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Status Report 11-02-2020

Hunter Biden Has Flipped – Over $300 Million Biden Family Stash in Switzerland:

Joe Biden’s 30-year Crime Spree where he used US Taxpayer dollars to bribe foreign countries out of millions and then stashed the monies for his own use in Swiss bank accounts:

1,500 Court Documents prove that the [O]bamas’, [B]idens’, [C]lintons’, and Royal Family’s theft of trillions from South Africa.

Hunter Biden Admits He Worked Under Chinese Spy Chief: [Smoking Gun]

Leaked Zoom Calls: Federal Workers Conspiring to Shut Down White House in Contested Election:

National Guard Activated Across Most Major Cities 30 Oct. BUCKLE UP [Be Prepared]: Archbishop Viganos’ Letter to President Trump on the Cabal:

The Autocratic Future of the United States?

Second mansion at Harrington Lake was built in response to Trudeau’s marital trouble:

Great overview – makes one Feel Good! [two-minute video… Thank You - Don Hill]

Texas AG Opens Voter Fraud Investigation Against Democrats After Veritas Exposed Dems’ Operation:

*** No One in Elites of China has contracted COVID-19… Why?

Churches and COVID-19

Your staff writer Jane Sims wrote a significant article on Saturday's front page, titled "Churches offer no sanctuary from a virus" to which I would like to add one adjective, "Western Churches".

I have heard priests, missionaries and evangelists from Africa and the Far East who are amazed at how little faith we use here. (Notice I said "use" not "have".) We use our doctors and hospitals primarily. They don't have many. As a result, faith healings are common. Evangelists draw crowds of 1, 2, 3, up to 4 million people at a time to witness them. Scientists and doctors are still scratching their heads wondering why Covid-19 didn't spread across Africa like it did in the west. Thailand with 66 million population had only 59 deaths from Covid-19 [The list goes on]. Maybe it's diet? It has to be about more than the masks and distancing we put so much faith in. And it's not vaccinations which India and Africa rejected after some disastrous consequences.

Patrick Bestall

193 Blackacres Blvd.

London, Ont N6G 2H1

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