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MONDAY... The head of a New week

Summary as I am able:

5-2-22 Monday

💥Thoughts for TODAY!

And he said unto me, my grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

2 Corinthians 12:9 KJV

The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament sheweth his handywork.

Psalm 19:1 KJV

💥💥SOMETHING for your MIND:



"Render unto Caesar" vs. "render unto God" is the dichotomy most popular among Christians as we witness globalists replacing the authority of the Heavenly Father (and family father) with Big Brother (and non-family Big Person). This dichotomy also appears in a more watered-down form as "Liberty vs State". And it's a valid choice, one that the Bolsheviks feared the most a hundred years ago when they wrote their 50-year plan to conquer the west, a textbook on "Psychopolitics".

Various versions of this booklet showed up in 1955-60 when the plan was supposed to mature with the creation of the "generation gap". So-called "proofs" arose that it wasn't written by Communists at all, but by Scientologists. Most of the new versions omitted the most important statement in the book; "As we infiltrate every branch of western society...Christians must not be allowed to have their own parallel institutions, for then people will be able to compare the two ideologies and reject ours". In other words, the instigators would deliberately plant ideas in our legal, political, educational, medical systems, entertainment, and religious centers, everywhere possible - new ideas that would be divisive. The "reds" realized that a Communist revolution based on dividing upper and lower class (the haves and have-nots) would not be possible because we had such a huge middle-class, thanks to both unions and free enterprise. Instead, they would aim for a revolution based on race and sexual habits. It failed when Martin Luther King marched on Washington in 1963 - and when the Charismatic and Jesus People movements brought the short-hairs and long-hairs together like wildfires that denominations couldn't control, culminating in a million believers of all ages at the 1980 Washington For Jesus Rally. America discovered that you could have a Third Alternative: you didn't have to take sides between rich vs. poor, black vs. white or "old fogies and prudes" vs. "liberated young people".

Jesus faced the devil's dichotomy over the issue of taxes. Major infrastructure and entertainment were provided by the rich with their slaves, but the people were taxed as well. The Jews were split between loyalty to Caesar and a tax of 10% paid for Rome to protect them from the Assyrians and Persians (a contract created by the Maccabees), or loyalty to the Sanhedrin with it's high priest administering a temple tax of 10%. The two together came to 20% (plus what the tax-collectors added for their services), which was not that much compared to today, but in Jewish eyes it amounted to double-taxation. Rome magnified the problem by appointing their own high priest, so there were two high priests in the temple! The Jews were very divided about all this. And along comes Jesus who doesn't choose sides but introduces his Third Alternative, the Kingdom of God which is "not of this world". He appoints 72 disciples to replace the 72 members of the Sanhedrin (70 by some accounts), a new spiritual government for a spiritual temple! Jesus even has the audacity to appoint a spiritual Prime Minister (Peter) who would hold the spiritual keys for the King (himself) modelled after Solomon's prime minister Ahishar, and King David's prime ministers Shebna and Eliakim (Isaiah 22: 15-24).

Three or four centuries later you had a world where taxes were paid to neither Jerusalem or Rome - and everyone, rich and poor together, contributed to the common good on a volunteer basis. Gone were the Roman senators buying votes with "free bread and circuses" while forcing conquered nations to build roads and other infrastructure. Instead, for the most part, generous Christian kings and queens, princes and princesses, lords and ladies attracted the support and donations of devoted churchgoers. (It wasn't like Hollywood portrays "dark ages".) Together rich and poor created our first schools, churches, hospitals, welfare for the poor and orphaned, and the most sophisticated arts, music, and sciences. In his book The Discarded Image, C.S. Lewis describes medieval institutions before the 16th century where there was no discrimination in the treatment of different classes. And with the good times, we got soft, self-indulgent, and vulnerable.

The devil came back with a vengeance, Freemasons within and conquering tribes without. Islam slaughtered the Christians in the east and Africa, "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity" were perverted into the horrors of the French Revolution, and taxation came back with interest charged for every dollar, putting the common wealth into the hands of privileged few, less than 2% today. And once again people are finding themselves faced with the two alternatives at the time of Jesus. There are those who want to create alternative currencies without reporting benefits to the tax department. There are those who want to create alternative means of radio communication without getting licensed. There are those who want to hide other resources from government. There are those who have had clandestine meetings in defiance of Covid mandates. But we must not let ourselves be pushed into thinking there are only two choices in every matter; like between east vs. west (in a bi-polar world), between doctors vs. judges (Fauci and WHO want a treaty so doctors can over-rule sovereign law), between Twitter's freedom vs. Google's controls (hate speech or censorship), and science vs. faith (evolution or creationism). It seems like a choice between left and right, traditionalists and progressives, anarchy, and dictatorship - but it doesn't have to be.

