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Thursday 7-28-22

Summary as I am able:

7-27/8-22 Wednesday/Thursday

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💥Thoughts for TODAY!

Pray without ceasing.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 KJV

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Ephesians 6:12 KJV

Trust ye in the LORD forever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength:

Isaiah 26:4 KJV

Are we going back in time?

9. In a vast sanctuary filled with kneeling Catholics, the light catches on a single ivory veil, draped over the head of a young woman in prayer.

Emma White is the only one in the church with her hair covered. She said it was intimidating to don her chapel veil at first, especially at her home parish in London, Ont. Sometimes, people would stare, wondering why she would choose to cover her hair when it’s not required. White is part of a growing number of young people in the Church who are embracing traditional practices. Despite the popular idea that young people have no attention span, there seems to be a deep desire to encounter God in tradition and silence. More millennials are returning to older prayers and devotions. White was inspired by some of her classmates who chose to wear a veil in the presence of the Eucharist and she decided that it would increase her devotion to Christ. “I am a daughter of the King, and I should adorn myself with a veil to live that out more fully,” she said. Prior to the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s, women were expected to cover their head in Mass, but the 1983 Code of Canon Law has no such requirement, so the practice is not as common now. White’s veil is a Spanish mantilla, a delicate work of lace that covers most of the hair. Unmarried women traditionally wear a white one, so her veil is ivory. It’s a less bright shade that is beautiful without being too eye-catching, according to White. Sr.

April Cabaccang, 29, is a Salesian Sister whose order offers her a choice of whether to wear a habit. Although some sisters don’t wear the habit, Cabaccang said she chooses to wear hers because it helps her to be a witness for her faith. When people stop her on the bus or in a store to ask about it, she has the perfect opportunity to talk to them about Christ. “It is important for young people to embrace tradition,” she said. “They need to know that there is one Truth, One Good worth sticking to.” Cabaccang believes tradition can be a way for people to anchor themselves. Like White, she says the habit reminds her who she is as well as whose she is. It puts her in a space of reverence. Young women are not the only ones wearing something traditional to increase their faith. Shavi Perera, 19, wears a rosary around his wrist as a conscious sign of his faith and a reminder for him to pray. Perera knows the value of traditional prayers. He is currently doing a 90-day novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots. “We don’t often take advantage of these old-fashioned things that show the richness of the Church,” he said. “When people take advantage of those things, it’s so inspiring.” The Latin Mass is often considered old fashioned. But Eric Wong, 24, loves it. His home parish, Holy Family Parish in Toronto, celebrates a weekly Solemn High Mass sung in Latin. He said it is drawing more young people because it raises intrigue. Since first-time attendees don’t necessarily understand this form of Mass, he says, they become curious, leading them to learn about their faith. “I think most young adults, as we grow older, don’t go to church because our parents tell us to; we go because we realize it’s important. We can realize that through tradition,” he said. “It just blows your mind how much more deeply we can love God.” Latin Mass is very different from the New Mass and not just because of the language. Gregorian chants are sung, there is more genuflection and people must kneel to receive the Eucharist. The choir is always at the back of the church in order to keep the focus on God. Like the rule about veils, Vatican II changed the Latin Mass. In 1964, it was remade into the way most Catholics celebrate Mass now — in their own language and with more music and reading aloud. In contrast, the Latin Mass is filled with a great deal of silence which Wong said helps him to focus on God’s presence. [Gilmor, 20, is a second-year journalism student]

[at Ryerson University in Toronto.]

Pope Francis attends Indigenous 'healing dance' to 'Mother Earth' during Canada trip:

Pope Francis won't wear the papal tiara, but he'll wear a native war bonnet?

MASKWACIS, Alberta (LifeSiteNews) – During the first full day of his visit with Canada’s Indigenous communities, Pope Francis attended a “healing dance” that appeared to direct worship to “Mother Earth.”

Prior the ritual, which took place in Maskwacis, Alberta this morning, the Master of Ceremonies for the event explained that a “healing dance” was about to occur, while outlining that the drum involved is “the heartbeat of Mother Earth, the drum is life.”

Gathered in a circle around a large tree branch, Indigenous people began chanting and playing the drum as people dressed in feathers and other traditional outfits started dancing.

