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FRIDAY - the Week-end begins

Friday  4-5-24

Verses for today:

Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; and your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

Ephesians 6:14-15 KJV


For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Ephesians 6:12 KJV


For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection:

Romans 6:5 KJV


Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

Hebrews 4:16 KJV



Petition to End the Sanctuary City Status in London:

The Concerned Citizens Association of London (CCAL) has created an online petition to end London's status as a sanctuary city, which the City Council did in 2017. This action caused a flow of undocumented migrants entering London, without a realistic plan to support or integrate them, while providing them with the equivalent of full Charter Rights to all city services.


If immigration is a concern to you, and if you're a taxpayer concerned about paying for access to our city services, I encourage you to read about the petition, sign it, and share it with other Londoners. You can do so here.

Dave Annis

PPC Candidate

London Centre



Dave <londoncentreppc@gmail>





A few hours left!The Sixth Committee of the UN General Assembly is meeting right now to discuss the treaty that could make us criminals, just for what you and I believe.Time is of the essence, and your support is more crucial than ever.The UN's obsession with gender, LGBTI, abortion, and trans issues has reached a point where they want to label any criticism or different viewpoint as a Crime Against Humanity.Let me remind you why this proposal is really dangerous:

  • ·        The simple act of protecting your children or grandchildren from premature sexualization and ideological indoctrination in schools might turn you into a criminal.

  • ·        Our faithful pastors and priests are facing the threat of persecution just for delivering God's message.

  • ·        The frontline defenders of our values— Christian politicians, journalists, lawyers, teachers, doctors, etc—are at risk of severe personal and professional attacks merely for holding fast to their convictions.

Let's unite and act now to prevent this dire scenario from becoming our reality!Your signature will arrive today at a critical moment in the voting process, just in time to press delegates to reject this proposal. Can I count on your support NOW?

Thank you for your continued commitment to our cause.

Sebastian Lukomski and

the entire CitizenGO team

For followers of Ken Darby:

How many City/Towns Named RAPTURE in the USA? lists only one place in America that is called Rapture - only one township - Rapture, Indiana - and that is 100 miles from where X makes the spot - and the solar eclipse will be total - The only town named Rapture is in the path of totality on April 8th, 2024 - I hope you are ready - Jesus said - "there will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars" and I think this is a sign – ARE YOU READY?

Check out the Numerous VIDEO’s Addressing the 8th April ECLIPSE...

After some RESEARCHING...

Rapture Indiana is a Deception:

See following Pictures [Screen Shots]

Not much else in this VIDEO

Patrick Bestall


Christina Pushaw dropped a brutal truth bomb on the Woke Left about parental rights and child protection laws:

The left-wing media has been smearing Ron DeSantis since he rejected Anthony Fauci’s lockdowns and mandates.

But this latest accusation is a new low.

And Christina Pushaw dropped a brutal truth bomb on the woke Left about parental rights and child protection laws.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis made restoring parental rights in education a top priority of his administration over the past few years.


During his State of the State Address, he promised to make 2022 the “year of the parent” in Florida.

DeSantis followed through on his promise by signing the Parental Rights in Education Bill into law.

He recently signed a bill into law that prohibits children, under the age of 14, from having social media accounts and requires 14 and 15-year-olds to obtain parental permission before using social media.

And now, one reporter is twisting this new law to try and paint DeSantis as an enemy of parental rights.


In a piece entitled “Ron DeSantis just betrayed his promise to champion parental rights”, Washington Examiner reporter Brad Polumbo ripped him for “micromanaging people’s parenting decisions.”

“Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has long positioned himself as a champion of ‘parents’ rights,’ and that pitch is a huge part of his broad appeal to the public,” he wrote. “But the Florida Republican just signed a bill into law that betrays those promises.”

“Parents can better decide what level, if any, of social media usage is appropriate for their specific child than any government can via one-size-fits-all mandates and rules,” he wrote.


