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Monday BLOG 1 - 1 - 24


Verse(s) for today:


In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Genesis 1:1 KJV


He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 KJV


He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.

Isaiah 40:29 KJV



A CNN reporter slipped up and revealed exactly how Democrats will respond to a Donald Trump victory in 2024:

Ruling class Democrats and Republicans, along with their media allies, spent years smearing Donald Trump and conservatives as “domestic terrorists,” “racists,” and a “threat to democracy.”

But Democrats are the real party of violence.

And a CNN reporter slipped up and revealed exactly how Democrats will respond to a Donald Trump victory in 2024.

Democrats began weaponizing the justice system to eliminate everyone who dared disagree with their authoritarian agenda long ago, giving President Joe Biden and his regime the ability to wage lawfare on former President Donald Trump in the lead-up to the 2024 election.


Democrat prosecutor Jack Smith is hell-bent on setting a March 4 trial date in Washington, D.C., where a Democrat judge and jury will deliver a guaranteed conviction.

Four Democrat Justices on the Colorado Supreme Court just banned Trump’s name from appearing on the state’s Republican Presidential Primary ballot under a warped interpretation of the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause.

Of course, even the Democrat prosecutors, like Smith, who are carrying out the Biden regime’s lawfare agenda against Trump would not charge the former President with insurrection – yet he’s been removed from the Colorado ballot for allegedly committing a crime he’s never been charged with, much less convicted of.

But Democrats and their media allies have spent every day since January 6 painting the false narrative that Trump is a “violent insurrectionist” who is a “threat” to American democracy.


On Tuesday, CNN national security analyst Juliette Kayyem appeared for an interview on News Central in which she accused Trump of using the “threat of violence” to rally his supporters behind his campaign. “It’s about to be 2024, we are running into an election period in which violence and the threat of violence are sort of viewed as an extension of our normal democratic differences,” Kayyem said. “This is one of the successes of what Donald Trump has been able to do, is to sort of be kind of casual about violence.”

Kayyem went on to warn viewers that “everyone needs to brace for this year, 2024 is going to be a year in which elections and the threat of violence overhangs this election.” 


She listed two reasons for her warning about violence, starting with Trump’s alleged “violent rhetoric.” “One is that Trump is not hiding it,” she claimed. “Potentially, the lead candidate for the GOP, who’s going to get the nomination, is utilizing language and violence in the threat of violence as a way to rally his people to get support, and his Party is sort of ignoring it. They’re not condemning it. I think that, then, creates an atmosphere in which violence becomes more permissive.”


As for her second reason she is concerned about violence in 2024, Kayyem also pointed the finger at Trump. But instead of falsely accusing him of spewing so-called “violent rhetoric,” she predicted a “hair on fire” moment if the former President gets re-elected in November 2024. “The second is if you guess a nomination, he could win,” she said. “And then, if there’s a win at the end of 2024, that’s when I don’t know how to, I tend not to have my hair on fire.”

Kayyem even admitted that the violence would be carried out by Democrats who refuse to accept Trump’s victory.

“I don’t know how to explain or curb how the violence unfolds if Donald Trump does become President,” she warned.

Democrats are in a frenzy after various polls have indicated that Trump may be leading President Biden in all seven of the key battleground swing states at the moment.


And they’re issuing a not-so-subtle threat for chaos and violence should Donald Trump win the 2024 Presidential Election.                                                                                       The Underground News Media



Trump vows to build 'new and spectacular building' for FBI, DeSantis turns the table on former president:

Former President Donald Trump vowed to build a "new and spectacular building" for the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took one of Trump's most popular MAGA rallying cries and weaponized it against the former president.


On Saturday afternoon, Trump declared that he not only wants to keep the FBI headquartered in Washington, D.C., but also wants to construct a "new and spectacular building" for the government agency.

The FBI Headquarters should not be moved to a far away location, but should stay right where it is, in a new and spectacular building, in the best location in our now crime ridden and filthy dirty, graffiti scarred, Capital.


They should be involved in bringing back D.C., not running away from it, especially the violent crime. An important part of my platform for President is to bring back, restore, and rebuild Washington, D.C., into the “crown jewel” of our Nation. We will make it crime free and GREAT AGAIN. The FBI should not be fleeing for safer, yet much less convenient, environs. It should make where they are now the safest place on earth! DON’T MOVE THE FBI!


DeSantis used Trump's own Make America Great slogan against him to turn the tables on his FBI building promise.

"Donald Trump failed to drain the swamp, so perhaps it is not surprising that he is seeking to deepen the swamp by building a massive new FBI building in D.C.," DeSantis responded on the X social media platform. "Actually draining swamp requires taking power out of D.C., not cementing power inside D.C."

DeSantis targeted Trump during a town hall in Manchester, New Hampshire.

"NO! That’s part of the problem with the FBI. They’ve become overrun with D.C. politics — you need to take it out of D.C. Take power out of there – that’s how you drain the swamp," DeSantis declared.

"I'm taking power out of D.C., you're going to have a reduction in the size of government, but also in the scope of government," DeSantis stated.

The BLAZE Media




by Robert Williams

January 1, 2024

  • ·         At least four groups with links to Hamas are reportedly behind several of the marches: The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), the Palestinian Forum for Britain, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and the Friends of al-Aqsa.

  • ·         "[M]embership of the Muslim Brotherhood remained (and still remains) a secret." — UK government report, "Muslim Brotherhood Review: Main Findings," December 17, 2015

  • ·         Too often, unfortunately, those many propaganda goals evidently correspond to what the organizations behind the never-ending pro-Hamas protests in London -- and around the world -- seek to obtain: Creating sympathy for Hamas and the Gazans, demonizing Israel, which is fighting terrorism for all of us so that we will not have to, and increasing pressure for a permanent ceasefire that will enable Hamas to survive.

