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Everything is steadily moving towards "The Supreme Court"


CNN humiliated by new Project Veritas bombshell


Executive Order #13848 Sept. 12th 2018, Election Fraud:

It regarded encouraging, enabling, soliciting, or carrying out fraud in rigging a Presidential Election was not just a felony, under Military Law it was Treason.

Fri. 4 Dec. Pelosi Statement:

Cybersecurity Expert Witness Testifies at Pennsylvania Election Hearing:

‘Voting Machines ‘Built to Be Manipulated’

Mathematician & Data Expert Bobby Piton [Who Testified about Statistical Evidence for Voter Fraud to Arizona Legislature] Suspended From Twitter—“I believe they’re fraudulent.”

Whistle-blowers reveal USPS allegedly responsible for tampering with hundreds of thousands of ballots — AZ 300,000, MI 548,000, GA 204,000, PA 121,000-Phil Kline

Dr Patrick Byrne Summary of Evidence that Election 2020 Was Rigged: The Evidence —Blockchain crypto cyber tech expert & entrepreneur that employed over 2,000 computer programmers—has absolute digital & statistical evidence of vote switching fraud in 6 counties in battleground states:

Retired Army Col. Phil Waldron Testifies at Pennsylvania Election Hearing:

Martial Law?

Brace Yourself for an Ugly December and January

*** “FBI Is Nowhere to Be Found!”:

Giuliani Scorches FBI For Ignoring Massive Election Fraud Evidence


Judge Orders Forensic Audit of Dominion Voting Machines in Michigan

*** Alito Moves Up Deadline for Supreme Court Briefing In Pennsylvania Case, Bringing Within ‘Safe Harbor’ Window to Intervene

Riverside County Sheriff Refuses ot Enforce California's Dictatorial Stay-At-Home Orders

Election Fraud Links:

Operation Warp Speed:

Watch this video CDC Created the Virus for Sterilization:

Consider this video from Dr. Wolfgang Wodrag, a German epidemiologist & Public Health Expert who is calling for all experimentation on the vaccine to stop immediately.

[Thank You – Brian Plum]


Video Emerges Of African Migrant Saying He Hates Italians After He Tried To Burn Bus Full Of Italian Children

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