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SUNDAY 10-22-23

Sunday 10-22-23

Verse(s) for today:

And now, Lord, what wait I for? My hope is in thee.

Psalm 39:7 KJV

A friend loveth at all times, And a brother is born for adversity.

Proverbs 17:17 KJV

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

Matthew 7:7 KJV


Thank you, Dino...

I have never seen anyone more knowledgeable about the Quran and BIBLE. I have watched 100's of his video's and he converts more Muslims then anyone. But as I have always known the Qurans lies and it is Satan not Allah they speak of no one is better than Sam and he is quite entertaining in comebacks. Enjoy and get educated.... [Dibo Ciccone]

Jonathan Cahn Reveals Israel-Hamas End Time Mystery: Strang Report

1. Jonathan Cahn Reveals Israel-Hamas End Time Mystery: Strang Report - YouTube From Mike

Jonathan Cahn paints a very powerful overview of what is really going on in the ‘ISRAEL is at WAR’!

You need to take the time to view this VIDEO.

[Jonathan Cahn]

Mike Verwolf

The Truth About the Coming Food Crisis:

This might be your only warning.

According to official reports, dangerous global events have reached America, putting the entire nation in harm's way.

Despite this imminent crisis, mainstream media remains silent...

And our own government ignores dire warnings of industry experts like fourth-generation American farmers who warn:

“Food shortages are coming.”

Imagine the panic of seeing empty grocery store shelves, not for a few days, but for several weeks or even months.

The loss will be beyond what you can imagine.

As a result of this crisis, survival food is more important than ever.

If you don't take action or if you stockpile the wrong foods, you could be setting your family up to go hungry in a time of crisis.

It sounds harsh, but the truth is too many people with good intentions are making critical mistakes with their survival food.

Mistakes like...

  • · Getting MREs with a 5-year shelf life – depending on where you purchase them from they could be near expired...

  • · Getting gross survival foods that are tough to stomach and so high in salt, MSG and preservatives you could clog your arteries and get yourself sick...

  • · Or simply getting the wrong foods and leaving a critical hole in your meal plan, which means you risk becoming malnourished...

Well, no need to worry anymore.

Obviously, waiting for the government to give me a handout in a disaster just wasn't an option for me. And I was completely turned off by the crazy high cost of survival food sold by some companies.

That's why I ordered and got my very own stockpile of these best-selling Survival Food Kits.

When you secure your own food stockpile, you will have the peace of mind and security knowing that when a crisis hits...

You will be able to calmly reassure your family that they're safe and they will have plenty to eat.

When a crisis hits, the masses begin to panic, and grocery stores are wiped out.

It quickly becomes every man for himself.

Don't make the mistake of waiting until it is too late.

Stock up now on these survival food kits while you can.

[Firearms Life]

Oct 21's March4Children Report:

Our spies report that, once again, there were ten times as many parent's rights people as teacher's rights people. That's something the media didn't stick around long enough to notice, or deliberately ignored it. Just like they ignored counting all the cities in Canada which had rallies and marches. There were 52 planned in 8 provinces.

The queer folks rally in front of city hall ended with a speech by an Egyptian who condemned Israel and the crowd chanted "Free Palestine". How stupid is that? Tel Aviv is the "queer capitol of the world" according to LGBTQ+ websites, vs Gaza where they would rather throw gay men off the roof. You can't use logic with people who are caught up in mob mentality.

It appears that the rainbows greatly outnumbered the March4Children in Kitchener and Guelph.

That could be because the national leadership of the March4Children got cold feet and started cancelling events, which could be due to tensions between Muslims and Christians over the war in the Middle East.

It could also be because of the weather. LGTBQ+ people have more umbrellas.

PS... Here's a PS from a CCAL friend:

There was a little "dust up" at Victoria Park when a queer person came over to the parent rally and tried to cause trouble, the queer were yelling and screaming at someone in the parent group and must of made physical contact because I witnessed a man grab the queer person from behind to separate them, then the police were called over and ushered the queer person away from the parent group all the time yelling and screaming at the parent group.. I couldn’t tell whether the queer was a guy or girl?