But DeSantis Press Secretary Christina Pushaw disagrees with Polumbo, and she explained why in a post on X.

Pushaw pointed out that there are many things children are not allowed to do, even with parental consent.

“Just a few things that 13-year-olds are not allowed to do in Florida, even with parental consent,” she wrote, before listing things like “get a sex-change surgery,” “get married,” “drink alcohol,” “play the lottery,” “buy a car & drive it around,” “work at a strip club,” “gamble at a casino,” “get a tattoo,” or “smoke weed.”


She then explained how you can support those laws while also championing parental rights.

“Parental rights are important because parents are responsible for raising their children, know their own kids best, and (in general) do a better job bringing up their kids than anyone else would,” Pushaw wrote. “But child protection laws exist for a reason,” she continued. “Both things can be true at the same time.”

In another post, Pushaw ripped Polumbo for “clickbait” and “dishonest headlines” about DeSantis.

“A tiresome genre of clickbait: Dishonest headlines about @GovRonDeSantis, who has been at the forefront of defending parental rights for years,” she wrote. “Governor DeSantis actually vetoed the first version of the social media bill because of concerns it might infringe on parental rights.”

“The version he signed this week clearly states that Florida parents can allow their teens to have social media accounts if they see fit,” Pushaw concluded.

Ron DeSantis

DeSantis Daily:

The DeSantis Daily Media



Morning Update:

Intelligence Document suggests Chinese officials distributed around $250,000 to ‘threat actors’ in Canada:

Around $250,000 from officials from the People’s Republic of China in Canada was transferred to people defined as “threat actors” in late 2018 or early 2019, according to an unclassified document summarizing Canadian intelligence which was presented to an inquiry into foreign interference yesterday.


It said prior to and during the 2019 general election “a group of known and suspected People’s Republic of China (PRC) related threat actors in Canada, including PRC officials, worked in loose co-ordination with one another to covertly advance PRC interests though Canadian democratic institutions.”


The paper, discussed in the inquiry into foreign interference Thursday, said that “reporting indicated that 11 political candidates and 13 political staff members were assessed to be either implicated in or impacted by this group of threat actors.”

Read more: at the above LINK:

The Israeli military said Friday that it has dismissed two officers and reprimanded three others for their roles in drone strikes in Gaza that killed seven aid workers on Monday.

“It’s a tragedy,” the military’s spokesman, Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, said. “It’s a serious event that we are responsible for and it shouldn’t have happened and we will make sure that it won’t happen again.”


An investigation into the aid workers’ deaths marked an embarrassing admission by Israel, which faces growing accusations from key allies, including the U.S., of not doing enough to protect Gaza’s civilians from its war with Hamas.

On Thursday, U.S. President Joe Biden demanded that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reach an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and open more border crossings into Gaza to allow humanitarian aid to enter and to take steps to protect aid workers and other civilians, the White House said.


A few hours after the call, Mr. Biden’s office said Israel’s cabinet had agreed to open the Erez crossing from Israel into northern Gaza, receive international aid shipments at Israel’s Ashdod port and ensure that more aid arriving from Jordan can enter Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing.

The Globe & Mail Media


Joe Biden’s preparing to hand this Muslim nation Nuclear Capabilities on a silver platter:

No one knows what’s going on in Joe Biden’s head. He’s gone off the deep end.

Because now he’s planning to give this Muslim nation serious nuclear capabilities on a silver platter.

Sitting U.S. presidents have made some truly irresponsible and laughable decisions in the past. Richard Nixon’s Watergate operation comes to mind as well as Warren Harding’s oil scandals.


Probably the worst one so far is James Buchanan’s complete ignorance of an incoming Civil War. Of course, Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky scandal is a funny one too.

But all those may pale in comparison to the mistake Joe Biden’s about to make as it has the potential to backfire on him and put the entire world’s safety at risk. Not just the United States, but the entire world.