  • ·         "Unfortunately, Hamas's bloodlust is not limited to Israel and Jews but also extends to Europe and Christians. I want to remind you that in the past, Hamas members expressed the Islamic intention to conquer Europe." — Israel's Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli, in a letter sent to about 20 European leaders warning of "a massive network of Hams operatives and the growing activism of Hamas across Europe," December 2023.

  • ·         Uprooting Hamas in the UK anytime in the near future, given the lack of enthusiasm that the Met Police have shown in the wake of the pro-Hamas demonstrations, sadly seems unlikely.

The pro-Hamas protests in London are not, apparently, as organic and spontaneous as their organizers would like them to seem.

At least four groups with links to Hamas are reportedly behind several of the marches: The Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), the Palestinian Forum for Britain, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and the Friends of al-Aqsa. The same groups were behind the largest protest so far, on November 11 in London, where it is estimated that around 300,000 people participated.

Supporting Hamas, a proscribed terrorist organization in the UK, could lead to up to 14 years in prison.

The MAB was co-founded and directed for almost a decade by Muhammad Kathem Sawalha, who in the late 1980s was a Hamas leader in Samaria in the West Bank, where he reportedly "masterminded" Hamas's terrorist strategy. He fled to the UK in the late 1990s and, incredibly, obtained British citizenship, despite being on Israel's most-wanted list.

The US Department of Justice named Sawalha as a co-conspirator in the 2004 indictment of Hamas recruiter and financer Muhammad Salah, "for allegedly participating in a 15-year racketeering conspiracy in the United States and abroad to illegally finance terrorist activities in Israel, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, including providing money for the purchase of weapons... "

"All three defendants allegedly used bank accounts in the United States to launder millions of dollars for disbursement to support Hamas, which has publicly claimed credit for engaging in suicide bombings that resulted in the deaths of Israeli military personnel and civilians, as well as American and other foreign nationals in Israel and the West Bank."

According to Israeli authorities, his son, Obada Sawalha, is now the MAB's vice-president.

The Muslim Association of Britain has links to the Muslim Brotherhood -- of which Hamas is also an offshoot. A 2015 UK government review of the Muslim Brotherhood reported:

"In the 1990s the Muslim Brotherhood and their associates established public facing and apparently national organisations in the UK to promote their views. None were openly identified with the Muslim Brotherhood and membership of the Muslim Brotherhood remained (and still remains) a secret. But for some years the Muslim Brotherhood shaped the new Islamic Society of Britain (ISB), dominated the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) and played an important role in establishing and then running the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). MAB became politically active, notably in connection with Palestine and Iraq, and promoted candidates in national and local elections."

According to the Telegraph:

"Another of the Muslim Association of Britain's three directors, Dr Anas Altikriti, co-founded a group called the British Muslim Initiative with a senior commander in Hamas, Mohammed Sawalha, and Azzam Tamimi who has been described as a Hamas 'special envoy' in Britain."

Another group behind the protest, the Palestinian Forum for Britain, is led by Zaher Birawi, who was designated by Israel as a terrorist in 2013. The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center described Birawi as a "Hamas-affiliated Palestinian" in 2017, when Birawi was in charge of the so-called flotillas to Gaza, which he oversaw as part of Hamas' propaganda effort.

The Meir Amit Center wrote in 2017:

"Birawi was recently interviewed by Felesteen, Hamas' daily newspaper. He discussed, among other things, the many current difficulties in dispatching flotillas to the Gaza Strip, but tried to minimize their significance and importance. He said the flotillas' main goal is propaganda aimed at keeping the Palestinians, the Gaza Strip and the 'siege' as 'live' topics in international public discourse. According to Birawi, the objectives of the flotillas are to defame Israel, and to increase the effect of the political and media campaigns accompanying the flotillas...

"[T]he real aim of the Mavi Marmara was not to bring humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, but rather for propaganda and political capital: to demonstrate support for Hamas, to exert pressure on Israel to unilaterally change its policy of closure on the Gaza Strip; to create sympathy in the media for the suffering of the Palestinians resulting from the 'siege' and to deepen Israel's isolation."

Birawi met Ismail Haniyeh and other leaders of the terror group in Gaza in 2012.

The real reason for the Mavi Marmara flotilla, of course -- the reason Israel stopped it -- was not propaganda. Turkey's supposedly humanitarian relief organization, the IHH, turned out to be secretly carrying weapons to Gaza. Israel had first offered the flotilla to dock in the port of Ashdod for inspection. There appear to be propaganda counter-efforts to suppress information about the attempted arms transfer.

Too often, unfortunately, those many propaganda goals evidently correspond to what the organizations behind the never-ending pro-Hamas protests in London -- and around the world -- seek to obtain: Creating sympathy for Hamas and the Gazans, demonizing Israel, which is fighting terrorism for all of us so that we will not have to, and increasing pressure for a permanent ceasefire that will enable Hamas to survive.

Two former leaders of the third group behind the protest, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, reportedly met with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza in 2012.

The fourth group behind the protests, is the Friends of al-Aqsa (FOA). According to the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center:

"Is an anti-Israeli NGO established in Britain in 1997... the FOA qualifies Israel's policy as 'apartheid', supports Hamas and the 'resistance' (i.e., terrorism), and seeks to put an end to Israel's existence as the state of the Jewish people under the title of 'liberation of Palestine'. Similarly to other organizations taking part in the delegitimization effort, the FOA attempts to conceal and play down its real objectives by fine-tuning its rhetoric for Western ears and using such terms as 'peace in Palestine', 'respect for international law', 'respect for human rights, and 'implementation of UN resolutions.'"