[Patrick Bestall]

Heart Problems associated with the JAB:

American Heart Association journal says nearly 50% of young men with myocarditis after the jab had PERMANENT heart damage. Dr. Drew breaks it down for Megyn Kelly.

Well, this does seem like something that the news should be covering but, for some reason, it's hard to find out there.

Dr. Drew Pinsky went on Megyn Kelly's show and talked all things Covid and the "miracle" vaccine. And what he said about the side effects of the Covid shot is AbsolutelyTerrifying...

In my world, throughout my career, 40-year career, myocarditis is a medical emergency. It's a dire problem...

A large study... it showed... approximately half of the young males that got myocarditis had permanent heart damage. Permanent. That means, we don't know what percentage, are going to be disable by this as they get older, they're gonna develop heart failure, or gonna need heart transplants some of them.

It's breathtaking, this study.

Dr. Drew then goes on to wonder how the media could be so negligent to keep this study off the front pages. This isn't some backwater journal with a pseudoscientific study. This is a study from "Circulation," published by the American Heart Association since 1950. Its wiki entry notes its "impact factor" is "first among journals in the Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems category and first in the Peripheral Vascular Disease category," meaning it is a MAJOR source that scientists and doctors pull from around the world!

So... Why is the Mainstream Media IGNORING such an AUTHENTIC SOURCE?

NEW PAPER Of 39 people followed up 10 months after COVID-vaccine-induced myocarditis:

  • · 56% had persistent features of myocarditis

  • · 2/3 had abnormal findings overall

Take home:

Most people who get myocarditis from the COVID vaccine have long-term changes to their hearts.

[Not the Bee Media]

David YEO:

3LV!$ $L!P$ Up (1 Min)

N0T3: V0LuM3 !s L0w.

"E@rTH !s a CL0$3D $y$T3M" (18 Min)

H@LL0W33N: Th3 S3@$0N 0f $@cR!F!c3 (13 Min)

J0RD@N P3T3R$0N, $h@P!R0 & AV! are $H!LL$ (5 Min)

R3-P0$T: C. B@LdW!N: ChR!$T!@N Z!0N!$M D3C3!V3$ P30PL3 (64 Min)

N0T3: Chuck und3r$T@ND$ Th3 TruTh !n Th!$ M@TT3R.

G3N0C!D3 G@ZA**M@X !GaN (121 Min)

C0M3D!@N G0n3 by 'RaR3 C@nC3R' (2 Min)

"Why D0 U TH!nK Th3 E@rTH !s FL@T? (22 Min)

CHr!$T!@N$ R3M@!N A$L33P**Th3 $cR!PT (23 Min)

R3-P0$T: $T3W & AL3X: !ZR@3L !s Th3 Fr0nTL!N3 F0r Th3 US (27 Min)

Not covered on the news:

Christians in big danger in another part of the Mideast:

While the horrors committed by Hamas in Israel are tragic, there’s yet another genocide occuring under our noses.

In Azerbaijan, there’s a liquidation going on of the Armenian people. They happen to make up the first Christian nation on earth.

“It’s just getting precious little play, and more people need to know about it,” Samuel Brownback, former international religious freedom ambassador at large, tells Glenn Beck of what’s happening.

Brownback explains that Turkey is the "puppetmaster" in this situation, “pushing, and allowing, and giving military armament to Azerbaijan,” while “the Biden administration is looking another way.”

According to Brownback, Azerbaijan has wanted Armenia and its Christian enclaves “out of there,” as it’s a “bone in their throat.”

The Armenians trapped in Azerbaijan have been starved and cut off from resources. About 100,000 have escaped, but Brownback says there are probably 20,000 still there.

“This is yet another ancient Christian population being driven out of this Middle East ... extended region,” he explains. “What will happen, they’ll go to Armenia, they’ll be absorbed into Europe, into the United States, Australia, Canada, but it’ll be another one gone.”

The BLAZE Media]

Oct. 4, did anything happen?

