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Monday 6 - [24]-24... 


Verses for today:


... and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

John 8:32 KJV


Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief.

Hebrews 4:11 KJV


For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.

Hebrews 4:10 KJV


There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.

Hebrews 4:9 KJV




Canadians wide open to cyberattacks due to gov’s lack of action says Auditor General 

As state and criminal actors increasingly resort to cyberattacks to confound Western allies, Canadians are wide open to malicious threats.


The Trudeau government needs more capacity and resources to prevent cybercrime as the increasing number of cyberattacks become more sophisticated, according to a report by the auditor general.

According to the report, the government has “breakdowns in response, coordination, enforcement, tracking, and analysis between and across the organizations responsible for protecting Canadians from cybercrime.”

Government agencies like the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Communications Security Establishment Canada, and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission were found to be ill-equipped to effectively enforce laws intended to protect Canadians from cyberattacks


“In 2022, victims of fraud reported financial losses totalling $531 million to the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre. Three-quarters of these reports were cybercrime related,” reads the Auditor General’s report. 

“The centre estimates that only 5% to 10% of cybercrimes are reported. Without prompt action, financial and personal information losses will only grow as the volume of cybercrime and attacks continues to increase.”

The RCMP, CSEC and Public Safety Canada have all considered implementing a single place where Canadians could report cybercrime incidents, however, this has yet to happen.

Currently, Canadians are left to determine for themselves which agency or organization is most appropriate to report to based on the nature of their incident. 


One such incident involved a complaint regarding an offer to sell child sexual exploitation material that was reported to the CRTC, who in response did not refer the matter to law enforcement but instead told the complainant to contact law enforcement themselves directly.


Another incident involving the CRTC saw the agency deleting evidence and returning electronic devices to a person being investigated for violation of anti-spam legislation so that the CRTC could avoid being served with a search warrant by a law enforcement agency.


“Between 2021 and 2023, Communications Security Establishment Canada deemed that almost half of the 10,850 reports it received were out of its mandate because they related to individual Canadians and not to organizations,” reads the report. 

“However, it did not respond to many of these individuals to inform them to report their situation to another authority.”

The Auditor General is recommending that Canada strengthen its cybersecurity workforce across each of these organizations, including hiring more staff to work for the RCMP’s cybersecurity investigative teams. 

The report estimates that one-third of positions across all teams are presently vacant and those positions must be filled to update Canada’s National Cyber Security Strategy.


Furthermore, the RCMP has yet to deploy its National Cybercrime Solution, an information database which would make reporting cyber crimes easy for victims and would also be shared amongst law enforcement agencies. 

The database would also allow for the ability to cross-reference malware samples throughout Canada and internationally. 


Cybersecurity was also recently cited as a top vulnerability to the country’s financial stability by former Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz. 

True North Wire


Ozempic side effects warning!

1 million Canadians are now taking Ozempic.  As if we didn't get enough poisons and pollutants in what we eat.

Other issues that this “off-label” use is causing include: 

·        Taking care providers away from other essential tasks as they struggle to find Ozempic for their patients

·        Risk of drug interactions for those taking Ozempic without medical supervision

·        Serious side effects, including allergic reactions, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), increased thyroid cancer risk, gallstones, and swelling of the pancreas

·        Regaining weight when no longer taking the medication if lifestyle changes haven’t been made 

Ozempic may also cause minor side effects like nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. In addition, doctors caution that the drug hasn’t been studied in broader populations, so there may be other possible side effects that have not yet been documented.


WeightWatchers has issued an apology to its cus tomers, admitting they “got it wrong” in the past when they said weight is a matter of diet and life style. In a strategic shift, the company now plans to incorporate weight-loss medications such as Ozempic into their plan.

Patrick Bestall



Top Ten Globalist Buzzwords:

For more dangerous words, cue in 45 minutes in this video.  


She warns the farmers not to accept words like "public land", and "greenspace" which set precedent for stealing private property by expropriation or other devious new regulations or laws.  She says fight the bureaucracy with Private Membership Associations.  This is a valid approach for Canada too.


30 by 30 (or 30x30) is a worldwide initiative for governments to designate 30% of Earth's land and ocean area as protected areas by 2030 and 50% by 2050.