FOA's leader, Ismail Patel, has met with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza.

All of the above prompted critics to demand that the protests be cancelled. According to Sky News, half of all Britons wanted the march that took place on Remembrance Day, November 11, to be banned. Sir Mark Rowley, commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, however, apparently saw no grounds to ban it.

This extremely lax relationship of the British police towards Hamas-affiliated groups in Britain is dangerous to the UK itself.

At the beginning of December, Israel sent personal letters to about 20 European leaders, including the UK, that included evidence of the terrorist activity of Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in European cities. The letter stated:

"Since the [October 7] massacre, calls for violence against Jews worldwide have increased by 120% - a shocking statistic. Unfortunately, Hamas's bloodlust is not limited to Israel and Jews but also extends to Europe and Christians. I want to remind you that in the past, Hamas members expressed the Islamic intention to conquer Europe..."

Tzur Bar-Oz, Head of the Research and Foreign Relations Division at the Diaspora Affairs Ministry, added in the letter:

"Hamas has been operating for many years worldwide, mainly through covert humanitarian donations. It is a complex network of hatred operating in many countries, including Western and highly democratic ones. This phenomenon must be uprooted and eradicated as soon as possible."

Uprooting Hamas in the UK anytime in the near future, given the lack of enthusiasm that the Met Police have shown in the wake of the pro-Hamas demonstrations, sadly seems unlikely.

"Speeches at pro-Palestinian rallies in the UK might have glorified terrorism" according to the UK government's independent reviewer of terrorism.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, to his immense credit, as soon as the pro-Hamas demonstrations began in the UK, said:

"Inciting violence, racial hatred, is illegal. People who are acting in an abusive or threatening manner causing distress are breaking the law. The police have the power and the tools that they need to ensure they can stop that from happening and you will see that in full force in the coming days to make sure anyone who breaks the law meets the full force of that law."

While the Met Police have made some arrests, they have overall allowed the chanting of terrorist slogans to continue at the many weekly protests. On one occasion, police even tried to explain away the meaning of chants of "jihad" that had occurred at one Hizb-ut Tahrir protest:

"The individual has not been arrested with the Met saying the word jihad has 'a number of meanings', and specialist counter-terrorism officers had not identified any offences arising from it. Instead, officers spoke to the man to 'discourage any repeat of similar chanting.'" 

In London, it is still appeasement time.

Robert Williams is a researcher based in the United States.                                                             GATESTONE Institute





Barack Obama reportedly added Oprah Winfrey film to his must-watch movies list to avoid offending Winfrey:

Some are saying that former President Barack Obama made a last-minute change to his list of must-watch movies because of Oprah Winfrey's influence, the Atlanta Black Star reported. The former president-turned-film executive added a 2023 adaptation of "The Color Purple" at the eleventh hour. 

For several years running, Obama has released a list of his favorite works of that year, including movies, books, and music. This year's list was published on Dec. 27 with an accompanying social media post.

"Earlier this year, writers and actors went on strike to advocate for better working conditions and protections. It led to important changes that will transform the industry for the better," Obama posted to Instagram, pandering to those who went on strike in Hollywood.


"Here are some films that reflect their hard work over the last year — including some like Rustin, American Symphony, and Leave the World Behind that we were proud to release through @HigherGroundMedia. What films did I miss?" he continued, plugging his production company. In a follow-up edit to the post, Obama corrected the record and added one glaring omission. "*Update: I just saw The Color Purple and loved it," he added to the post of the Christmas Day release.

"I'm adding it to this list as one of my favorite movies of the year," Obama wrote. The former president was mocked on social media for what seemed like a scared response to Oprah's influence behind the scenes. Mara Webster, who is host, co-founder, and head of programming for In Creative Company, trolled Obama with a gif from "Scream" with a frightened Drew Barrymore holding a telephone. "Barack Obama when Oprah called him five minutes after his favourite movies of the year list released," Webster captioned it.


"Someone just got a phone call from Oprah," Kevin Fallon from the Daily Beast wrote as he shared the list and the update. These posts may have been meant in jest, but Oprah had a great deal to do with Obama's successful 2008 White House bid.

Of course, there's a chance Obama's revision could be based on merit. "The Color Purple" received a Critics Choice nomination for Best Picture even though it was just released.


The film, which is a 2023 adaptation of the Broadway musical, will surely show in the upcoming Oscars as well. Still, it's no secret that Oprah is a powerful figure and may have been displeased by the oversight.

The OWN network founder endorsed Obama for president in 2007 while she was at the height of her fame, CBS News reported. When it came to anything Oprah endorsed, it seemed she had the golden touch with her book club, her magazine, her network, and her "favorite things" products.


That apparently extended to politicians as well. A study designed by then-graduate students Tim Moore and Craig Garthwaite found that Oprah added around 1,015,559 votes for Obama.

Whether Oprah reached out to Obama or not in this instance, that kind of help is not something a person forgets easily. Perhaps Obama finds the new film enrapturing, but it stands to reason that he'd sing Oprah's praises no matter what.


For some reason, Obama has remained a cultural figure to the leftists who propped him up while he was in office. Now, the world is subjected to his self-serving lists that may or may not be influenced by the people who helped him become that important.

The American Digest



University of Wisconsin La Crosse fires chancellor for making X-rated videos:

The University of Wisconsin La Crosse fired Chancellor Joe Gow Wednesday for making sexually explicit videos with his wife and posting them online, the New York Post reported. The 63-year-old previously made headlines for paying thousands of dollars to a porn star who spoke on the university campus.