God has a habit of upsetting the applecart, the moneychangers, the devil's chess-board. From out of nowhere comes a cosmic catastrophe, a civil war, a miraculous resurrection, a restoration, or revival. "The race does not go to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor wealth to the wise, nor favor to the skilled, but chance and circumstance affects them all" (Ecclesiastes 9). Sudden change happens. It did before, and it will again. The best choice is not between Liberty and State, nor even Church and State, but between this world and the next.


💥💥💥CANADA - The Inquiry Sham: 💥💥💥

Instead of examining whether the Emergency Declaration was appropriate, Justin Trudeau announced a Commission to continue the prosecution of ordinary Canadians.

By now, all of Justin's allegations were proven false. Less than 15% of donations were foreign and there was no foreign state collusion. The incident of arson was not connected to the Convoy and there were no weapons anywhere near Parliament Hill.

💥💥But Justin Trudeau's Commission is instructed to find "the goals of the protests, organizers & participants", the sources of foreign funding and the role of social media and disinformation.

Justin Trudeau has no respect for the Rule of Law. I will ensure that the Rule of Law returns to Ottawa.

I am now a Verified Candidate and on the Conservative Party Leadership Ballot. We paid the $300,000+ and need to raise funds quickly to mount a good campaign.

I kindly ask that you contribute $20 or $50 at to help my effort.

We must continue to oppose Justin Trudeau. [Roman Baber]

P.S. If you have not signed up with the Conservative Party, you are not eligible to vote in this Leadership race. Please register through my secure web portal at

💥💥💥Trudeau Recently Sold the mRNA Patents to China for $500M USD - Trudeau may have won the lottery: 💥💥💥

Not on Canadian controlled media means untrue? Bollocks, follow the $$$ [Patrick Bestall]

Trudeau recently sold the mRNA licensed patents of the Vaccine to China for $500 Million USD.

Trudeau is/was the actual owner of the company (CPTH), so Trudeau made the $500 M.

Canada's Providence Therapeutics Holdings (UBC aka university British Columbia) Patents issued in Trudeau's name, and CPTH is a Trudeau holding company.

But Trudeau also licensed this technology to Moderna & Pfizer (MONOPOLY CANADA ONLY) but also to the entire world, a deal 💥💥exceeding $100 BILLION USD💥💥

What's fascinating is that in 2020 Trudeau mandated mRNA vaccines to all Canadians, so he created a MONOPOLY of his own company, and forced Canadians to use his product.

Of course, it turns out the mRNA f**k people up bad, but never mind that issue

Chinese firm buys Canada mRNA Covid vaccine tech in $500 million deal Now this is where it gets REAL INTERESTING in 2020 Trudeau had to license the patents also to Moderna & Pfizer, so that was a deal of hundreds of billions of US-Dollars; Let’s remember here that to date the BIG-PHARMA have gotten Trillions of US Dollars mandating the entire earth to use these vaccines.

Some say this still doesn’t justify the 4x mandates, or the 4x booter per year forever; That Trudeau would have made ‘enough’ money just on the first vax, call it quit, f**k-you money, and walk with Billions; He didn’t and here’s why, Gates Richest man in the worlds wants MORE, this is how it works. You people apply rationality to people like Trudeau he’s a sociopath he’ll kill everybody without considering he would ultimately be alone. There is no remorse, and there is never enough they want it all.

💥💥💥Macron launches Digital ID in France after re-election, raises fears of social credit system – 💥LifeSite:

💥Participation is optional, but some citizens believe it could lead to China-style surveillance and societal control.

PARIS (LifeSiteNews) — Less than a week after French President Emmanuel Macron was re-elected, he is already facing backlash after launching a digital ID for citizens.

Macron signed the “Digital Identity Guarantee Service” (SGIN) into a decree on April 26, less than 48 hours after his victory over nationalist Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election.

The SGIN is a project by the French government to create a mobile app that will allow French citizens to access their ID digitally.

The project aims at making France compliantwith the European Union Commission’s European Digital Identity package.


