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Sunday 3-26-23

Sunday 3-26-23

Verse(s) for today:

And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.

Galatians 5:24 KJV

Iron sharpeneth iron; So, a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

Proverbs 27:17 KJV

Therefore, I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.

2 Corinthians 12:10 KJV

Thought(s) for the Day:

Druthers Absurdity of the Day

Oxfam’s “Survival of the Richest” report finds that the richest 1% grabbed nearly two-thirds [66%] of all new wealth (worth $42 trillion) since 2020. This is a huge increase compared to before the pandemic, when the richest 1% soaked up 50% of all new wealth created. The report also found that 95 food and energy corporations more than doubled their profits in 2022. Additionally, 95% of countries froze or cut taxes on corporations during the pandemic. The report concluded that excess corporate profits have driven at least half of inflation in Australia, the UK, and the US.

[Patrick Bestall]

Breaking News from Newsmax

[News Max Media]

Sec. Granholm praises China for investments in clean energy tech:

If by chance you needed further proof that the Biden administration is scared to death of -- and beholden to -- communist China, here's the latest example. According to Breitbart, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm heaped praise on China for its investments in clean energy technology. She made the statement as she also acknowledged that China is one of the world's largest contributors of CO2 into the atmosphere.

"Biden Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm doubles, triples, and quadruples down on her praise for China — despite China's record of pollution and horrifying human rights abuses," RNC Research tweeted.

Granholm was grilled on Capitol Hill during a House Appropriations Subcommittee hearing. Her answers to many questions were telling, and downright scary.

Chief Deputy Whip Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) pressed Granholm on previous remarks she made about China, including one regarding clean energy investments in which she stated, "We can all learn from what China is doing."

Guy also quizzed her about when she said that America doesn't have the moral authority to criticize China on the subject, since, in her mind at least, they're the best in the world and leading the way on clean energy.

Breitbart noted:

She also confirmed she was aware that China “emits more than the U.S., the entire E.U., and Japan combined”; that China brings two coal-fired power plants online per week; that China’s coal-fired plants generate 23 percent more energy than all the energy produced in the U.S. combined; and that the Paris Climate Agreement allows China to increase its emissions through 2030.

That's when Guy dropped the bomb.

"Knowing that you knew all that when you made the comment, would you like to retract your praise for China?” he asked.

"No, my praise for China was on what they are doing to invest in clean energy, even as they are the world’s largest emitter," Granholm replied. "They invest four times more than the United States."

Guy went on to press Granholm on a number of China-related subjects, to make a point about her previous comments on America lacking the moral high ground to criticize China. Granholm agreed that China is a "human rights abuser," but seemed to stick by her previous statements.

People like Granholm, who should be nowhere near a Cabinet-level position in government, are why the world, and especially China, is having quite the chuckle over the United States right now.

[American Digest Media]

Tsunami version / vision:

This is the bomb foreseen in an old vision about Russia. Russia would drop it off the coast of Britain.

[Patrick Bestall]

North Korea has reportedly tested a tsunami-generating nuclear attack drone that is designed to produce a radioactive tsunami, which can launch a stealth attack on its enemies. The test was carried out to warn the United States and South Korea of the possibility of a nuclear war with North Korea. In response, South Korea’s President, Yoon Suk Yeol, warned that North Korea would be accountable for its reckless provocations, and the country would reinforce its military capabilities in the face of the North’s progressing nuclear dangers.

In other news, Russia’s former president, Dmitry Medvedev, warned that any attempt to enforce an arrest warrant for President Vladimir Putin from the International Criminal Court would be a declaration of war against Russia, and any such attempt would prompt an immediate response with a missile attack.

Finally, NATO’s Secretary-General has warned that there are signs of Russia requesting lethal aid from China, which will only prolong the conflict in Ukraine and lend support to an illegal war.

Rick Wiles. Airdate 3/24/23

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What struck me [Patrick Bestall] in the newspaper this week:


1. More groceries get snack tax with shrinkflation. Anything packed as a snack gets taxed. Like individual packages for school. If there are fewer than 6 items in a package it's considered snack food and taxable.

2. A new trend in restaurants; private membership restaurants with hefty fees to eliminate the lower classes.

3. Bigger "convenience" stores with gas stations. Because people want to travel shorter distances to buy groceries. These will offer lower prices and more stock than existing corner stores. "In between" a corner store and big superstore grocery stores.

4. A London non-profit (Unity Project) seeks funding for 13 pop-up shelters. This is refreshing to see that not everyone is agitating for governments (city, province and even federal!) to provide shelters for the homeless. But still I'm disappointed it wasn't a faith-based initiative.*

5. "Ontario to see double the economic immigrants by 2025." On the next page there was a story about immigrant worker abuse by employers in Ontario. They'd be better off where they came from. See 5 min video:

Liberals Ignored U.S. Reports On Chinese Interference For Decades:

While evidence was destroyed in Canada, the United States began a decades-long probe into illicit Canada-China political behaviour.

