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Great Opposition...BUT... The TRUTH is getting out!



"WATCH: Alberta Premier Jason Kenney REJECTS “The Great Reset”" on YouTube [Thank You – Carol Roch]

Four-year-old recites Bible books and covers George Strait [Thank You – Carol Roch]

Trump Claims the Service Tampered with ‘Hundreds of Thousands of Ballots’

Election Fraud, Insurrection Act, Martial Law, the Only Way:

Suspected Chinese Agents Posing as Researchers Flee in Droves after Trump Crackdown:

‘Their lives have been threatened’: Sidney Powell reveals why election fraud witnesses remain hidden


Biden Received 'Mathematically Impossible' Spike in Votes When Suspicious Ballots Counted in Georgia

Gordon Chang: China Engaged in ‘an Act of War’ by Inflaming Antifa Riots in the U.S.

Georgia election officials refute claims made about viral video with ‘suitcases’ of ballots

Twitter Sides with China Over Trump. Rubio Loses Mind


*** Your Guide to the Great Reset… [Thank You – Dianne Dawson]

*** How the 'great reset' of capitalism became an anti-lockdown conspiracy

2020 Election Fraud: Whistleblower: USPS Tampered With Hundreds of Thousands of Ballots: Vote Rigging Case from Penn Headed to Supreme Court Dec. 9: Penn Legislators Sign Petition Urging Congress to Object to States Electoral: Michigan Judge Orders Forensic Review of 22 Dominion Voting Machines, Giuliani Says

“BIG WIN FOR HONEST ELECTIONS,” the former New York City Mayor wrote on Twitter on Dec. 4. “This is where the untrustworthy Dominion machine flipped 6,000 votes from Trump to [B]iden. Spiking of votes by Dominion happened all over the state.” Michigan Judge Ordered Forensic Audit: Arizona Legislature Calls for Forensic Audit of Voting Machines: Arizona Legislature Calls for Immediate 'Forensic Audit' of Dominion Voting Machines Sydney Powell Files Lawsuit in Behalf of Arizona Electors Claiming Voter Fraud in Hundreds of Thousands: Georgia Forensic Evaluation of Dominion Machine Found Evidence of Trump Votes Switched: Georgia Governor: Container Video Is 'Concerning,' Secretary of State Should Offer Explanation Powell: I Have a Huge Bag of Shredded Ballots: Sydney Powell: Update on Lawsuits: Georgia Poll Observers Say They Were Effectively Told to Go Home US Election Fraud Matches Venezuela Voting Fraud – and they used the same Dominion System:

What's Happening in US Election Matches What Happened in Venezuela, Expert Says Video Shows China Forging US Ballots:

Eye Opener -- Leaked Video Shows China Forging US Ballots; will Trump use Martial Law? Do the Math: A Trump Loss is Impossible:

'A Trump loss is improbable to the point of impossible'—look at the math—Trump Advisor Steve Cortes Electoral College Deadlines Not ‘Set In Stone’: Election Integrity Watchdog Ingram: [B]iden's 'reset' will strip Americans of freedom, money:

White House doubles down on threat of vetoing defense bill over section 230 dispute

Carter Page Wants to Speak At Sentencing For FBI Lawyer Who Altered An Email About Him

LAPD opposes further budget cuts that could result in "crippling" layoffs of cops


Gavin Newsom Gets NAILED – He’s Finished

Conservative law firm says whistle-blowers witnessed ‘potential ballot fraud on a massive scale’

Leaked docs show China hid extent of early COVID-19 outbreak: Report

Report: New suit from Trump campaign aims to disqualify over 200K ballots in Wisconsin


The restaurant owner's blistering rant has gone mega viral


Argentina passes tax on wealthy to pay for virus measures - BBC News [Thank You – Carol Roch]

(Video) What is COVID?

Posted by Randy Hillier MP

Big Pharma will Not Warranty their Vaccines against Genetic Damage || David Lifschultz

COVID Vaccine...

From the FDA: [Thank You – Billie Jo]

“DRAFT Working list of possible adverse event outcomes” for C0VlD-19 vaccines include:

Paralysis (GBS, transverse myelitis), seizures, stroke, inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis) or heart attack (acute myocardial infarction), autoimmune disease and other severe adverse events such as vaccine enhanced disease (antibody dependent enhancement), and death.

Found on page 17 of the above download.

Please research very carefully before taking this vaccine.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me daily, shame on me!

There is so much evidence and doctors objecting to the Covid-19 Hoax someone has created a website just to keep track of it, updated daily. Even the picture of the virus is made up because no scientist has ever been able to find one, just bits and pieces of coronaviruses left over from colds and flues and inoculations.

COVID-Coronavirus Scam Database --

Updated Regularly (


Trudeau taking control of internet and Film Industry [Thank You – Patrick Bestall]]

The Government's Internet Regulation Bill: Why Bill C-10 Will Mean a CRTC-Approved Netflix Service, Reduced Consumer Choice, and Less Investment in Canadian Culture - Michael Geist

Federal changes put Canadian film funding decisions in hands of a few bureaucrats, leading producers say | Hanover Post (

NYTimes admission… Dominion Computers were “Hackable” [2018]

[Thank You – Patrick Bestall]

Media Blackout: New York Times Admits in 2018 Dominion Voting Machines Are Hackable (Video) - RAIR

Will MSM talk about this? Of course, not [Thank You – Patrick Bestall]

Robert Mueller and his staff at the Office of Special Counsel in the Justice Department spent over two years seeking, unsuccessfully, to make the case that President Donald Trump colluded with the Kremlin during the 2016 campaign.

But this possibility — that China actually hacked into our voting system to rig the results to elect Biden and defeat Trump — is far more important and much more damning.

The motivation behind China’s conduct is obvious. Trump had imposed unprecedented sanctions on China, crippling its economy while the Biden family got millions of dollars from Beijing and Joe Biden has forcefully criticized the Administration for its aggressive China policies.

Nothing could be more important than to investigate Dominion for links to China and to learn if there is a benign explanation for what looks like a $400 million payoff to manipulate the 2020 election.

China-Linked Bank Paid Dominion $400 Million Four Weeks Before The Election - at

While our news media has kept us worrying about "10,000 deaths" due to Covid 19 in Canada (99% in retirement homes), CBN reports 60,000 deaths in Nigeria due to fanatical Islam. But that doesn't affect us… Or does it? [Thank You Tony G]

Human Rights Advocates Sound Alarm on 'Christian Genocide' Unfolding in Africa | CBN News

Randy Hillier "Let the courts decide" [Thank You – Patrick Bestall]

China has more Christians than Communists!

China's Christians keep the faith, rattling the country's leaders - Nikkei Asia

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