The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents unanimously agreed Gow had to go due to his "abhorrent" conduct. It was revealed that Gow and his wife, Carmen Wilson, posted several explicit videos under their "Sexy Happy Couple" account.


"In recent days, we learned of specific conduct by Dr. Gow that has subjected the university to significant reputational harm. His actions were abhorrent," Jay Rothman, university president, said in a statement.

Gow has been with the school since 2007 but was put on administrative leave for his actions. On Wednesday, Rothman filed a complaint requesting Gow's tenure status to be re-evaluated.

Karen Walsh, UW system regent president, similarly accused Gow of "reckless disregard for the role he was entrusted with" as the university's second-longest serving chancellor. "We are alarmed and disgusted by his actions, which were wholly and undeniably inconsistent with his role as chancellor," Walsh said.


The videos Gow and his wife posted sometimes included professional porn stars. In his defense, Gow pointed out that he never shows his face in the videos, nor does he reveal his employer.

"There’s nothing said about the University of Wisconsin; there’s nothing said about the chancellor (on the videos)," Gow told reporters. "So, someone else would have to make those associations. And then someone would have to say those are problematic."


Gow further explained that there are no school resources involved in the creation or dissemination of their adult content. He claimed that his First Amendment rights protect his side gig. Prior to his firing this week, Gow claimed he was never contacted about his extracurricular activities, which he defends as acceptable activity between consenting adults. He believes his due process rights have been violated in this matter and its outcome at the university.


Notably, Gow announced his intentions in August to retire at the end of the 2023-2024 school year. He shared his future plans with the school's student newspaper, where he said he would make a cookbook and accompanying "video" that he would "maybe put up on the internet."

Perhaps he has followed his dreams after all, as the former chancellor and his wife also have a YouTube cooking channel, "Sexy Healthy Cooking." It features the couple cooking vegan meals with porn stars, and it sometimes ends with the insulation that there will be a tryst with their guest offscreen.


On their X account, Gow and Wilson post teasers and direct their followers to go to LoyalFans and OnlyFans to view "fully explicit scenes." This isn't the first time Gow's penchant for explicit content landed him in hot water.

He infamously hired porn star Nina Hartley in 2018 to lecture students and used $5,000 of La Crosse funds to pay for her speaking fees before being forced to reimburse the school. Hartley has since been featured in some of Gow and Wilson's videos.


The world of academia is increasingly infested with degenerates like Gow, who engage in perverted behavior under the cover of academic pursuit and First Amendment freedoms. The university was right to get rid of him, but one man’s ouster is merely a drop in the bucket.

The American Digest


James Comer believes Joe Biden purposefully used pseudonyms in emails to hide dealings with "shady associates":

House Oversight Chairman James Comer believes President Joe Biden purposefully used pseudonyms in emails to correspond with "shady associates" about his schemes, Daily Wire reported. The aliases were discovered during the Kentucky Republican's impeachment inquiry of Biden.

Between 2009 and 2017, the then-vice president used the names JRB Ware, Robin Ware, and Robert Peters in email communications. As part of Comer's investigation, the committee has requested documents related to emails using the president's pseudonyms.


Comer has said the White House is withholding 82,000 pages of evidence related to those fake names. The committee chairman believes it's vital to get to the bottom of what and with whom he was corresponding.

"Right now, I think one of the most important amount of documentation that we need are those pseudonym emails," Comer said. He added what the committee "did not know until recently was that he was, in fact, using those pseudonym emails to communicate with not just his son, Hunter Biden, but also with his shady business associates."

The National Archives turned over 14 pages of emails, but Comer believes it "didn’t even amount to half of 1 percent" of what they are requesting, he said during an appearance on Fox News. "These are junk emails," Comer added, according to the New York Post.


"But what we learned from the indictment [against Hunter Biden] in California, [is] several of those emails that Joe Biden used a pseudonym were used as evidence against Hunter Biden in his failure to pay taxes … that is important evidence there," Comer claimed. The president also corresponded with Hunter Biden's business associate, Eric Schwerin.

There were at least 327 emails involving Joe Biden and Schwerin that could be significant in the face of possible corruption. At the time, Schwerin was managing director of Hunter Biden's beleaguered firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners.


Moreover, the House Ways and Means Committee revealed that 54 private emails were sent between Schwerin and Joe Biden. This is significant as the committee believes Schwerin was responsible for creating "various shell companies that launder money around the world" for the Biden family.

Comer plans to depose Hunter Biden and "all of his business associates" after the holiday recess. They'll also be digging into the scandal involving Joe Biden's mishandling of classified materials.


"We also have questions for the National Archives – which countries were involved in the documents that Joe Biden mishandled?" Comer added that emails Hunter Biden sent to operatives in Ukraine may have been related to classified documents found in Joe Biden's garage while his son was living there and would have had access to them.

In January 2023, troves of classified documents were found in an office Joe Biden used in Washington, D.C., at the Penn Biden Center as well as at his private Delaware residence. Joe Biden admitted that he kept documents in his Delaware home with his prized classic Corvette, Fox News reported.


"I'm going to get the chance to speak on all of this, God willing, it'll be soon, but I said earlier this week — and by the way, my Corvette is in a locked garage," the president explained. "It's not like it's sitting out in the street," Biden added, as if that made it better.

As the storm continues to gather around the Biden family, Hunter Biden is in danger of being held in contempt of Congress for refusing to testify to the House Oversight Committee as required by subpoena about his schemes that may involve his father. Comer promised that would be addressed "as soon as we get back."

