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The Day after Christmas... Lots of BREAKING NEWS!


The Elites Still do not get That "It’s Not About Donald Trump"

North Carolina Has Cancelled the First Amendment

This is HUGE!

Christmas Eve 24 Dec. President Trump was scheduled to make a major speech. It wasn’t carried by the Mainstream Media.

CANCELED Trump's election fraud speech erased by MSM & Big-Tech:

Here was President Trump’s Speech not carried by the Media:

Fri. 25 Dec. Trump Attorney Lin Wood said, “It is time to shine red hot light of truth on Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Stephen Breyer, Joe Biden, Obama, Clinton(s), Bill Gates, VP Mike Pence, Mark Meadows, Pat Cippoloni, Bush 41 & 43, George Soros, Cocaine Mitch, etc.

After AG Barr Turns on President Trump – Matt Gaetz Tells Donald He Should Appoint Gaetz as AG, Or Let Him Pick

Dark Money Behemoth that Hosts BLM Foundation Received $16 Million in Government Grants

Juan O’Savin, Robert David Steele and our Military Intel Contact asked that we pray for POTUS: Dr. Patrick Byrne said of the Oval Office meeting last Fri 18 Dec, that POTUS has had some advisors (P. Cippolloni, M. Meadows, E. Ueland, D. Lyons) who have been treasonously backstabbing him and lying to him and also have been trying to delay the RV release. Please pray that these advisors and other traitors around POTUS were EXPOSED & BOUND AND MUZZLED by heaven's angels. Pray over the NEXT WEEKS for all LAW ENFORCEMENT, SHERIFFS, STATE TROOPERS, and ALL MILITARY LEADERS ON THE FENCE that they will STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT, OPPOSE THE ELECTION FRAUD and the SCAMDEMIC LOCKDOWNS and NOT SIDE WITH DEEP STATE OPPOSITION to POTUS AND THE RV.

On Christmas Eve Thurs. 24 Dec. Adam Schiff arrested as per LA County arrest records:

Joe and Jill Biden tell Americans to stay away from their families in Christmas message

After Joe Biden Claimed No Family Ties to Foreign Business – New Evidence Shows Hunter has a Stake In Chinese Firm

AOC’s ‘squad’ breaks with Pelosi, votes with GOP to block advancement of omnibus spending bill

"Do Not Get Vaccinated" If You Have This Syndrome, Says Dr. Fauci|7

Boston Doctor Develops Severe Allergic Reaction After Getting Moderna Vaccine:

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