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Tuesday 12-13-22

Summary as I am able:

12-13-22 Tuesday

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God’s WORD for TODAY!

They that sow in tears Shall reap in joy.

Psalm 126:5 KJV

O clap your hands, all ye people; Shout unto God with the voice of triumph.

Psalm 47:1 KJV

… so shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

Isaiah 55:11 KJV

Dr Trozzi on Rebel News | Truth Bombs:

Conservative Review:

Current News Clips:

[Conservative Review]

Man asks for Euthanasia based on access to Long Term Care:

Here is what is happening:

Ø Portugal's Parliament passes euthanasia bill. President de Sousa rejected two previous euthanasia bills (Link).

> Check out our EPC blog at: [Alex Schadenberg]

[Executive Director]

Genderfluid Biden official accused of second luggage theft:

Genderfluid, non-binary Biden official Sam Brinton has been accused of a second luggage theft.

The report of Brinton stealing luggage from the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas has led to a felony warrant for Brinton’s arrest.

“A felony warrant was issued for Sam Brinton, a deputy assistant secretary, sources said. The charge is for grand larceny with a value between $1,200 and $5,000, records showed,” Breitbart News reported.

“Sam Brinton was charged with a felony last month for allegedly stealing a woman’s luggage at Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) International Airport on September 16. The theft reportedly occurred when a woman arriving from New Orleans went to the baggage carousel only to find that her navy blue Vera Bradley roller bag was missing,” it added. [Conservative Institute]

What access to information?

Under the current iteration of the ATI Act, departments that fail to respond within legislated timelines:

Ø do not face sanction.

Ø There are no fines and no penalties.

Ø Requesters cannot sue the government.

Ø The information commissioner has no power to force departments to respond.

Ø Each delayed request simply ends up as a data point in year-end reports on departmental performance.

Ø And, as Maynard told the House ethics committee, complaints to her office are already up 70 per cent this year.

"It comes down to a culture of secrecy," said Michael Barrett, a Conservative MP who is also on the Ethics committee.

"We've heard from witnesses, some of them with access-to-information requests spanning between five and nine years and some departments being worse than others. And then when they receive the access requests, they come back in some redacted form — blacked out with a lot of useful information missing. So, it really creates a problem where people aren't able to get the information they need in a timely way."

When the government of Pierre Trudeau passed Canada's Access to Information Act in 1983, it did so with the express purpose of creating what it thought would be an important new tool for governing democratically.

Indeed, the Act's objective is set out in the first few paragraphs of the legislation: "to enhance the accountability and transparency of federal institutions in order to promote an open and democratic society and to enable public debate on the conduct of those institutions."

But forty years later and despite promises made by Pierre's son, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to make this crucial tool work even better, the federal access-to-information system is in its worse shape ever according to a host of witnesses, including Canada's Information Commissioner Caroline Maynard, that have spoken before a House of Commons committee studying the issue.

The biggest problem,according to those witnesses: Delays. Under the law, government departments are to provide requested records within 30 days of the request. They can take extra time when certain conditions exist.

According to Maynard, the government failed to meet its legislated timelines on more than 30 per cent of the 400,000 or so access-to-information (ATI) requests made in the last year. One Ottawa-based researcher, Michael Dagg, was told he would have to wait 80 years for records he asked for from Library and Archives Canada about some RCMP operations. That particular delay may be extreme, but delays stretching from months into years for relatively routine records requested are now increasingly common. [Global News Media] [Patrick Bestall]

David YEO:

Is EARTH 6,000 Yrs. OLD? (1 Min)

Richie: Event 201**Part 2 is Here (13 Min)

💥 💥 ELON: MEET the NEW BOSS**Same as the OLD BOSS (3 Min)

💥 BAD LIARs (2 Min)

💥 💥 Steve: 1 in 3 have Heart Injuries (3 Min)

Doc Young: Radiation & Vaccines**DEATH (93 Min)

💥 💥 'Make Believe World'**Actors used for 'TV-Narrative' (5 Min)

💥 Visual: Spike & CELLs (8 Min)

David Icke: Q-Anon is a Psyop (79 Min)

💥 Kriss: **It Would've been Worse w/o the Vaccine?? (3 Min)

NewsMax Media:

1. Catholic Hospitals' Trans Win;

2. Bahamas Busts Crypto CEO;

3. Manchin Remaining a Dem;

4. Rowling Zings 'Woke' Trolls [NewsMax Media]



The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Mainstream media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.


Disclaimer: All articles, videos, and images posted on here were submitted by readers and/or handpicked by the site itself for informational and/or entertainment purposes. All statements, claims, views, and opinions that appear on this site are always presented as unverified and should be discerned by the reader. We do not endorse any opinions expressed on this website and we do not support, represent or guarantee the completeness, truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any content posted on this website.

Here is what is circulating on the Inter-Net:

There is MUCH coming soon!

A different Perspective:

This is out there – floating in the Network… You need to make up your own mind!

