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FRIday 10-13-23

Verse(s) for today:

And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising.

Isaiah 60:3 KJV

And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.

1 Peter 4:8 KJV

I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works.

Psalm 9:1 KJV

Latest Update on Gaza War:

Please watch this latest update by Amir Tsarfati concerning the Gaza War…an excellent analysis and overview!

Thank you, Pastor Joe Campbell

Cell: 519-619-2562

This Scares me a little... Quite-a-little!

You really need to VIEW this VIDEO... Make up your own mind! [Daniel Brooks]

CNN is shutting down after its CEO made one shocking announcement:

Left-wing media outlets like CNN have been bleeding for years. But this could finally be the end.

And CNN is shutting down after its CEO made one shocking announcement.

CNN’s new CEO, the notorious Mark Thompson, who has been credibly accused of turning a blind eye while BBC star Jimmy Savile r-ped children, said CNN is “nowhere near ready for the future.”

Thompson delivered an amusing video message to his left-wing workers on his first day on the job.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Thompson stated that traditional television (i.e., cable television) “can no longer define us.”

“For most people under retirement age, the first place they turn for news is their phones, not their TVs,” he said.

“And news players who can’t or won’t respond to that revolution risk losing their audience and their business.”

“TV is vital, and there’s urgent work to do there, especially as we rebuild prime time,” he added. “But TV is also too dominant at CNN and digital too marginal.

He also told CNN’s far-left staffers not to “second guess ourselves or get distracted by complicated arguments about balance or whataboutism or false equivalency. Let’s cover political news proportionately and fairly, but not be frightened of our own shadows.”

The new CNN president also lauded the company’s employees as “a group of tough and amazingly focused and enthusiastic people,” who “still believe in CNN and its mission 100%, people who want to get on with the future, and so do I.”

Thompson was appointed CEO in late August and officially took over on Monday.

He is a news veteran of more than 40 years, recognized for effectively transforming the New York Times into a digital force.

Thompson is said to have made an effort to get to know his workers before officially taking over as CEO of the network.

In recent weeks, he has spoken with CNN employees to gain a feel of the climate in the newsroom.

CNN is still suffering from a difficult year that began with the resignation of previous CEO Chris Licht in June.

Licht’s tenure was marked by bad programming decisions, falling ratings, and a catastrophic town hall with former President Donald Trump.

The problem for CNN is that their terrible situation isn’t a matter of not breaking into the digital space.

It’s completely based on their lies and biased coverage of Donald Trump.

And if they aren’t willing to change that, then they can expect to plummet even further.

Which wouldn’t be a bad thing, in our eyes.

[The Federalist Wire Media]

New poll finds Trump drawing substantial 'likely' support from Democrats, minority voters in 2024:

Former President Donald Trump has increasingly claimed that he alone is particularly situated among the field of Republican presidential candidates to defeat President Joe Biden in a 2024 rematch of the 2020 election.

Trump now has another major poll that seemingly supports that assertion, as it found that the former president would prevail over the incumbent president with 53% support in the general election, according to the Washington Examiner.

Furthermore, that poll also found, likely much to Biden's humiliating dismay, that Trump could garner the support in 2024 of up to 30% of Democratic voters and perhaps even a slim majority of minority voters.

Latest poll shows majority "likely" to vote for Trump:

Those findings came from the latest survey from Rasmussen Reports, which queried 1,032 likely voters between Oct. 2-4, with a margin of error of 3%, and asked a series of questions about the 2024 presidential race.

One of those questions was "How likely are you to vote for former President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election?" In response, around 30% of Democratic voters, and 50% of black voters, said that it was "somewhat" or "very" likely that they would cast a vote for Trump in next year's general election.

Overall, the poll found that 53% said they were likely to vote for Trump in 2024, including 38% who were "very likely" to do so, compared with 43% who said they were unlikely to vote for the former president, including 34% who said they were "not at all likely" to vote in support of Trump returning to the White House for a second term in office.