Patrick Bestall

Empower Hour: Maxime Bernier - Foreign Interference and Nationalism Rising, June 26, 2024:

Maxime Bernier, Leader of the People’s Party of Canada, joins Tanya Gaw on the Empower Hour for a riveting conversation about foreign interference, the rising “far-right populist’ movements in Europe and the UK and how by speaking out, we are transforming and changing the political conversation in Canada. Citizens in western nations are fed up with being manipulated and controlled and this needs to be reflected at the polls.

The recent elections in Europe and the UK are evidence that the Globalist agenda is backfiring and instead of people marching to the Marxist drum and being in a ‘deep state’ of hypnosis, they have awakened!

Register in advance to join us for this motivational Empower Hour.

Wednesday June 26, 2024. Zoom Doors open at 4:25pm PST/7:25pm EST. Empower Hour guest segment 7.30pm EST followed by Tanya’s Weekly Update. 

Empower Hour



Banksters "They have to Kick-the-Table-Over":

Add to that the $10 trillion in debt the US Government has to roll over by the end of the year.  Meanwhile, the US government piles on $1 trillion in new debt every 100 days.  What could go wrong?

Patrick Bestall





David DePape Found Guilty on all Charges in Paul Pelosi Assault Case

 June 23, 2024

David DePape, a Canadian nudist activist, faced justice for his grave assault on Paul Pelosi, the husband of the former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

According to Breitbart, David DePape was convicted of five felony charges in a disturbing incident that transpired within the Pelosi residence.


In October 2022, David DePape made an unlawful entry into the Pelosi home in California, carrying with him duct tape, rope, and gloves. He had plotted to capture and confront Nancy Pelosi over alleged political issues by planning to wear an inflatable unicorn costume during the recording, with intentions of later broadcasting it online.


Although his primary target, Nancy Pelosi, wasn’t home, DePape encountered Paul Pelosi. DePape demanded to see Nancy, aggressively questioning Paul Pelosi about her whereabouts.


The Assault Captured on Camera

San Francisco Police arrived to find a tense situation escalating. Bodycam footage from the officers captured a chilling moment: a struggle over a hammer that DePape used to brutally attack Paul Pelosi. This assault resulted in grievous bodily harm including a skull fracture and severe injuries to Paul Pelosi's arm, requiring extensive medical surgery.


During DePape’s burglary, he restrained Mr. Pelosi and forcefully disproved any efforts to escape by threatening severe violence against him. These terrifying moments not only threatened Mr. Pelosi’s safety but momentarily gripped the nation in a discourse on political violence.


The Culmination of a Traumatic Event

DePape was subsequently arrested and faced justice in both federal and California courts. In November 2023, he was found guilty on multiple grave charges, including aggravated kidnapping, first-degree burglary, false imprisonment, making threats against an official or their family, and coercing a witness by force or threat. By May 2023, a federal judge sentenced him to 30 years behind bars.


District Attorney Brooke Jenkins remarked on the incident. Here is her full statement, "We are truly all grateful for Mr. Pelosi's physical recovery and hope that this verdict can allow them to rest a little easier as they move forward."

In a rather unremorseful comment highlighted during the police confrontation, DePape merely responded with a "nope" when directed to lay down the hammer, before escalating his violent actions.



Throughout the trial, David DePape’s motivation painted a picture of political dissent taken to an extreme. Intent on making a misguided political statement, he instead inflicted trauma. During his testimony, he expressed vague remorse, apologizing for the harm inflicted.


David DePape conceded in court: "Paul Pelosi was never my intended target” and "that he got hurt," indicating a failed attempt to directly reach Nancy Pelosi for his intended confrontation.


The evidence, including 911 calls and personal testimonies, painted a vivid picture of the distressing ordeal, supporting a robust case against DePape and leading to his conviction on all counts.


As the story concludes, the impact of this egregious assault reverberates beyond the courtroom, stirring discussions about safety, political discourse, and the grave consequences of political fanaticism. David DePape now faces a long incarceration, a stern reminder of the legal boundaries guarding individual safety and democratic stability.

 Capitalism Institute


The Case against Del Grande is Falling Apart:

Good news! Based on the latest eyewitness testimonies, I believe the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) witch-hunt against Michael Del Grande is falling apart.

Michael Del Grande, TCDSB Trustee for Ward 7. (Source:

However, there’s so much more at stake than the unjust persecution of a faithful Catholic school trustee in the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) …


If Trustee Del Grande is found guilty by the OCT, it could seriously damage the very foundations of our parliamentary democracy.

