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*** Hello all… Please ensure that you have a ROBUST ANTIVIRUS Program in your PC, as accessing LINKS always carry a RISK! ***

The Truth About Masks

[Thank You – Pastor Joe]

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Analysis of Election Night Data from All States Shows MILLIONS OF VOTES Either Switched from President Trump to Biden or Were Lost — Using Dominion and Other Systems

[Thank You – Larry]


Gov. DeSantis Drafts Bill That Lets You Protect Your Business from Looters

Voting Software Company Dominion came forward to claim that their software was programmed to and did change 38 million votes to steal the election for [B]iden.

Watch "WHOA! Giuliani Declares MASSIVE NUMBER of Votes Illegally Counted in PA and It’s a “DISASTER”" on YouTube [Thank You – Anne]

NYC Mayor de Blasio and wife tout new plan to send mental health workers instead of NYPD on some calls:

A Whopping 70% of Republicans Don't Feel 2020 Election Fair or Free, Time to InvalidateResults

*** BUCKLE UP! Just Before Recount Announced Georgia Election Official DROPS BOMB on Creepy Joe

Tucker Carlson’s Starbucks hysteria

Biden, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi Tied to Voter Fraud, Child Trafficking?

[Thank You – Lynne]

Puerto Rico finds 126 briefcases with uncounted ballots 1 week after local election

[Thank You – Carol]

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla sells 62 per cent of his shares on same day as vaccine announcement

[Thank you – Carol]

Facts are FACTS… So, why are DATA FACTS not being released? Covered up?

[Thank you – David]

CV = Exosomes (10 Min)

Del Bigtree: PCR Testing Scam (10 Min)

Pulled off Youtube in 10 Minutes Flat! (7 Min)

*** CAUTION – Be aware! ***

*** Trucker’s STOP for 4-Days… 26th to 29th November – I suggest you stock-up! ***

BREAKING: Tucker Drops Election Bombshell – Joe Biden Is Not…

Philadelphia crowd stomps on Trump doll as Biden calls for unity: Report

X22Report: Rig for Red, Patriots Begin Operation, Attempted to Alter Our Election & Got Caught! - Must Video

THIS IS HUGE! Department of Homeland Security Ballot Fraud countermeasures in place, Pete Santilli:

National Guard deployed to 16 states, in civilian clothing, doing audits right now. Trump about to take down the Cabal with the Quantum Financial Blockchain System. Federal Sting planned 14 million ballots illegal ballots, 80% failed security check. In Arizona 48% did not contain watermarks. There is a patent for the Blockchain Voting System. Charlie Ward - Blockchain Voting System Update: Dr. Steve Pieczenick on Election Fraud: Scorecard, End of Nancy [P]elosi and Joe [B]iden:

This means that Trump is the WINNER of the 2020 Election In Los Angeles county alone: 2.5 Million were missing, as of Nov. 5 WHERE ARE THEY? in dumps? California: if those 9.7 Million missing ballots are Trump votes, in Calif the result is this: Trump 13.7 Million votes [B]iden 7.9 Million California: TRUMP 62% [B]IDEN 35% Trump WON BIGLY also in California 55 Electoral Votes For those you asked how I got those data: I was "broadcasting live" on Twatter, that night on Nov 3rd, and I was copying & posting the official data as they were coming in I was saving those data in a word document, as they were coming, before posting them. The data reported above are from Nov 3rd. Then, as we know, in most States they stopped the counting. WHY? at 4:00 am of Nov 4th, Millions of fake ballots with the [B]iden name on them were shipped by trucks and cars to the polling stations, Nationwide. The MIRACLE happened: those Millions of FAKE [B]iden votes were counted on Nov 4th, and the 12% to 20% advantage that Trump had on the 3rd, magically disappeared. in PA, GA, MI, WI, VA: everywhere! I took these data in REAL TIME, on Nov 3rd BEFORE the FIX was in from Official sources 2) Michigan: TRUMP 58% [B]IDEN 40% Real Data before the FIX was in 3) Georgia TRUMP 56% [B]IDEN 43% 4) Wisconsin: TRUMP 55% [B]IDEN 44% 5) Virginia: TRUMP 59% [B]IDEN 39% Real Data before the FIX was in 6) Rhode Island: TRUMP 54% [B]IDEN 44% 8) bottom line: Trump won BIGLY in: - Pennsylvania - Michigan - Georgia - Wisconsin - Virginia - Rhode Island and certainly MANY MORE! This means that Trump is the WINNER of the 2020 Election

*** Conservatives Flock to Newsmax as Fox News Turns on Trump: *** Trump eyes starting his own digital media empire to take on Fox News, Axios:

Why Big Tech Censorship’s of the Election Should Worry Christians

[Thank You – Dianne]


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