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Monday 8-7-23

Monday 8-7-23

Verse(s) for today:

There are many devices in a man's heart; Nevertheless, the counsel of the LORD, that shall stand.

Proverbs 19:21 KJV

But he answered and said, it is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

Matthew 4:4 KJV

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.

Ephesians 3:20-21 KJV

A Brand-New Beginning Theme of the Week: Salvation

Bible Verse: “Truly I tell you, unless someone is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3 Scripture Reading: John 3:1-8 I’ve been married for 32 years now. Sometimes I look at my wife and think of all the mistakes I’ve made in our marriage. I tell her, “I wish I could start all over again and do things right. I need a brand-new start.” Of course, I can’t start my marriage over again. But according to Jesus, we can begin again spiritually. In fact, we must begin again. There’s no other way. When Jesus says that we must be born again, he means that we need a completely new start. We need to be brought to life spiritually by God, just as we were brought to life physically by God when we were born. Paul said something similar in 2 Corinthians 5:17. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has passed away, and see, the new has come!” Do you ever wish you could have a do-over? That’s what Jesus gives us when we come to him. He makes us completely new. We don’t get a new religion; we get a new life. God doesn’t just improve us; he creates a completely new life. We don’t do any of this. God is the one who makes us come alive. When Jesus saves us, he makes us completely new. Prayer: Lord, thank you for the fresh start you give us. Thank you for not just giving us a minor upgrade. Thank you for giving us an entirely new life. Reflection: Why do we need a completely new start rather than a few tweaks and adjustments?

August 7, 2023

Darryl Dash

[Promise Keepers]

Thought(s) for the Day:

Un-vaxxed have it too:

This would be hard to believe, but coming from such a credible source, believe it.

Dr. Morgan:

Spoke to these People…

It's not just about who got sick or died. The effects of the vax are much wider spread than that. Wider and deeper. Affecting people's minds as well as bodies!

[Patrick Bestall]

How Teachers Pretend to be Objective:

As if they're not teaching Critical Race Theory or pushing Pride.

[Patrick Bestall]

Action4Canada is having a Summer Movie Marathon and playing the Plandemic series.

Back in June, Mikki Willis producer of the Plandemic Series, joined Tanya Gaw, to discuss lessons from The Great Awakening. They discussed the attack against the foundations of humanity, from freedom to family and shared encouraging lessons for humanity. As Action4Canada continues to courageously defend Canadians rights and freedoms we ask that you would please consider courageously giving, either a onetime donation or becoming a monthly donor. Help Action4Canada continue to bring solutions and hope to the nation! If you are in need of prayer please reach out to our Prayer Team at Remember: Freedom of speech, thought, belief and the right to life, liberty and security of the person are guaranteed. We do not need to beg, barter or ask for them…they are ours for the taking. God bless you and God bless Canada! The Team @ Action4Canada

Fitch downgrades US credit rating to same as Canada's

Canada's credit rating was downgraded to AA two years ago, and that's when they thought they could still balance the budget by 2029! What will happen now that the Liberals say, with crossed fingers, it will take until 2050?

How much more costs of borrowing can we take?

[Fitch – Downgrades USA]

Scientists-want-to-solve-Hunger-(food from-plastic):

It’s a year old report, but wouldn’t be surprised if it is still a goal. I guess someone would be eating our trash.

And just to be clear, consumers won’t technically you be eating plastic. They’ll be eating the protein cells produced when bacteria feed off the plastic. With added flavor and vitamins of course. Maybe some bug protein for good measure.

[Patrick & Fil]

Breaking News from Newsmax:

[News Max Media]

Million Man Protest Sept 22:

In answer to my question; "Is there a problem with Christians joining with Muslims in this protest?" everyone who replied said "no" no problem, it's a good idea. (See stories below). and that's from a lot of you (a lot of replies).

[Patrick Bestall]

CNN Analyst Makes Stunning Admission on Biden's 2024 Candidacy:

The 'Outnumbered' panel discussed how the Biden campaign is trying to raise money for Biden's 2024 campaign despite dismal polling. #FoxNews

Fox News is an American multinational conservative cable news television channel. It is owned by Fox News Media, which itself is owned by the Fox Corporation. The channel broadcasts primarily from studios at 1211 Avenue of the Americas in New York City.

[The Patriot Digest Media]

Tucker: Tristan Tate Interview:

The Tate brothers have just been released from house arrest in Romania, so it seemed like a good time to hear from Andrew's brother, Tristan.

