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Monday 6-13-22

Summary as I am able:

6-13-22 Monday

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💥Thoughts for TODAY!

Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;

Romans 12:10 KJV

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

Ephesians 2:10 KJV

Experimental Cancer Drug With 100% Success Rate - Fr. Mark Goring, CC – YouTube:

Thank you, Fr. Mark, this is wonderful news and a great source of hope for the future for so many! God is good, and this is another sign of his great mercy and compassion for humanity as he continues to relieve the suffering through his conduits- scientists, doctors and all in the medical profession. Praise the Lord! ‘O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!’ Ps. 106

On her first reaction to the results: I mean, I am incredibly optimistic. Like you said in the introduction, we have never seen anything work in 100 percent of people in cancer medicine.

On how the drug works to treat cancer: This drug is one of a class of drugs called immune checkpoint inhibitors. These are immunotherapy medicines that work not by directly attacking the cancer itself, but actually getting a person's immune system to essentially do the work. These are drugs that have been around in melanoma and other cancers for quite a while, but really have not been part of the routine care of colorectal cancers until fairly recently.

On the kinds of side effects patients experienced: Very, very few in this study - in fact, surprisingly few. Most people had no severe adverse effects at all.

On how this study could be seen as 'practice-changing': Our hope would be that for this subgroup of people - which is only about five percent to 10 percent of people who have rectal cancer - if they can go on and just get six months of immunotherapy and not have any of the rest of this - I don't even know the word to use. Paradigm shift is often used, but this really absolutely is paradigm-shifting. [Fr. Mark Goring]

[Richard Phillips]

Fil Beorchia


In a stunning release, on USA's National Institute of Health web site, you know, the one Anthony Fauci leads, published a PEER REVIEWED and accepted for publishing, a document that is an ASTONISHING read and tacit admission.

They are not even hiding it anymore, I guess their legal counsel is on the ball? Hey, if you publish and people still fall for it, it's their consent and fault.

If you don't read it for yourself, you simply would not believe it!

From renowned Neurosurgeon, and to become a Neurosurgeon, you need to be the top 2% of those admitted into medical school, the top of the top. ..

Share with those who continue to suffer cognitive dissonance

From British Medical Journal no less... Now do you "Belieb" it?


· Retired from medicine to write and promote his products for ‘Surgical Neurology International,Theoretical Neuroscience Research, LLC, and Advanced Nutritional Research, LLC.

· Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Surgical Neurology International, UCLA – Serves as editorial board journal under neuroscience section as editor in chief.[5]

· Founder, Theoretical Neuroscience Research, LLC, 2011 – Present (4 years) Ridgeland, MS

· Founder, Advanced Nutritional Research, LLC, 2009 – Present (6 years) Ridgeland, MS


· Medical University of South Carolina, M.D., Resident in Neurosurgery. 1971 – 1977

· Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans, 1968 – 1971

Short biography

Russell L. Blaylock is an author and a retired U.S. neurosurgeon. Blaylock introduced a new treatment for a subset of brain tumors, as well as improving certain operations treating hydrocephalus, often called “water on the brain,” which causes babies’ or young children’s head to swell.

Blaylock was a clinical assistant professor of neurosurgery at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and is currently a visiting professor in the biology department at Belhaven College. He is the author of a number of books and papers, including Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills (1994), Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life (2002), and Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients (2003),and writes a monthly newsletter, the Blaylock Wellness Report.

Television and radio

Blaylock has appeared on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), including on the network’s The 700 Club, a talk show started by televangelist Pat Robertson. Blaylock states that he has also been a guest on over fifty syndicated radio programs, and is a frequent guest on Alex Jones


· Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills Health Press, 1994. ISBN 0-929173-14-7

· Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life Health Press, 2002. ISBN 0-929173-42-2

· Natural Strategies for The Cancer Patient New York : Twin Streams, 2003. ISBN 0-7582-0221-0


Blaylock is the author or co-author of two case reports in the Journal of Neurosurgery, and a 32-page report entitled Multiple Sclerosis (Pritchett & Hull, 1988).

He has written for and been on the editorial board of the journal of the politically conservative non-profit organization Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. This journal was titled Medical Sentinel until 2003, when it became the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons (JPandS).

He is also author of the Newsmax-published “Blaylock Wellness Report.” [Patrick Bestall]


FE: Eddie Bravo on the Curve (5 Min)

Doc Christiane: Sperm no longer swim (3 Min)

HEGELIAN DIALETIC**Problem*Reaction*Solution (29 Min)

Fetal Malformations (3 Min)

STEW & Jane: RAPID DEATH of the KIDS (6 Min)

MASTERS of LIES on your TV Exposed (34 Min)

Monkey is CV 2.0 (2 Min)

STRANGER THINGS R Happening (15 Min)

Oldie: Arron Lays out PLAN of ELITE in 10 minutes (11 Min)



The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Mainstream media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.


Here is what is circulating on the Inter-Net:

News for Sun. 12 June 2022:

· Babylon Falling: CERN identified as the Secret Entranceto Subterranean CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva Switzerland:

· Behind the Scenes former FBI Agents become informants. There has been a purging of the FBI agents who won’t consent to Deep State structure/ Democratic influence and agendas. Ex FBI Agents are talking to many outlets and preparing to drop a MOAB.

· Netherlands Underground Bases Parts 1,2:

· Pro-choice defeated by simple logic:

· Top Democrats Say Biden Should Not Run for Re-Election in 2024: ‘That Can’t Be Biden:

· Introducing The Reset: The Great Reset Docu-series:

· Fox News Tucker Carlson: “It’s not a secret why the Democratic Party wants to avoid the topic of the destruction of the American economy. They caused it. What’s remarkable is the level of complicity of the American news media in that effort.”

· The CIA plot to assassinate Julian Assange:

· Tennessee Sheriff Issues Warning Against Picking Up Folded Dollar Bills: ‘Very Dangerous’.

· USA in the District of Columbia today robbed the store, of course, without consequences for thieves. One of the comments of a US resident: “So all over the country. I have a friend whose daughter works at an ULTA store outside of Portland. People come just to take a basket of things. They are not allowed to confront them, and it takes too long for the police to show up, if they show up at all.”

· Spain Confessed Spraying Deadly Pesticides! It’s Part Of The Secret UN Chemtrail Program!

· Chemtrails mixed with Fungies can create Global Fungal Infections and other illnesses they want like COVID or Smallpox, etc.

· Fri. 10 June Benjamin Fulford Report:

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