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Deep State - EXPOSED!


This week would be release of major disclosure de-classifications:

Mon. 28 Dec. Expect 2021 Turbulence, Newman:

Journalist Alex Newman says No matter who is crowned the winner of the 2020 Election, Newman predicts much stress and consternation in 2021. Newman points out, “There really is not a happy ending. No matter which course we take here, there is going to be a lot of turbulence.

1. If Donald Trump manages to stay in, the Deep State will explode. They will send out their terror mobs. They will try to crash the economy. They will try to destroy the value of the dollar. They will get the fake media to call him a dictator. They will get the United Nations to condemn this undemocratic coup… It will get intense and very serious, very quickly.

2. If Biden manages to get in there somehow through fraud, it will not be smooth sailing either. In fact, the party told us what they are going to do. They are going to try to pack the Senate . . . They are going to legalize tens of millions of illegal immigrants and put them on a path for citizenship. Almost all of them will vote Democrat. They are going to pack the Supreme Court with new Marxist anti-American judges. America will become completely unrecognizable if these people get their way… This is a very dangerous time for America.”

Mon. 28 Dec. Mel K, Sutz and Ward:

Trump Supporters Gather in DC Jan. 6:

Fair Questions Everyone Should Be Asking About Trump’s Reelection

2020 Election Fraud: Pt. 1: Unbelievable: Dozens of Georgia witnesses step forward to expose election irregularities: Pt. 2: Very disturbing': Dozens of Georgia witnesses expose election irregularities: Computer repairman at center of Hunter Biden laptop scandal sues Twitter: Communist Organizations Influence New Democrat Groups:

Sun. 27 Dec. Deep State Covert War with the Patriots:

Excellent analysis of the Tenn. Explosion on Christmas Day. Was it a Deep State attack? The target, an AT&T building, had a contract to do an audit on Dominion Voting Machines. The printing press that printed the water marked ballots for the 2020 Election was destroyed. The connections to Joe Biden were discussed.

Mon. 28 Dec. Biden Charged with Stealing Ukraine Billions, Treason for Communist Interference in 2020 Election:

Sen. Hawley Sends BRUTAL Message to Dems and They Better Listen Up

Dominion Security Director Files Lawsuits Against President Trump...

Mathematician Bobby Piton Finds More Than 500,000 Unique Last Names in Pennsylvania: ‘Sophisticated State Actor Was Able to Optimize Desired Outcome’

De Blasio Can't Help but Give Trump Credit for Huge Vaccine Win

De Blasio Gives Trump Credit for Miracle COVID Vaccine

“Cut off His Oxygen” Alec Baldwin Wants to Strangle Trump if he Refuses to Concede

Important è Canada's Pro-China Deep State

Why Are Hospital Workers So Afraid of The Vaccine?

Yoozoo Games CEO Lin Qi dead at 39, poisoning suspected

COVID-19 Hoax: Hospital Ghost Town, Ward:

Hospital Ghost Town – Charlie Ward Why Gates Switched to Vaccines, Ward: UV Emitting LED Lights That Kill COVID-19 Could Be Installed in Ventilation Systems:


This short video was banned on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Watch this video, and see...why they were banned...

The Main Media wants you to bow to their demands, for there is a new world coming.

It is a world nothing like before, and it certainly is not Christ's reign.

Will you bow the knee to the vaccine that has 10× serious side effects of COVID-19 (according renowned Dr. Vernon Coleman, UK).

God bless as consider the choice before you, [Brian Plum]

Amir Tsarfati – Middle East Update:

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