I’ll get to more on that in a moment, but first I’d like catch you up on the hearing dates, which saw two defense witnesses testify.

As many of our supporters know, the OCT is pulling out all the stops to revoke Mike's teaching license over a set of trumped-up "teacher misconduct" allegations, even though he has never taught in any school.

As a left-wing institution that is fully aligned with the LGBT lobby, the OCT is putting on this sham show trial as revenge for Mike having dared to oppose the addition of transgender ideology into the TCDSB’s Code of Conduct during a past board meeting.


The process has been dragging on with numerous disciplinary hearings since November 2022.

Even though Mike has never acted as a teacher, he is defending his license, for a couple of reasons. First, to defend his reputation.

Secondly, and more importantly, to prevent a dangerous precedent from being set which would endanger the free speech rights of thousands of democratically-elected politicians across Canada.

I’m talking about men and women who happen to hold a professional designation and might have to self-censor their political speech in the legislative chambers, in order to avoid punishment by their profession’s regulatory college.

The ordeal has been beyond frustrating (and costly) for Del Grande, but the latest witnesses have renewed my hope that he will win.


On May 22nd and 24th, the OCT judicial panel heard overwhelming evidence refuting one of the baseless allegations in this case.

One of the complaints against Del Grande alleges that he was verbally abusive toward a then 16-year-old, TCDSB Student Trustee, during his capacity as a Trustee (not as a teacher), back in 2019.

It’s being claimed that Mike “yelled” and “shouted” at the elected Student Trustee during a private board room discussion that took place in the trustees’ lounge.


This private conversation between trustees happened right after a special TCDSB committee meeting about whether the Board should allow students to watch Unplanned, a movie about how Abby Johnson, a Planned Parenthood Clinic Manager, became a pro-life activist after watching a guided ultrasound abortion.

During the public debate about the pro-life film that Mike and other trustees were recommending for high schools, the Student Trustee strongly opposed showing the movie to students, and expressed her pro-abortion belief that, “the fetus is just a bunch of cells”, not a human child.


So egregious was the anti-Catholic counter-witness given by the Student Trustee, that a priest in attendance that night, Father Peter Turrone, publicly rebuked her during the meeting.

Afterwards, Trustee Del Grande had a conversation with her in the lounge, during which he encouraged her to reconcile her beliefs on abortion with the teachings of the Catholic Church, so she could be true to the expectations of a Catholic education leader.


Eyewitness said no yelling or shouting ever happened

On May 22nd, Mike’s trustee colleague, Nancy Crawford, took the witness stand for the defence.

Nancy was in the trustee lounge and witnessed almost the entire conversation between Del Grande and the Student Trustee.

Nancy Crawford, TCDSB Trustee for Ward 12. (Source:

Crawford’s testimony was devastating to the accusations put forward by the College’s prosecution lawyer.

Trustee Crawford stated unambiguously that Del Grande never once yelled, shouted or even raised his voice throughout the entire conversation!

Below is a sample of the exchange between Nancy Crawford and Mike’s lawyer, Charles Lugosi:

LUGOSI: What would you say of the tone of the conversation?

CRAWFORD: The tone was concerned, respectful, I remember they were both engaged in the conversation. It seemed to be important to both of them. There were no raised voices or anything, but there was a commitment to it, in a sense. (emphasis added)


LUGOSI: Did you observe any kind of bad behaviour, in your mind, exhibited by Trustee Del Grande?

CRAWFORD: No. I did not observe any bad behaviour. I observed that he was talking reasonably – fatherly, I would describe it as – in the way of guiding the Student Trustee in terms of our Catholic expectations, our Catholic beliefs, and her role as the lead Student Trustee... They were conversing. They were respectful. They weren’t talking over one another. They were taking turns talking back and forth. speaking.


LUGOSI: Did you observe any verbal, emotional, or psychological abuse of any kind between the two of them?

CRAWFORD: No. I did not observe any abuse. I did not observe any bullying... I observed a reasonable exchange of points of view.


Second eyewitness testifies that Del Grande did not raise his voice

Two days later, on May 24th, Mike’s defense lawyer called on his TCDSB colleague from Ward 8, Trustee Garry Tanuan, to testify.

Garry Tanuan, TCDSB Trustee for Ward 8. (Source:

Tanuan was also in the trustees’ private lounge and heard the whole exchange between Del Grande and the Student Trustee. In fact, he even joined the debate at one point.

Tanuan testified that Del Grande did not raise his voice with the pro-abortion Student Trustee in the lounge.

