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I made it to MONDAY

Monday 3-4-24

Verses for today:

Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:

Romans 5:1 KJV


Declare his glory among the heathen; His marvelous works among all nations.

1 Chronicles 16:24 KJV


... and be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.

Ephesians 4:32 KJV


If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

1 John 1:9 KJV









 Carbon Fee on Restaurant Bill 'legal' but Tough to Swallow: 

The 2% fee is invested in carbon capture to help offset the eatery's carbon footprint – so I guess we're just expected shut up and pay it

These friends didn’t realize that not only were they enjoying a great meal in the city’s west end, they were also helping grow back a forest destroyed by fire.

Everything served went down well, except for one charge on the bill that no one had seen before. The Lasagna Bolognese at $24 was as first class as the Scaloppine di Vitello at $34. The service at the Goodfellas Wood Oven Pizza on Old Mill Dr. was outstanding – hence the $34.96 tip.


Joe Cristiano said the experience with two pals last month was terrific and the bill for $209.76, including tax and tip, was reasonable since also they had wine and dessert. No complaints.

But at the bottom of the bill they noticed a 2% “Carbon Fee” for $3.04. No one had ordered it – and it certainly didn’t taste as good as everything else listed.

“I wasn’t upset,” the Newstalk 1010 producer of the Moore in the Morning radio show said.

Just curious.

Article content

“I hadn’t seen a carbon fee before,” said Cristiano, who talked about it on John Moore’s show.

We both reached out to Goodfellas but received no response.

However, in fairness, at the bottom of the bill it states: “What we eat fuels climate change. Adding 2% to every restaurant bill to invest in carbon capture will help offset our carbon footprint. Please visit to learn more.”


In essence, it’s a carbon offset fee.

“In 2023, Canada experienced record-breaking wildfires due to climate change and the impact of global warming. The proceeds from the carbon capture fee will be used to support Tree Canada’s National Greening Program which plants trees in areas that need reforestation.”

So, it turns out, oblivious to them, this table of diners was not just enjoying an amazing meal, they were also fighting back against forest fires, some of which led to people being charged with arson.


I reached out to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business to see if we could learn more about this carbon fee charge and whether people have to pay it.

Ontario Director Julie Kwiecinski, a straight shooter who I have known for 30 years since her days of working with cabinet minister and senator Bob Runicman, said there is nothing improper about a business transparently adding a carbon cost fee as long as it is not presented as a tax. The information is on the restaurant’s website and on the bill, so a patron would be obligated to pay it, she said.

Article content

“Businesses can do this,” Kwiecinski said, adding it’s like a “cleaning fee, eco fee or fuel surcharge.”

Donna Warren



Who's checking the Fact-Checkers?

“Media companies, institutions, and journalism schools have failed all of us. For too long we have allowed non-profit organizations to masquerade as non-partisan media watchdogs, when in fact they are little more than highly paid political propagandists and assassins whose entire reason for being is to crush anyone who stands in their way, and along with them the long-held and cherished ideas of free speech, free thinking, and free minds,” she said.

“This is a blood sport for them,” she added. “They know how to kill a journalist without murdering them. We call it cancel culture. In truth, it is a death sentence. And they get away with it because they have information dominance.”


Logan was an up-and-coming reporter who spent 16 years working for CBS, where she served as chief foreign affairs correspondent. She was also a mainstay on 60 Minutes. She officially left the network in 2018, eventually being picked up by Fox News, where she commented on cultural issues until 2022.

“We live in the age of information warfare where propaganda is not simply a weapon. It is the entire field of battle,” she said. “While propaganda and censorship are not new, technology means unprecedented power and reach in the hands of a few. Companies like Facebook, Instagram and Google … have absolute control over what we see and what we hear.”

