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Tuesday 4-25-23

Tuesday 4 - 25 - 23

Verse(s) for today:

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.

1 Peter 5:8-9 KJV

Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep. All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them. I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.

John 10:7-9 KJV

Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

John 11:25-26 KJV

Thought(s) for the Day:

Pew on France:

For years, Eric Zemmour has warned the French that “they are being expropriated from their country.” France is the most Islamic nation in Europe, with 8.8% of its population now being Muslim. Pew Research Center predicts the Muslim population will rise to 8.6 million or 12.7 percent of the country in 2050. According to Gatestone, Islam is the second-largest religion in France but comes first if one counts active practitioners. [Patrick Bestall]

Russia says No to Trans:

The Russian Ministry of Justice is to review national legislation in order to ban the changing of one’s gender in passports and other ID documents, ministry chief Konstantin Chuychenko told TASS on Monday. The existing practice of gender-changing on documents creates legal collisions and doesn’t fit Russia’s “basic principles” in national policy or “constitutional priorities,” he explained.

Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor officially approved on Wednesday an expanded set of criteria for what is to be considered ‘LGBTQ propaganda’, which can be grounds to block access to websites.

This comes after the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications issued an order to broaden and specify the definitions of LGBTQ propaganda and pedophilia online.

The new set of norms will come into effect on September 1, and will be valid for the next six years, according to the document, which was published on Russia’s official internet portal of legal information.

Under the order, Roskomnadzor will be authorized to block access to websites that feature content depicting children imitating or taking part in sexual activities, child genitalia in a sexual context, information about obtaining, creating, or sharing child pornography, as well as content aimed at provoking sexual attraction towards children or justifying sexual relations with minors.

The watchdog will also be able to block websites that promote and arouse interest in non-traditional sexual relationships and that attempt to portray them in a positive light or as superior to traditional relationships. Sites that try to create a “distorted idea of the social equivalence of traditional and non-traditional sexual relations, preferences and attitude” will also be banned, as will websites that try to justify the rejection of traditional sexual relations in favor of non-traditional relations. [Patrick Bestall]