He also told the OCT’s prosecutor during cross-examination that in all the years he has been familiar with Michael, he has always known him to be a soft-spoken person.

Garry’s testimony lined up perfectly with Crawford’s evidence that Mike did NOT raise his voice or yell or shout on the night in question, that he was calm, and respectful, and that the conversation he had with the Student Trustee looked like a normal conversation.


Case should be closed

So, between these two eye-witness testimonies, it seems to me that any fair and reasonable tribunal members would have no choice but to conclude that the accusation against Mike is not supported by the evidence, and he must be found not guilty of “teacher misconduct” for yelling, shouting, or otherwise being abusive towards the Student Trustee.


Parliamentary democracy and the ballot itself is at stake

Michael Del Grande has maintained his defense that this Ontario College of Teachers discipline hearing is completely out of order because the OCT exists to regulate the profession of teaching, not the political speech of elected municipal officials performing their jobs in a legislative chamber.

He was not a teacher in a classroom. The Student Trustee was not his pupil. So, the OCT has no jurisdiction.

As Del Grande’s defense lawyer, Charles Lugosi, put it to the tribunal on May 22nd:

“What (the OCT) is saying is that by merely holding a teacher’s license, we can regulate the political debates entered into by an elected official, whether municipal, provincial or federal, because we, as an administrative body, have the jurisdiction to strip somebody’s livelihood away from them if we don’t like what they say or how they say it, because it offends us, or somebody in our organization.”

“This is a huge issue that I see will ultimately end up in the Supreme Court of Canada”.

Lugosi is absolutely right...

A ruling against Del Grande would set a dangerous precedent that professional regulators have the power to restrict the speech of democratically elected officials – be it federal MPs, provincial MPPs or MLAs, mayors, city councillors, or school board trustees.


If Del Grande has his teaching license taken away over these allegations, it will undermine Canada’s parliamentary democracy and the right and duty of elected officials to advocate for the voters who elected them.

So, this is a much bigger issue than what tone Michael used in conversation with a fellow trustee, or whether his colleagues on the TCDSB felt triggered by the sarcasm and hyperbole in one of his motions.


This is about our democratic rights and whether elections actually mean anything, if those we elect aren’t truly free to engage in political speech, inside their legislative chambers, to advocate for us.

Do our votes in an election really matter if the person we elect to speak out on certain issues can be silenced or cancelled by an unelected administrative body?


Is your local MP truly free to represent you in the House of Commons, if he or she must worry about losing their professional license over something they say in a parliamentary debate, which somebody in the public finds offensive?

This isn’t a baseless, paranoid concern.

For now, only an elected school trustee is being targeted (Mike), but we know from studying how liberalism/socialism operates, that this logic will eventually bleed into city halls and even be weaponized to intimidate and silence democratically elected provincial and federal politicians.


This is the second reason why Mike has been so insistent on defending himself and not allowing this anti-democracy precedent to stand. However, it hasn’t been easy for him. Mike has endured an incredible amount of suffering, more than I can even write about here, and it’s taken a toll on him, both physically and financially …

Which is why we’ve been working to help cover his legal costs.


Mike is like the canary in a coal mine, a trial run for what’s coming at other elected politicians who happen to hold professional licenses in teaching, law, nursing, medicine, clinical psychology, engineering, or any number of self-regulated professional bodies.


So please, if it’s within your means, donate now to his legal defense fund and stand with Del Grande.

If you’ve already given to this cause, then thank you kindly.

Also, please remember to pray for Michael and his lawyer, along with the judicial panel, and for the College’s prosecutor …


The more prayers for everyone involved, the better.

For life and the family,

Jack FonsecaDirector of Political OperationsCampaign Life Coalition


P.S. For a web version of this email, to print or share on social media, click here.

P.P.S. Please donate to Trustee Del Grande’s legal defense fund, so he can continue fighting for our democratic rights and the right of all elected politicians to be able to speak without fear. Click here to donate.



