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It is TUESDAY already...

Summary as I am able:

3-8-22 Tuesday

Thoughts for TODAY!


Vaccine Trials for Kids 5-11 Years Old Results are Horrifying:

Hundreds of thousands of 5- to 11-year-old children have now been experimented on with the COVID “vaccines” by the FDA.

These trials have resulted in several hundred children being hospitalized with life-threatening emergencies. Some have died. One had a psychotic break after receiving just the first mRNA shot from Pfizer.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, kids have had a strange sort of resilience against COVID. They can catch it and test positive, but they don’t even get the sniffles from it. But fully vaccinated kids are now catching COVID and being hospitalized with it. The people perpetrating this vile human experimentation need to go to jail. Some deserve sentences worse than that!

Remember when the liars in charge told us to not worry about this experimental, not fully tested mRNA technology? They told us there was no way that “messenger RNA” could attach to and/or alter human DNA with unknown consequences. “You’re not being experimented on! You’re not a lab rat!”

Yeah. That was a total lie, according to researchers out of Sweden. They injected human liver cell lines with the COVID vaccines (notice that they didn’t experiment on live humans).

Guess what? The mRNA vaccines are attaching to the DNA of human liver cells and altering them.

Read the study HERE. [U.S .Politics & NEWS]

Verse(s) for today:

But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

Matthew 4:4 KJV

For I have satiated the weary soul, and I have replenished every sorrowful soul.

Jeremiah 31:25 KJV

💥 💥💥💥The Zelenskyy-Trudeau-Schwab Connection: 💥💥

(LifeSiteNews) – Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has stated that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was one of the reasons he got into politics.

After leaving his career as a comedian and entertainer and becoming Ukraine’s president in April 2019, Zelenskyy hailed Trudeau as “one of those leaders who inspired” him “to join politics,” when he became Ukraine’s president in 2019.

While Zelenskyy has shot to stardom from relative obscurity from the perspective of the West since the Russo-Ukrainian conflict became international news last week, his admiration for Trudeau comes as less of a surprise when looking into his background.

Like Trudeau, Zelenskyy is an acolyte of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, the globalist organization behind the now-infamous “Great Reset” agenda, which tells the world that by the year 2030, “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.”

The ubiquitous support for Zelenskyy by the elite, including support from defund the policeand Black Lives Matter leftist mega-donor George Soros, Trudeau, American President Joe Biden, and all sides of mainstream media, has led many to question the true motivation behind the West’s condemnation of Russia and a concern that a push for yet another foreign war involving the West is underfoot.

💥 On Tuesday, for example, Ukrainian journalist Daria Kaleniuk made an emotional demand to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, asking him to instruct NATO to enter the war in Ukraine. After the event was praised in Western media, reports surfaced showing that Kaleniuk is not just a journalist, but a member of the WEF and runs initiatives backed by Soros throughout Eastern Europe.

[Patrick Bestall]

💥 💥


NOTE: Course Language

This NURSE is really angry… 9-Pages of “Side-Effects” with most of them, having killed somebody! Of the 3921 DEATHS during the Evaluation Trial, 394 were UNVACCINATED and 3,527 were VACCINATED!

How in the World was this AUTHORIZED??? Pre-COVID RUSH to get a VACCINE, until COVID, Vaccines were not APPROVED with as few as two [2] DEATHS during the Testing Stage!

Pfizer was granted Approval [for EXPERIMENTAL USE ONLY] with 3,527 DEATHS during Testing!!! How was that possible without INTENTION and COLLUSION!

EXPERIMENTAL carries with it the RIGHT TO REFUSE! CLEARLY, they LIED, by pushing the MANDATES!!! [Don Brooks]

💥 💥

Canadians pay twice as much as USA & EU for Gas:

Compared to the price per liter in Europe today (90 cents) and the price per liter in the USA ($1.04), we Canadians are paying an average of $2.04 at the pumps today. Is that because of all the taxes? Yes! It's always been this way.

The number one reason for high Canadian gas prices, by a long shot, is taxes. Road tax, carbon tax, federal excise tax, GST, HST and, in some cases, a municipal transit tax.

A friend in Virginia did some homework to figure out how much it rose down there considering the inflation factor. Seems like our governments have been milking a cash cow in the oil business. Here's what Dave Strock had to say this morning:

Just for comparison purposes, here is a chart that shows the real value of the dollar now compared to every year since 1952 when I was 8 years old:

Gasoline in West Virginia now is $3.91 per gallon. The chart shows that based on the relative value of the dollar today vs. 1952, the cost of a gallon of gas then would have been 37 cents per gallon. I looked the cost of a gallon of gasoline in 1952 and found the average cost per gallon was actually 27 cents per. So, you can see the real increase in the price of gasoline adjusted for inflation. The bottom line here is how much our money has been devalued over the last 70 years. In other words, our dollar today is only worth 10 cents in 1952 dollars. But the chart shows that gasoline has actually increased well over the inflationary difference. [Patrick Bestall]

💥 💥

New censorship legislation:

