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What follows a stolen Election?

Monday 12-21-20

Salim Mansur Below is the link to The Epoch Times documentary just released on the 2020 U.S. election and investigation into “Who’s Stealing America?” Please make time and watch it, since the mainstream media is running with the fake narrative of Joe Biden is president-elect. What happens when a national election is stolen either by domestic force on behalf of elite interests in the country or with the complicity of foreign agents? I may answer this question based on my experience, since I lived through the bloody upheavals following a stolen national election. In my wildest speculations I never imagined, for I am no Tom Clancy by a long short, that I would live to see a national election for the presidency of the United States is stolen by a collusion among domestic party bosses, big business, Globalist transnational organizations and Chinese Communist party leadership. But this is what has occurred, and it cannot stand. This is what my experience tells me. I was in my late teens when I voted for the first time in the December 1970 national election held in what was then a “united” Pakistan of two entities, East and West, separated by over a thousand miles of Indian territory in between. This arrangement was a result of the partition of India in August 1947 by Britain in the midst of a horrendous communal conflict between Hindus and Muslims and a massive movement of people, as refugees from their homes across the newly demarcated borders of the two countries. India adopted the British system of parliamentary rule, drafted and ratified its constitution, and moved forward in its own manner of fits and starts under the leadership of the Congress party in becoming the world’s largest functioning democracy. In Pakistan politics rapidly descended into discontent between the people divided across ethnic lines and separated geographically by India. The inherited tradition of democracy bequeathed by Britain collapsed, unlike India, and Pakistan came to be ruled by the military. The military rule could not last indefinitely. The unrest of people across the country demanding a return to civilian rule forced the military rulers to concede and arrange for a national election in making for a transition from military to civilian government with restoration of the abrogated constitution or by drafting of a new constitution. The December 1970 election was a fair election according to all neutral observers monitoring it. The result was an overwhelming victory by a populist party of East Pakistan, the Awami League led by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, in securing an absolute majority of seats in the national parliament. The election results horrified the military rulers and the political parties, especially the party of Ali Bhutto, based in West Pakistan. They were loath to concede power to the Awami League and decided to revoke the election of December 1970. In March 1971 the Pakistani military struck. They stole the election, arrested Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and once again imposed military rule by declaring the Awami League and its supporters as traitors to Pakistan. The action of the military supported by political parties in West Pakistan, including the party of Ali Bhutto, ignited a liberation war in East Pakistan. Over 10 million people became refugees and fled into India seeking shelter from the military. Genocide was perpetrated against the people of East Pakistan by the Pakistani military and its supporters, while communal killings by people on either side of the political and ethnic divide escalated. The nine month long brutal and bloody conflict came to an end in Nov-Dec 1971 with the outbreak of India-Pakistan war. The war ended with the surrender of the Pakistan army to the Indian forces on December 16, 1971 and the birth of Bangladesh as an independent sovereign country. The surrender of the ninety thousand plus uniformed men of the Pakistan army to the Indian forces was the largest of its kind since the end of World War II. It was also a defeat for the US. foreign policy in the South Asian crisis of 1971 in which the Nixon administration tilted in favour of Pakistan. The birth of Bangladesh was also a defeat for the Chinese Communists under the leadership of Mao Zedong in the South Asian crisis of 1971. Communist China supported Pakistan through the conflict and was complicit in the genocide in East Pakistan, as was Mao’s China in Cambodia turned into a killing field by the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot. The history of 1971 in South Asia has been forgotten by the world, except for those who survived the aftermath of a stolen election in Pakistan and are alive today to recall that history. The lesson of that history is simple. A people will not accept at any price, if they have pride and self-respect for their rights as a free people, to concede to any party domestic or foreign who blatantly engage in rigging and then stealing the election from them. The people of East Pakistan, as I vividly recall, refused to concede to the plans of the Pakistani military after it stole the election. The people resisted at first without resorting to arms, and eventually they launched a liberation war for independence. In the seven weeks since the Nov 3rd election enough Americans have learned the extent to which their 2020 election was rigged and stolen with the support of foreign actors, primarily the Chinese Communists. And despite the mainstream media’s complicity with the Democrats, big business, and partners of the Globalist-ChiCom axis in pushing the narrative of Joe Biden as president-elect, Americans have awoken to how deep and wide is the penetration by Chinese Communist agents inside their government and society. As the curtain is lifted over the Deep State, Americans are learning how great is the complicity of members of the Deep State belonging to both parties, Democrats and Republicans, with the Chinese Communists. Joe Biden is not alone in having been bought by the Chinese Communists. The list is long of individuals in government who are compromised due to their personal failings and/or various interests in politics and business dealings with foreign actors that make them vulnerable to blackmail and extortion, and with the curtain raised into the rigging of the Nov 3rd election they are now exposed for activities that can be fittingly described as treason. It is inconceivable that some 80 million Americans voting for President Trump will quietly go away into the night knowing the election was stolen and in accepting as their president Beijing Biden, the “father of all quislings” in modern history. President Trump stands at the head of an army of millions of American patriots during this week of Christmas in the manner George Washington stood during the Christmas week of 1776 at the head of the army of American patriots and revolutionaries. In balance then hung the fate of the American republic in the making, as it hangs today the fate of the American constitution and the integrity of the republic. A Constitution is not a suicide pact. A rigged and stolen election has no legitimacy. I believe President Trump will have provided every opportunity to the representatives of the American people in state legislatures and the Congress, as the Constitution prescribes, to maintain the integrity of the presidential election, and remedy any irregularity that undermines the result, before he crosses the Rubicon to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” in keeping his Oath of Office as the President. Those 80 million Americans who voted for Trump expect nothing less from him. And the army of American patriots has risen by many more millions since the election got stolen to rally behind President Trump in preserving, protecting and defending their republic. Salim

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