IMPORTANT Consideration:

Pope's visit to Canada to apologize for what?

Missing children in mass graves? There is so much evidence to the contrary, it's a challenge to pick the best article or video for the average Canadian. I offer you a 15-minute video posted in January of this year, a half hour video posted Sept. 19, and 75-minute video in the email below. Plus, the attached documents.


2. The Canadian Mass Grave Hoax [Patrick Bestall]

[This VIDEO must be seen]

Can the Southern Baptist Convention Be Saved?

At its latest gathering, the Southern Baptist Convention responded with action to the landmark report of widespread abuse and cover-up within its ranks, voting to implement additional measures for accountability.

While some Christians both inside and outside the SBC have applauded the move, others are questioning whether it is enough, or whether the convention, with its troubled past, is worth saving at all. In this opinion piece, Dr. Karen Swallow Prior of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary looks at the path forward for the SBC and how it could serve as a model for struggling churches anywhere.

For more detailed information view HERE:

London PRIDE Parade:

I don’t know. There were 120 registrants. It looks like more people participating in the parade than came to watch it.

"We have many officers, both visible and behind the scenes, some of them in uniform and many of us are also marching in the parade. We are here to support the Pride community and some of our own members who are part of the LGBTQ community."

Abdalla says she was confident police would be keeping members of the parade, and spectators safe.

"Wortley Pride and the incident that happened, we are all one community, and we support and protect each other," says Abdalla. [Patrick Bestall]


Exclusive interview with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis:

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis set himself apart from other politicians by opting to keep the sunshine state open when other states rushed to lock down.

Since then, he has made an even bigger splash in the media by condemning woke institutions like Disney for pushing gender ideology on young children and clapping back at schools teaching kids Critical Race Theory.

Love him or hate him, DeSantis is easily one of the most fascinating leaders in American politics today.

And it was an absolute honor to get an opportunity to sit down with him in an exclusive one-on-one interview.

That interview can be seen right here (but you must be a RebelNews+ subscriber to watch). [REBEL News]

Fox News Host Reveals She Was Stalked:

( Last week, Los Angeles County’s embattled District Attorney George Gascon announced that he is disbanding the unit in the DA’s office that notifies victims and their families about their assailant’s parole hearings.

The Parole Unit, made up of victim advocates and prosecutors in the DA’s office, will be disbanded at the end of the year.

This announcement comes after Gascon announced that prosecutors will be banned from attending parole hearings.

The upshot is that victims of violent crime will receive no advance notice that their assailant is up for parole and could likely be released.

Unsurprisingly, crime victims and their families are none too happy with the news.

Last week, during the Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered,” co-host Harris Faulkner blasted George Gascon for the move.

Faulkner, who was a stalking victim back when she worked for WDAF-TV in Kansas City more than 20 years ago, said the first thing her stalker did when he was released from jail was come looking for her.

She said if the authorities hadn’t notified her in advance that her stalker was getting out, she isn’t sure she would be here today.

Calling Gascon’s decision not to give victims a heads up “reprehensible,”Faulkner said it is a bad policy that is just one example of the pro-criminal slant of the justice system. [Fox News]

Mysterious Resignations at The White House Has People Wondering:

( According to a staffing report from the Biden administration, the Biden White House has lost staff at a significantly faster rate than his immediate predecessors.

Since 1995, the White House has been required to release its full payroll. The 2022 White House payroll report shows as of July 1, 474 people were working in the Executive Office of the President, 16 of whom are unpaid detailees, fellows, policy staffers, and one staff secretary. That is a 15 percent decrease from the year before.

The 2021 White House payroll report listed 560 people employed by the Executive Office of the President, 41 of whom were not taking salaries.

By comparison, the staff reduction from the first to the second year of Barack Obama’s term was only 4 percent. In 2009, Obama’s White House employed 485 people. That dropped to 466 in 2010.

During the Trump administration, staffing was only 1 percent lower from the first to second year. In 2017, Trump employed 377. That dropped to 372 in 2018.