Trump drawing significant support from unexpected groups:

"Eighty percent of Republicans are likely to vote for Trump in 2024, including 64% who are 'Very Likely' to vote for him," the Rasmussen pollsters said, according to the Examiner. "Perhaps surprisingly, however, 30% of Democrats also say they’re at least somewhat likely to vote for Trump in next year’s presidential election."

"Among voters not affiliated with either major party, 50% are at least somewhat likely to vote for Trump in 2024, including 32% who say it’s 'Very Likely' they’ll vote for the former president next year," they continued.

"Majorities of every racial category -- 53% of whites, 50% of black voters, and 52% of other minorities -- say they’re at least somewhat likely to vote for Trump in 2024," the pollsters added of the unexpected results. "Twenty-five percent of black Trump voters say they would be more likely to vote for him if he picked a black running mate."

Multiple polls now show Trump with an edge over Biden:

This latest Rasmussen poll has not yet been included in the RealClearPolitics average of 2024 general election polls that ask respondents who they'd vote for in a hypothetical rematch between presumptive nominees Biden and Trump -- yet the RCP average currently shows Trump with a one-point lead over Biden, 45.1-44.1%.

The Rasmussen poll is certainly not alone in suggesting that Trump would defeat Biden, as the RCP average does include several other polls that show the former president with a lead over his incumbent rival.

That includes a recent The Messenger/HarrisX poll that had Trump up by four points, 45-41%; a New York Post poll with Trump ahead by three, 44-41%; a Marquette University survey that also had Trump up three points, 51-48%; and a poll from The Washington Post that showed Trump with a 10 point lead over Biden, 52-42%.

A word of caution on hypothetical polls:

To be sure, the 2024 general election is still more than a year away, the primary elections have not yet even begun, and for a variety of issues -- Trump's mounting legal woes and Biden's increasingly deteriorating physical and mental health, to say nothing of other controversies and scandals involving both men -- nobody can say for certain that either Trump or Biden will actually end up being their respective party's presidential nominee.

That said, assuming that both men do ultimately end up being the 2024 nominees, it sure looks like Trump could take back the White House and, if Rasmussen's findings are accurate, will have a sizeable portion of Democrats and minorities who previously voted for Biden to thank for the victory.

[Patriot News ALERTS]


Criminal Genetic Invasion of Humanity Confirmed:

Full Video and Press Release from Monday's WCH Expert Panel Hearing on DNA contamination in covid "Vaccines". Plus tomorrow's Peterborough invitation.

Monday Oct 9 2023 WCH: Doctors Sucharit Bhakdi, Byram Bridle, Peter McCullough, Jessica Rose, Mark Trozzi, Janci Lindsey, Brigitte König, Kevin McKernan MSc, and Christof Plothe DO.

Thousands of truth seekers from around the world watched the live stream. The expert panel reached some very certain and sober conclusions. The level of criminality involved in these injections is extreme. They constitute assault and genetic invasion. Here is the full timestamped video plus the 2 page Press Release which includes some of the panels key conclusions.


  • · 0:00:00 – 0:16:50 Introduction by Plothe DO and Trozzi MD

  • · 0:16:50 – 0:30:00 Kevin Mc Kernan (USA) Plasmid Derived dsDNA contamination in mRNA “Vaccines”

  • · 0:30:00 – 0:42:00 Dr. Janci Lindsay (USA) DNA Integration and Mutation and Trangenerational Mechanisms of Harm

  • · 0:45:00 – 1:05:00 Prof. Alexandra Henrion-Caude (France) Why Are We So Concerned?

  • · 1:05:00 – 1:18:00 Prof Sucharit Bhakdi (Germany) mRNA Injections: Not Safe, Not Effective, Crimes Against Humanity

  • · 1:18:00 – 1:39:00 Assoc Prof Byram Bridle (Canada) An immunological perspective of plasmids and their fragments in the covid injections, as non-specific promoters of inflammation.

  • · 1:43:30 – 1:53:00 Dr Peter McCullough (USA) A Biologic Disaster fulfilling the multi-hit hypothesis for oncogenesis (cancer) and more.

  • · 1:53:00 – 1:58:00 Prof Brigitte König (Germany) Helping Solve The Crisis By Developing New Tests.