Speaking on the topic of Chinese government influence, former military and RCMP intelligence official Scott McGregor stated that "Canada was aware of these threats for 25 years and has allowed them to manifest."

The longevity of China's influence on Canadian politics, business and education has long been a focal point for Cultural Action Party of Canada. The history of Canada-China relations, and more specifically Liberal Party-Chinese government collusion, is in no way limited to the current election interference scandal.

"The memo expresses alarm over Beijing's influence over legitimate enterprise; it mentions, in a passing reference, the existence of FBI biographies for several Canadian business leaders from that era, as well as a Canada-China business group."

A former CIA official and expert on Chinese espionage tactics states that "from my perspective it's like, welcome to the party, Canada. You've woken up," said Nicholas Eftimiades. "It's amazing it's gone on so long."

To be forthright, CAP are less than amazed that it's gone on for so long. Most Canadians are unaware of the period of time that China has been meddling in Canada's affairs.

"BMO Financial Group has been building relationships in China, almost as long as the bank has been in business. Merely three months after its opening in 1817, the bank undertook its first foreign exchange transaction in support of trade with China in 1818."

In 2004, BMO became the first Canadian bank to be granted a license by the China Banking Regulatory Commission. Six years later, in 2010, the former Bank Of Montreal received approval from the China Banking Regulatory Commission to become the first and only Canadian bank to incorporate a wholly-owned subsidiary bank in Mainland China – Bank of Montreal (China) Co. Ltd.

Founded in 1978, the Canada-China Business Council says they have been "the leading voice of Canada-China businesses for over 40 years."

These forty years weave a tale of intrigue which has eluded Canadians for just as long. A list of founding members includes the most powerful of what has been termed the "Laurentian Elite"— the rich and powerful of Quebec— most of which have direct ties to the Liberal Party of Canada:

BMO Financial Group, SNC Lavalin, CITIC, Barrick Gold, Power Corp, Bombardier.

Beginning to see the light? Readers may recall the SNC-Lavalin scandal that broke out subsequent to Justin Trudeau's attainment of the position of Canadian prime minister.

Less well known is the fact that Canada-China Business Council was founded by the Demarais family of Quebec, "good family friends" of the Trudeaus, and billionaire owners of Power Corp.

Several former Canadian prime ministers have occupied a position on the management team or on the board of Power Corporation. Former prime minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau served in the mid-1990s on Power Corp.'s international advisory board.

Former Prime Minister of Canada Paul Martin was hired in the 1960s to work for Paul Desmarais Sr. by political power-player Maurice Strong. Ex- Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chrétien sat on the board of Power Corp. subsidiary Consolidated Bathurst in the late 1980s, before he became the leader of the Liberal Party. Chrétien's daughter is married to the son of Paul Desmarais, Power Corp.'s international advisory board has featured individuals such as oil minister of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani.

For what purpose have these details been held back from the common knowledge of Canadians? Has media pulled the wool over the eyes of our citizenship regarding a tacit Liberal-Quebec-Trudeau-China operative that has served as a catalyst for the current election interference scandal? Has Canadian media refrained from exposure as influenced by the Liberal Party of Canada? Michel Juneau-Katsuya may believe so. He is lead author of a report for joint CSIS-RCMP probe called Operation Sidewinder.

"His project was scrapped by senior CSIS officials in 1997, much to the annoyance of the RCMP, and copies of his report were ordered destroyed. But a surviving draft version was leaked and its claims resemble those in the purported U.S. memo from 1998."

While evidence was purposefully destroyed in Canada, the United States began a decades-long probe into illicit Canada-China political and economic connections.

We come to understand PM Justin Trudeau's reluctance to call for an official public inquiry into the Chinese election interference scandal. It well appears this man has a choice: to sell out the Liberal-Quebec China money cabal, or to lie to every Canadian citizen in existence.

For crying out loud-- even the Royal Hong Kong Police gave up trying to alert Canada.

"Their position was: there's no point giving intelligence to Canadians. Because we just ignored it. Nothing was being done."

Pourquoi? Blame it on the "usual suspects"-- Money, Power, Greed, and all the rest of the sordid detail that makes the Liberal-China scandal the Canadian crime of the century.