That’s not an exaggeration either, because it has to do with extremely powerful nuclear capabilities. Anytime nuclear physics are involved, that’s a dangerous game to play for politicians.


Apparently Joe Biden doesn’t think so. According to reports, Joe Biden wants to work with Saudi Arabia to help them build nuclear reactors to furnish the Muslim state with nuclear energy for their energy needs rather than fossil fuels.

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan is scheduled to meet with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) this Thursday to explore a potential agreement aimed at normalizing relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia.


This agreement might also involve U.S. backing for a Saudi nuclear program, primarily intended for civilian purposes such as energy production, reports Axios. However, MBS has cautioned that if Iran acquires nuclear weapons, Saudi Arabia might reconsider its commitment to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) and pursue its own nuclear arsenal.


The relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia has long been fraught with tension, with recent efforts at diplomatic reconciliation overshadowed by lingering distrust. Despite expressing concerns about the threat of nuclear conflict, MBS has emphasized that Saudi Arabia would feel compelled to develop nuclear weapons if Iran did so.

In an interview with Fox News in September, MBS articulated his stance, stating, “We are concerned with any country getting a nuclear weapon… if any country uses a nuclear weapon, that means they are having a war with the rest of the world. If [Iran] gets one, we have to get one.”


This sentiment was echoed in an earlier interview, where MBS likened Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to Adolf Hitler and underscored Tehran’s ambitions for regional dominance. “Saudi Arabia does not want to acquire any nuclear bomb. But without a doubt, if Iran developed a nuclear bomb, we will follow suit as soon as possible,” MBS stated during a 60 Minutes interview in 2018.


Iran’s nuclear program has been making rapid progress, with reports from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) indicating enrichment of uranium to near-weapons-grade levels as of February. Iran theoretically possesses the capability to develop nuclear weapons with its current resources.


Despite the complexities of the Saudi-Iranian relationship, the Biden administration remains committed to pursuing a defense pact with Saudi Arabia, including support for its nuclear aspirations and normalization agreements with Israel.

This endeavor may necessitate concessions from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, possibly including commitments to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.


President Biden has indicated progress in negotiations, stating during a campaign event featuring former Democratic Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, “I’ve been working with the Saudis… They are prepared to fully recognize Israel — fully recognize Israel, first time. But we have to — there has to be a post — a post-Gaza plan here, and there has to be a train to a two-state solution.”


However, securing such a deal faces significant challenges, including Senate ratification, given the current political landscape. Sullivan’s discussions with MBS in Saudi Arabia come amidst a flurry of diplomatic activity, indicating the administration’s concerted efforts in the region.


The simple reality is that everyone with an ounce of common sense knows that the Muslim nations in the Middle East cannot be trusted with anything that may give them nuclear weapon capability. Such a move would be devastating for the future of peace not only in the region, but around the world.


Everyone knows Iran is working to build nuclear weapons to use against Israel and the United States first. That’s their goal, no matter how much they try to hide it. Emboldening Iran by creating an unwise alliance With Saudi Arabia is about as dumb as it gets.


But that’s Joe Biden for you.

D.C. Daily Journal

David YEO:


$!NG3R**W33KND**$0UL (1 Min)


R!CH!3: PR3P@R3*ECL!P$3 (2 Min)


$TR@NG3R**Th3 2 D0N@LD$ (5 Min)


M@$$ VXXN & CH!LDr3N**P@RT 6 (13 Min)


!ZR@3L-G@Z@ W@R 0n F00D A!D**3V!L (32 Min)




M3D!@T0R W!TH J3$U$? (1 Min)


APR!L 8th !s G3TT!NG W3!RD (8 Min)


D0N@LD**CHR!$T!@N V!$!B!L!TY? (4 Min)


"Gr3@T T@K!NG"-W3@LTH TR@N$F3R (13 Min)


TH3 Y0UNG H3@RT$**P@RT 51 APR!L*2014 (10 Min)

David YEO


Judge Who Called Out Trump Hit With Ethics Complaint:

The U.S. judge who appeared on cable television and criticized former President Donald Trump has been hit with an ethics complaint.

