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Thursday 8-31-23

Thursday 8-31-23

Verse(s) for today:

O give thanks unto the LORD; call upon his name: Make known his deeds among the people.

Psalm 105:1 KJV

The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; And saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.

Psalm 34:18 KJV

Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4 KJV

Governors General living like Royalty:

You’re paying too much tax to support the governor general’s lavish lifestyle. You need more Canadians to know what you know. You know the governor general spent $71,000 on limos in Iceland and almost $100,000 on fancy airplane food during a week-long trip to the Middle East. You also know the governor general gets $130,000 to spend on clothes over five years. Retired governors general are given a $200,000 per year expense account for the rest of their lives and up to six months after their deaths. But to cut the governor general’s wasteful spending, more Canadians need to know about it. You need an army of taxpayers demanding an end to this extravagance. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation filmed a three-minute video detailing the decades of waste at Rideau Hall. You can make sure thousands of other Canadians see this video and learn all about the governor general’s wasteful spending. If you like the video, could you chip in $10 so we can promote this video to 1,000 more people? You can watch the video here: Thanks for fighting for taxpayers – it’s making a difference! Sincerely,

· Franco, Jay, Shannon and the CTF team.

PS: You can make sure thousands of Canadians learn about the decades of wasteful spending from governors general by making an online donation through this secure website:

Do NOT Comply:

A message from Maxime Bernier:

As children return to schools and the cold and flu season approaches, rumours are swirling about a return to covid restrictions. The propaganda machines are starting to spin back up. I remember these strategies. First they start to normalize fear through the media, then the government recommends things like masks and boosters, then mandates and restrictions follow. They’ve even started making up scary new terms like “tripledemic”–three simultaneous pandemics of the flu, RSV, and covid. And I can already see it’s working. I see more people wearing masks out and about every day. The government is also in the process of approving three new vaccines for new strains of covid, and refuses to disclose how many doses it has preemptively acquired. I don’t mean to fearmonger, but it seems like a distinct possibility that we may be returning to Orwellian restrictions in the coming months. I have a simple message for you today. DO. NOT. COMPLY. Last time it took years for enough Canadians to wake up or muster the courage to stop complying with unnecessary and unjust restrictions such as mask mandates and vaccine passports. We can’t go through that again. We’re still recovering from the last time. This time, we can’t give them an inch. Every one of us has a role to play in rejecting these tyrannical policies. Don’t think for a second that you as an individual are not significant enough to make a difference. We must stand together. We saw the power unity has during the Freedom Convoy. Do not wear the masks. Do not let them force masks on your children. Do not get the boosters. And do not close your businesses. We know how useless and destructive these policies are. We won’t fall for them again. Pierre Poilievre coasted on the populist fury generated by the Freedom Convoy to take leadership of the so-called Conservative Party. But really, he’s done the bare minimum when it comes to rejecting covid authoritarianism. He’s silent when it comes to standing up for the unvaccinated and the vaccine injured. He used the Freedom Convoy as nothing more than a photo opportunity. He criticized Trudeau for not ensuring vaccines were forced on Canadians faster, while supporting Trudeau’s reckless spending throughout the covid years. So as a return to more restrictive covid mandates looms on the horizon, who do you trust to stand up for you? I hope you have my back. I will always have yours. Help me fight returning covid restrictions with a $10 donation today! Cheers, -Max P.S.: If you have trouble finding where you can donate, you can just click this link!

[Maxime Bernier]

Marketing the MASSES:

Are YOU ready for what is coming?

Additional Information

If the world knew what was coming, they would fear the future! Marking the Masses is a wakeup call to both believers and unbelievers alike regarding an agenda that was set in motion by an elite group one night in 1961 while overlooking downtown LA from the Hollywood Hills. Since that night, at the dawn of modern computerization, the plan to enslave society has been woven into every aspect of our lives. Today, sixty years later, the pieces are now in place, and the catalyst to trigger the rapid and conclusive collapse of the world as we know it is about to begin... and you're already a part of it.

Sample - Chapter Two, Beastly Deceptions

The Mark of the Beast will be a government program, and government programs are always presented as solutions to problems. By examining the nature of the Mark of the Beast, we can discern a great deal about the problems it will purport to solve. The Mark will control commerce (buying and selling), making it an economic system. Therefore, it will be implemented with the promise of solving an economic problem. Since “The Mark” is an extreme solution, it means that the world’s nations will give up a significant portion of their sovereignty. Only the immediate threat of catastrophe or the aftermath of a catastrophe would push them to such an extreme solution, but could things really get that bad?

