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Wednesday 8-23-23

Wednesday 8-23-23

Verse(s) for today:

He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: But a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

Proverbs 13:20 KJV

For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

Romans 8:6 KJV

Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.

2 Corinthians 1:3-4 KJV

Tucker Carlson 1-hour Ukraine Special:


What the owned media isn't telling you. Why has the USA spent $17 trillion on Ukraine? Why are 10 Ukrainians killed for every Russian casualty? Where did 60,000 children go? This interview will shock you as it shocked Tucker. You don't have to wonder how Americans will drain the swamp. It's drying up! Just like the river under Babylon before it fell in one day.

I just learned that it wasn't Stalin who initiated the idea of starving Ukraine, but a Communist Ukrainian.

[Patrick Bestall]

I am watching this Twitter cast as I write this to you. This information isn’t what you have heard from MSM and I assume including FNC these days. As you watch this, remember who really won WWII in terms of loss of life and tenacity. It was the Russians. They are a fanatical people when it comes to defending their country. Are we that dedicated these days? Are we fully prepared to fight the Russians? I wonder. Watch and learn. You may not agree with Col. Macgregor; but, shouldn’t you at least hear what he has to say? He is very knowledgeable. [David A. Strock]


After pouring more than $100 billion in taxpayer dollars into the black hole known as Ukraine, the neocon war hawks in Washington and London will have a lot of explaining to do when Ukraine implodes into chaos. Poland will likely move in to take a spoil in the western provinces, settling an old score against the Ukrainians, while Russia will take parts of the east. Below, Martin Armstrong explains the ugly history that makes Ukraine the cesspool of corruption that it is today — history of which Americans and Brits are almost completely ignorant.

Guest Post by Martin Armstrong

Ukraine is a complete disaster. I have been warning that our sources from UKRAINE, not Russia, have been warning that the country is on the brink of collapse. The American neocons are being confronted with the fact that there NEVER was any chance that Ukraine would defeat Russia. And putting a questionable gender dancer in high heels in charge of war (communications) was in itself a war crime.

(The Kyiv Post on Thursday tweeted that Sarah Ashton-Cirillo a transgender journalist from the United States, has become an official spokesperson of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.)

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, an American journalist who enlisted to fight in Ukraine’s armed forces, has now been given a position as one of the Ukrainian military’s official spokespersons.

There is absolutely no way Ukraine can win anything. This is why Zelensky has been so desperate to drag in NATO because he knows they cannot retake the Donbas, much less defeat Russia. The American neocons were hoping to weaken Russia so they could contrive some scheme to justify going in for the kill (Why? Because the neocons want control over Russia’s vast resources).

There are rumblings behind the curtain now that a peace deal has to be struck or Ukraine will collapse, if their own troops do not rise up and assassinate Zelensky for his profiteering and slaughter of his own people.

After all, numerous Roman generals found themselves in a position where they did not want to fight so they assassinated their leader. In the case of Maximinus I (235-238AD), his own men, humiliated by their defeat, now entered the tent of Maximinus and murdered him. To demonstrate their new loyalty to Rome, they cut off his head and sent it to Rome. This was no isolated incident. It became rather common in history for the troops, when ordered to fight a wrong war, to turn and assassinate their own general.

The fact that the Wall Street Journal on July 23rd wrote:

“Western military officials knew Kyiv didn’t have all the training or weapons—from shells to warplanes—that it needed to dislodge Russian forces. But they hoped Ukrainian courage and resourcefulness would carry the day.”

The fact that this even appeared in the press shows there is discontent behind the curtain. All we have heard to date are lies about how Russia is weak and losing. That is precisely the opposite of the truth and that is info from Ukraine – NOT Russia.

Zelensky has kept up a false image of victory only to keep the money flowing into Ukraine. The population of Ukraine had stood at about 36 million before the war. At least 500,000 are now dead and the real number of Ukrainians who have fled their homes may now exceed 10 million. Zelensky has destroyed his country all for the Donbas which was never Ukrainian territory nor occupied by Ukrainians. This has been a (Western) proxy war against Russia and Zelensky has BETRAYED HIS OWN PEOPLE for a handful of silver.

Zelensky’s dream of selling Ukraine to Blackrock is really disgusting. He has had no problem letting his country burn because the more that burns, the greater the rebuilding project. He has been bragging that this will be the biggest investment opportunity for Europe with no mention of how many Ukrainians must die in order for the dream to be realized. Many have compared him to Nero letting Rome burn so he could build his grand golden palace.