Life Site News

Patrick Bestall



David YEO:


TH3$3 7 F00D$ (1 Min)


!s D0N@LD F!GHT!NG 3V!L? (8 Min)


H0LLYW00D: W3NDY W!LL!@M$**D3M3NT!A (8 Min)


W0RLD's M0$T D@NG3R0U$ !D3@**H3L!0W@V3 (33 Min)


N3XT PL@ND3M!C +o C0NTR0L F00D**L!V3$T0CK (21 Min)


A P!L0T'$ T3$T!M0NY**!s TH3 E@rTH FL@T & UnM0V!NG (14 Min)


JU$T M@K!NG !t Up (1 Min)


PR0F R@NC0URT: Do V!RU$3$ EX!ST? (1 Min)


B!BL!C@L C0$M0L0GY**TH3 F!RMaM3NT (88 Min)


B!G CH@NG3 !n F00D**T!N C@N$**F00D !n P3R!L (5 Min)


Y0UNG H3@RT$ #49**UnL@WFUL**N0TH!NG +o H!D3 (18 Min)


H0LLYW00D**D3R3K H0UGH's W!F3**CR@N!@L H3MaT0MA (1 Min)

David YEO


Pope Francis loves Judas Iscariot?

The 2021 Vatican editorial explained that that painting was inspired by Francis’ 2018 book, Quando pregate dite Padre Nostro, in which Francis suggests Judas may not be in hell. This idea directly conflicts with statements of previous popes and Our Lord Himself, who said of Judas it would be better for him that he had not been born.

2018 was not the only time Francis has pushed the notion that Judas may be saved. In 2020, he did the same thing in a televised homily in his private chapel on Wednesday of Holy Week, where he had to read that very passage where Jesus says it would be better for Judas not to have been born. 

“How did Judas end up? I don’t know,” Pope Francis said at the time.

Nevertheless, the teaching of the church is clear on the damnation of Judas. The Catechism of the Council of Trent is very explicit on this point, saying that Judas “lost soul and body” and that his betrayal despite his priesthood “brought him everlasting destruction.” 


Moreover, the first Pope, St. Peter, was clear that after Judas betrayed Christ he had to be replaced as an apostle, whereas after the deaths of other apostles they were not replaced.  

But we hardly need go to the Catechism or even the first Pope on this question when Our Lord Himself has already been explicit on it. Three times in the Scriptures, Jesus is recorded as indicating Judas’ ultimate fate. In John 6:71, Jesus calls Judas a devil. He says “Have not I chosen you 12? And one of you is a devil.” The following verse explains, “Now he meant Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon; for this same was about to betray him, whereas he was one of the 12.”  

In John 17:12, Jesus calls Judas the “son of perdition” in his prayer to God the Father. “While I was with them, I kept them in thy name. Those whom thou gavest me have I kept: and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition: that the scripture may be fulfilled.” And finally, in both the Gospels of Matthew 26:24 and Mark 14:21, we hear Jesus saying of Judas: “It would be better for that man if he had never been born.” 

Patrick Bestall


Biometric identification anybody?

If someone steals your cards or keys, you can replace them.  But if they hack into your biometric ID how are you going to change your eyes and fingers?


Message from LifeSiteNews: Biometric identification represents another dangerous trend that must be aggressively opposed by the public because of its major threat to privacy, freedom, and access to essential services.

If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim the Net.

(Reclaim The Net) — Visa – one of the world’s two biggest payments processors – appears to be moving into biometric data-based authentication, at least according to a patent it has applied for. And Visa claims that this would be fully privacy-friendly.

Visa is in this way joining Mastercard, but also Microsoft and Google, who are all exploring ultimately similar methods, for the sake of what they say is preventing physical data theft, and abuse of deepfakes.


And Google’s, Apple’s, and Samsung’s payment services already provide the so-called seamless payment experience – while Amazon app’s Just Walk Out replaces checkout with what’s said to be “a similar experience” to what Visa plans to achieve.

If Visa’s patent – designed, according to the giant’s filing, to provide “biometric templates for privacy preserving authentication” – is approved and implemented, the end result would be replacement of PINs with biometric identification.

The method would be used at ATMs, payment checkouts, and Visa made sure to note that the technology’s use can be extended to unlocking apartments or letting people into venues like theaters, amusement parks, etc.