From China to the United States, from Saudi Arabia to the European Union, deficit spending now endangers all the world’s economies. According to the International Monetary Fund, global debt surged 28% in 2020 alone. At the end of that year, it stood at an astounding 256% of the world’s GDP. Those figures are from 2020 when global debt had “only” risen to $226 trillion. In 2021, that number exploded to a record $303 trillion according to the Institute of International Finance. Unless corrected, these growing levels of debt will lead to hyperinflation and/or a global economic collapse...

Author: Thomas J. Hughes

Publisher: Ingenuity Films

Paperback: 222 pages

ISBN-13: 979-8218221072

What happens when the platform that controls all your social interactions decides the content you post is not 'acceptable to community standards'? Beliefs such as marriage being between a man and woman, or that men are indeed men and women are women? Or that allowing minors to transition to another sex could be dangerous?

If you're a conservative on Facebook, you have learned it means your content is blocked (or shadowbanned - visible but limited) and your account is at risk of being restricted or shut down.

Now imagine the same type of philosophy being applied to the banking industry. Could banks that don't agree with their account holders' conservative values shut them down? Too far-fetched, you say? It is already happening now, and if it is not nipped in the bud, those banks getting away with it will set a precedent for other woke banks that have decided they don't like conservative values because they are 'too risky'.

The latest example of such debanking is Indigenous Advanced Ministries - a Memphis, Tennessee-based nonprofit engaged in charitable efforts for orphaned children in Uganda. The ministry was warned without explanation by Bank of America in a letter in April that the organization was "operating in a business type we have chosen not to service at Bank of America" and would be closed within 30 days. An additional letter was sent in May, stating that its "risk profile no longer aligns with the bank's risk tolerance."

Sounds somewhat vague, doesn't it? Like other conservative accounts that have faced such closure, no specific reasons are given, but instead vague general terms that can pretty much apply to any activity. This is the same type of response conservatives received from Facebook when they tried to find out what 'community standards' had been violated. No details are provided, giving those on the censorship side a wide range of cover to persecute as they wish with no accountability.

The ministry - which believes in pro-life values and that marriage is between one man and one woman on its website - has maintained two accounts with the bank since 2015 and has now filed a consumer complaint this week with Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti to determine whether their accounts were closed due to religious discrimination. Indigenous Ministry founder Steve Happ wrote in the complaint that he was left "very confused" as the ministry does not donate to or advocate political causes, domestic or international.

"They would not talk to us about the reasons why they closed the account."

"This is what we see in these situations every time: the banks close an account, they give vague reasons, and it's suspicious; it looks suspiciously like it's politically or religiously motivated," he said.

"I am concerned that Bank of America canceled our accounts and those of our partners because it disagrees with our religious views," Happ wrote.

The sudden closure of the account left the ministry scrambling; the ministry said it disrupted their planned mission trip to Uganda in June and temporarily impacted salary payments there.

This is not an isolated incident, and the move comes as 'de-banking' has grown across different banks.

[Prophecy News Watch]

[Dianne Dawson]

David YEO:

Th!$ CuP (1 Min)

Gr@V!TY !s a L!3 (6 Min)

0uT3R $P@c3 !s $c!3nC3 F!cT!0N (4 Min)

D0N@LD: Th3 D@RK M@GA R!$!nG**Fr33M@$0N (9 Min)

M@U! C@LL!nG C@RD: Th!$ Ev3nT H@PP3n3D Th3 S@m3 D@Y as F!r3$ (22 Min)

N@TT0 & PL@Qu3 (1 Min)

$0nG: !+'$ a $c@M**D3W S3T The F!R3$ (3 Min)

VXXNN !nJur3D $p3@K 0uT: N@Tur@L $0LuT!0N$ (42 Min)

$h@K!nG: W@K3-UP Fr0M Th3 Am3r!caN Dr3@M**$p!r!T 0f $LuMB3R (42 Min)

B3N3F!T$ 0f $uNL!GHT (1 Min)

Th3 R3TuRN 0f Th3 M@$K-$herade (2 Min)

R0Y@L R!F3's N3Ph3W**P@ra$!T3$ = C@nC3R (10 Min)

CDN & USA W!LDF!R3$**F3rT!L!z3R PL@nT$**0!L R3F!n3R!3$ (55 Min)

100 Yr 0ld M@N (1 Min)

FE !s a T!M3 CL0cK (4 Min)

M@U!: At L3@$T 2,000 K!D$ M!$$!nG (1 Min)

Hurr!C@N3 !d@L!a**C@u$3D By GL0B@L W@rM!nG? (13 Min)

$T@Tu3 0f L!B3rTY (1 Min)

32 CL!M@T3 CH@nG3 L!3$ (17 Min)

Tru3 W0rLD**FL@T E@rTH D0cum3nT@rY (32 Min)

M!K3 !nT3RV!3W$ 3D D0WD: W0rK3R$ !n U$A G3TT!nG $!cK3R (24 Min)

Ev!d3nce: 2 MiL3$ Fr0M M@U! F!R3 a C@R M3LT3d by Gr@v3L**Why? (40 Min)

H3 Kn0W$ a $3cr3T (1 Min)

Th3 D!$T@nc3 0f Th3 M00N (5 Min)

U C@N $T!CK Y0ur J@B Up Your A$$ (6 Min)

R!cH!3: D!r3CT3D En3rGY !s a HuG3 W@RN!nG (15 Min)

"Th3r3 ar3 0v3r 1,000 B0DY B@G$, M@T$ and C0nT@!N3R$" (1 Min)

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!