Poland is likely to take Western Ukraine in the final outcome. That was their territory from 1918 to 1945 and the Ukrainians slaughtered more than 100,000 Polish simply for ethnic cleansing. What is not given a lot of attention is that within Ukraine, there are ethnic Polish and Hungarians who have also been abused by the Ukrainians. The Ukrainians did far worse than just killing Polish for which they have refused to ever apologize.

The Polish Association of Memory of Victims of Crimes of Ukrainian Nationalists documented 135 methods of torture and murder practiced by Ukrainian Nazis. Poland officially called the Ukrainian actions genocide. The Ukrainians have been protected by the CIA for decades ONLY because they hated Russians. They continue to protect the Ukrainian Nazis only because they are waging war against Russia.

The Ukrainians were unprecedented in their war crimes during WWII and the sheer outright cruelty one would expect only exists in some B-Rated horror movies. This included:

  • · Running children through with stakes

  • · Cutting a person’s throat and pulling their tongue out through the hole

  • · Sawing a person’s torso in half with a carpenter’s saw

  • · Cutting open the belly of a woman in an advanced stage of pregnancy, removing the fetus, and replacing it with a live cat, before sewing up her abdomen.

  • · Cutting open a pregnant women’s abdomen and pouring in broken glass

  • . Nailing a small child to a door.

In retribution, Ukraine is likely to lose the Western provinces to Poland. As I have said before, Ukraine had finally achieved sovereignty but threw that all away for their hatred of Russians.

What the Ukrainians overlook is that Stalin’s 1930-1933 seizure of the food from Ukraine and their starvation have two MAJOR factors they do not want to acknowledge.

(1) Stalin was not Russian, he was from Georgia.

(2) Stalin’s right-hand man proposed starving Ukraine and he was Ukrainian – NOT Russian.

Lazar Kaganovich (1893-1991) was in charge of taking the food from Ukraine. Some say he was Jewish and sought retribution against the anti-Jewish attitude in Ukraine. His real name was Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich. He joined the Communist Party in 1911 and became a member of the Kiev committee of the party in 1914. The following year, he was arrested and restricted to his residence in Kabana. He fled Ukraine and lived in various parts of Russia under the false name of Kaganovich. There he played an active role in the October Revolution as a member of the Red Army. He rose to be the right-hand of Stalin and then convinced Stalin to take the food from Ukraine, most likely as retribution for his earlier arrest.

Ukraine is a very troubled country. Its people suffer under propaganda and the philosophy of Stepan Bandera (a Ukrainian Nazi collaborator) was pure hatred and ethnic cleansing. In speaking with some very naïve Ukrainians, they were told they had to fight for Russia and would not stop with the Donbas. Now they will lose a lot and Western Ukraine is more likely to be taken by Poland. The only peace deal will be to surrender the Donbas to Russia. Odessa at best would be a neutral demilitarized city to allow access to a port for exports. Zelensky is desperately still seeking to get NATO to intervene and now escort their grain exports. He will never be satisfied until he creates World War III.

Obama was furious when he just got connected to the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal:

Questions are still swirling about sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Details remain up in the air after his dubious suicide in federal prison.

And Barack Obama was furious when he just got connected to the Epstein sex scandal.

Undercurrents of war breaking out between Democrat Party factions as the Epstein scandal comes back to public attention:

Powerful Democrats have attempted to run away from their connection to serial sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Bill Clinton, for example, took many trips on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” to his private island.

The Clintons also invited Epstein madam Ghislaine Maxwell To Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Now Barack Obama is being tied to Epstein via former White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler.

CNBC reported that “Sex predator Jeffrey Epstein was involved in establishing a client relationship between Obama White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler and JPMorgan Chase in February 2019, four months before he was arrested on federal child sex trafficking charges.”

The bank claimed that it had severed all ties with Epstein, but a recent court filing suggested that was not true.

Epstein revealed behind push for Obama White House Counsel in to Big Bank role

The Virgin Islands court filing claimed, “Even after his exit right up until his arrest in 2019, JPMorgan continued to work with Epstein. Epstein was involved in the establishment of a customer relationship with Kathryn Ruemmler.”

The court filing also stated that Epstein assistant, Leslie Groff, offered to make an introduction between Ruemmler and top JP Morgan executive Mary Erdoes.

The filing claimed, “Erdoes escalated the referral to Stacey Friedman, JPMorgan’s General Counsel, who responded ‘she is a rock star litigator at Latham. I would think she would be a great client.’”

Ruemmler’s connection to Epstein first surfaced when she was listed on Epstein’s calendar.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the two were close enough for Epstein to know to alert his staff to have “avocado sushi rolls” ready for her in advance of a meeting.