It seems that everywhere investigators turn, there's another trail that leads to evidence of the Bidens' corruption. It's only a matter of time before one of those avenues leads to the downfall of the entire Biden family.

The American Digest


Honest Government Ad

Visit Canada 🇨🇦

The Canadian Government has made a new tourism ad and it’s surprisingly honest and informative!

Tell me what you think...                                                                                                                                          Les Breznyansky



Trump filed one motion that had Jack Smith pulling out his hair:

Donald Trump is at war with the Washington, D.C. Swamp.

Establishment elites will not stop until he’s languishing in prison.

But Trump filed one motion that had Jack Smith pulling out his hair.

Special Counsel Jack Smith attempted to expedite one of his cases against Donald Trump in order to coincide with the 2024 election calendar.

Smith appealed to the Supreme Court on the question of Presidential immunity before the appellate court even issued a ruling.


Smith is clearly attempting to influence the election by expediting Trump’s trial.

However, Smith’s gambit failed, and now Trump is attempting to get the 2020 election case dismissed.

Trump’s lawyers wrote in a filing that he has “absolute immunity from prosecution for his official acts” as President of the United States, which included to “advocate for and defend the integrity of the federal election, in accord with his view that it was tainted by fraud and irregularity.”


Smith is arguing that Trump “fueled” an “unprecedented assault on the seat of American democracy” and his election claims were “targeted at obstructing a bedrock function of the U.S. government, the nation’s process of collecting, counting, and certifying the results of the presidential election.”


The Deep State is effectively trying to throw Trump and his lawyers in jail for making legal challenges to the 2020 election. Smith and the Democrats have not presented any evidence that Trump orchestrated an insurrection beyond saying that he believed his election challenges could win in court. Meanwhile, Democrats have been denying elections at least since 2000. Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democrats said that Trump was an “illegitimate President” and that his three Supreme Court appointees are also illegitimate.


That has been the pretext for Senator Elizabeth Warren and others openly calling for the Supreme Court to be packed, a scheme that even the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg disdained. As Smith attempts to interfere with the 2024 election, the Colorado Supreme Court is doing the same thing from a different angle.


The court ruled 4-3 that Trump could be left off the 2024 GOP Primary ballot. After the ruling, liberal legal scholar Alan Dershowitz said in an interview, “In the 60 years I’ve been practicing and teaching law, I’ve never seen a decision that’s so anti-democratic and so unconstitutional . . . It is absurd. The idea that the 14th Amendment was supposed to substitute for the impeachment provision, carefully drafted by the framers, is wrong.”

The 2024 election is heating up, and it might play out in court.

Un-Muzzled News Media




Globalists Attempt to Cover Up Vax Deaths as Blue Cities Announce New Covid Measures:

Alex Jones Here With the Last Sunday Show of 2023 -- The COVID Tyrants Are Trying to Cover Up Their Crimes -- Don't Let Them Get Away With It

On today's LIVE SUNDAY SHOW, I'll break down the new Covid power grab as blue cities bring back mask mandates and how it's being used to cover up the mass vaccine injuries and deaths that continue to take place. We'll also lay out the globalists' Great Replacement plan, their desperate efforts to escalate the Ukraine war, and much more! Tune in!

Watch & share today's show HERE and be sure to tune into Monday-Friday from 11AM-3PM Central and Sunday 4-6 PM Central to watch the most banned broadcast in the world with breaking news and commentary exclusively from me and other great Infowars hosts and guests!

Remember, if you're receiving this email, you are the resistance!                                                                                Infowars

Alex Jones


The Supreme Court just got smacked with huge news that changes everything:

The Left has long politicized the U.S. Supreme Court. They can’t stand High Court’s new conservative bench majority.

But now the Supreme Court’s been smacked with massive news that changes everything.

The far-Left billionaire George Soros, has upped his contributions to a left-leaning organization that wants to fill the Supreme Court.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Soros’ investment shows that leftists are still committed to changing the makeup of the Supreme Court.


According to tax records, Soros-funded foundation Open Society Foundations gave Demand Justice $4.5 million in fiscal year 2021 to “support policy advocacy on court reform.”

When Demand Justice was founded in 2018 to fight the nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Soros paid it $2.5 million. That sum was almost double that amount.


Demand Justice is “working to restore balance to the courts by reforming the Supreme Court, expanding the circuit and district courts, and championing new judges with experience as public defenders, civil rights lawyers, legal aid lawyers, and labor lawyers who represent working people” according to the organization’s website.

The confirmation of conservative Associate Justices Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, Democrats’ failure to end the Senate filibuster, and the overturning of the Roe v. Wade ruling, which had legalized abortion in all 50 states, are just a few of the major setbacks that progressives have experienced recently.


However, Demand Justice did not give up and called for rallies when the Supreme Court’s last term’s momentous decisions on abortion and Second Amendment rights were handed down.

Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon advocated for the dismantling of security fencing surrounding the Supreme Court after a draft of the 2022 Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling was leaked, allowing demonstrators to call for “more accountability” from the justices.


In a tweet from May, Fallon praised the “SCOTUS leaks are good,” “Elite lawyers on both the left and right treating the Court as precious all these years have just been giving cover to an institution that is wholly unaccountable. Rip the veil off.” Following the Dobbs opinion leak, threats against Supreme Court justices intensified. A man was detained outside Kavanaugh’s house and confessed to having planned to kill the justice.

Fallon, a former press secretary for Hillary Clinton, pushed Democrats to increase the Court’s seats when the high court’s Dobbs ruling, which overturned Roe, was announced and described to the conservative majority as “illegitimate.”


Soros’ Sixteen Thirty Fund is in charge of Demand Justice, which doesn’t reveal who its funders are.