General Summary

What We Think We Know as of Wed. 30 Aug. 2023:

  • · Judy Byington: Urgent – 15 States in Line For DEW Attacks, Same As Happened in Hawaii – Special Intel Report For Wed. 16 Aug. 2023 (Videos) | Alternative | Before It’s News (

  • · Death Zones and Kill Cities:

  • · Maui Massacre:We are devastated, shock, hurt and in pain in Lahaina – that is shared throughout the Hawaiian Islands. We have a long road to recovery. We thank you all for your prayers, love and support. We are focused on our surviving victims helping them get back to their normal lives. I personally have been attacked, with phone and bank accounts hacked, but life goes on.” …Sir Don Kaulia

  • Where Were Maui’s Over 2,000 Missing Children? | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (

  • · Over 2,000 Hawaiian children have remained missing in the past 22 days since fires started by what was believed to be Direct Energy Weapons (DEWs) decimated Lahaina Maui on 8 Aug. 2023.

  • · School had been called off for the day and students were loaded on buses to take them home. On Social Media there was speculation amongst the community wondering about not only what happened to the students, but what happened to the school buses that picked them up. None of the buses were found – not even in the trail of burnt vehicles found on the highway and on Front St.

  • · Hawaii’s Democrat governor Josh Green, Maui Mayor Richard Bissen and Lahaina Police Chief John Pelletier (who strangely was Lahaina’s coroner and also was at the Las Vegas shootings) have repeatedly refused to even talk about the missing children who were reportedly home alone when the fires began.

  • · All three of these authorities were believed to be loyal to the Deep State in a well planned attempted takeover of valuable Native Hawaiian land for their model “Smart City” – which was designed to gain complete control over the population.

  • · As the massive fire raged so hot it melted tires, Maui Police were ordered to help FEMA employees block escape routes from Lahaina, the historical capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii.

  • · Those who escaped the blockades reported that FEMA authorities had issued an order to set up the blockades two days before the so-called “Wild Fires” even began. The resultant road jam imprisoned hundreds of native Hawaiians who died in their cars as the fires raged around them.

  • · On Sun. 6 Aug, two days before the DEW Attacks, 2,500 FEMA personnel began arriving in Honolulu. All then flew to Maui and booked themselves into $1,000+a-night luxury hotels. Two days later as Lahaina burned, most all were 100 miles away, back in Honolulu, suggesting that the diabolical agency knew that parts of Maui would be set ablaze.

  • · In that same two days prior to the fires, Herman Andaya, Maui’s top emergency management official and Eric Lecky, FEMA Mission Support Associate Administrator, met in Lahaina, according to videos in possession of the White Hat Military Alliance which sent in US Marines to get control of the situation. The footage also showed Andaya giving Lecky a tour of Lahaina and advising him where to set up barricades to keep citizens trapped in what would become a disaster zone.

  • · On Wed. 16 August, a week or so after the Maui disaster, US Marines were in Lahaina. Word had come that Maui police and a National Guard infested with CIA agents, were supporting FEMA workers blockages, both by land and by sea, of food, water and needed supplies from reaching Lahaina; refusing to hand out food and water to desperate survivors; had closed down a desperately needed food station and two days before the fires began had secured a Media Blackout within a 12 mile range surrounding Lahaina that had no cell phone, or Internet coverage.

  • · The Marines found on Front Street in Lahaina, a uniformed police officer shooting a pedestrian in the back for unknown reasons. The cop then spotted a bystander filming the incident on a cell phone, and shot him, too. He was the fifth cop whom Marines killed since arriving in Maui late Wednesday afternoon.

  • · The Marines also found bloated, bullet-riddled bodies that floated face down in the ocean and Hawaii National Guardsmen rummaging through pockets of dead islanders and tourists. FEMA and the Red Cross were not only refusing to give out food and needed essentials, but were forbidding citizens access to nearby food, water and shelter.

  • · Now over three weeks later the Lahaina School District reported that 2,040 children were still unaccounted for. No news of the over 2,000 missing children has snuck past the Communication Blackout area where “Special Police” in foreign vehicles stopped people from entering the Killing Field.