When setting up a flight for Ruemmler, Epstein told one of his assistants, “See if there is a first-class seat. If so, upgrade her.”

Ruemmler admitted, “I regret ever knowing Jeffrey Epstein.”

When Ruemmler was part of the Obama administration, she shouldered much of the blame for the IRS scandal when conservative organizations were targeted by the administration.

Ruemmler gave Obama plausible deniability by supposedly not telling him about the IRS Inspector General’s audit.

Clintons vs Obamas vs Bidens questions emerge:

Epstein was connected to many power brokers within the Democrat Party, which is why many on the Left have been so eager for the Epstein story to disappear for good.

But now a long-rumored power struggle within the upper echelons of their party has some apparently ready to risk bringing it back to Americans’ attention.

Now the biggest questions are, is this a shot across the bow from the Biden family in a last-ditch effort to save Hunter and possibly Joe from jail?

Or does it mean the Bidens are about to get thrown to the wolves and the Obama wing and the Clinton wing are already starting to fight amongst themselves again to rule over the carcass of America?

[Unmuzzled News]

Jordan Peterson's court verdict out TODAY...Sign petition in his support!

TODAY, Jordan Peterson’s court battle against the College of Psychologists of Ontario’s is coming to a conclusion!

As you may know, the College is seeking to not only silence Peterson’s common-sense opinions on Twitter but they want to “re-educate” him by ordering him to attend a radical Twitter “communication training.”

But, the matter is now before the Ontario Divisional Court which is scheduled to release its ruling by the end of the day.

The court will decide Peterson’s fate and will also decide if the College’s order to send Peterson to Twitter communication “camp”, or else lose his license because they disagree with his conservative worldview, is justifiable.

Thank you for everything you do,

Gregory Tomchyshyn and the entire CitizenGO Team

[CitizenGO Team]

PETITION UPDATE (23 August 2023)

TODAY, Jordan Peterson’s court battle against the College of Psychologists of Ontario’s is coming to a conclusion!

As you may know, the College is seeking to not only silence Peterson’s common sense opinions on Twitter but they want to “re-educate” him by ordering him to attend radical and progressive Twitter “communication training.”

But, the matter is now before the Ontario Divisional Court which is scheduled to release its ruling by the end of the day.

The court will decide Peterson’s fate and will also decide if the College’s order to send Peterson to Twitter communication “camp”, or else lose his license because they disagree with his conservative worldview, is justifiable.

Please continue to SIGN and SHARE this petition, directed to Zimra Yetnikoff, Director, Investigations and Hearings at the College of Psychologists of Ontario, telling the College to drop all disciplinary action against Dr. Peterson. Thank you!


The College of Psychologists of Ontario threatens to revoke Jordan Peterson's license to practice psychology within Canada and Ontario over his conservative-leaning political views.

Why are they taking this extreme action against Peterson's professional life?

Because they disagree with Peterson's personal beliefs, especially when he expresses them within the public sphere, which includes social platforms like Twitter.

The College is abusing its regulator power over Peterson's ability to practice in order to control what he can and can not say publicly as a private individual.

Furthermore, they demand that Peterson undergoes "social media communications retraining," including "coaching" for his Twitter commentary, or potentially face license suspension.

This is all happening to Jordan Peterson because he publicly disagrees with the mainstream progressive narrative, especially when he speaks out against the damage the LGBT community and Trudeau Liberals continually inflict upon Canadian culture and society.

We need your help to push back against their terrible abuse of power, especially when Jordan Peterson is due back in court any day when his fate, regarding his legal challenge against the College of Psychologists, will be decided.

We must firmly declare that no public institution, including the College of Psychologists of Ontario, has the power to strip any individual's right to freedom of speech and expression guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

We cannot allow the College of Psychologists to silence someone like Jordan Peterson, who has consistently provided a voice of reason, clarity, and common sense against the extreme LGBT madness and totalitarian government coercion here in Canada.

Sign now and take a stand with Jordan Peterson against the College's blatant attack on an individual's RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH!