According to Fox News, Open Society also gave $35 million in 2021 to organizations supporting the defund the cops movement.

The American public constantly has to hear from Leftists all over the Fake News Media that conservatives are “election deniers” and “anti-democracy.”

And yet, it’s the Left who refuse to accept that there were consequences to Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 election.

One of those consequences was Donald Trump getting the chance to nominate three Supreme Court Justices, which were all nominated.


Sadly, the Left has resorted to intimidation tactics since there’s nothing they can do about the Supreme Court’s conservative majority.

That’s what we saw with the leaking of the Dobbs decision that saw Roe v. Wade effectively overturned.

It’s not just random people attempting to intimidate the Supreme Court either. The Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer himself said that the conservatives on the bench will “pay the price” and that they “won’t know what him them.”


The Federalist Wire


David YEO:


D3T0X F@TTY L!V3R (1 Min)


AnT@RCT!CA: "!'V3 $33N Th3 !C3 W@LL" (10 Min)


$@M B@!L3Y & M!K3 $T0N3: V!R0L0GY !s a L!3 (51 Min)


H0LLYW00D: $T@R's CH!LD has MULT!PL3 $3!ZuR3$ (3 Min)


N@T!0NaL C!T!Z3N$ !nQU!rY: R0DN3Y P@LM3R**CBC B!@$ (49 Min)


C!GNA H3@LTH !n$uR@NC3 P0L!CY '24: Wh@T Do Th3Y Kn0W? (1 Min)



ChristianRoots Canada Newsletter

By Lynette Bloedow

Best Wishes for 2024.

I have been musing on Psalm 90 for some time now, and then I was recently reminded that this was written by Moses. The verses I have been thinking of are below...

·         So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.​Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.​Make us glad for as many days as you have afflicted us, and for as many years as we have seen evil.​Let your work be shown to your servants, and your glorious power to their children.Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!

The highlighted section can be interpreted thus:

·         Life is short. Live wisely.

·         May God redeem our many days of illness and many years of trials.

·         May God establish the work we do, so others can build on it.

And so... we want to begin 2024 with those thoughts embedded in our hearts and minds.

To help you remember, watch this...

ChristianRoots Canada Newsletter



Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:



This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND  




Much has happened over the Transition to the New YEAR 2024

·         Within the last couple of days GESARA was softly announced to the public through select media outlets on the Starlink Satellite system, which made it legal.

·         On Mon. 1 Jan. 2024 a Global Currency Reset occurred where the majority of People of the World no longer would use the Fiat US Petro Dollar for International Trade, but switch to using their own Sovereign Nation’s Gold/ Asset-backed Currencies.

·         Chinese President Xi has been working with the US White Hats to take down the Chinese Communist Party and People’s Republic of China.

·         Chinese Military White Hats say Biden removal was imminent.

·         Refuse to lower your standards to those who refuse to raise theirs.

·         The Rothschilds created Israel as a political cover for Switzerland.

·         Switzerland was created as a cover for the Cabals illegal Global Financial System and Child Sex Trafficking run by the Vatican in cooperation with the Crown of England and US Inc.

·         The IRS and Federal Reserve are illegal and a fraud. Their private Rothschild bankers collect US Tax Payer dollars for their own use and that of the British Crown and Vatican, and then lend it back to us while charging interest on our own monies – the reason for the National Debit. Yet, Ken Cromar sits in jail with his home and all possessions stolen from him by an IRS SWAT Team after proving to a Federal Tax Court that he owed no monies to the IRS.

·         20 years ago George Bush & Tony Blair launched an illegal war in Iraq, leading to the death of a million people. Today, they’re rich, rewarded & free (perhaps, they could have visited GITMO) … whilst Julian Assange languishes in prison for exposing their war crimes.

·         Prosecutor Jack Smith Is Trying to Block Jan. 6 Evidence that Proves Pelosi Rejected Troops Offered by President Trump. President Trump says that Smith’s attempt to block the introduction of evidence of Jan. 6th security failures is because the evidence proves then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn’t take the security that was offered ahead of January 6th: “[Nancy Pelosi] was responsible for January 6th because she didn’t take the security that we offered her. We offered her 10,000 troops.”



The Fall Of The Cabal, or the End Of The World As We Know It, plus Sequel to The Fall of the Cabal: 

Crime, Murder, Money Laundering, Cartels, High Treason – all of which exists right under your nose, Janet Ossebaard and Cyntha Koeter

Take a dive into a Rabbit Hole. 

This is not a conspiracy theory, but merely facts compiled over the course of the last 20 + years condensed into a three hour segment consisting of ten parts. Set your cognitive dissonance aside and open your mind to what has been hidden from you for the last century. If you are new to this type of research, be warned: It’s not for the faint of heart. It deals with corruption, crimes, Satanic activities of the Elite, and people who we elect to run our World. In the end, you will be enlightened!


Sat. 30 Dec. Bearded Patriot USA Telegram Post:

A Military Team worked from 24th to the 26th December on NESARA/GESARA and the release of funds. The military worked on NESARA all night long on the 25th because they wanted us all to receive the Abundance.

·         On Tues. 26 Dec. 2024 GESARA was softly announced publicly to select media outlets through the Starlink Satellite system, which made it legal.

·         GESARA has started between all governments worldwide.

·         NESARA is now liquid under the USN. The money is flowing.

·         On Mon. 1 Jan. the fiat US Dollar became illegal as a legal tender in Iraq.

·         Everything is imminent. Everything changes within 12 hours after the Worldwide Announcement. (Phil G)

·         The Military is in charge, not President Trump, or the White Hats.