IN DEPTH. 1. Shawshank Redemption’ Star Absolutely Savages Democratic Party and Its War on American Citizens New 2. FOX FOLLOWS AOC’S ORDER, ALREADY HAS TUCKER’S REPLACEMENT New 3. Look What Happened to Fox News’ Stock Right After They Announced Tucker Carlson’s Departure 1 hour ago ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Judge Dead — Fans Heartbroken 2 hours ago 4. Tucker’s Final On-Air Words Hint He Had No Idea What Was Coming 2 hours ago 5. BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Quits Fox News 3 hours ago 6. CNN Fires Don Lemon 3 hours ago 7. Teenagers in Chicago Face Only Misdemeanor Criminal Trespassing Charges After Crashing Stolen Car and Killing Infant 8. NBCUniversal CEO Ousted Due to “Inappropriate Relationship” With Female Coworker 3 hours ago 9. New York May Ban Sale of All Tobacco Products 4 hours ago 10. Hunter Biden Ally Registers As Ukraine Lobbyist To Build “Russian War Crimes” Exhibit Inside U.S. Capitol 4 hours ago 11. Pacific Now Bristling with Warships as US, Chinese and Russian Forces Appear 4 hours ago 12. Company Fires Employee After It Discovers What Two Weeks of ‘Bed Rest’ Really Was 5 hours ago 13. Investigator Suspects Biden Family Dozen Part Of ‘Influence Peddling Scheme’ 6 hours ago 14. Former FBI Agent Who Refused To Raid Jan 6 Suspect Warns of Agency’s Weaponization 6 hours ago 15. Trump Shares His Solution for Ending School Shootings 6 hours ago 16. NY Times Admits Concerns About Biden’s Age Are Legitimate 6 hours ago 17. Newsom Turns to National Guard to Fight San Francisco’s Fentanyl Crisis 7 hours ago 18. Whole Foods Announces Layoffs of Corporate Employees, Restructuring 7 hours ago 19. GOP Senators Betray Voters, Side With Dems To Advance Biden’s Radical Judicial Picks 7 hours ago 20. SHOCK: Biden DOJ Indicts Four Americans for “Weaponized” Free Speech 7 hours ago 21. House Dem Doubts McCarthy Will Have Votes to Pass Debt Ceiling Proposal 7 hours ago 22. Artillery Paradox: How Ukraine Does More Damage With Fewer Rounds Than Russia 7 hours ago 23. Ex-Anheuser-Busch Exec Gives Bud Light Free Advice as Beer Company Suffers 7 hours ago 24. BIDEN’S STENOGRAPHER DROPS A ‘CRIMINAL’ BOMB ON OBAMA 7 hours ago 25. Hunter May Be Hiding at WH to Avoid Legal Papers From His Baby Mama 7 hours ago 26. 60 Minutes Brings on Ray Epps to Lie to American Public 7 hours ago 27. Senators Demand Answers on FBI Agents Forced to Sign Nondisclosures Stopping Whistleblowers 7 hours ago 28. Pence Says 2024 GOP Contenders Should Announce Bids By June 8 hours ago 29. GOP Lawmaker: Potential Biden Impeachment as Hunter Probe Intensifies 8 hours ago 30. U.S. Firms Positioned to Withstand Tougher Lending Conditions, Says Goldman Sachs 8 hours ago 31. Centrist Dems Slowly Turn Biden to Negotiate Over Debt Ceiling 8 hours ago 32. Energy Dept Struggling to Monitor Billions in Spending After Budget Doubles 8 hours ago 33. The Bud Light Boycott Appears to Be Working 8 hours ago 34. Lawmakers Push For More Military Training in Taiwan — Fears of Chinese Invasion Grow 9 hours ago 35. Foreign Citizens Hurt During Rush To Evacuate from Sudan 9 hours ago 36. New Migrant Caravan Heading for Mexico City to Speed Up Legal Route to U.S. 9 hours ago 37. U.S. Army Under Fire to Make More Ammo, Is Unprepared for Long War 9 hours ago 38. Russia’s S‑500: How Putin Plans to Kill the F‑22 and F‑35 9 hours ago 39. Bidens’ Corrupt Web Unraveling Before Our Eyes 9 hours ago 40. Dylan Mulvaney Profiting From Nike Bras Made With Cancer-Linked Toxin? 9 hours ago 41. McCarthy Confident Ahead of Debt Ceiling Vote 9 hours ago 42. Ron Johnson: Media Election Meddling Worse Than Russia, China 9 hours ago 43. These Signatories on the Hunter Laptop Letter Joined Biden’s Admin 10 hours ago 44. Rep. Hageman Calls for Blinken to Appear Before Weaponization Committee 10 hours ago 45. Biden Made “Concerning” Decisions About Family’s Overseas Business Dealings 10 hours ago 46. Dominion settlement likely to cost Fox News far less than $787M 10 hours ago 47. Lizzo brings drag queens on stage, protesting Tennessee law 10 hours ago 48. GOP Ohio Senate candidate suggests reparations for kin of White Union troops 10 hours ago 49. Greatest Coach in NBA Refuses to Watch After Social Justice-Tinged Disney ‘Bubble’ 13 hours ago 50. Alec Baldwin Playing Gunslinger Again as ‘Rust’ Filming Continues 14 hours ago 51. CA National Guard Called In to Fight San Francisco Crime Wave 15 hours ago 52. Large US Retailer Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 17 hours ago 53. Fact Check: Did Bud Light Call Critics ‘Crybabies’ on Billboard in Wake of Boycott? 18 hours ago 54. Sudan: US Special Forces Use Helicopters to Save Trapped Americans 19 hours ago 55. Patriotic Yuengling Praised After 3 Words Are Spotted on Side of Beer Box 19 hours ago 56. Tide Shifts Against Biden as Top Two Papers Admit Where He’s Really At 22 hours ago 57. NBC News Gives Biden the Bad News on How He’s Doing 22 hours ago 58. Police Department Thanks Trump for What He Did for Them 23 hours ago 59. KJP Floats Bizarre Claim About Republicans Giving Kids Asthma, Melting Bones 1 day ago

David YEO:

B!LLy 0n C0L0uR (1 Min)

N0T3: 33rd M@$0n's T3LL$ TruTh

H0W D03$ Gr@v!Ty W0rK 0n FE ( 6 Min)

Q: D03$ $@T@N $T!LL X!$T T0d@Y? (6 Min)

Th3 GL0B@L $pR@Y!ng !ndu$Try D@!Ly (5 Min)

3L0n Mu$K: und3r Th3 D0m3: MocK3ry !n PL@!N $!ghT (46 Min)

U Dec!d3 (1 Min)

Tru$T B0bbY K? (1 Min)

EU: C@LL$ ouT Th3 Gr3TA T. (2 Min)

Th3 W0RLD B3F0r3 Th3 FL00D (38 Min)

G3neT!c@LLy Eng!n33Red R0CK $T@R$ (9 Min)

!nt3rnet Pr0ph3cY (1 Min)

UF0 Tru3 H!$T0rY Exp0$3d (46 Min)

N0T3: N0T Fr0m a F@R Away G@L@xy.

TucK3r: C0nTr0LL3d 0pp0$!T!0n (23 Min)

R3$Tr!cT!nG F00D $uPPL!3$ !n U$A**W3F (10 Min)

1800-1900's N3W$p@p3r$**FL@T E@rTh ArT!CL3$ (25 Min)

As Above so Below:

Could it happen again? Giant asteroid Apophis returns in 2029 swinging by our sun on its way over our earth.

[Patrick Bestall]

Going ‘WOKE’ is going BROKE!