The Trudeau government introduced new censorship legislation and you can take action to stop it. You know free speech online is important. You have your favorite news sites where you go to get information, you have Facebook pages that you follow and you have podcasts you enjoy. Those websites and podcasts might not be the same ones that your neighbour likes and that’s OK. And there are already laws against crimes such as inciting violence or exploiting children. But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and federal bureaucrats want more regulations to influence what you read, watch and listen to online. When governments interfere with free speech, there’s always a risk they’ll turn down the volume on critics and promote the messages they want you to see. The Trudeau government tried to push through its online censorship agenda before, with Bill C-10, but the law wasn’t passed in time for the election. Now the government announced it’s introducing new legislation with the same censorship objectives. For the sake of Canadian democracy, we can’t let this new legislation get through Parliament. We need to make it loud and clear to the Trudeau government that Canadiansdon’t want the government to control what we say and see online. Please sign our PETITION to stop online censorship. Just click Thanks for stepping up to fight for taxpayers! [Jay, Shannon, Todd and the rest of the CTF team] PS: Signing a petition is a great way to fight taxes and now we’ve got another way: T-shirts. Check out the Canadian Taxpayers Federation store here.

💥 💥

Ukrainian Nationalist Volunteers behead Russians:

In 2022 Putin said "that's enough"

💥 💥

200 Russian Orthodox priests and abbots petition Putin:

Meanwhile, inside Russia, numerous Orthodox priests and abbots -- 200-plus early this week, speaking "each on our own behalf" -- began signing an online petition calling for the "cessation of the fratricidal war in Ukraine" and urging negotiations. "We respect God-given human freedom, and we believe that the people of Ukraine should make their choice independently, not at gunpoint, without pressure from the West or the East," said the text.

Noting that this was written after the Sunday of the Last Judgment on the Orthodox calendar, they added: "The Last Judgment awaits every person. No earthly authority, no doctors, no guards will protect from this judgment. Concerned about the salvation of every person who considers himself a child of the Russian Orthodox Church, we do not want him to appear at this judgment bearing the heavy burden of mothers' curses.

.pb comments:

What mothers' curses? Are these priests and abbots swallowing the lie that Putin wants to kill Ukrainian citizens? Putin gave them all open corridors to leave Kiev unharmed, but the racist radicals in Kiev's government blocked the roads in order to keep them in the city as human shields! And then the open roads were used to move Ukrainian tanks and heavy weaponry instead. So Putin ordered the troops to close in again. He's trying, this time to open the escape corridors in the north, where Kiev cannot close them

Meanwhile all the liturgical celebrations in Russian Orthodox churches pray to

"Head off the alien nations striving for war and assailing Holy Russia, and overturn their plots."


Believe it or not, Russians (including Putin) have had it in their psyche for ages to save the world for Christ.

We all need to be praying for the safety of peaceful civilians in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. In many cases, it seems they are being targeted, not by the Russian military, but by their own Ukrainian government.

According to multiple news reports, the Ukrainian government has been releasing felons from prison and giving them guns, hoping that these criminals will suddenly become patriotic and fight for Ukraine. Of course, instead of posing a real threat to the Russian army, it is more likely that it serves to increase the local crime rate.

💥 💥

Salim - In Conversation with Major Russ Cooper (Retd), RCAF:

From Russ Cooper:Salim

Professor Emeritus Salim Mansur enlightens with his expertise on geopolitics and strategy as he analyses the Ukraine situation in this video presentation. It's not as straightforward as propagandists on both sides of the argument would have us believe and given the stakes, that is a problem. Strap in as we roll in hot on critical issues of the day.



Once the shooting starts, the post-conflict situation is rarely as the party that began the shooting sought, expected, imagined. Over the years I have reflected what I learned as a kid playing chess and later poring over the works of some of the grandmasters, such as Nimzowitch and Reti and Lasker, that in life as in chess the best defense on the board is the position before any move is made, and once the opening moves have been made what follows is a series of weaknesses and the game ends for the player whose accumulated weaknesses on the board bring about a scenario for checkmate to be delivered by the player with a relatively stronger or lesser weakness of the two players, or that player of the two resigning when his position on the board has become untenable. [Salim]


SKII Speech (3 Min)

0Z-Land Legend Gone @ 52 (1 Min)

W!r3Le$$ W@x3ne: N@N0 R0u+er$* MAC Addr3$$(17 Min)

NOTE: The Vaxd R Walking I-Phones connected to The CL0UD.

Injury Account (3 Min)

MIKE: ALL I SEE Is Propaganda (12 Min)

HOW Science Proved Gravity Is REAL (N0T) (3 Min)


Healthy MAN Injured (2 Min)

Why Isn't Anyone Calling 0ut These Crimes (2 Min)

Doc Speaks 0UT (1 Min)

Never Seen Before: Pfizer Whistleblower (32 Min)

Build Back Babylon*They Want to Connect Us ALL (79 Min)

💥 💥



The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Main-Stream Media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.

  • · Russian Special Ops did only precision strikes for Military equipment and warehouses, Adrenochrome and bio-weapon Satanic Nazi Pedo facilities and buildings. Russian Aerospace did bomb Biden’s villa in the Ukraine (built over an extensive Underground Tunnel system):

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