[Brad Saltzberg]

A Hostile Alvin Bragg Formally Refuses to Cooperate With Congressional Investigation:

Alvin Bragg, Manhattan District Attorney formally refused to cooperate with the House Republicans’ congressional investigation, into what he called an “unprecedented abuse” of authority. He also denied providing testimony and documents to top House Republican leadership, due to “an unprecedented inquiry into a pending local prosecution”, according to a report by Breitbart News

Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Oversight Committee chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY), and Administration Committee chairman Rep. Bryan Steil (R-WI), on Monday, had demanded Bragg comply with the committee’s request for documents and testimony in anticipation of the possible indictment. Reportedly, anticipation was generated after Trump announced Saturday that he expected to be arrested in the coming days based on “illegal leaks” from the Manhattan district attorney’s office, which is investigating Trump’s alleged role in hush money paid to Stormy Daniels in 2016.

As Republicans have raised questions about Bragg’s investigation, he reportedly stated-

“The Letter only came after Donald Trump created a false expectation that he would be arrested the next day and his lawyers reportedly urged you to intervene,”… “Neither fact is a legitimate basis for congressional inquiry.” adding…“[T]he District Attorney is obliged by the federal and state constitutions to protect the independence of state law enforcement functions from federal interference,”

-Alvin Bragg, Manhattan District Attorney

Republicans had asked-

“Was the Manhattan DA’s office in communication with DOJ about their investigation of President Trump?” “Was the Manhattan DA’s office using federal funds to investigate President Trump?”

- Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)

“I think we should hear Alvin Bragg testify before Congress, under oath, about his vision and the fact that this is wildly political and the fact that this was not pursued by federal courts and the fact that the Department of Justice passed on this,”

-Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY)

Many legal experts believe Bragg’s potential case against Trump is shaky and may not hold up in court. Jonathan Turley, the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law, at George Washington University, said-

“The case is legally pathetic,”. “It is extremely difficult to show that paying money to cover up an embarrassing affair was done for election purposes as opposed to an array of obvious other reasons, from protecting a celebrity’s reputation to preserving a marriage.”

-Jonathan Turley, Professor of Public Interest Law, George Washington University

Again, this focus on the drama surrounding what Trump calls yet and other “witch hunt”, is certainly keeping the media enthralled, clearly distracted and stirring the country-wide pot - in keeping the eyes of the nation - off of the House Oversight Committee’s bombshell discovery into the Biden family’s connection to the Chinese Communist Party, via their business dealings.

That this swirling drama is upon the American people is not by mistake. The truth is making its way out, despite the distractions. May America keep its focus in the right direction and not be distracted wrongfully, by the left, who would like nothing better than to evade the investigation which could yield the truth of any real compromise of Joe Biden and ruin their 2024 hopes for his re-election (yes, the one he hasn’t announced as yet).

“The four horsemen of the apocalypse predict an ailing marriage; Criticism, Defensiveness, Stonewalling and Contempt. The worst of these is contempt.”

-John M Gottman

International Man: The “15-minute city” is an urban planning concept rapidly spreading in North America and Europe. They aim to make everything—where people work, shop, get their education, healthcare, and leisure activities—just 15 minutes away.

The idea is for bureaucrats to restrict—and eventually prohibit—car use because everything is within walking or biking distance. Phasing out hydrocarbons, in general, and cars with internal combustion engines, in particular, is a primary goal of the carbon hysterics.

Critics also argue that 15-minute cities will eventually allow for total surveillance and control of people’s lives, as governments will inevitably pair them with an ESG social credit system and central bank digital currencies.

What is your take on the 15-minute city concept?

Doug Casey: It’s social engineering taken to a new level—trying to reform the way humans act and live. In fact, it’s social engineering that’s expressed in the form of civil engineering, putting people in the kind of houses, environments, and locales that the elites—strike that, I mean parasites—prefer.

It’s as if the whole human race is taking a role in the Jim Carrey movie The Truman Show. But that’s way too benign. The way they’re trying to reform the cities and force people to stay in place in certain areas, it’s more like the panopticon, which was a type of prison where all people could be observed easily by the guards at all times.

Of course, keeping everybody within a 15-minute radius of their home sounds convenient, homey, and small town-like. But it just makes things much more convenient for artificial intelligence to monitor where everybody is. Not just in their vehicles, either, because the next step along this path will be to make it desirable for everybody to have a chip implanted so individual bodies can be monitored. The 15-minute city concept is just a step on the way to something much more dystopian.

International Man: 15-minute cities received a big boost from the Covid hysteria as many city councils and mayors sought to redesign city spaces amid the lockdowns.

The concept has spread to many areas in North America and Europe, with plans to transform parts of the biggest cities into numerous 15-minute city zones. We have already seen this happen in Ottawa, Oxford, and other large cities.

What is really going on here?

Doug Casey: It’s all about control, but it won’t be sold as a military “you must do this” type of control. It will be a soft, “do it for your own good” type of control. And, of course, it’s part of the general climate insanity for the supposed good of Mother Earth. The idea is to get people to stay out of their cars and, for that matter, stay off of planes and even public transportation.