U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton’s comments were “clearly inappropriate, defamatory, highly prejudicial, and outrageous,” the complaint, lodged on April 2, states.


Judge Walton, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, went on CNN after President Trump criticized a New York judge and that judge’s daughter in the wake of that judge issuing a gag order against him.

President Trump said in part that New York State Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan was “suffering from an acute case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.”


Judge Walton said that the comments were disconcerting. “And it’s particularly problematic when those comments are in the form of a threat, especially if they’re directed at one’s family,” he said. “I mean, we do these jobs, because we’re committed to the rule of law and we believe in the rule of law, and the rule of law can only function effectively when we have judges who are prepared to carry out their duties without the threat of potential physical harm.”

“It’s very important that people in positions of authority be very circumspect in reference to the things that they say, so that they’re not causing others to act on what they say and maybe cause injury or deaths somewhat as a result of that,” he added later.


The judge’s comments were hyperbolic, according to the new complaint.

“A criminal defendant expressed the view that he would not get a fair trial because of the business activities of the presiding judge’s adult daughter, who is a Democrat political consultant. Whether one agrees with this view, one cannot construe it as a threat or a suggestion that anyone else threatens or perpetuates violence against the judge or his family,” it states. “Again, President Trump never doxxed the home addresses of Judge Merchan or his adult daughter. The statement is not a threat to the independent judiciary nor to democracy more broadly. Judge Walton had no basis to comment on a defendant’s assertion of a violation of the constitutional right to a fair trial in a pending criminal case.”


It’s unusual for a federal judge to make comments outside of courtrooms or court filings. CNN described the judge’s remarks as an “extraordinary rebuke” of President Trump.

The former president is set to go on trial in multiple cases, including in Washington, where Judge Walton is based.

“Judge Walton must have known his interview was highly prejudicial to President Trump, who now must face jury pools–in New York City (starting in less than two weeks), Washington, D.C. (where Judge Walton presides, including over many related January 6th criminal cases), Atlanta, and Florida—who have now heard a sitting D.C. federal judge essentially accuse a criminal defendant of making ‘violent threats’ against another judge and his family for simply raising potential judicial bias by that judge presiding over his case,” the complaint states.


It notes that the code of conduct for federal judges says that a judge “should not make public comment on the merits of a matter pending or impending in any court.” Judge Walton “clearly violated this canon,” according to the complaint. It said the judge should have followed his own advice regarding people in positions of authority.

The complaint was filed by The Article III Project. The group was founded by Mike Davis, a lawyer who previously served as a lawyer for Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), in the U.S. Department of Justice, and as a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.


The complaint was addressed to Sri Srinivasan, the chief judge for the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit and the head of the Judicial Council of the District of Columbia Circuit.

Each circuit has a council. Per federal law, each council “shall make all necessary and appropriate orders for the effective and expeditious administration of justice within its circuit.” The councils are empowered to issue orders that must be followed by judicial officers and employees in the circuit.

A representative for the judge declined to comment over the phone, asking an email inquiry be sent. She did not respond to the email.


Judge Srinivasan was appointed by former President Barack Obama.

Judge Walton’s chambers did not answer the phone or return a voicemail.

The CNN comments sparked some calls for impeachment, although no formal action appears to have been taken on that front.


Judge Srinivasan should immediately take action against Judge Walton, the complaint states.

“This will send a clear message to other federal judges, especially D.C. judges, that they cannot take off their judicial robes and climb into the political ring,” it says. “And federal judges certainly cannot throw political punches against any criminal defendant—especially one who happens to be the leading presidential candidate during the heat of the highly contentious presidential election season.”

If the council does not act, then Congress should, according to the complaint.

