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Updates for October 5th 2020

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

On Mon. 5 Oct. no significant Intel on the RV/ GCR/ Restored Republic came forth – other than the Trump Campaign was said to have taken over UTube on Sun. 4 Oct. at midnight, while censored videos showed up on a new channel:

On Mon. 5 Oct. as President Trump returned to the White House from his quarantine he requested a Declass of the S_pygate Documents. S_pygate: Hill_ary Clin_ton – with the blessing of President Obama, (who later was said to have set up a spy network at the Trump White House) – ordered an investigation of Donald Trump that was based on felonious allegations, and former FBI Director James Comey headed that “investigation” knowing it was all bogus. These acts could be considered Treason – trying to take down a duly elected US President. Today’s release of the S_pygate Documents could see them all headed to military tribunals at GITMO. A Sept. 20 2020 AMG News Headlines read, “GITMO to prepare for high level American prisoners.” On Mon. 5 Oct. because of a supposed Co_vid outbreak, the White House Press office went into a ten day quarantine. Will President Trump use the Emergency Broadcast System to communicate to The People during that Ten Days of Darkness? Charlie Ward recently said, “For the last couple of months they have been testing the Emergency Broadcast System so President Trump could make announcements. The Mass Media was so corrupt that they wouldn’t let any news come out.”

Trump’s Secret Weapon – the Fourteenth Amendment:

S_pygate/O_bamagate Worldwide, Santa Surfing:

The Final Curtain with Trump:

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