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Tuesday 3-28-23

Tuesday 3-28-23

Verse(s) for today:

For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

John 3:17 KJV

Iron sharpeneth iron; So, a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

Proverbs 27:17 KJV

Therefore, I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.

2 Corinthians 12:10 KJV

Thought(s) for the Day:


Chinese-American Bank ‘Willingly’ Provided Biden Family Bank Records:

Here are the main points:

1. New evidence confirms financial dealings between the Biden family and China. Bank records match what US regulators already had.

2. The bank that disclosed the information, Cathay Bank, is Chinese-American owned though founded in the US. It has offices in China and the US.

3. The records confirm $1 million payments to Hunter Biden, his brother Jim, and Beau Biden's widow Hallie from Hunter's business partner.

4. There are concerns this shows China has leverage over President Biden and the US government. Releasing the info could be a "warning" to toe China's line.

5. Americans and experts say these connections concern them given tensions with China. Biden must address concerns for the American people to trust him on China issues.

In summary, emerging evidence of financial ties between the Biden family and China is raising alarms in the US and calls for President Biden to respond to address public concerns.

Details can be found in the LINK above: [Patriot Digest Media]


IN DEPTH: 1. BREAKING: James O’Keefe Suggests He Has Insiders in Manhattan DA Bragg’s Case Against Trump New 2. Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey’s Fortune Plunges $562M After He’s Caught Red Handed New 3. Adam Kinzinger Linked To Pro-Ukrainian Org Under Federal Probe, Accused Of Scamming People 2 hours ago 4. Hillary Clinton Ripped Over ‘Running Again’ Video 2 hours ago 5. Trump Shocks Rally Crowd With Ominous Warning About The Future of The United States 2 hours ago 6. Can Republicans Stop the Rise of a Central Bank Digital Currency? 2 hours ago 7. Alleged Senator Fetterman to Remain Hospitalized 2 hours ago 8. FDIC: First Citizens Bank Reaches Deal to Acquire Silicon Valley Bank 2 hours ago 9. Emergency Motion Claims FBI Didn’t Disclose Informant Inside Proud Boys Defense Team 2 hours ago 10. Why The Sudden Move to Ban TikTok? Congress Wages War on Free Speech 3 hours ago 11. House Dems Meltdown After J6 Prisoners Chant for Them During Jail Visit 3 hours ago 12. New Details Emerge regarding What Happened Right After The Leak Of The Supreme Court 3 hours ago 13. Congress Embarking on Bipartisan FISA Reform Effort 4 hours ago 14. MSNBC Analyst ‘Fighting in Ukraine’ Accused of Stolen Valor 4 hours ago 15. Ro Khanna Won’t Run for Feinstein’s Seat, Endorses Barbara Lee 5 hours ago 16. CNN Warns People Are Guilty of “Digital Blackface” 5 hours ago 17. Russian Campaign Attempts to Lure Men to Fight in Ukraine 5 hours ago 18. Air Force Wants 1,000 New Drones, New Stealth Fighter 5 hours ago 19. Russia Close to Persistent Nuclear Missile Sub Presence off U.S. Coasts 5 hours ago 20. The Reason China Is Strengthening Its Military Is Not all About War 5 hours ago 21. The “Low Rate” Junkies Ignoring U.S. Banking Crisis 5 hours ago 22. Blackrock’s Larry Fink Peddles the Left’s Radical Esg Agenda 5 hours ago 23. Trump Suggests DA Bragg Has Dropped Case Against Him 5 hours ago 24. Biden Claims Republicans Want to Cut Border Funding 5 hours ago 25. McCarthy Says Lawmakers to Move Forward With TikTok Bill 5 hours ago 26. Trump and DeSantis Dismiss Idea of Being Each Other’s Running Mate 5 hours ago 27. Republicans Blast Biden’s “Too Little, Too Late” Response to Iran 5 hours ago 28. Chris Christie Mulling 2024 Presidential Run for Some Reason 5 hours ago 29. NPR Offers Dumb Take on Men Competing in Women’s Sports 5 hours ago 30. Teacher’s Union to Hold Seminar on “Harmful Effects of Whiteness” 5 hours ago 31. House Financial Chair Warns Against Quick Fixes For Banking Crisis 5 hours ago 32. Investor Rush to Cash Is Fastest Since COVID First Hit 5 hours ago 33. Many Americans Likely in for Tax Refund Disappointment 5 hours ago 34. Principal resigns after complaints art lesson inappropriate 6 hours ago 35. Iran-backed fighters on alert in east Syria after U.S. strikes 6 hours ago 36. Gap grows between TikTok users, lawmakers on potential ban 6 hours ago 37. Black Mom Takes Apart White Dems’ Race Studies Bill 13 hours ago 38. Hospital Photo of Fetterman Goes Viral, Just 1 Problem 15 hours ago 39. UFC Fighter Victory Speech Calls Out What’s Happening to Our Children 17 hours ago 40. Sarah Huckabee Has Bad News for School District’s White Privilege Survey 19 hours ago 41. DA Alvin Bragg’s Rep Reportedly Curses Out House Staffer 20 hours ago 42. Massive Setback For Biden After Buttigieg’s Announcement 20 hours ago 43. Reporter’s Terrifying Tale What Happened After She Interviewed Epstein Attorney 21 hours ago 44. DeSantis On Whether He Would Run as Trump’s #2 1 day ago 45. James O’Keefe Suggests He Has Insiders on Trump Grand Jury 1 day ago 46. Gov. Newsom Wants Medicaid to Pay Rent for the Homeless 1 day ago 47. Nearly 100 of the Babylon Bee’s Joke Stories Have Now Come True 1 day ago 48. Did Joint Chiefs Chair Just Say U.S. Will Not Prevent a Nuclear Iran? 1 day ago 49. Blinken Grilled on $4 Billion in U.S. Funding for Ukrainian Pensions 1 day ago 50. McConnell Released From Inpatient Therapy Weeks After Concussion 1 day ago 51. Biden Issues Warning to Iran Following Drone Strike 1 day ago 52. Biden Reportedly Annoyed With VP Harris’ Godawful Performance in Role 1 day ago 53. Some Senate Dems May Support GOP Plan to Nix Biden’s Student Debt Plan 1 day ago 54. Study Proves ChatGPT Is Undeniably Leftist 1 day ago 55. Saudi Media Mocks Biden in Comedy Skit 1 day ago 56. Feds Seize Fentanyl Shipment in MI, Enough to Kill Nearly Everyone in State 1 day ago 57. CA Gov. Newsom Wants Medicaid to Pay Homeless People’s Rent 1 day ago 58. CCP Officials Not Thrilled With U.S. Lawmakers Who Want to Force Sale of TikTok 1 day ago 59. Israeli Energy Expert: Hunter Had FBI Mole Who Was Paid to Tip Him off 1 day ago 60. Musk Sends Out Memo to Staff Reminding Them the “Office Is Not Optional” 1 day ago

