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If replacing tile or vinyl floors, less-expensive options like sealed cork can be a good choice not only for price, but because they are easier on the feet and back than hard tiles and woods. Apply coupon code "VVOFF" for a savings of $36. Buy Now at : VEVOR These stores swing from low-cost upgrades to lavish remodels, without , pledging fealty to brands the way a design firm might. DO NOT BUY COUNTERTOPS FROM LOWES! I purchased solid surface counters from Lowes and it's been a nightmare. The countertops were a disaster. Poorly fabricated and sized. I was promised no seams and no overhang by the fridge. The color should be consistent as well. The Lowes escalation team has been completely uncooperative and a bully. They only want to protect the fabricator and don't seem interested in keeping a customer. I paid for new counters and I not have franken-counters. You will be sorry if you choose Lowes.updated kitchen remodelsDon’t forget the lighting! While kitchen lighting can sometimes be an afterthought, it is essential for the safety, ambiance, and versatility of your kitchen. If your kitchen solely contains one overhead ambient lighting fixture, look into , recessed lighting for a modern illumination source. From a simple paint job to a full kitchen remodel, Handyman , Connection can help connect you with the top home improvement experts in your area to bring your dream kitchen to life. Find the right craftsman for your needs with a simple call to 1-800-88-HANDY. A chef’s kitchen is designed for functionality and efficiency, with top of the line appliances and a restaurant kitchen inspired layout. With an eye-widening price tag, a chef’s kitchen remodel brings you more joy as a homeowner than it will a high return on investment when it’s time to sell.redo 70's kitchen cabinetsHow to paint your kitchen cabinets Initially we really went back and forth on keeping the slider but ultimately decided with the wall opening up and the lack of counter space, to make it another window. So the layout ended up being a G-shaped kitchen. Where , the wall came down is now a bar that looks out into the living room. After being in this space for several months, I can safely say it’s better than I imagined. I LOVE the layout of this kitchen. Here are 15 amazing ideas showing how to redo kitchen cabinets quickly and easily! It took us 21 months of nonstop DIYs and living in a construction site with an open scaffold in the middle of the entryway for four months!, but now we love every corner of our home. I LOVE you kitchen post. I am sorry you learned these lessons the hard way, but I am so glad you shared them. My husband just said sure, lets update the kitchen. But8230can we keep the cabinets we have? I am nervous that we will have new counter tops he wants quartz and a cool backsplash and cabinets that look8230like they have been painted. Maybe I am better off saying lets wait a year or so until we can afford to do the cabinets, too? Oh the indecision! Thanks again for sharing your experience.""""""""



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