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This is HUGE!

Status Report 11-19-2020 Thursday

This is HUGE!


*** Republicans, Democrats at odds over legitimacy of 2020 election

Horror in US Elections, [Gary Franchi]:

Wed. 18 Nov. Fox News Tucker Carlson Talks Archbishop Vigano and the Great Reset:

Democrats Caught Red Handed Liars:

Dominion/ Smartmatic – The CIA Software That Stole the Election, [Sydney Powell]:


*** Two Men Arrested for Forging 8,000 Ballot Registrations

*** It's Not Over For Trump - Voter Fraud CONFIRMED - Trump Makes HISTORY, He's Done it..


Voter Fraud CONFIRMED – Donald Trump Was Right

These operations were started over the past weekend after the servers were retrieved from Frankfurt last week... See CIA Whistle-blower [Robert David Steele]:

These military operations included almost 1,000 military aircraft wheels-up flying since Mon. 16 Nov.

*** Sean Hannity digs deeper into controversial voting machine company: ‘All of us deserve an answer’

Trump touts Pfizer vaccine success in Rose Garden speech


Florida keeps moving right, will be red state going forward

*** Conservatives Revolt over Zuckerberg's Stunning Admission

Millionaire Singer John Legend Just Said the Most PATHETIC Thing About Donating to Food Banks


Trump Gets INCREDIBLE News from Georgia – He Was RIGHT!

Giuliani – Powell Say They Have Enough Evidence to Overturn Election:

Election was catalyst for mass arrests: Mob Boss to Flip on [B]iden Exposing What His Mob Did in Philly Election – Forged 300,000+ Votes for 3 Million $:

Biden’s Done, Two Weeks Until Defeat of the Globalists:

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon predicted that the globalist structure trying to steal the presidential election will be defeated inside of two weeks:

Trap is Set, Watch What Happens, America First, Juan O'Savin:

Tax Filing Reveal Joe Biden Spent Millions on Salaries, ZERO on Research


Fewer Americans think better days are ahead under a prospective Biden administration

Ex-Antifa member:

Antifa is anti-Trump not pro-Biden or the Democrat Party

‘Guardians of the Swamp’: Fake ‘journalists’ are destroying America

Biden Plans to Stack Deck for Special Interest Groups & Lead from Behind

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