  • · Governor Green, Maui Mayor Bissen and Police Chief Pelletier have refused to address the missing children issue, while the mainstream media has repeatedly refused to cover the story.

  • · The one Lahaina morgue at the hospital and a second at the police station reported only 118 dead, most of them adults.

  • · The land of Lahaina was considered the second most expensive real estate in the world and for years those Elites had been buying it up. Most natives refused to sell this land of their heritage, but the Elites were persistent. It was where they planned on building a Smart City where they could control the population.

The EBS, Benjamin Fulford: Emergency Broadcast System, Pentagon exposure connected to Plandemic worldwide lockdown, Agenda 21 2023.

  • · Be ready for the Events to unfold that will expose the Cabal Deep State Agendas.

  • · We are right around the corner to the Deep State New World Order. Do not get angry, and do not panic. This is NEEDED. Yes, it TRULY must HAPPEN like this so we can TRANSITION to a BRIGHT FUTURE. It is part of the SCRIPT and LAST PHASE of, indeed gut wrenching, AWAKENING movie that was necessary to AWAKEN the masses.

  • · This will ensure EVERYONE is SAFELY placed in their HOME and able to WITNESS the HISTORICAL moment that REVEALS all of the TRUTHS, cover ups etc. through the E B S, which is imminent.

  • · All is scheduled to happen, so get prepared. Circle the date on your calendar.

  • · There must be a test and then a review of all occurrences and activities. The possible implications on a NATIONAL and GLOBAL level can be quite COMPLICATED so things must be in ALIGNMENT to the PROTOCOLS. Yes there are many consequences if things aren’t done with PRECISION and perfection. This is the PRACTICE run before the REAL ONE to see responses and accuracy to what FORTHCOMING which changes HUMANITY is.

  • · We hear the SCHEDULE is now FINALLY firm, but again I’m just the MESSENGER. Be READY to adjust if needed in regards to possible TIME changes. Only a SELECT few know the MOMENT of exact and precise TIMING of EVENTS. For SECURITY and other obvious reasons it must be properly kept PRIVATE.

  • · Again the E B S is going to AIR playing an 8 HOUR VIDEO. It will be replaying 3 TIMES a days for 10 DAYS Communication DARKNESS. During those 10 DAYS of Communication DARKNESS the following things will happen… We will RECEIVE 7 >TRUMPETS< aka >E B S< text MESSAGES on our PHONES alerting US to tune into our TV at this TIME.

  • · Our PHONES will only work for 911 and we are INFORMED the Signal App, which is MILITARY encrypted will be available.

  • · Our TV’s will only show 3 EXPLANATORY MOVIES on a continuous loop for the 10 DAY’S. It will cover topics of ARRESTS, TRIBUNALS, FRAUD CORRUPTION, PEDOPHILIA etc Our INTERNET will not work during that TIME. Our ATM’s will not work.

  • · After the 10 DAYS of Communication DARKNESS, we will connect to a new QUANTUM internet.

  • · People are urged to STOCK up on at least THREE WEEKS of FOOD and WATER.

  • · We are PROMISED the new Star-link Internet System by the end of the month.

  • · As we speak the TEAMS coordinating this IMPORTANT HISTORIC EVENT are revamping the E.B.S to ensure the utmost SECURITY for all INVOLVED so remain PATIENT as things get finalized. They want to make CERTAIN there are not any interferences of any sort at all.

  • · Those making the PLAN want no ONE to PANIC because it’s simply the release of the TRUTH.

  • · After the E B S and we’ve gone through the 10 DAYS mainstream media BLACKOUT and sat through all the 24/7, [eight hours long movies] do we go back to NORMAL like business as usual?

  • · Answer is: After E B S and the 8 hours long 24 7, movies all will change. The, LIFE support, attached to the old and EVIL systems will be PULLED. HUMANITY and PLANET EARTH simultaneously move to QUANTUM reality consciousness system [PEACE and PROSPERITY]. END of FINANCIAL and HUMAN consciousness ENSLAVEMENT. Old systems of GOVERNMENT, EDUCATION, FINANCE, HEALTH, TRADE and COMMERCE etc. will all be DISMANTLED and REPLACED.

  • · We will have new CURRENCY called the USN US NOTE and GOLD backed.

  • · The TIME is now to ALERT as many who will LISTEN. Do not have too much PRIDE. Go WARN those you LOVE even though they think you’re CRAZY. Your GOAL for OTHERS is TRULY to HELP absorb the SHOCK of what is COMING.

  • · Stay strong PATRIOTS and STOCK BACK UP ON FOOD, RESOURCES, SUPPLIES for the EVENTS happening and coming.

  • · We are inside the STORM. MAJOR EVENTS HITTING. Everything is leading to MILITARY and Crimes Against Humanity.

YOU are NOT going to like the WORLD that ‘THEY’ have in store for YOU!

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