It’ll be sold as a great way to get to know your neighbors, walk, and maybe bicycle. They’re trying to return the world to medieval times where nobody went more than 15 minutes from their house. Because not only weren’t they supposed to but there might be dragons over the next hill.

International Man: The global elite don’t want the plebs to be as mobile as they used to be.

In recent years, we’ve seen more and more travel restrictions. The Covid hysteria set a precedent for using lockdowns as official policy and introduced many confusing travel restrictions. The carbon hysteria also serves as a pretext for all sorts of proposals to limit and restrict travel. The trend now in motion is gaining momentum.

How do you see 15-minute cities within the context of this trend?

Doug Casey: People are far easier to control if you know where they are at all times. And the elite—again, they’re parasites that don’t produce anything or serve a useful purpose—want the plebs to stay in place, not just physically, but psychologically, economically, and politically.

They’d prefer to live in a world where places like St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Machu Picchu, and the Grand Canyon aren’t overwhelmed with the hoi polloi because they’re back observing their 15-minute travel zones and adhering to requirements that allow them to expend only so many pounds of carbon.

It’ll be much more convenient for the parasites from a personal living point of view, in addition to affording them vastly more control.

International Man: The World Economic Forum (WEF) has promoted 15-minute cities.

Why are they interested in this topic?

Doug Casey: In the past, the United Nations provided the premier forum for governments to get together and palaver about how to restructure the world. But the UN—fortunately—is fading into obscurity. It’s now really no more than an expensive club for mid-level government officials to vacation in New York while playing big shot and connecting with other ambitious bureaucrats.

The World Economic Forum is for the real power people.

The WEF, however, needs a reason for existing. These people are into power and money. They naturally like to socialize with each other, scratching each other’s backs and seeing themselves as masters of the universe. Now that they’ve gotten to know each other at the WEF and have clearly taken the reigns over at least the Western world, they’re no longer there just to socialize. They have lots of big plans for the plebs.

The concept of the 15-minute city is one of the many prongs of attack that they’ve launched to essentially take over the world, as outrageous as that sounds.

International Man: Given everything we have discussed, what can the average person do to safeguard his sovereignty in general and his freedom to travel in particular?

Doug Casey: First of all, try to relocate to a rural area where you’re much more in control of your own life, and you’re not surrounded by thousands of people who might rat you out as a non-conformist and could easily turn hysterical.

The second thing is to get as rich as you can because having assets helps insulate you from both the parasitic elites and the capite censi.

And third thing you can do is to resist any way you can. Speaking out and letting other people know that they aren’t alone in thinking what’s going on is actually evil. But recognize the risks of doing so.

We can’t change the trends of history. The atmosphere in today’s world is like that of the early days of the US Civil War or the early days of World War I or World War II. The boobs become stupidly hysterical, enthusiastic to ” join up” to fight some real or imagined foe, and marching together in lockstep. A giant mind virus is well on its way to capturing most people.

We live in really dangerous times.

· Just as Iran has used Ukraine's brutal war to test the effectiveness of its drone and missile technology, so China's emerging industrial-military complex is reportedly looking for opportunities to conduct a rigorous evaluation of its new weapons systems; Chinese arms manufacturers are reportedly keen to test the effectiveness of their new weapons systems in Ukraine.

· Chinese drones, which reports say are due to be delivered to the Russian Defense Ministry next month, would enable the Russians to deliver warheads weighing between 35 and 50 kilograms.

· China's People's Liberation Army is in the midst of a massive military build-up, outspokenly aimed at making China the world's dominant military power by the middle of the century. Global defense spending fell by 1.7 percent in 2021, and the US defense budget for 2024, with a supposed increase of 3.2 percent, after factoring in an inflation of 6 percent, is actually a net cut. Meanwhile, Chinese defense spending grew by 5.1 percent to $293 billion.

· As part of its military build-up, which began in 2013, Beijing is aiming to integrate artificial intelligence in its command-and-control structures by 2035. In addition, it is investing heavily in new fleets of warships and warplanes.

· The Chinese military is said to be actively preparing to launch a military offensive to capture Taiwan, most likely before or during the US presidential election in November 2024, while the US is still under the administration of President Joe Biden, regarded worldwide as stunningly weak, and while the country is likely to be distracted.

· Biden's repeated statements that he seeks "competition not conflict" with China, and that "We don't want a conflict" with Russia, can only be viewed as pleas not to escalate, rather than as a thundering deterrence.

· "[T]he entire military must... concentrate all energy on fighting a war, direct all work toward warfare and speed up to build the ability to win." — Chinese President Xi Jinping, to China's armed forces' operational command center, Fox News, February 15, 2023.

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!


Biden Crime Family:

The Real News for Sat. 25 March 2023:

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