  • · 1:58:00 – 2:12:00 Dr Jessica Rose (Canada) Contamination Of Modified mRNA Covid-19 injections And Potential Adverse Reactions

  • · 2:17:30 – 2:24:00 Attorney Katie Ashby-Koppens (Australian) The legal implications of the deployment of unregulated GMO products as vaccines.

  • · 2:30:00 – 3:46:00 Panel Discussion

  • · 3:46:00 – 3:52:26 Conclusions by Plothe DO and Trozzi MD

P.s. If you are unable to access today´s post by clicking the link above, please copy and paste the full URL into your internet browser for access to today´s material.

World Council for Health Press Release (Please share, download, and post)

The World Council for Health, in collaboration with expert advisers, is dedicated to providing the public with accurate and reliable information to promote health and well-being. In light of recent concerns regarding bacterial DNA and genetic sequences in mRNA vaccines, the World Council for Health organized this Urgent Expert Hearing on this critical topic.

Related legal notices, charges, forms, actions, updates, more from these experts and the evolving science, can all be followed here. (Page under assembly with more parts coming over days, weeks and beyond here, mark this page)

For your health and freedom, please follow, subscribe to , and support The World Council For Health.

Life Site News Canada coverage of the WCH DNA Expert Hearing Panel:

  1. Top microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi calls mRNA injections ‘crime against humanity

  2. Gene scientist Kevin McKernan shows how vaccine companies mass-produced contaminated COVID

  3. Dr. Peter McCullough: Multiple mRNA COVID shots may promote ‘turbo cancer´

Dr Trozzi Related Material

  • More Information about The Genetic Invasion of Mankind

  • This is not a vaccine, January 2021

  • Covid “Vaccines”; How dangerous are they? June 2021

  • There’s DNA in the RNA Shots. Lots!, April 2023

  • Japanese Prof. Murakami weighs in on Pfizer’s DNA Plasmids, May 2023

  • 1000 peer reviewed articles on “Vaccine” injuries, September 2023

  • Covid “Vaccines” Detox | Series

  • A Library of honest information about the covid genetic injections that have been fraudulantly presented as “safe and effective vaccines”

[Dr Mark Trozzi]


NO GREATER LOVE! 220 of the fatalities include IDF soldiers who have given their lives in order to defend this nation of Israel. May those who have fallen receive a hero's welcome at the gates of Heaven and rest in peace. Once, the Jewish people were led like lambs to the slaughter by the Nazis but we have vowed, 'Never again!. Now, we have a mighty army of courageous men and women who are determined to fight back!. Over 600,000 reservists have been called up for service. Israelis have united together to prepare and donate food to the troops. Some of the soldiers are Messianic believers - may they be a light and witness of the love of God through Yeshua.

* Please Pray for protection over our courageous IDF soldiers who are heroically risking their lives to defend our nation of Israel.

We need to understand that Hamas is a brutal, barbaric, inhumane terror organization whose end goal is not just the destruction of Israel; but complete world domination. We are fighting for us all; and for the future of our children.

[Hannah Nesher]

House Speaker Position Takes Unexpected Turn – Trump Makes Surprise Announcement

The competition for the GOP House Speaker job has experienced an unforeseen development as former President Donald Trump has offered his perspective on Congressman Steve Scalise’s (R-LA) well-being and the potential consequences it could have on his eligibility for the position.

President Trump expressed his affinity for both individuals, stating, “I hold a favorable opinion of Steve and have a high regard for both individuals. However, it is important to acknowledge that Steve is currently facing significant challenges due to his battle with cancer.” Until recently, Scalise appeared to be in a favorable position to assume the role of House Speaker, particularly after a GOP caucus meeting that seemed to strengthen his advantage over his competitor, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH).

However, with the arrival of daybreak on Thursday, there was a noticeable change in momentum. A notable number of Republican legislators, totaling at least ten, have publicly announced their intention to withhold their support for Scalise, so potentially endangering his current position. According to reports, Scalise is purportedly inclined to withdraw.