David YEO:

Fr@cTaL AnT3nna$ (3 Min)

Th3 P30PLe'$ TruTH**VAXX3d 2 (96 Min)

Pr3TTY B!Z@rre K0v!D $!T3 !n D3nm@rk (14 Min)

TH3 H!dd3n H@ND: Fr33m@$0n$ !n Th3!r C0@T? (2 Min)

Th!$ Guy !s @b$0luteLy R!ghT 0n Th3 15 M!nuT3 C!T!e$ (1 Min)

MethyL3n3 Blue (1 Min)

Kr!!$$ $K!!**M@Y0R & P33P$ (8 Min)

M3THyL3n3 BLU3 & VITamin C (4 Min)

N0, 'Ya C@n'T CaTch a C0LDDDD' (14 Min)

F0rm3r 5zer VP M!k3 Y3@D0n: 'K33P C@$H' (3 Min)

G3N3 Ed!T!ng (2 Min)

!$ B0B J0Yc3 3Lv!$? (13 Min)

2 M3M3$ Th@T Th3y L00K +oo R3@L**(3 Min)

2 Yrs Ago: M!cr0$0fT PaT3nT**Lucerfera$e QuanTum D0T (25 Min)

E-Mail Leaks from 2015 Show Biden Tried to Suppress Bloomberg’s Story about Hunter!

To no one’s surprise, Joe Biden’s previous endeavors in covering up stories on Hunter’s business deals are merely the result of years of practice, which he’d had during his time as vice president.

A series of e-mails from 2015 that were published earlier this week shows Joe’s office went out of its way to prevent a Bloomberg story on the prodigal son from airing.

The e-mails in question were obtained by America First Legal as part of their ongoing case against the National Archives and Records Administration. They highlighted a lengthy connection between Biden’s office, the media, and several of Hunter’s business partners.

Here are three main points about the summary:

1) Joe Biden’s office worked to prevent a Bloomberg news story on Hunter Biden’s business deals from being published in 2015. Emails showed they went out of their way to stop the story.

2) Biden’s communications director and Hunter’s business partner discussed how to deal with a nosy Bloomberg reporter asking about Hunter’s deals. They claimed there was no news to report.

3) Despite their efforts, Bloomberg published a short news story on Hunter’s dealings, but removed it from their website within a year, in 2016.