Be sure to SIGN this PETITION

These latter, non-payment scenarios would allow Visa to monetize the patent via licensing to other companies.

The rationale for using such a system is said to be to improve security of user information in physical spaces.

The patent states that the system would work by customers enrolling into the program which means creating “a biometric template” on their device.

This data is encrypted and signed, and that signature, rather than the biometric information, is used by “access device” to verify the signature.


This, Visa said in the filing, is what preserves privacy, since the templates are stored on the user device rather than “in some giant database.”

This appears to be the key point the company is trying to make with the proposed patent, and was careful to stress that security breaching of such databases results in “disastrous” consequences.

That’s because the use of biometrics is at once safer than that of PINs and passwords, but also much riskier, given that unauthorized access provides those behind a hack to a large amount of personal information.

Patrick Bestall



We're getting Communist "Infill" (Dense 15-minute Cities):

15 Minute Cities Past and Future.

The concept of a comfortable living area with all the infrastructure on hand has already been tried in the Soviet Union.

Now "electromagnetic cities".

At :16 min mark; See how a vial of blood reacts to different frequencies.  Fascinating!  Then see how music affects the brain and body.  (King David would agree.)

Only a mind that's on edge could feel any rapport with rock music that grates on you  

*Do you want Ivermectin or H.C.Q that has already made it across the border into Canada? Just email . They do Xpresspost. I order from them regularly. They are 100% legit.

                      Patrick Bestall




Morning update:

#1. New Brunswick officials paid nursing firm for meal allowances workers never received:

A Globe and Mail investigation into the skyrocketing costs of private travel nursing published in February found that Canadian Health Labs invoiced health authorities in Newfoundland and Labrador $1.6-million in meal allowances for the nurses it dispatched to that province, but told workers they were required to pay for their own food. Newfoundland’s Liberal government has asked its comptroller-general to probe those billings.


The Globe has confirmed that the same billing discrepancy took place in New Brunswick, a province that leaned more heavily on CHL than Newfoundland. The province’s Vitalité Health Network, which delivers French-language medical services, paid CHL for meal allowances for its travelling staff, but the company’s workers were told they were on their own when it came to paying for meals, documents and interviews show.


Toronto-based CHL charged taxpayers $46 a day for meal allowances for each out-of-province nurse or personal-support worker, the health authority confirmed to The Globe. But nine nurses CHL assigned to Vitalité told The Globe that they never received any per diems from CHL for food. The Globe is not identifying the nurses because they signed nondisclosure agreements.

Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday is hosting Benny Gantz, a centrist political rival of Benjamin Netanyahu, who is visiting Washington in defiance of the Israeli Prime Minister.


In her meeting with Gantz, Harris plans to press for a temporary ceasefire deal that would allow for the release of several categories of hostages being held by the Islamist militant group Hamas. Israel has essentially agreed to the deal.


In some of the strongest comments by a senior leader of the U.S. government to date on the issue, Harris on Sunday demanded Hamas agree to an immediate six-week ceasefire while forcefully urging Israel to do more to boost aid deliveries into Gaza, where she said innocent people were suffering a “humanitarian catastrophe.”

Harris also pressed the Israeli government and outlined specific ways on how more aid can flow into the densely populated enclave where hundreds of thousands of people are facing famine, after five months of Israel’s military campaign.


A Hamas delegation had arrived in Cairo for the latest round of ceasefire talks on Sunday, billed by many as the final possible hurdle for a truce, but it was unclear if any progress was made. Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth’s online version reported that Israel boycotted the talks after Hamas rejected its demand for a complete list identifying hostages who are still alive.

Read more:








Rumors – Rumors - Rumors – Rumors – Rumors


RUMOURS Circulating out there...:

You need to MAKE-UP Your own MIND!



  • ·         On Fri. 1 March a Source from Space Force said they were told that there was an imminent Event pending (possible Cyber Attack?) and they were to go home and keep their families indoors.

