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What is Unfolding South of the Border - Explained!

Globalist backed DNC heist of the November 2020 election


Salim Mansur - PPC Candidate for London North Centre

There should not be any doubt or dispute about the November 3, 2020 election stolen by the Globalists, who are supported and financed by the Chinese Communists, for Joe Biden and the DNC.

There should not be any doubt that Joe Biden is deeply compromised as a willing stooge and agent for the Beijing gang. But Joe Biden is simply the front face today of the American corporate-political elite who have over the past four decades run an operation against the American people and the republic to enrich themselves in complicity with the Chinese Communists.

There should not be any doubt that Globalism is Communism top-down operation run by the corporate-political elite in the West, primarily America and its surrogates in Canada and the leading members of the EU, in partnership with the Chinese Communists. For the rest of the people Globalism is and will be Serfdom.

The older version of Communism as Globalism, which is imprinted in our minds from history books, was the operation carried out in the first instance by Lenin-Trotsky-Stalin and their Bolshevik militia and thugs. This operation then was mimicked in China by Mao and his gang of peasant army that sort of became the model for operations in third world societies, such as Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, within India, Indonesia and elsewhere.

This Leninist-Stalinist-Maoist bottom-up Communism under the banner of Marxism and its gospel known as The Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels, was proven to be a thoroughly backward, claptrap, boot-in-your-face as Orwell described it, impoverished version of the poor man’s effort to build a communist society and instead it ended up becoming the Gulag.

Indeed, Marx never envisaged his utopian vision of Communism to be implemented in any form in a backward, largely peasant and pre-industrial and not fully developed capitalist society.

Communism for Marx was the next final, he theorized, stage in world history after a society had evolved into a mature Capitalist society, such as Great Britain and Germany in the 19th century. Russia of Lenin and China of Mao were, in Marx’s view of stages in history, backward societies that still had a long way to proceed in their respective developments before arriving at a mature stage of Capitalism and then become ready for a Socialist revolution that eventually would lead to Communism.

Instead, the Leninist-Stalinist-Maoist coups were contrary to Marx’s gospel for the working class of advanced capitalist societies of Europe in his time. These bloody revolutions became the Roads to Gulag.

To fully grasp the meaning of the Gulag and what it entailed, both in Russia and in China, it is an absolute requirement to read Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago. This is the defining book of the twentieth century. Anyone who speaks of contemporary history and politics and is not at a minimum acquainted with Solzhenitsyn’s work has no business to engage in public and spout his nonsense on global politics, especially in the context of what we are faced with.

My advice: Just. Shun. These. Folks. They are not only ignorant, their ignorance verges into criminality.

Globalism top-down is Marxism turned back on its feet. It is The Communist Manifesto updated for the 21st century.

Globalism as the rule by the unelected and unaccountable corporate-political elite, as in Communist China in the post-1989 Tian-an-men era inaugurated by Deng Xiaoping and now administered by Xi Jinping, has recently been described and explained for the Serfs (that is all of us people, willing or unwilling, as subjects) by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Mallaret in their recent publication: COVID-19: THE GREAT RESET.

Reading Klaus Schwab is as necessary in grasping the meaning of the Great Reset for advancing the Globalist agenda and rule, as it is necessary to understand why and how the Globalists with the Chinese Communists aided and abetted the heist of the November 2020 election for Joe Biden.

Since the election of 2016 that made Donald Trump the President, the Chinese Communists were bent upon destroying the Trump presidency by any means short of a kinetic war that would by logic quickly descend into a nuclear Armageddon.

The Beijing gang had successfully bought and paid for the American corporate-political elite to serve their interests while pursuing their own enrichment. The logic of the New World order that President George H.W. Bush announced in 1991 was inescapably bound in partnership with the Chinese Communist leadership with whom Bush had worked first as the American ambassador to the UN under President Nixon, and then in Beijing as American representative under President Ford.

All subsequent American presidents after George H.W. Bush maintained and deepened America’s partnership with Communist China. During this period American jobs, industries, technology and investments were opened for and transferred to Communist China, and Communist China transitioned from a poor third world peasant-based economy into the world’s second largest industrially and technologically advanced economy.

The appearance of Donald Trump was the wrench in the smooth working and sell-out of America by the American corporate-political elite to the Chinese Communists. Therefore, the removal of Donald Trump from the White House became the priority of both Beijing and the American Deep State.

All of the above will either be fully exposed by documentary evidence once Donald Trump’s second term is inaugurated in January 2021, or buried and destroyed if the stolen election is not reversed and Joe Biden is inaugurated as America’s 46th President.

The next few weeks will be high drama, as the complaints of the irregularities, fraud, and electronic manipulation of voting data finally get to the U.S. Supreme Court, and Americans await anxiously for the nine justices to rule on the constitutional propriety of the November 2020 election.

I remain confident that President Trump will have his second term, and America will have a new beginning as a republican constitutional order after the trials of the last four years and the effort to steal the 2020 election by the Democrats, just as America had a new beginning after the trials of the Civil War under President Lincoln.

Below is a video of a Chinese Communist university professor Di Dongsheng speaking to a Chinese audience of how Beijing bought and paid for the American corporate-political elite over the past several decades, and how President Trump became the obstruction to the relatively smooth relationship between Beijing and Washington. This video was broadcast by Tucker Carlson on his evening Fox News hour, and as Tucker mentions the video was quickly removed from public platform by Chinese Communist authorities soon after its release.

Please watch the video below carefully and read the English subtitles closely of the Chinese professor’s lecture shown. See and hear for yourself the level and depth of infiltration by the Chinese Communists into the heart of American society and politics. I have also attached the link below for the transcript of Professor Di Dongsheng's remarks in Beijing translated from Mandarin by Jennifer Zeng, a Chinese blogger, with most relevant portions of the remarks highlighted. I might add here that the Chinese penetration is similar, or perhaps even deeper in magnitude, within Canada.


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