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Biggest STING in the History of the USA

Status Report 11-09-2020

This will be a most interesting week!

Sun. 8 Nov. 12:37 pm EST 3 Charlie Ward Videos Turn off your TV, Trust the Plan, Kat:

"3 Charlie Ward Videos: Turn off your TV, Trust the Plan, be Calm, all is Well" by Kat - 11.8.20 *** Trump Lawyers Inconsistencies in Voting: Sun. 8 Nov. Investigators Dispatched in Georgia after Issue with Ballot Reporting:

*** PA Speaker of the House requested a FULL AUDIT of the PA election. Hold the Line [Rinus Verhagen]:

Wisconsin Poll Workers Allegedly Altered Thousands of Invalid Ballots...

*** Information Ministry -- Just Got off a Conference Call with Trump's Lawyers and Election Campaign Team | Operation Disclosure:

*** Trump Win Validated by Quantum Blockchain System Recount of Votes, Byington: *** Biden Elected President of a Defunct US Inc. via Voter Fraud, Byington:

*** Sun. 8 Nov. 8:52 pm EST Election Update, Charlie Ward:

"USA Election Update 2020" - Charles Ward Intel Notes w/ Ann Vandersteel 11-6-20

*** Sun. 8 Nov. What the Democrats Want You to Believe,

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