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Updates for October 30th 2020

Feds Obtained FISA Warrant Against Hunter Biden’s Chinese Business Associate

Department of Justice announced that Goldman Sachs was being charged in a foreign bribery case and would pay over $2.9 Billion in fines. This was concerning millions of dollars in bribes to [D]eep [S]tate political elites that appeared to involve the [O]bama / [B]iden Crime Families and Administration.

The TRUTH is coming out!

Senate Committee Verifies Hunter Biden Materials:

[B]iden 3rd Wave Bombshell, Mina: [Mina was Chinese living in Australia].

[H]unter [B]iden — Hard Drive Email Declassification:

The Traitors Headed by [J]oe [B]iden Collected Huge Wealth from the CCP Through A Large Export Contact:

· [H]unter [B]iden’s Mysterious Deal With [O]bama:

*** Do you smell blood? This 2-hour episode of TruNews is jam packed with revelations and videos from other news sources. What a program! Big things are happening so fast, there's never been a time for news like this. None of this will be on the anti-Trump media. Rick Wiles is not a Trump fan, but he can't ignore what the Red Chinese have been up to.

.pb [Thank You Patrick]

Voter Fraud: [J]oe [B]iden, “We have put together…the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

COVID-19 Hoax: COVID-19 Test is a Sc[a]m:

Philly Police Officers Forced to Run for Safety After Anti-Police Rioters Attack:

** A room, a bar and a classroom: how the coronavirus is spread through the air [Good Document]

Glen Beck last night [Thank You Harvey] View ** first for better understanding!

[Glen Back with his king {CHRIST}].

** To better understand Glen Beck’s last night’s episode, you may want to watch this one from some time ago- this all started years ago. [each is about 45 mins].

"President Trump attends the International Church of Las Vegas service in Nevada"

[Thank You Anne]

Tucker: #1 - Hunter Biden documents suddenly vanish

Tucker: #2 – Missing Documents suddenly re-appear:

Tucker: #3 – Glenn Greenwald on resigning from his own publication due to censorship:

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