NTD News Media




Rumors – Rumors - Rumors – Rumors – Rumors


RUMOURS Circulating out there...:

You need to MAKE-UP Your own MIND!


The Real News for Thurs. 4 April 2024:


Thurs. 4 April White Hat Intel: Double Coup, Poland

  • ·        NATO/CIA/MI6 start their COUP in Poland

  • ·        WH Military Alliance in Poland start COUP

  • ·        The storming of the Polish Presidential Palace by police to arrest Elite individuals in corruption was planned and allowed by the Deep State & White Hats. Both wanted the arrests to happen that would start different movements and outcomes.

  • ·        Military sources and Intel give information that both Mariusz Kaminski and Maciej Wasik are playing double agents in a massive corruption sting that is leading to civil unrest and near Civil war (forecast for summer fall) in Poland.

  • ·        These events come as Poland  Military is highly compromised by the cia NATO MI 6 Operations.

  • ·        The past two weeks inside of Polish military higher commands are sharing classified intelligence with lower commands, letting them know a MAJOR FALSE FLAG EVENT is in COMING as the Western deep agencies are using Poland to create WORLD WAR 3 SCENARIO EVENTS. A false event where Russia attacks with a missile.

  • ·        The Polish Military White Hats are trying to move the uncompromised military leaders against the NATO CIA operators.

  • ·        The real command of the Polish Military has direct back channels to Russia commands and U.S. military (white hats) channels.

  • ·        Everything happening in Poland needs to happen…. Poland’s 2024 fall government collapse will initiate Military protocols that will block out all outside influence and directions and bring in short term military guidance. This means The Storm operations that was always INTENDED.

  • ·        POLAND is expected to FLIP against the NATO (CIA/MI6/UN OPS ) at the same time the U.S. brings in MASS EXPOSURE of Military corruption among NATO and Global agenda operations.

  • ·        Germany is getting ready to head into a massive Corruption scandal and Major EVENTS will hit The German European super power by late spring and the German government collapse will began with Major push back from German People and citizens as Super mass inflation hits and panic rise and Germany will see some of the biggest protests of the century and near WORLD WAR 3 events WILL trigger MASS EXPOSURE OF W.H.O . GATES. PLANDEMIC CIA. NATO CORRUPTION


  • ·        THE WORLD STORM Coming in.




  • ·       Fri. 5 April Trump speech on arresting and execution of Bill Gates including connection, future, and past of the Bill Gates Foundation’s Crimes Against Humanity.

  • ·       Wed. 3 April: Donald Trump has just activated the EBS. Mission completed. The information that will be made public on Sun. 7 April 2024 may lead to the fall of the current government in the United States.

  • ·       Mon. 8 April 2024: NASA is firing three rockets into the Eclipse named after the Egyptian Serpent God “Apep” in a symbolic gesture of “devouring Ra, the Sun god” & after 3 minutes of darkness, the “new sun” will be symbolic of “King of the Golden Age” Horus (Inevitable Antichrist). Israel is getting ready to sacrifice a red heifer in preparation for the rebuilding of the Third Temple. CERN is going to fire up the Hadron Collider the same day, smash atoms together and attempt to search for “invisible matter that controls our universe”…The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram Thurs. 4 April 2024

  • ·       Mon. 8 April Solar Eclipse State of Emergencies Declared Nationwide and in Canada: Kentucky, West Virginia, Ontario Canada, Arkansas, Killeen TX, Ohio, Missouri County, Charleston County, Jackson County:

  • ·       The Event will span approximately three days, drawing inspiration from the Bay of Pigs incident.

  • ·       Following this, there will be a 10-day Earth shutdown and the activation of the Military Emergency Broadcasting System (EBS) broadcasted globally on TVs and radios.

  • ·       Concurrently, governments worldwide will be temporarily disbanded, accompanied by further arrests.


Must Watch Videos:


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