David YEO:


J03 @ TH3 V@T!CAN (1 Min)


A@R0N R0DG3R$**$0C!@L CR3D!T $C0R3 (16 Min)


CR@ZY!**0V3R a !,000 !ZR@3L!'s $T0RM TH3 D0M3 (35 Min)


VA3R$**40 yr 0ld $CH00L J@N!T0R C@LL$ 0ut M0D3RNA (8 Min)


"E@rTH's R0T@T!0N !s $L0W!NG D0WN" L0L!!**R3@D G3N3$!$ (22 Min)


N3W P0DC@$T**CDN Dr W!LL!@M M@K!$**RAD!0L0G!$T & 0NC0L0G!$T (32 Min)


H0W M@NY PR0PH3C!3$? (1 Min)


Dr FR@!MAN**R3-ANALY$!$*XC3$$ D3@TH$ (83 Min)


R0CK $T@R**BL!NK !82**M@RK*$TAG3 4 CANC3R (1 Min)


D0N@LD & J03**TW0 H3@D$ 0f 0N3 $N@K3**TR3@$0N (8 Min)


TH3 J3T FU3L H0X EXPL@!N3D by ENG!N33R D@NNY M!N3LY (14 Min)


TH3Y'R3 N0T H!D!NG !t**B!0M3TR!C$, G3N0C!D3 & TR@N$HUM@N!$M (4 Min)

David YEO


Beach Attack by Ukraine illegal Cluster Bombs:

BIDON is playing with ‘FIRE’ and is about to get ‘BURNED’!



Videos below show the vicious Ukrainian NAZI government has fired U.S.-Supplied ATACMS against civilians on a beach in Sevastopol, Crimea, Russia.  At least 3 people have been killed - including young children - and upwards of 100 have been injured.  Another war crime by the Kiev NAZIS and their Nazi Collaborators in the Untied States government.

VIDEO: Incoming:

In this video, you can hear the dull thuds of multiple cluster munitions impacting the sand, exploding, and hurling shrapnel into the innocent families on the beach:

In this video, wounded and bloody beachgoers are tended-to by their fellow civilians before official help arrives.  What appears to be one dead woman can be seen briefly in the video:


The Spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakarova, said the following:

"The date for such a strike was not chosen by chance — it was Trinity Sunday. And we perfectly understand what lies at the core of the Kiev regime’s essence — a deep-seated hatred for everything related to Russia, and Russian culture. And, of course, Orthodoxy and Christianity as a whole. These literally ritualistic — and I believe that's what they can be called — crimes they commit, coincide with major holidays."


Statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense:

 Full statement of the Russian Defense Ministry on the Ukrainian attack on Sevastopol: Today at 12:15 p.m. a deliberate terrorist missile attack was carried out on the city of Sevastopol by five American ATACMS missiles equipped with cluster warheads; Four US-made ATACMS missiles were intercepted; The detonation of the fragmentation warhead of a fifth US-made missile in mid-air resulted in numerous casualties among civilians in Sevastopol; All flight assignments for US ATACMS operational-tactical missiles are entered by US specialists based on the US's own satellite intelligence data; Therefore, responsibility for the deliberate missile strike on civilians in Sevastopol lies primarily with the United States, which supplied these weapons to Ukraine, and with the Zelensky regime, from whose territory this strike was carried out; Such actions will not go unanswered.


UPDATE 12:21 PM EDT --

It was an AMERICAN Drone that provided intelligence and targeting coordinates for the ATACMS missile attack upon Sevastopol earlier today.   Here is the flight path of the American Drone, callsign FORTE15:


3 LITTLE KIDS AND 2 ADULTS KILLED - SEVASTOPOL ATTACK DEATH TOLL RISES: Governor of Crimean city Razvozhayev (left vid) confirms at least 5 innocent civilians murdered by American missile targeting beachgoers, adding that wounded children heading to Moscow for world-class emergency treatment and Putin has ordered federal authorities to assist with helping injured.  27 OF THE 100 OR SO INJURED, ARE ALSO CHILDREN.Lamestream rag Telegraph newspaper in the UK decides to cover war crime but calls missile "Ukrainian ATACMS" (right pic) in revolting attempt to distance Washington from its role in directly supplying weaponry and conducting reconnaissance for terror attack...

VIDEO: Blood-stained beach:


Dmitry Medvedev, Seputy Chairman, Russian Federation Council (i.e. Senate): “The US bastards are supplying banderovtsy with cluster munitions and help them to take aim at targets. The Kiev bastards are choosing a beach filled with civilians as their target and press the button.Both will burn in hell; hopefully, not just in the sacral flames, but even before that, in the earthly fire.What happened is not military actions but a sneaky and vile terrorist attack against our people; moreover, it occurred on an Orthodox holiday, just like the massacre that extremists had carried out in Dagestan. Which is why now we do not differentiate between any of them, whether it is the American authorities, bandera regime or insane fanatics.My deepest condolences go to the families of the deceased. I wish the wounded the soonest recovery.”