According to the Washington Examiner, the Biden administration said its rate of turnover is on par with Obama’s first and second years. White House officials said 146 of the 498 staffers who weren’t brought into the administration in a temporary capacity left between 2021 and 2022, making the turnover rate 29 percent. Obama’s turnover rate between 2009 and 2010 was 28 percent, the White House explained, with 127 of the 455 staffers leaving.

Biden officials also pointed out that the 2022 reductions were also due to “offboarding” temporary staffers listed in the 2021 report, including the 36 members of Biden’s Supreme Court Commission.

The total salary outlay for White House employees dropped from $49,641,976 in 2021 to $46,759,727 in 2022. This despite the average salary jumping from $95,649.09 in 2021 to $102,095 this year.

One unnamed Democrat official told the Washington Examiner that given the problems Biden is facing, it isn’t surprising that some staffers “might seek greener pastures.” The official also suggested that some White House staff might be leaving to help the Democrat Party’s efforts during the 2022 midterm elections.

The migration of Americans from Democrat-run states to Florida over the past two years has sent a powerful message to left-wing politicians, including President Joe Biden himself.

And had Florida not taken the lead in pushing back against COVID-19-related policies, like ensuring kids went back to school and fighting against discriminatory vaccine mandates, the pro-lockdown lobby might have won nationwide and extended restrictions across the country.

How refreshing to finally come across a politician who values freedom as much as most Americans. [Presidential Insider]

Newsmax TV Signs with Verizon in Major Deal:

Newsmax announced today that it has signed a multiyear carriage deal with Verizon to continue its distribution.

Newsmax, which is available on channel 615 (115 in SD) on Fios, will retain its broad distribution on the Verizon platform, which reaches approximately 3.5 million subscribers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Newsmax is the nation's fourth highest-rated cable news network and a top 20 daytime cable channel, according to Nielsen. Newsmax is carried on all major cable and satellite systems.

"Verizon has carried Newsmax for many years, and we are delighted to be extending our distribution through the Fios platform," said Christopher Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax Media, Inc. "We have found them to be outstanding partners who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the presentation of diverse, independent voices through their programming. We're glad that we are continuing with this new agreement."

Newsmax is carried on all major cable and satellite systems and is also available in more than 100 million U.S. homes through most streaming platforms.

Newsmax reaches more than 40 million Americans regularly through Newsmax TV, the Newsmax App, its popular website, and publications like Newsmax magazine. Forbes has called Newsmax "a news powerhouse."

NEWSMAX is the fastest-growing cable news channel in America!

· Find NEWSMAX in over 100 million U.S. homes via cable/streaming – More Info Here

· Watch NEWSMAX TV online – See It Here:


More on the Dangers of Spike Protein (11 Min)

FOUR CDN Doctors Died Suddenly after 4th BOOOBster (2 Min)

Doc J0SH: Fatty Liver (12 Min)

Action4Canada with Lawyer Rocco (18 Min)

💥Proof[?] The Donald is Owned & Controlled by the Banksters (20 Min)

Where's the Safety Data (5 Min)

Yuval & Pope**Climate Change(4 Min)

Private SCHOOL Refuse Pumped Teachers around Kids (1 Min)



The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Mainstream media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.


Here is what is circulating on the Inter-Net:

Current Suppositions:

The following is Rumour… make up your own mind:

· Mon. 25 July 11:49 pm WhipLash347: You all realize…GESARA has begun! Zimbabwe using Gold Coins starting today!

· Russia and China has officially announce new global reserve currency:

· Mexican Cartels Were Openly Working To Poison Americans – and Mexico Knows it’s Happening:

· Market Crash, World War III and Imminent Big Banks Collapse:

· How the GREAT RESET could spell the END of the Globalist Cabal:

· Abortions have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with WOMEN’S RIGHTS. I know this is a very touchy subject for many, but the TRUTH is Abortions part of the matrix’s satanic ritual disguised as Women’s Rights. Baby parts are valuable and in demand. Baby guts are in the convid vaQ too. The war has always been on human children. They do not push abortion issues for the rights of women — the real reason is that the matrix system needs infant body parts as inventory supplies for production of products.

· Satanic Temple Confesses They Perform Child Sacrifice Rituals Through Abortions:

Thank you, Joy Pickering... for the Memories!

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