Scalise’s health and the possible consequences of holding such a high post while dealing with a serious health issue were major topics of discussion in Trump’s remarks. “This is tremendous stress, all of the things that you hear about, and you know, things that you don’t want to get involved in from the standpoint of getting well. He was going through very, very serious cancer therapy,” Trump remarked.

Trump on Scalise: "This is tremendous stress, all of the things that you hear about, and you know, things that you don’t want to get involved in from the standpoint of getting well. He was going through very, very serious cancer therapy."

— David Wright (@DavidWright_7) October 12, 2023

Trump: "I’m going to be with anybody they pick. And if Jim decides to do that, that’s going to be up to Jim. But I will certainly be with anybody that they pick… But I mean, the one thing with Steve, he’s got to get well. He’s got to get well. He’s got to get strong."

— David Wright (@DavidWright_7) October 12, 2023

The former president voiced his worries, saying that Scalise should concentrate on getting better. Steve suffers from an extremely terrible kind of cancer, and my first priority is for him to recover. I’m just not sure how you can handle the work when you’re dealing with such a big issue.

Trump was eager to stress his overall support for the GOP’s nominee for the position, even though Scalise’s path appears to be fraught with obstacles. He declared, “I’m going to be with anyone they pick. However, there is one thing about Steve that has to improve. He must become more powerful.

Political observers and insiders have conjectured that Rep. Jordan may take advantage of Scalise’s expected retirement to enter the contest again. In the event that this happens, and in light of the existing situation, Jordan might encounter a path with notably less resistance.

The intense polarization and complexity inside the Republican Party’s power structure have been brought to light by the recent wild ride in the election for House Speaker.

The GOP’s decision will not only determine who leads the House but also set the tone for the party’s future course, particularly considering how significant the upcoming year will be. As is often the case in politics, time will tell. Nonetheless, a number of conservatives have expressed their dissatisfaction, believing that the GOP leadership has failed in its struggle with the Democrats.

It appears that the Republican Party is more split than it has ever been.


Scalise Drops out of Speaker’s Race! This announcement received Thursday Evening!

[The Republic Brief]



David YEO:

TUP@C !s AL!V3 (1 Min)

L@DY L!B3rTY !s LuC!F3R (1 Min)

"T@K3 H33D Th@T No M@N D3C3!V3$ Y0U" (15 Min)

$T3W & M!cH3@L: BL0CK@D3$ 4 F00D & W@T3R !n G@ZA (20 Min)

H0LLYW00D: J@M!3 L33 CURT!$ D3L3T3$ PR0-P@L3$T!N!@N P0$T (3 Min)

0HN!3 C@R$0N '80 (4 Min)

M@J0R F@L$3 FL@G$ (20 Min)

Y0UNG H3@rT$ #45**$T3@LTH W@R (17 Min)

X-!ZR@3L! $0LD13R$**"We W3r3 Th3 T3rr0r!$T$" (69 Min)

$h@K!nG: N0Th!nG N3W UnD3R Th3 $uN**As !n Th3 D@Y$ 0f N0@H (82 Min)

WH@T ELS3 R Th3Y H!D!nG (2 Min)

P@Pa J03: Th3 $cR!PT 0n Th3 B@B!3$ (7 Min)

T!K T0K: "Why D0 U Th!nK Th3 E@rTH !s FL@T?" (22 Min)

L!P!D N@N0 P@RT!CL3 J@B $TuDY**ANAPHYL@Z!$ (14 Min)

B!LLY: !ZR@3L !s $Y$T3M@T!c@LLY D!$m@NTL!nG P@L3$T3!N (1 Min)

Catholics in New York City Draw Thousands for Eucharistic Procession in ‘Mass for Israel’:

Catholics in New York City drew a massive crowd for a Eucharistic procession that was part of a mass for Israel this week.

This is the opposite of what we have seen from the radical left in recent days, which has been holding rallies in support for the murderers of Hamas.

It just goes to show that there are good people everywhere in America, even in New York.

Church Pop reported:

Father Mike Schmitz Offers Mass for Israel in NYC Before Eucharistic Procession

On Tues., Oct. 10, thousands of Catholics gathered in New York City for Napa Institute’s Mass and Eucharistic procession at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral with renowned Catholic priest and speaker Father Mike Schmitz.