[CitizenGO Team]


David YEO:

D03$ h3 L!v3 Th3r3? (1 Min)

M!K3: PL@nd3m!C 2.0**H0@X (12 Min)

Tw!TT3R Qu33N Pr0ud 0f H3r N3W Cen$0rSH!P T00L$ (2 Min)

CDN P0L!c3 R BL0cK!ng F00D & V!T@L $uPPL!3$ & F!r3-F!ghT3R$ (25 Min)

$T3W: D0n@LD R3Fu$e$ +o D!$aV0w Pr0J3CT W@rp $p33D & VXX D3@TH$ (18 Min)

H!W@!! S@Ys !+'s FL@T (3 Min)

D0 U B3L!3v3 !n $3LF A$Cen$!0N? (6 Min)

M@U! R3$!d3NT$ !nv3$T!G@Te 0Pr@H (10 Min)

Hugg0000: Tw!TT3R**M@rK 0f Th3 BLU3 T!cK (10 Min)

M@U! !NT3rv!3W: B@RRY T3LL!ng Th3 Tru3 $T0ry (31 Min)

Why d0 Th3Y Car3 $0 Much Wh3n W3 A$K Th3 $h@p3 0f Th3 E@rTH? (18 Min)

Ju$T $@Y N0 (2 Min)

0d3$$a: Th3 $hu$W@P F!R3$ (40 Min)

M!K3 & Kr!$ $k!!: C0v3r$ Th3 P@$T & FuTur3 (54 Min)

M@r!a & H@nna: W!TcH-Cr@FT, M!nD C0nTr0L & $@Tan!$Ts (66 Min)

Secret Warning accidentally Leaked!

Leaked Pentagon document reveals…

Gov’t officials secretly HOARDING “Antidote to Radiation Exposure”?

Here’s what they aren’t telling you about an “Armageddon” level nuclear disaster…

***Read & View the details of the coming LOCK-DOWNS Click on the LINK above…

Biden’s Secret Nuclear Warning To His Billionaire Backers


I’ve managed to obtain intelligence that reveals…

Just days ago, Biden gathered together the Dems richest backers…

In the $23 million dollar New York Mansion owned by James Murdoch…

(Yep, the son of Rupert Murdoch – The guy who basically owns the Mainstream Media)

And Biden warned the billionaires that we’re on the brink of nuclear ‘Armageddon’

Some newspapers tried to get the story out there…


[FBL-expert sender]


Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!


General Summary


Is the MAUI Disaster being repeated in B.C. CANADA?

I received an Emergency Alert saying that the Canadian Government was murdering citizens of Celista British Columbia under the same fire scenario as in Maui. Evidently a Stef and Jorne owned a home at the end of Meadow Creek Road in Celista. Celista Fire Department and Canadian Forestry personnel showed up on Thurs. 17 Aug. 2023 and lit a back burn by their back door knowing that winds were on their way. The fire department sat watching the burn until it was well underway, and then left. They returned a while later and only put out small fires while the big one to this day was still raging. When Stef asked the firemen why, she was told they were ordered to sit on the burn. The fire is still burning and any water, gas and food people have tried to bring in have been stopped by a police block on the road. They are asking for help from anyone.

What We Think We Know as of Tues. 22 Aug. 2023:

  • · Karli Boone has been trying to report on the missing children of Maui. When she repeatedly asked Mayor Bissen to disclose where the children were the Maui police head locked her. The four schools in Lahaina served over 3,000 students before the fire. Only 400 of them were now enrolled in other schools, with 200 doing virtual learning. That leaves at least 2,400 children unaccounted for. Maui residents have reported children burned alive, baby bones found still locked in car seats and the bones of a small boy laying on top of his dog evidently trying to protect it. The Maui police have a 12 mile blockade around Lahaina in a communications blackout that won’t let the press in. Over 1,200 Hawaiian Children Missing, Parents Believed Murdered by Deep State FEMA | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (

  • · Is this the Announcement of the Global Currency Reset? “The BRICS Summit that started on Tues. 22 Aug. just launched BRICS Pay, a decentralized multicurrency digital international payments system.”:

  • · The World Health Organization (WHO) is privately owned and run by the Deep State, not the medical community. Yet, nations of the world were bound in unquestioning submission to whatever guidelines the WHO issues.

  • · For the last two and a half years White Hat Military Operations have insured a Continuity of the US Government via a shadow government running parallel to the façade of the Biden Administration.

  • · The US Capitol and Federal Reserve remain closed and boarded up.

  • · The fiat US Dollar was no longer accepted for international trade by major countries such as Russia and China.

  • · Hundreds of US banks, along with major US Stock agencies controlled by BlackRock, were collapsing.

  • · NATO and the UN were teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Since the US Military has refused to support a war against Russia, the UN and NATO were expected to collapse within a month.

  • · The fake Mainstream Media controlled by BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street, was in a rapid downward spiral.

  • · Trump is exposing the corrupt CIA.

  • · It’s not a conspiracy: JFK IS ALIVE! Every end is a new beginning. …Q on Tues. 22 Aug. 2023

  • · Hold on Patriots things are about to get spicy: Earthquakes, Fires, Trump not debating, Elon turning, New Covid strain and mask mandates returning: NCSWIC

DEW Started Fires Around the World

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