Previously Tucker Carlson interviewed Andrew Tate and it was far and away his most popular episode with over 90 million views. So, it shouldn’t surprise us too much that now he is airing an interview his brother—although it appears to be an old interview he was holding back:

Additional Viewing:

[Tucker Carlson VIDEO]

David YEO:

$h3's T3LL!nG TruTH (1 Min)

W!TCHT0K T3@Ch!NG B!LL!0N$ (11 Min)

ST3W & Dr. P@uL: KL0T $h0T$**C@nC3R !nCr3@$3 (7 Min)

H0LLyW00D: D!g!T@LLY Re$$er3cT!Ng F@m0u$ Ch@racT3r$ (11 Min)

Ch0L3$Ter0L T3$T !s N0T G00D (1 Min)

Wh@T H@pp3n3d +o 'B@rry'$ Ch3F?' (4 min)

A G00D Qu3$T!0N 4 N3!L D3 Gra$$3 Ty$0N (7 Min)

R3-P0$T: J!MM!: M@X D3bunK$ B0bbY 0n !$R@3L (64 Min)

0PP3nH3!M3R's N!ghTM@R3: BL0w!ng Th3 Wh!$TL3 0n ETs (68 Min)

!+'s Ju$T a F33L!nG (1 Min)

A$$3$$ YouR BLD $ug@R$ (7 Min)

AL3X N3W: Th3 2013 UN R3P0rT (5 Min)

Th3 V@T!C@N: Th3 $3RPEnT's W0rLD (4 Min)

K@bb@LaH: Th3 MuL+!-Un!v3r$e M@dN3$$: D3v!L !n Th3 D3T@!L$ (86 Min)

Pay attention to EV [Electric Vehicles] recalls!

It turns out the particular model had recently been recalled because computer systems were sometimes not alerting owners to battery problems. It is not known if the car Ruotolo was given had fulfilled its recall repairs.

[Patrick Bestall]

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!


General Summary

Global Currency Revaluation:

  • · Sat. 5 Aug. Financial Update, Charlie Ward: “We are coming into the biggest financial collapse you have ever seen. The bad guys want to usher in a New World Order One World Government World Economic Forum. They wish to collapse the World’s economy. This has been planned for a long time. It’s time to wake up. If they win they will completely control you.”

  • · The Federal Reserve is technically bankrupt. In 2023 the Fed will post it’s first annual operating loss since 1915 – $80 Billion, with a negative capital of $38 Billion. This loss does not count the 1.3 trillion unrealized loss on it’s portfolio.

  • · All BRICS Nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa – plus 104 others) were releasing from the fiat US Dollar and no longer accepting it for international trade.

  • · The Iraqi Parliament was in receipt of their budget with the new Iraqi Dinar Rate in it.

  • · On Wed. 9 Aug. the new Iraqi Dinar Rate was expected to be revalued at a 1:1 with the USD and then begin trading up on the Forex – after that it cannot go down in value.

  • · It was said that the next day after the Dinar revalued on Thurs. 10 Aug. a “major figure will leave the stage.” Perhaps our Brainless Traitor Biden?

  • · Last Fri. 4 Aug. the BRICS nations set a Back Wall for the RV at Sat. 12 Aug.

  • · On the Banking side, Bank of America was closing US branches in August. Banks had until Sun. 6 Aug. to synch up with the Central Bank of Iraq and it’s new Iraqi Dinar Rate; Wells Fargo customers were reporting that their deposits were disappearing from their accounts, plus on Mon. 7 Aug. the World’s largest bank, the United Bank of Switzerland (American Group), has announced they were making sweeping changes and restructuring the bank.

  • · Fri. 4 Aug. Wolverine: “The head of the Humanitarian financial instruments in Colombia just announced that all protocols are ready and that letter of exit to release the funds are ready and to thank everyone for this incredible blessing.”

  • · Fri. 4 Aug. TNT Call: The banks are saying the RV could start at any time. FedNow was activated on Thurs. 3 Aug. Iraq is saying the budget instructions will be made public in the next 10 days, which could mean any time. The back wall is the 12th. It was agreed to be done by then.

  • · Bearded Patriot confirmed that the first wave of liquidity started on Tues. 1 Aug.