Father Mike celebrated Mass at 4:30 p.m. and later led Benediction and a Eucharistic procession through the streets of Manhattan.

Father Mike told participants he offered the Mass for peace in Israel after the Hamas attack, which took the lives of at least 1,200 people.

According to recent reports, the American death toll rose to 27. The Biden Administration announced they will work to evacuate U.S. citizens currently in Israel.

After mentioning Israel, Father Mike encouraged listeners to visit the country’s Via Dolorosa if ever given the chance.

Via Dolorosa is Latin for “Sorrowful Way.” It is the path Jesus took while carrying the cross on His way to Calvary.

“When He walked through the streets of Jerusalem carrying His cross, this was not Jesus in His glory. This was not Jesus in His power,” Father Mike said. “When God was in the process of saving the world, most people didn’t even know what was going on.”

“Many of them spat upon him and abused him as God was in the process of saving the world–as God was in the process of pouring himself out and love for us,” he said.

Watch below:

An incredibly blessed evening in New York City with @NY_Arch and @RVCDiocese priests and religious. We were delighted to have @frmikeschmitz celebrate the opening mass and participate in the procession. God be praised! #catholic #catholicch #eucharist

— Napa Institute (@NapaInstitute) October 12, 2023

WATCH: 5,000 Catholics just offered mass for Israel then lead a massive Eucharistic procession that spanned for BLOCKS through the heart of New York City

Leaving bystanders in TEARS in the middle of Times Square.

God is on the move.

— Danny De Urbina (@dannydeurbina) October 13, 2023

The world could use more of this right now.

[The Gateway Pundent]

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND



Thurs. 12 Oct. Israel, Hamas, the Jews, Middle East and Palestine, Professor Patriot on Telegram: “I’ve been reluctant to post this, but the air has cleared a little and cooler minds are beginning to back away from the noise. I’m certain there will be backlash, but truth is truth, do what you will. We have all too quickly lost sight of the players in this conflict. Hamas is a terrorist organization. The Palestinians are not. Israel’s government is a militarized surveillance entity. The Jews in Israel are not. The secular Israeli government is not innocent. Hamas is clearly not innocent. That is not a moral equivalency. Those are observable facts. One may support the Palestinians’ right to continue breathing and not be bombed out of existence without supporting Hamas. One may support the Jews’ right to defend themselves against terrorism and secure their country without supporting all out war in the Middle East or every decision of the secular statists. At this moment many have fallen into the language trap of equating the Palestinians to Hamas, as if every shopkeeper, accountant and goat herder is a terrorist. This has quickly turned into justification for no holds barred destruction of regular civilians in the name of eradicating a terror organization. Supporting Israel within the scope of retaliation and security against Hamas is simply not the same as supporting their right to kill the normal people who are currently stuck in Gaza with no electricity, water or provisions. The fight will progress as it does with or without your approval or mine. We are not fighting the war. But our hearts are in this, and mine weeps for regular people on both sides, caught in the crossfire of war.”

The Conclusion and Reality (Part 24/24): After 22 years of studying 9/11 and looking at the evidence, I have come to the conclusion that there was no high jacked planes nor a boogeyman in a cave who set up these events but rather a very sinister plan to murder 3000 Americans then hundreds of thousands in following wars to pursue the agenda of a secret society that infiltrated our nation centuries ago to further a political agenda to remove our liberties one false flag at a time, the evidence is there if you were willing to look.

U.S. Envoy to Haiti QUITS over “inhumane deportation policy.” After just two months in the job, Daniel Foote has resigned as U.S. envoy to Haiti as he refuses to be linked to the “inhumane, counterproductive decision to deport thousands of Haitian refugees.” At least 12 flights are reported to have returned some 1,400 Haitians from Texas, with Biden pledging to close the immigration camp in Del Río, which housed 14,000 Haitian would-be immigrants. To add to the Biden administration’s bad press, footage from nearly 30 years ago has recirculated of Biden claiming “it wouldn’t matter” if Haiti sank into the sea… AGAIN!