Patrick Bestall

A-I feeds off Wikipedia Bias:

The online encyclopedia’s apparent prejudice against right-wing politicians is influencing responses, research suggests

A Wikipedia logo seen displayed on a smartphone. ©  Mateusz Slodkowski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images


Wikipedia's tendency to negatively portray right-wing political figures is feeding into AI large language models (LLMs) that harvest data from the online encyclopedia, a US-based conservative think-tank has claimed.

A report released on Thursday by the Manhattan Institute looked at evidence of political bias in English-language articles on Wikipedia, by correlating the names of Western leaders and prominent politicians with emotion-laden words.


The study found “prevailing associations of negative emotions (e.g., anger and disgust) with right-leaning public figures; and positive emotions (e.g., joy) with left-leaning public figures,” suggesting “evidence of political bias embedded in Wikipedia articles.”

“We find some of the aforementioned political associations embedded in Wikipedia articles popping up in OpenAI’s language models,” the report concluded.


The researchers noted that Wikipedia articles are likely a prominent part of OpenAI’s “secret corpus of data” used to train ChatGPT.

The report acknowledges, however, that this pattern is not universal, and is more common in articles about US political figures, while there was no evidence of Wikipedia bias in entries on British politicians or US-based think tanks.


For example, in references to recent US presidents, Donald Trump – now the Republican presidential frontrunner – was portrayed with the most negative sentiment, while Barack Obama was listed as having the most positive references.


The report concluded that Wikipedia “is not living up to its stated neutral-point-of-view policy.”

The policy referred to, which Wikipedia describes as one of the pillars of the encyclopedia, stipulates that articles must exclude personal opinions and interpretations of the editor, be based on reliable sources, and explore multiple points of view when dealing with a controversial topic.


Wikipedia has been repeatedly criticized for its supposedly biased takes on hot-button political issues, with its co-founder, Larry Sanger, saying last year that the website had become an instrument of “control” used by the US intelligence agencies to wage information warfare.




Rumors – Rumors - Rumors – Rumors – Rumors


RUMOURS Circulating out there...:

You need to MAKE-UP Your own MIND!




The End is Near: “My fellow Americans, over the course of the next several days you will undoubtedly realize that we are taking back our great country (the land of the free) from the evil tyrants that wish to do us harm and destroy the last remaining refuge of shining light.”…The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) Q on Telegram Sun. 23 June 2024

Phase 1 Now ActiveNothing Can Stop What’s Coming

Prepare For Ten Dark Days of Military Watch

It’s only wise to have at least a month’s supply of food, water, cash, medicine and essential items on hand for you, your family and to share with others in case of emergency.

A Sun. 23 June 2024 quote from Q+ + +: “In the right moment – we act. Our mission never stops – The light has overcome the darkness.”

“My fellow Americans, over the course of the next several days you will undoubtedly realize that we are taking back our great country (the land of the free) from the evil tyrants that wish to do us harm and destroy the last remaining refuge of shining light.” The End is Near Join: 

  • ·        Confirmation (to the public) of what is occurring will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted. Public riots are being organized in serious numbers in an effort to prevent the arrest and capture of more senior public officials.

  • ·        On POTUS’ order, a state of temporary military control will be actioned and special ops carried out.

  • ·        False leaks have been made to retain several within the confines of the United States to prevent extradition and special operator necessity.

  • ·        Rest assured, the safety and well-being of every man, woman, and child of this country is being exhausted in full.

  • ·        However, the atmosphere within the country will unfortunately be divided as so many have fallen for the corrupt and evil narrative that has long been broadcast.

  • ·        We will be initiating the Emergency Broadcast System (EMS) during this time in an effort to provide a direct message (avoiding the fake news) to all citizens.

  • ·        Organizations and/or people that wish to do us harm during this time will be met with swift fury – certain laws have been pre-lifted to provide our great military the necessary authority to handle and conduct these operations (at home and abroad).”