  • · MarkZ said that a number of very connected people to the RV had to be in place by Fri. 4 Aug. and on that Fri. 4 Aug. he again said, “A lot of people are traveling today.” He had received mixed reports of this going Sat. 5Aug, Tues. 8 Aug. or Wed. 9 Aug.

  • · On Sun. 30 July Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the Global Currency Reset and on Mon. 31 July, signed a digital ruble bill into law, approving the use of its central bank digital currency for payments starting from Aug. 1, 2023.

  • · The BRICS Alliance has finally abandoned the USD for a global trade settlement – Cryptopolitan. The line has been drawn in the sand and BRICS nations have made a stand that could shake the global financial landscape.

Sat. 5 Aug. Rumtel Update:

  • · CBI has the budget. Banks have until Sunday to “synch up” with the Central Bank of Iraq.

  • · Action on Sunday will drive the Dinar rate DOWN to 1,300 to 1 US Dollar. This will match the rate on the street and the budget.

  • · CBI will then “revalue” to 1,000 to 1. Target date is Wednesday.

  • · CBI will then “drop the 3 zeros” to 1-$1 with the US dollar, at which point the Dinar will be tradable and “floating” on the Forex. It will NOT float down.

  • · Political hurdles have been cleared.

  • · “Health crisis” of a major figure was an assassination attempt. Failed.

  • · No moves left.

  • · First major figure to “leave the stage” on Thursday 10 Aug.

  • · This is the plan as of today Sat. 5 Aug, as I understand it from separate sources. We’ll see. All we can do is wait and hope that events unfold along these lines. Enjoy your weekend. Watch some sports and pray this in.


  • · On Tues. 1 Aug. the first wave of liquidity started. …Bearded Patriot

  • · On Thurs. 3 Aug. evening FedNow was activated as the EBS merged with the Global Financial System.

  • · On Fri. 4 Aug. a number of very connected people had to be in place. …MarkZ

  • · Sun. 6 Aug. Banks have until Sunday to “synch up” with the Central Bank of Iraq. Action on Sunday will drive the Dinar rate DOWN to 1,300 to 1 US Dollar. This will match the rate on the street and the budget.

  • · Mon. 7 Aug. United Bank of Switzerland American Group is poised to make sweeping changes to the senior ranks of its investment banking division globally as soon as Monday – they are restructuring the bank.


  • · NESARA/GESARA was said set to be announced sometime between Tues. 8 Aug. and Tues. 15 Aug.

  • · Wed. 9 Aug. CBI will revalue the Iraqi Dinar to 1,000 to 1. The CBI will then “drop the 3 zeros” to 1-$1 with the US dollar, at which point the Dinar will be tradable and “floating” on the Forex. It will NOT float down.

  • · Aug. 9 through 18: The US Navy and Marines were planning a large scale exercise that would encompass six Maritime Commands, seven Fleets and 22 Time Zones. 25,000 sailors and Marines prepare for global conflict in large scale exercise.

  • · Thurs. 10 Aug. “First major figure to “leave the stage.”

  • · Sat. 12 Aug. drop dead deadline for the RV as decided last Fri. by BRICS nations.

  • · On Aug. 22-24 BRICS’ original five members – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – were due to convene in Johannesburg and formally announce the Global Currency Reset during their Summit meetings.

  • · Sat. 2 Sept from 12pm-11pm Save Our Children DC Event at the National Mall between 3rd&4th Street. …Citizen Reporter Nancy Drew

  • · When Trump’s presidency ended, JFK Jr. would come in as President, while Trump would be elevated to Global Financial Ambassador to make the GESARA changes around the Globe according to Bruce.

  • · Fall 2023 Massive protests and riots were forecasted to shake Canada’s core, ushering in a winter of discontent in the latter part of 2023 and early 2024.

  • · 2026: U.S. (public) Tribunals slated for 2026 would coincide with Canadian Tribunals and World Tribunals that would connect everything from Deep State Human Trafficking, to World Plandemic Deep State Operations, to creation of the Virus.

  • · Sometime soon the Supreme Court would announce their decision on the Brunson Case and another 2020 Voter Fraud case before the Court. That decision was likely to reverse the 2020 Election due to massive Election Fraud. Such would then dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress and likely be accompanied by activation of the Emergency Broadcast System where the Military would take over for a short period of time until new elections could be held.

Flat Earth:

FL@T E@rTH: W3 L!v3 !n a W0rLD 0f L!3$ (17 Min)

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