Remember the warnings to shut off your phone? What happened to those who didn't?

The World Economic Forum will give you a giant hint. [Patrick Bestall]

Dr. TROZZI: Trozzi Report: 2023-10-22

James Roguski WHO Good News

The WHO is breaking their own rules because the world is waking up!

Here's some recent good news about the WHO fumbling the ball in their wicked game to enslave the world. There are also links to more info including two actions you can easily take now to help end the WHO.

The WHO is breaking their own rules because the world is waking up

James Roguski from the United States keeps a constant vigil over the WHO’s tricks and schemes. He spoke on October 2nd 2023 to the World Council For Health Better Way Live, sharing some good news about the WHO’s recent fumble and failure in their attempted power grab. He also provided an update on a petition to hold a parliamentary vote over whether to reject amendments to the IHR 2005.

The World Homocidal Organization is the conduit through which the fraudsters and racketeers of covid funnel destructive agendas and deadly injections into the world. Despite this most recent good news from James, we must not rest on our laurels. We must de-fund, exit, investigate and prosecute Tedros and the WHO. Related Links and Material:

[Dr Mark Trozzi]

God help us:

Convicted child molester sets up tent across from San Fran elementary, offers “free fentanyl for new users." Police say they can't remove him.

Dude is a sex offender with a loophole that allows him to be near a school and he can set up the "free fentanyl" sign because he doesn't actually have the drugs on him.

In a decent society, you'd take a man like this out behind the woodshed and put the fear of God in him, but this is a "progressive" state.

More from ABC 13:

More officers arrived, along with a homeless outreach team from Healthy Streets Operations Center. They took away bikes and other items that Moore willingly gave up, and allowed him to keep an electric bike and other personal items. As the news crew left, the team hoped Moore would willingly move on -- which would be a relief for parents at the school and those living nearby.

"I'm also concerned my wife walks our baby around by herself. I always kind of want to be there because you never know. And it just sucks to always kind of have that sense of like, extra vigilance. In a neighborhood that's supposed to be quiet and residential, right," said neighbor Jon Chintanaroad.

Supposed to be quiet and residential by whose standard, Jon? I totally get what you are saying, but you're supposed to be "tolerant," right? Imposing your standards of "quiet" and "residential" and "crime-free" is colonialist and racist, I'm told.

The same question goes to the reporter who told the man he knows his gig is wrong. By whose standard, ABC? You think criminals care about what rules the government makes up? What authority are you appealing to? Isn't it intolerant to tell this man his truth is wrong?

Moore did get a ticket Thursday for misdemeanor battery in an altercation with a parent from the school. He, in turn, filed a complaint of assault against that father.

Anyone want to take bets that the protective dad ends up going to jail?

[Patrick Bestall]

Hamas were High:

Many of the Hamas terrorists who committed the horrific slaughter of October 7 that killed more than 1,300 Israelis were on a synthetic drug called Captagon, according to new reports.

The drug, known as the "cocaine of the poor," was found in the pockets of Hamas terrorists who were killed on Israeli soil after the deadly attack. The drug is produced in Syria and distributed by Hezbollah and other militant groups.

Captagon was reportedly used by ISIS during the Syrian Civil War back in 2015. The highly-addictive drug suppresses fear and allows militants to carry out acts of violence with little concern or sympathy. It also provides the user with energy and euphoria, which ups confidence in times of war. ISIS earned plenty of revenue from the drug as they fought to control Syria during that country's ongoing civil war.

Around two years ago, an investigation conducted by The New York Times revealed that individuals associated with Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, including family members, had established a thriving industry for the production of Captagon…

Reliable estimates suggest that Captagon's exports from Syria alone reached a minimum of $3.5 billion in 2020 - a figure five times greater than the combined value of Syria's legal export industries, estimated at just over $700 million.

Captagon had initially been produced in Southern Europe and smuggled to the Middle East, but now it's a multi-billion-dollar industry in the region where terrorism has run rampant.

[Not The Bee Media]

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND




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