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EXPOSED!.... The Bumpy Road is here!

1-13-21 Wednesday


The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Main-Stream Media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Consider and make up your own mind.

Isaiah 50:249

And I will feed them that oppress thee with their own flesh; and they shall be drunken with their own blood, as with sweet wine: and all flesh shall know that I YAWA am thy Saviour and thy Redeemer, the mighty One of Jacob.

These two Videos provide detail!

#1. Speak up with Tank & Lisa 1-10-2021 This is a “Must View”

#2. A situation update for 1-11-2021… Use discernment

What has just been happening:

Sun. Jan. 10 Update, Simon Parkes:

"Do not watch Main-Stream Media" fake news as well as they may air CGI images of Trump - Not REAL."

Tues. 12 Jan. Simon Parkes Update:

An affidavit about fraud in the 2020 Election by the Italian government was delivered to the Congress before they decided to ratify Biden as president – thereby the Congress committed Treason. They did not undertake an investigation and chose to bury the fraud perpetrated on the American people… Treason!

*** Thurs. 7 Jan. 2021 Michael Green from Gregory Ervin: ***

[Start at 8:00 mark] This has considerable detail… However, be discerning!

“When all is exposed, 98% of Washington will fall.”…Julian Assange

Tues. 12 Jan. 2021 Panic in DC:

Area 17 Ground Zero -- Panic in DC, Military Operation on US Capitol Confirmed Tues. 12 2021 Jan. Massive News, Charlie Ward by Kat:

Tues. 12 2021 Jan. Nancy Pelosi Gone:

Mon. 11 Jan. Facebook sees $34 billion erased from market cap as Trump-ban fallout continues to spook tech investors: Tues. 12 2021 Jan. Pompeo on Fire NesaraGesara, Kat:

Trumps Team Prepares for Criminal Roundups [Good Detail here]

Kim Message for Joe Biden:

We Will Bring U.S. To Its Knees

Bongino vows to fight Parler shutdown: 'I'll go bankrupt before I let this happen.'

'Parler will be back, just so the audience understands,' Bongino said.

Google and Facebook got growing share of federal ad dollars after Justin Trudeau took power.


The Media is Trying to Pretend That it DIDN’T Defend Violent BLM Riots

Oh, the Hypocrisy! Watch Kamala Harris Encouraging Looting and Violence - If It Helps Democrats (Video)

Ontario mulls state of emergency but curfew not happening, sources say.

Some non-front-line hospital staff get COVID-19 vaccines ahead of vulnerable populations.

Just got this from a medical person with qualifications…pass it on.

Third time is the charm? Brazil scales back efficacy claims for COVID-19 vaccine from China.

In the third in a series of conflicting announcements about a Chinese-made COVID-19 vaccine candidate, Brazilian researchers reported today that the results of their efficacy trial were less impressive than they claimed last week. When analyzed by stricter criteria than used earlier, the vaccine’s efficacy against all forms of COVID-19, including mild cases, dropped from about 78% to 50%. [Richard Phillips]

Capitol police officer says... Sargent-at-Arms provided no resources for anticipated troubles.


Kids who are growing up, know nothing but Trump, for four years, you’ve got to wonder what they’re (Trump supporting children) going to be like,” Beller told the undercover journalist. They’ll (Trump supporters) be raising a generation of intolerant, horrible people – horrible kids.

CDN Knows Truth (3 Min)

Jeff on the Great Reset (39 Min)

Spiritual Warfare for Your Soul (56 Min)

Canada paid nearly $200M to visa company previously based in a tax haven and linked to China.

Canada-U.S. land border closure extended to Feb. 21 | CTV News.


A police constable's perspective

Jan. 2021 The Politics of Inoculation:


Parler finds potential web hosting refuge after Amazon shuts down its servers. grows as President Trump gets suspended.

Templars are back in business, maybe...

Today’s Prayer

Holy YHWH, you are the all-consuming fire. You burn away the chaff in our lives and bring forth abundant fruit if we are willing. You kill the seed of sin in us so that the sprout of life can thrive. How good you are to those who love you and are called according to your purposes.

Ah Father, what is the big deal about these days? Why do we fret and moan and cry about what mankind can do to us? They can only take away from us for a very short time. You have the power to take all things forever and you have the power to give out the eternal things that can’t be taken away.

  • · Thank you for these days where we have come to value that which is permanent.

  • · Thank you for opening our eyes to the folly of clinging to those things which are gone in a breath.

Extend your hand Father. Reach into our hearts and pluck out the superficial. Replace it with purest gold. Make our tongues instruments of glory instead of slander. Give us words of peace and comfort instead of bitter words filled with anger and resentment. Let your joy and confidence ooze out of our pores so that those who tremble and will wail draw close because they find security in the You in us. Make us lights that get brighter as the darkness gets darker.

We lift up our leaders and our spiritual fathers and mothers and ask you to protect them and renew their vows before you.

  • · We lift up our governments and those who work within them and ask you to use these days to bring many of them into your kingdom.

  • · We lift up people of all nations and ask you to open their hearts in humble repentance before you.

We ask you to make this a time where the world sees you bring the dragon into full submission as you step onto the throne that is yours alone. We worship you and await your coming in Y’shua’s name and through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Matthew 2:6 “‘And you, O Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, are by no means least among the rulers of Judah; for from you shall come a ruler who will shepherd my people Israel.’” told him, “In Bethlehem of Judea, for so it is written by the prophet:

Revelation 13:11 Then I saw another beast rising out of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb and it spoke like a dragon.

Copyright 2021 01 12 Donna Fawcett all rights reserved

Bible verses from English Standard Version

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