The story is still accessible through Bloomberg’s archive system with a subscription. The investigations found close connections between Joe Biden’s office and Hunter’s business partners in their efforts to control news coverage. They said Biden abused his power as vice president to advance his son’s interests and foreign deals. People deserve transparency and answers on these alleged abuses.

Note: To view the details go the above mentioned LINK: [States Man Post]

Shocking video emerges of massive Pennsylvania candy factory explosion:

Tragedy struck a small Pennsylvania city last week when a large candy factory exploded, killing 7 and leaving many more injured and missing.

The West Reading-based, 75-year-old R.M. Palmer company, which produces chocolate candy, produced a massive boom went it exploded that could be felt and seen for miles. A shocking video of the actual explosion surfaced recently, The Daily Wire reported.

Here are the three main points of the summary:

1) A candy factory explosion in a small Pennsylvania city killed 7 people and injured many others.

2) The explosion at R.M. Palmer company, which has been making chocolate candy for 75 years, was massive and could be felt for miles.

3) The tragedy has shocked the tight-knit community where most residents knew someone employed at the factory.

The town is receiving support and prayers as it grieves the lives lost. [American Digest Media]

Note: Details can be Viewed at the above LINK:

Fake News Media Caught Spinning Lies Over Jan. 6

If there’s one thing the liberal media won’t shut up about, it’s the Jan. 6, 2021 storming of the Capitol!

As they continue to try to prosecute everybody who even took a selfie, the media has been circulating specific videos to make the day look as violent as possible.

Why is the Fake News Doing This Now?

Here is a summary of the key points in three bullet points:

• The media is circulating videos of the January 6 Capitol riot to portray it as extremely violent despite most of the day being nonviolent.

• One video shows Rachel Powell hitting Capitol windows with a rod, but she only received house arrest while others got years of jail time. She seems to have directed others on how to access the Capitol.

• Powell’s strange case and lack of harsh punishment has led to speculation she was an informant, like Ray Epps, deliberately steering the riot. She seemed to know the Capitol layout suspiciously well.

The overall insinuation is that the liberal media and possible government informants are exaggerating the violence of January 6 and giving light sentences to key figures to make a political point, rather than pursuing justice. Powell and Epps may have orchestrated parts of the riot to provoke a crackdown. The media is allegedly twisting the events to propagandize the situation.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.

[The Statesman Post]

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!


Biden Crime Family:

The Biden Crime Familymade millions in Ukraine performing nefarious and criminal activities including espionage. There are 1,850 boxes of Classified Documents and 415 gigabytes of electronic records (Phone Calls, Videos...)

The Real News for Mon. 27 March 2023:

· California:Train carrying cargo and multiple cars derailed near Kelso in California. Fire engines and a hazardous materials team are responding.

· IRS Agentsconfirm that you are not required to pay income tax.

· Fox News:About the US dollar as a the reserve currency: “There’s a perfect storm happening right now’

· France:Large demonstrations against the government continue for over a week.

· Worst Wheat, Corn, Barley Crops in 80 Years, William Mount:

· Pennsylvania: Big Chemical Spill into Delaware River, Philadelphia Residents Told to Drink Bottled Water:

· On CNN Meteorologist and co-founder of the Weather Channel, John Coleman, debunked the "climate crisis" myth in two minutes.

· Fox News Tucker Carlsen on Mainstream Media Fake Coverage of the News:Tucker: What is the science behind this? - YouTube

· China Building Secret Army in US Due to Biden Open Border Policy:

IN DEPTH: 1. FULL Bodycam Video Of Hero Cops Taking Down Nashville School Shooter New 2. JEN PSAKI BLINDSIDED WITH DEVASTATING NEWS 2 hours ago 3. Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls for The Arrest of Alvin Bragg After It’s Revealed 2 hours ago 4. 39 Migrants Killed Yesterday At Govt Holding Facility 2 hours ago 5. [PHOTO] Covenant School Church Pastor’s Daughter One Of 6 Shooting Victims 3 hours ago 6. Biden’s First Words After News of Shooting at Christian School Breaks 3 hours ago 7. JAMES O’KEEFE STRIKES AGAIN – BIGGEST DROP SINCE ACORN! 3 hours ago 8. BREAKING: Republican Sen. Rand Paul Staffer Stabbed In the Head, Torso 3 hours ago 9. VP Harris in Ghana: A Lot of That Work Is the Work That I Am Here to Do 3 hours ago 10. U.S. Air Force Quiet Regarding Latest ARRW Hypersonic Test 4 hours ago 11. DA Bragg’s Chief Prosecutor Said Criminals “Aren’t Bad Dudes” 4 hours ago 12. The War In Ukraine Has Russia Losing a Vital Ally 4 hours ago 13. Do We Have the Capacity to Sustain High-Intensity Warfare? 4 hours ago 14. IRS Visited Home of Journalist Matt Taibbi Same Day as His Congressional Testimony 4 hours ago 15. Ethics Issues Plague Four House Dems 4 hours ago 16. John Kerry Threatens More Biden Executive Orders on Climate 4 hours ago 17. Biden Judicial Nominee Stumped Again and Again 4 hours ago 18. Will China Send Weapons to Russia to Fight Ukraine? 4 hours ago 19. Honduras Severs Ties With Taiwan, Orders Embassy to Be Vacated 4 hours ago 20. It May Not Be Too Late to Stop a New Cold War 4 hours ago 21. Here Is Everything Taiwan Needs to Stop a Chinese Invasion 4 hours ago 22. House Republicans Say SVB Rescue Shouldn’t Benefit China 5 hours ago 23. One Place VP Harris Will Ignore on Her Africa Trip 5 hours ago 24. AOC Says We Shouldn’t Ban TikTok Because It “Doesn’t Feel Right” 5 hours ago 25. Biden to Issue New Mandates to Reduce Emissions by 50% on Cars and Trucks 5 hours ago 26. ESPN Celebrates Women’s History Month by Promoting Special About Man 5 hours ago 27. Why First Citizens Got a $16.5B Discount to Take Over Silicon Valley Bank 5 hours ago 28. Housing Market in Tech Hubs Cooling Faster Than Other Parts of U.S. 5 hours ago 29. Ron Johnson Slams “Multiple-Tier Justice” in Trump and Hunter Inquiries 5 hours ago 30. Global Financial Risks Have Risen Amid Bank Turmoil, IMF Chief Warns 6 hours ago 31. Is There Really a Labor Shortage? 6 hours ago 32. Elementary school bans Dolly Parton-Miley Cyrus duet from class concert 6 hours ago 33. Biden bans feds’ use of spyware but keeps secret exactly what’s banned 6 hours ago 34. Southern Baptist pastor cites 170 women in leadership roles in violation of doctrine 6 hours ago 35. Dan Snyder refusing to participate in NFL, Mary Jo White probe 6 hours ago 36. 31 Train Cars Derail in Overnight Incident, Spilling Hazardous Material: Report 8 hours ago 37. Adam Kinzinger on Board of Org Under Federal Investigation 9 hours ago 38. People Can’t Believe Photo of Trump Is Real 10 hours ago 39. CBS Anchor Laughs at Biden Spokesman Excuse for Joe Appearing in TikTok Video 12 hours ago 40. Supreme Court Hands Down Big Victory to Trump, Even Joe Biden Agreed 14 hours ago 41. Catholic Officials Investigating After ‘Possible Eucharistic Miracle’ at US Church 17 hours ago 42. ‘Handyman’ Reveals How He Was Able to Flip the Script on Squatters Without Help from Cops 18 hours ago 43. Joe Biden Could Get Roped Into Son Hunter’s Laptop Lawsuit 19 hours ago 44. Dem Sen. Warner Blasts Biden for Stonewalling on Classified Docs Scandal 19 hours ago 45. American’s Values Have Changed Dramatically from 25 Years Ago — These Results Should Concern You 20 hours ago 46. Donald Trump Shows Off His Campaign Secret Weapon 21 hours ago 47. Nearly 100 Babylon Bee Satire Stories Have Come True 21 hours ago 48. New Poll: DeSantis Leads Comfortably in First GOP Primary State, Tied with Trump in Second 23 hours ago 49. Republicans Announce Resolution to Scrap Biden’s Student Debt Bailout as It Sits in Limbo 23 hours ago 50. California Gov. Newsom Silent on Insane $640 Billion Reparations Program 23 hours ago 51. 70 CAR TRAIN DERAILMENT SPILLING MORE TOXIC CHEMICALS 1 day ago 52. BREAKING: James O’Keefe Suggests He Has Insiders in Manhattan DA Bragg’s Case Against Trump 1 day ago 53. Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey’s Fortune Plunges $562M After He’s Caught Red Handed 1 day ago 54. Adam Kinzinger Linked To Pro-Ukrainian Org Under Federal Probe, Accused Of Scamming People 1 day ago 55. Hillary Clinton Ripped Over ‘Running Again’ Video 1 day ago 56. Trump Shocks Rally Crowd With Ominous Warning About The Future of The United States 1 day ago 57. Can Republicans Stop the Rise of a Central Bank Digital Currency? 1 day ago 58. TRUMP CLAIMS DA’S OFFICE HAS “DROPPED” THE CASE AGAINST HIM 1 day ago 59. Alleged Senator Fetterman to Remain Hospitalized 1 day ago 60. FDIC: First Citizens Bank Reaches Deal to Acquire Silicon Valley Bank 1 day ago

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