Highlights for Mon. 12 Dec. 2022:

Mon. 12 Dec. Captain Kyle:

  • · Alliance Military intervention will likely start this week.

  • · The US Military has been in control of the country for quite a while.

  • · In the Act of 1871the Cabal took over the US government.

  • · Any laws implicated in the 152 years since have been illegal.

  • · Everything that has to be done to change back to basics of the original Constitution is massive and must be done in a way that society does not come apart.

  • · The Military works in the dark and cold in order to contain people to their homes. We are likely to wake up in the morning to find out something has changed.

  • · Cyber Attacks were bogging down networks

  • · The ongoing demonstration in Brazil is a template on how the public responds to what is taking place.

  • · Germany and France are in blackouts and will follow Brazil in becoming a Republic.

  • · They are giving power back to The People. We are going to go through a period of understanding what really is and what being a Sovereign person really is.

  • · Project 1776 is repatriating people to understand what were their rights given under God.

  • · Hold elected officials accountable. Our responsibility is to make sure what has happened to freedoms as outlined in the US Constitution will never happen again.

  • · The Supreme Court has asked to see a little case which revolves around the Senate not taking a 10 day break to check accusations of Voter Fraud on Jan 6th. The Supreme Court never do things like this normally. They don't need any lawyers (to stall or get in the way of justice) and they can view it and act upon it in just hours. They will find the 388 members of the Senate guilty of treason and therefore unfit to hold office. They will probably do this on the last business day before Christmas break (not sure of the date) and so the Senate will all go home and just be told not to come back after holidays (tribunals will come later). This action will null and void ALL elections since 2020 and put Trump back in place instantly. Timing is everything.


  • · On Jan. 6 2023 the Supreme Court was set to meet on a petition by the Brunson brothers that Congress failed to investigate over 100 complaints of 2020 Election Fraud.

  • · Because of Congress’s Treasonous Act of not investigating possible Election Fraud, a ruling by the Supreme Court in favor of the Brunson petition could dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress.

  • · For the last couple of years, the Brunson brothers have on their own dime, taken like cases through Utah State and federal courts. Now they need the help of all Patriots to see it through the Supreme Court.

  • · Imagine if SCOTUS received one million letters from ordinary Americans. Would that indicate the pulse of the nation? How about if ten million students, grandmas, aunts, moms and dads sent them a note of encouragement?

💥 💥 💥 Whether a US Citizen or a citizen of another country, you can fight for your Freedom to have your vote count in Fair and Free Elections by writing a letter to the US Supreme Court in support of the Brunson’s #22-380 Emergency National Security Appeal.

💥 💥 The petition charges that Joseph Biden, Kamala Harris, Mike Pence and Nanci Pelosi, plus 384 members of Congress broke their Oath to Protect the US Constitution from “enemies foreign and domestic” and risked foreign enemy control of the 2020 US Election by refusing to investigate charges of Election Fraud.

  • · Your original letter could go into a stamped envelope addressed to: Supreme Court of the United States, 1 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20543.

  • · A copy could go into a stamped envelope addressed to: Loy & Raland Brunson, 4287 South Harrison Blvd, Apt. 132, Ogden, Utah 84403. *Add $1 dollar to say thanks.

  • · A copy could be framed on your wall to remind your posterity of their Patriotic duties and God-given rights to defend freedoms outlined in the US Constitution.

  • · For more information:

The US Supreme Court could:

· Require the US Capitol Sgt. At Arms and Secret Service officers be instructed to void and repeal credentials of all 388 defendants and escort them out of the US Capitol and White House permanently.

· Require all 388 Defendants be stripped of any presumed “immunity” for breaking their Oath to Protect the Constitution from “enemies foreign and domestic” by risking foreign enemy control of the election.

· Require all 388 Defendants be personally liable for $2.9 Billion from their own pockets in Civil penalties for trespassing on God-given unalienable Rights of We the People.

💥 💥 💥 Directions on writing the nine Supreme Court Justices:

  • · We’re waiting on the American People. That’s the reason President Trump did not sign the Insurrection Act. He was advised by Military Intel that signing the Insurrection Act would do the same thing it did for Lincoln – in a matter of months we’d have gone into Civil War.

  • · This is part of the reason for the Amicus Letter Campaign (writing letters to the Supreme Court judges in support of the Brunson case scheduled for conference on Jan. 6 2023).

  • · We get it right & in enough letters, or we fall on our face. “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

  • · You take this action and the Jan. 6 conference goes away. That committee & actions subsequent to J6—VAPORIZE.

Write a Letter if: > You want J6 Justice? > Border Justice? > Lower Energy prices? > Don’t like 87k new IRS agents? > Don’t like the way the Vote’s conducted & counted? > They're getting ready to arrest Trump? WRITE A LETTER

The Supreme Court Justices who sought out this case the same way they sought out the case that overturned Roe v Wade, are under attack. They need to know we’re backing them and that they’re on the right course.

  • · This is what we want, and we will fight this fight by the pen.

Thank you, for any ACTION that you take in this regard…

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