[Patrick Bestall]

How to Stop Worrying & Start Living in 2023:

To my Christian friends in London. I like Paul Nielsen's philosophy and pragmatism in the road to "exit the system" he describes below for club members of London's Basecamp. If God's gonna do anything big, let it be a surprise. Stop waiting on Him to act because He's waiting for us to act. We're supposed to be "one with Him", yoked together, pulling together in our training wheels. St. Paul said, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". (Paul didn't say, "He can do all things through me who strengthens Him.") Jesus tells us, "A psalm tells us, "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet". A proverb tells us "A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps". So, start walking. In faith. The light of the Lord will show you the pits to avoid. [Patrick Bestall]

HOW TO STOP WORRYING: 1. Stop looking to Ottawa or ANY politician to 'save your bacon' 2. Stop consuming and sharing tales of doom (that cause unnecessary panic among others & you) 3. Stop waiting for some event, some person, something, to magically mend this mega-monstrous mega-mess we're in HOW TO START LIVING: 1. Start focusing on what you can control (rather than what you cannot) 2. Start living in day-tight compartments 3. Start seeking out practical solutions (that'll make you more free and less dependent) 4. Start reducing your system-footprint (step-by-step) 5. Start expanding your community-footprint & support circles 6. Start sharing info that will embolden, enlighten, and empower others (rather than stirring up more fear) 7. Start learning new skills (beat tyranny by becoming a better you) 8. Start growing & making your own food 9. Start your own grocery store 10. Start trading with like-minded traders 11. Start learning about your 'strawman' (to free yourself from legal tyranny) 12. Start exercising and get outside daily (prevention is better than cure) 13. Start learning how to forage for food & medicine 14. Start reducing your screen-time (going a month without my phone was a godsend) 15. Start an indoor garden (whether a kitchen micro-farm, Tower Garden, hydroponic garden or whatever tickles your green thumb) 16. Start stacking silver, gold, and seeds (and 'satoshis' — if that's your thing) 17. Start training with a pew-pew (firearm) so you can hunt 18. Start baking sourdough bread (with local Arva flour) 19. Start raising chickens, ducks, quail & rabbits (or connect with someone who does and will trade) 20. Start canning fruits, vegetables & meat 21. Start reading books about men & women who overcame adversity against all odds 22. Start buying locally from like-minded businesses, professionals, farmers & tradesmen (let's keep our moolah movin' within the freedom movement) The list goes on and on. But the bottom line is this: Whatever you do START doing something TODAY. And the best way to get started is this: Surround yourself with men and women who have already started — local, like-minded, freedom-lovers who are checking-off the items above as they advance toward a better and brighter future. And you can find these types in Basecamp. If you'd like to join us, reply 'BASECAMP' and I'll write back to you with more info. Now let's keep moving,

Paul Nielsen

GLOBE & MAIL: Morning Update:

RCMP remote-work policy caused case against Agriculture Canada scientist to fall apart, court document reveals:

A court transcript obtained by The Globe and Mail reveals that delays in the RCMP’s remote-work policy led to the collapse of a criminal case against a former Agriculture Canada scientist who was accused of taking illegal payments from China.

Yantai Gan was arrested in November, 2019, and charged with fraud, possession of stolen property, and breach of trust by a public official. His trial was expected to take place this spring, but a Saskatchewan court dismissed the case saying prosecutors did not complete their case within 30 months.

The Crown said an RCMP officer who had been tasked with gathering around 900 documents for disclosure to the defence was under orders to work from home at the time, and couldn’t access the force’s secure files.

Also, on our radar:

Biden makes 2024 election run official: President Joe Biden said on Tuesday he will seek a second term in 2024. If successful, 80-year-old Biden will be the oldest ever U.S. president in the White House. In a slickly produced video released by his new campaign team, Biden said he wanted to finish the “battle for the soul of America.”

Teck scrambles to secure shareholder vote: With its biggest shareholder, China Investment Corp., not yet casting its vote and back-office problems, Teck’s plan to split the company in two and stave off a hostile takeover is uncertain, a source says.

Federal workers add new picket lines: The union representing federal public servants said yesterday that it had added 12 new picket lines, including at the Port of Vancouver and the Windsor border crossing, as there were no signs that the two sides are near a deal.

Female athletes say minister can no longer delay inquiry: Female athletes called on Sport Minister Pascale St-Onge toset up a public inquiry into abuse in Canadian sports, saying protection for whistle-blowers is needed so athletes don’t face repercussions for speaking out. Soccer, boxing and fencing athletes warned a committee of MPs yesterday that delays will lead to more athletes being harmed.

Premier says involuntary treatment ‘last resort’: Facing intense backlash from critics and health advocates, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith said yesterday that involuntary treatment for people with severe drug addictions would be a “last resort,” but that her government is still looking at legislation that would expand the circumstances for such interventions.

Insurers report growing number of underwater loans: Falling house prices over the past year has chipped away at home equity and a rising number of Canadian homeowners now owe more than their homes are worth, according to financial disclosures from the country’s three major mortgage insurers. [Globe & Mail Media]

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!

Canadian Daily News

I'm not going to pick any news stories here. There's a lot to choose from.


By Ashley Sadler

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By Ashley Sadler

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By Jonathon Van Maren


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Other News

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By Frank Wright

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[Life Site News Media]

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