·         The Military has been playing 5D chess, along with President Trump, to strategically and meticulously execute the final stages of The Plan.

·         We know timeframes of events, not exact dates.

·         The debts between nations have all been forgiven and wiped clean.

·         Foreign currency will not pay off debt. Foreign currency will help you.

·         Social Security will not exist.

·         The money coming to everyone will come in structured payments up to $5000 for 60 and above, with a possible time frame of January 2024.

·         Disabled seniors will get $7500. There’s no rules to get the $7500.

·         Anyone proving they have a job will get $1200 per month universal basic income.

·         If you cannot work you will still get the $1200 based on the UBI.

·         There’s 200 programs where everyone will get financial abundance according to GESARA.

·         Everything stolen will be returned 1000 times over and more. This is the day of Abundance that will blow Your Mind.

·         Stop attacking each other. Stop attacking Intel providers. When you are angry and impatient you choose to stay in a negative energy field you damage yourself. Get rid of a mindset of lack. Start thinking ABUNDANCE.

·         Everything is done.

·         There is no kicking the can, No delays. The process is slow because of the legalities.

·         The World Court is going over the paperwork. The Military is waiting on the World Court for all legalities to be finalized properly between nations according to Common Law.

·         The Cabal lies to the banks and when Bankers found out they were angry. Some bankers quit their jobs because we are so close to the end of this.

·         Michelle Obama is NOT running for president.

·         This is happening now, not in 2025.

·         The Banks are getting ready for the RV and GCR.

·         President Trump will be back OVERNIGHT.


Global Currency Reset:

·         BRICS: The U.S Dollar will collapse on Mon. 1 Jan. 2024.

·         On Mon. 1 Jan. 2024 the fiat Petro US Dollar will no longer be used for international trade and from here on out the BRICS nations (which represent over half of the World population) will only be using their own sovereign nations gold/asset-backed currency for in country and international trade.

·         On Mon. 1 Jan. 2024 the Global Currency Reset was scheduled to take place; the new gold asset/backed US Notes will be put in US ATMs and Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) could receive email notification to set appointments.

·         On Tues. 2 Jan. the new gold/asset-backed US Note would be available to the general public and Tier4b might possibly begin exchange/redemption appointments.

·         Sat. 30 Dec. Captain Marvel Jr. on Telegram: Everything is pointing to the RV happening on Jan. 1. The Dinar will go public on Jan. 1. Vietnam has joined BRICS – the Dong is gold backed. The next two weeks will see a lot of booms. We will see declass.

·         Sat. 30 Dec. Wolverine’s Chat:1) Pentecostal group is now totally silent, off grid, (Wolverine believes them to be silent due to receiving their blessing);2) There is mention of the EBS going off before the RV. He does not believe the electricity will be cut.3) He believes it will begin first week of January. His sources said the gold backed currency needed to be in place, which happened on Jan. 1 2024.4) A very high source has said all is done. He said he knows how difficult this is for us, and for him, but that the RV is A Trillion percent real and will be happening.

·         2024 will go down in history as the year Market Corrections took place across the globe.

·         The new currency rates were presently trading on the Forex and going up and down in value.

·         Those new rates were International Rates that the general public would be given if they exchanged foreign currency at a bank.

·         If those in Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) obtained an appointment to exchange at an official Redemption Center they will be offered higher exchange rates.

·         Early 2023 Tucker Carlson: Congress had until the end of last June to finish the currency reset protocols. This allowed interfacing quantum computers around the world in the first part of July as the new Quantum Financial System was utilized. Bridges were built between different countries’ computer systems that allowed cooperation and coordination of currency transactions through an International Payment System (ISO20022) creating more money flow and more money velocity. The demand for each country’s National Currencies began to increase in value and purchasing power around the world. The second half of this year brought in a Global Currency Reset in ways none of us can even imagine.

·         The Federal US Dollar will no longer be used after Feb. 20 2024.

·         The Cabal planned for expiration of the Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP) by the Federal Reserve on March 12th, 2024. At that point they would have created a major banking crisis that would lead to big banks acquiring smaller banks. They also would have created ideal conditions for quick implementation of a US Central Bank fiat Digital Currency where they could control everyone’s bank accounts, and lives. The Global Currency Reset on Mon. 1 Jan. 2024 changed all that as major countries of the World stopped use of the fiat US Petro Dollar and traded such for gold/asset backed currencies of their own sovereign countries.


Sun. 31 Dec. White Hat Intel:

·         Jamie Dimon, the most powerful banker on Wall Street, connected the CIA, World Banks, JP Morgan and Intelligence Communities to Epstein. Jamie Dimon has connections to the Cabal, CIA, Mossad, Epstein and Deep State System across the World. Dimon is a central KEY on how the Deep State took control of the World.

·         The Jeffrey Epstein lawsuits in the Virgin Islands is connected to Jamie Dimon and his subpoena is important to the Epstein case.

·         It’s important to understand the current case in Virgin Islands against Epstein and the subpoena’s for the most powerful men in the world such as Sergey Brin.

·         Since the early 2000s Jamie Dimon has been the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, one of the biggest banks on Wall Street. Dimon was considered one of the most powerful if not the most powerful, Wall Street banker today.

·         The U.S. Islands Attorney General Denise George was fired after her filling the law suits in the Epstein case, but still the law suit was allowed in U.S. courts.

·         Inside the lawsuits it’s confirmed JP Morgan allowed EPSTEIN to run sex trafficking networks through their banking system. Jamie Dimon was aware that Epstein was paying for sex victims and giving large amounts of money to Jean-luc Brunel. (Brunel also supposedly committed suicide in jail like Epstein as awaiting trial).