Wars and Rumors of Wars:


Global Currency Reset:

Judy NoteOn Sat. 22 June 2024 Texas Snake, Wolverine, MarkZ and Tony all reported that this weekend Redemption Center staff were put on a one hour alert for report to their stations in order to schedule Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) appointments and later, help complete currency exchanges. A HSBC Bank Manager in Australia confirmed the above, saying the one hour alert extended until Thurs. 27 June. Wolverine said the Brazilian channel was adamant that this is our week. A Bond Holder claimed he was promised liquidity by Tues. 25 June. Tony maintained that the Dinar Contract rate was $28.50, though you had to ask for it.


Global Financial Crisis:

  • ·        The mother of all stock market bubbles is in plain sight.

  • ·        Hitler arrested The Rothschilds in Germany in 1933, Austria in 1938, and France in 1940, and seized their assets. By taking Germany out of the Rothschild owned banking system he transformed Germany into a superpower. The Rothschild family had attempted to infiltrate America through its banking system from the day America was formed. They were blocked by President Andrew Jackson, but ultimately were able to gain control through the passing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.

  • ·        Jekyll Island and the Truth Behind the Federal Reserve:

  • ·        Sun. 23 June 2024 Greg Hunter & Bill Holter: No Way Financial System Survives! – Must Video | Economy | Before It’s News (  Financial writer and precious metals broker Bill Holter has been documenting all the un-payable debt that has been building up in the financial system like cancer. The latest black hole of default is coming from a big bank in Japan. Norinchukin Bank is selling $63 billion in Treasuries and other sovereign bonds to stay afloat. Then there is recent news announced by the FDIC that 63 US banks (the names are being kept secret) have more than $500 billion in losses, and let’s not forget about the trillions in losses sitting on the books of European banks ready to suck the world into a black debt hole.  This is just a few of many on a long list of destabilizing problems that can tank the entire over-indebted financial system.  Holter warns, “The list is so long, it could be a banking problem.  It could be a derivatives problem.  It could be a derivatives problem in the stock market, the bond market and you could see a failure to deliver in silver.  Some type of warfare could crash the system.  You could see warfare in Ukraine, Israel or Taiwan.  The system is so unstable, at this point, it could be anything that could bring it down.  Unpayable debt is not just a US problem.  This is all over the world.  Central banks are having to issue huge amounts of debt because we are in the exponential decay phase.  We are exactly where Richard Russell said we would be 20 years ago.  It’s inflate or die, and the only way to inflate is to create more money supply.”


The Real News for Sun. 23 June 2024:

  • ·        Sun. 23 June 2024: Possible terror attack reported on a synagogue and a church in Derbent, Dagestan, Russia. According to preliminary information, one police officer was killed and one was injured. Unknown people in black are shooting at police cars.

  • ·        June 19, 2024 VAL THOR @CMDRVALTHOR Q NEWS: Money sent to Ukraine is being used for Cobalt mining in Idaho. Lots of congress members own stock in this cobalt mine. Cobalt mining uses lots of water. The farmers in Idaho were told that there is a water shortage and they were being shut off. The cobalt mine will now be operating 24 hours a day and using tons more water. I no longer believe in coincidence. Cutting water from on 500,000 acres of farmland in Idaho was fishy from the start but somehow it all makes sense now. Your country is run by corrupt politicians who hate you.

  • ·        Sun. 23 June 2024: Immigration Accountability Project: Biden Admin “Orders all federal agencies to provide voter registration information to everyone they come in contact with. — State election officials are not permitted to ask for proof of citizenship for applicants who fill out the federal form.”

  • ·        Sun. 23 June 2024 Strange Goings on in the White House: 10 Videos That Prove ‘You Are Watching A Movie’ – A Channel 17 Special (

  • ·        Nearly 400,000 ballot images are missing from the 2020 Presidential Election in Georgia. Biden won Georgia by only 11,779 votes. Georgia could not duplicate Election Day results with their recount

  • ·        Sun. 23 June 2024: Charlie Ward & Josh Reid: Expose New, Never Before Seen Intel That Will Rock the Casbah! (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (

  • ·        Sun. 23 June 2024: Tucker Carlson says that the US Government is intentionally destroying our country: “Why would you, as the American economy sits on the cusp of collapse, when the U.S. Dollar is worth less than it’s ever been worth, when our debt service is more than our defense spending and when robotics are eliminating entire classes of jobs for working class people, why would you admit illegally tens of millions of people from the poorest countries in the world with no skills? Why would you do that? Is there some crazy plan the Chamber of Commerce, which is for it, by the way, has? Where this is going to, I don’t know, make labor cheaper? No. There’s no plan. That will destroy the country and that’s why they’re doing it”



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