  • ·         On Sat. 2 March Germany’s financial system collapsed.

  • ·         Sun. 3 March: “Patriots be prepared for a fake Trump assassination. The Black Hats have a Trump clone that they are going to assassinate. The media will go wild. Don’t believe a word of it. Trump already knows about this. Trump is safe.” …Real Chief on Tweet Sun. 3 March.

  • ·         Election Interference: “We’re in the middle of an Election. We have Super Tuesday coming up very shortly. According to Justice Department guidelines, they shouldn’t be prosecuting me: “Federal prosecutors and agents may never select the timing of any action, including investigative steps, criminal charges, or statements, for the purpose of affecting any election, or for the purpose of giving an advantage or disadvantage to any candidate or political party.” THIS IS ELECTION INTERFERENCE, AND SHOULD BE STOPPED IN THE COURTS!” …President Trump on Telegram Sun. 3 March.

  • ·         On Mon. 4 March the Supreme Court is scheduled to make an announcement about President Trump’s eligibility to run in the election.

  • ·         On Mon. 11 March the Federal Reserve will quit giving loans to the banks, which would close any bank not Basel 3 compliant and in the BRICS System.


Situation Update:


Sat. 2 March Bomb! Trump’s secret meeting unleashes a global shockwave: Wells Fargo adopts the Dinar: the Quantum Financial System is activated: and the Launch of NESARA begins!

  • ·         Let’s get straight to the point: the world is not what it seems, and the recent clandestine meeting between the Iraqi Prime Minister and President Trump is the hard evidence we were looking for. This is not an everyday diplomatic appointment. This was a covert operation, shrouded in secrecy, with implications that could shake the very foundations of our economic system. The undisclosed location, lack of media coverage and high-level discussions point towards something monumental.

  • ·         The crux of the issue is the announcement of Iraq’s sovereignty and the revaluation of its currency, the dinar. It’s not just about Iraq; It is a sign of a global economic reset, a shift that could redefine wealth and power around the world. The fact that this news is being strictly controlled, and that rumors only reach those who are listening closely, tells you everything you need to know about the forces at play.

  • ·         Let’s make something clear: When currencies like the dinar appear on the front screens of major banks, flashing with anticipation, it’s not a glitch. It is the prelude to something big. Banks like Chase and Wells Fargo are not just financial institutions; They are the guardians, the ones who know the pulse of the global economy. Flashing rates are a beacon, a sign that the financial tides are about to turn, but they are waiting for the green light.

  • ·         And where does that green light come from? Everything is orchestrated from the shadows. The Treasury, the corporate giant Wells Fargo in New York, the bailout centers: all of these entities are pieces of a larger puzzle, waiting to reveal the grand design. The Wells Fargo email, that’s the key. It is the signal for financial elites to act and start the engines of what will be the most significant redistribution of wealth in modern history.

  • ·         But let’s go deeper. The launch of NESARA, scheduled between February 22 and 29, is not just a policy: it is a revolution. It promises restitution and recovery for people over 62, an unprecedented gesture of financial liberation. But why the secrecy? What accounts for the cryptic nature of these movements? Because the full extent of NESARA’s impact is something the powers that be want to control. It’s a narrative they want to develop on their own terms.

  • ·         This is where the essence of our current situation lies. The meeting between the Iraqi Prime Minister and President Trump, the secret discussions, the impending currency revaluation and the launch of NESARA, everything is interconnected. It is a meticulously planned sequence of events designed to transform the global economy, shift power, and create a new financial reality.

  • ·         Skeptics and naysayers will call this speculation. They will dismiss the importance of interest rates, undisclosed meetings, and the strategic timing of these announcements. But the evidence is hidden in plain sight, for those brave enough to look at it. All the signs are there, pointing towards a seismic shift that will soon be felt by all citizens, all governments and all nations.


The Real News for Sun. 3 March 2024:


Biden Crime Family:

  • ·         Sat. 2 March After years of denials, Hunter Biden FINALLY acknowledged Joe was ‘the big guy’ in $5M China deal.



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