·         Leslie Wexner LLC owned the giant retailers Victoria Secrets and Bath and Body works. Wexner hired Jeffrey Epstein as his financial manager beginning sometime in the 1980s and continuing until 2007. Wexner had a very close relationship with Epstein that began in the 1980s and continued until Epstein’s death. Wexner was once the “main client” of Epstein’s money-management firm, according to Bloomberg. Wexner allowed Epstein to run his business out of a house he owned and resided in whilst CEO of Victoria’s Secret. WEXNER is one of two men who placed JAMIE DIMON into power and position in JP MORGAN with the help of LESTER CROWN, who was the biggest Stake Holders in Rockefeller Center, Hilton Hotels, the Yankees, the Bulls and Bank One.

·         Leslie Wexner and the UK Crown Family merged Bank One with JP Morgan and placed JAMIE DIMON into power.

·         Dimon was building Citigroup with Sanford Weill that started with Commercial Credit Corp. and Data Core in 1985. Data Core was part of a Deep State Intelligence community connected to organized crime that moved money laundering operations and creating illicit technology transfers that SPIED on the U.S. MILITARY &. INTELLIGENCE.

·         Data Core sold Military CLASSIFIED intelligence/ military weapons data to Russia, China and other countries including MOSSAD, M16 and the CIA super spy Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell’s father.

·         Mr. Maxwell’s lawyer Samuel Pisar was the father of Antony Blinken (the U.S. Secretary of State and Obama’s national security advisor.

·         The American Committee for Soviet Relations was a Think Tank that included many of these people including the the UK Crown Family, Armand Hammer and other crime families.

·         Several of these Elites from the 70s 80s tried to build the first One World Financial System and economy. They sold U.S. CLASSIFIED weapons/ plans to Russia. They were working with Russian Oligarchs and CIA, PENTAGON DARPA OPERATIONS that tried to control banks that senators and Congress used. Financial Blackmail traps and ops were placed.

·         These companies and Deep State operations including CIA, Russian oligarchs, Elites, ROCKEFELLER, ROTHSCHILDs, Commercial Credit Corps and Data Core became Citigroup, who controlled J.P. Morgan and Wall Street Stock inside Social Media and TV Stations.

·         The power of Jamie Dimon and how JP Morgan and the Deep State connected to EPSTEIN. Epstein was placed by the CIA/ MOSSAD/ MI6 Deep State Alliance that created Robert Maxwell. That was how the CABAL took control of U.S. Military Intelligence Financial and Blackmail operations that captured US Generals and Commanders into Deep State operations. The World fiat money laundering system was planned and dated back to early the 1900s and preplanning of creating the CIA.

·         The REAL story of how the DEEP STATE took control of the world through money laundering operations in the Fiat system and CIA.

·         Mossad, M16 and Deep State Intelligence agencies throughout the World were connected to Blackmail Operations that included the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and the Vatican.

·         The Vatican created the first Intelligence agencies in the world. They infiltrated nations and helped create the fiat world banking system.

·         In the late 80s the CIA Epstein pedophilia Sex Trafficking Blackmail operations began and entrapped nations, ABD leaders and governments.

·         The financial fiat Deep State Money is unraveling. It’s also connected to JP Morgan, Epstein, Deep State Military Intelligence, Social Media, Facebook and Darpa Operations.


The Chinese Communist Party, David Wilcock:

The USSF and World Alliance were aware that the Chinese Military have activated their Devolution Plan – the Great Waking Dragon Operations and military Protocols that will lead to a full Chinese Revolution and the end of CCP (and the Rothschild/Rockerfeller CIA operations with the CCP).

·         This Chinese Devolution Plan has been devised since XI was slowly rising to Power in 2007 and finally took over China in 2012.

·         Star Admiral Micheal S. Rogers was in strong back channel communications with XI and White Hats in the Chinese military who wanted a revolution away from the CCP. The Chinese Communist Party was run by president/chairman Mao Zedong and the Red Army who created the PRC. The PRC would heavily come under the control of the Rothchilds/Rockerfellers banks and CIA Operation including genocidal operations on the behest of the Bohemian Grove Elite influence and infiltration into President Mao’s regime.

·         Four Star Admiral Rogers was well aware of President XI’s life story and the intelligence reports in the U.S. and Russia that XI wanted to initiate a Revolution against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)/ Peoples Republic of China (PRC) – the Deep State Rockerfeller/ CIA/Rothschild ops.

·         Admiral Rogers knew Xi’s life story and how Xi’s father Xi Zhongxun had saved the lives of the Red Army and Mao Zedong back in early 1930s. Soon after Mao used XI’s fathers gorilla army to reform a Stronger Red Army and soon Mao came into power of the CCP created the PRC.

·         After Mao gained power he killed his opponents and put his friends including XI’s father into power inside his regimen and Mao took full control of China. Soon after Mao turned on his own allies and friends, killed and imprisoned them. Xi’s father was among those imprisoned and betrayed.

·         The young 15 year old Xi was banished from Beijing and forced to hard labor work in the country and lived inside a cave. XI long held his grudge over the CCP/ and against president leader Mao for creating the PRC who incarcerated his father and ruined his life and that of his family and friends. XI wanted revenge.

·         Eventually MAO died and Allies of his father came back into CCP/PRC power. For years XI went through the Chinese providence gaining the trust of the people and aligning himself with military with help from Chinese White Hats in the military who were also looking to destroy the CCP/ PRC and also wanted revenge for their families.

·         The U.S. military White Hats in the 80s into the 90s were helping White Hats in China place a NEW LEADER.

·         By the late 90s US White Hats had their eyes on XI.

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