X 4  ARTHR!T!$, 0$T30P0r0$!$, M3N0P@U$3 etc. (54 Min)

N0T3; Th!$ !s FR0M AM@nDA V0LLM3R.


G3RM$ M@K3 U $!CK? (3 Min)


Gr3@T D!$TR@CT!0N +o CHR!$T!@N!TY (44 Min)


***D0c P3T3R McCuLL0ugh T3$T!M0NY 1/12/24**!NJUR!3$ (7 Min)


TH3 CDC RuN$ $3CR3T VXX ADV3R$3 EFF3CT$ D@TA-B@$3 (8 Min)


B3$T GL0B3 PR00F$ D3BuNK3d**Ev!D3Nc3 $H0W$ FL@T E@rTH (31 Min)




Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:



This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND  









!f W3 L!V3D 0n a GL0B3 (10 Min)

B3$T GL0B3 PR00F$ D3BuNK3d**Ev!D3Nc3 $H0W$ FL@T E@rTH (31 Min)



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