Here is every US politician in Congress who currently holds stock positions that directly benefit from war in the Middle East: If you would like a copy of the list of Names, just e-mail me with your request...

  • · The attack on Israel was wanted by Mossad/ CIA/ M16 so they could arrest their military (White Hats working with the World Alliance Operations) and blame them for attacks and create new that would bring treason charges against that Military, their government and people who were working to expose the Israeli Mossad Kazharian Crime Syndicate Network connected to the Clintons, Obama, Bushs, Rockefellers CIA.

  • · At the same time White Hats inside of Israel wanted the attacks to happen so as to expose the corrupt Israeli military intelligence system that connects to the top of the government and military commanders.

  • · Hopefully the exposure of the Israel Deep State allowing the attacks to happen will lead to an Israeli 2024 Revolution where the people will rise to join the World Military Operations (The Storm) that would expose their own country as corrupt, arrest their Deep State leaders and bring Declass on Mossad, CIA, M16, UN and their Virus and death Vaccine funding.

  • · You are watching the Eight Year Storm that will include almost all countries, take massive shape: The ARREST WARS OF 2024.

  • · Buckle up buttercups. The war is real. The news is fake. …Q Only Trump (Cheyenne Mountain + Q + ops + ALLIANCE) can save the World and stop World War III from complete World annihilation. Scare necessary. EVENT in progress.

  • · I have been warning you of all these Events to happen. I have been telling you the Middle East was going to go into major war. The Balkans like Serbia were going into war (very, very close) 2024. Africa was going to pull military coups. China, North Korea were going to cause major chaos and in Indonesia, Malaysia, South China Sea, Taiwan was all going to go into a near War.

  • · All these EVENTS are now taking place. It all leads to a Nuclear Standoff Near Death Civilization Event and then the end of the Storm where Trump saves the World and unites with Putin.

  • · Chinas new leader in 2026 will begin the end to Communism thanks to XI’s self destruction Plan to bring down the CCP.

  • · Indian, China, U.S. and Russia will all shake hands and bring World peace with the help of Bin Salman and the Middle East powers.

  • · On Oct. 9 Trump gave you comms that only he can stop WW III. Chinese Elites are figuring out that a game is going on and Joe Biden is all a game.

  • · What Trump was talking about was that the China Elites all know that Joe Biden was placed by Whites Hat U.S. Military. Trump and China suspected that military operations were taking place in the U S. It was evident that Biden was part of a Show, a game and Trump was really in control with the Military pulling strings.

  • · You have more than you know, Patriots. Military is the only way.


In case you don't see what's happening, Qrash The Matrix on Telegram

  • · For Babylon to fall they need to put us thru a scare event. They are using events to pull off the finale of this movie.

  • · The world has to shut down for a while for different reasons.

o To switch to Quantum, QFS and Tesla.

o To get us to stop living our lives and pay attention to what's happening in our countries.

  • · We were told we're gonna hit a point where we are at a near death experience. It needs done so that we never allow this to happen again in the future. I wish I could say I'm over exaggerating, but I honestly feel like I'm under exaggerating what's to come.

  • · Once money crashes, we won't be going anywhere anyway because without money the world stops.

  • · They need us afraid to leave home. They know they can't lock us down again like they did in 2020. So, they are using events.

* Fires

* The border invasion

* War

* Division/ hate

* Cyber attacks

* Looting retail stores

* Talk about everyone buying AR-15's

* Toxic air/ toxic water/ toxic food

*Strange deadly contagious illnesses, etc

Don't be afraid, just be prepared... mentally and physically. God will destroy the wicked and He will use the chosen ones to help rebuild the righteous. Godspeed patriots WWG1WGA

Cities At Risk of Major Riots:

1) New York City

2) Los Angeles

3) Chicago

4) Philadelphia

5) Washington DC

6) Houston

7) Nashville

8) New Orleans

9) Charlotte

10) San Francisco

11) Detroit

12) Seattle

13) Atlanta

14) Las Vegas

15) Baltimore

16) Boston

17) Miami

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