[Patrick Bestall]

Sign the Petition Against Digital ID:

I filled in my info (on the 'click here') and got notice that a copy was sent to my MP.

Doing what I can, while I still can!!

REJECT Digital ID in Canada! -- Contact your MP today!

​Click here to sign the petition.

[Dianne Dawson]

💥💥The Monopoly on your mind Parts 1 & 2:

Wow. talk about going down the rabbit hole! Parts 1 & 2 present the best summary of how our choices are "owned" that I have ever seen! Not just media, but foods, smart phones, land, entertainment, etc., and of course politicians and doctors. The internet will be the last to surrender unless God intervenes (and I think he will).

In a recent Twitter survey I conducted, nearly 90% of people rated their trust in mainstream media as either “very low” or “low.” And is it any surprise? Ever-mounting media consolidation has narrowed the perspectives the public is privy to, ownership and funding of these corporations are riddled with conflicts of interest, crucial stories keep suspiciously getting buried, and big tech companies are outright censoring and demonetizing independent outlets trying to break through the noise. The media is supposed to function as a power check — and a means of arming us with vital information for shaping the society we want to live in. It’s never been a more important industry. And it’s never been more at risk. In this series, I’ll tackle each factor threatening the media’s ability to serve our democracy — with input from journalists, media critics and professors, and other experts.

Earlier in April, I kicked off this series with a piece about the problematic history of media consolidation. Read Part 1 here.

💥 “Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.” A. J. Liebling, 1960💥

[Patrick Bestall]

💥 💥 💥 No Records... 💥 💥 💥


Japan's Nat'l Inst of Infect Dis, U.S. Surgeon General, NYState DH, Auckland U - no records...




Japan's National Institute of Infectious Diseases: Below the letters in the pdf found here: "The first photo... is from this tweet (the requester's own account): National Institute of Infectious Diseases says that they have no documents for the scientific evidence, papers, etc. about the existence of SARS-CoV-2. The 2nd one is from this tweet (left): Here National Institute of Infectious Diseases says that they have no documents for the scientific evidence, papers, etc. about the existence of SARS-CoV-2, physical samples, and the records of viral isolation.

The photo on the right side is the request about influenza virus. They have no documents, physical samples, for it either. For your information, this is the paper of the "SARS-CoV-2 viral isolation" by National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Japan. Here they introduce the new type of Vero cells they have newly developed:" February 25, 2022: New York State Department of Health has finally concluded their "diligent search" for records responsive to a "SARS-COV-2" purification request dated November 5, 2021, and confirmed that they found no records: March 11, 2022: Vivek Murthy, the man who acts as "Surgeon General" for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has no record describing anyone on Earth finding and purifying the alleged "SARS-COV-2" (or any alleged variant thereof) from the bodily fluids of any diseased human... (so that "it" could be sequenced, characterized and studied with controlled experiments), according to HHS: March 30, 2022: Auckland University (NZ) once again fails to provide or cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” being found in the bodily fluids of any sick human and purified... which is necessary so that "it" could be sequenced, characterized and studiedwith controlled experiments to determine if "it" actually exists) (see page 7): FOI responses and court documents from 178 institutions (and counting) in >30 countries EVEN CANADA: Every institution failed to cite any record re purification of the imaginary "covid-19 virus" from any patient sample, by anyone, anywhere, or proof of "its" existence.

Excel list of the institutions: SARS-COV-2 FOIs grouped by country in compilation pdfs: Growing collection of FOI responses re other imaginary viruses (HIV, HPV, Influenza, Measles, etc., etc., etc.):


Injured & Ignored by VAERS (9 Min)

California: Abortion allowed @ 28 DAYS! (1 Min)

Ice Age Farmer on FOOD: FBI Warns Cyber Attacks on FARMs (18 Min)


Knight: Donald's 4D Mafia Chess Game (9 Min)

Patents in 2015 & 2017 by Rothchild for Covid (12 Min)

Hepatitis Outbreak (2 Min)

Reiner: 'No One Has ever I$OLATED Any Virus.' (6 Min)

CDC admits They STILL haven't IS0LATED The COVID VIRUS (4 Min)

B0**J0 in 2019 (3 Min)


Doc Meryl Nass: Infants to be Used as Guinea Pigs (8 Min)



The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Mainstream media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.


Here is what is circulating on the Inter-Net:


· Fri. 29 April Military Arrests Biden’s Sec. of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, Michael Baxter:

  • On Tues. 26 April the White Hats arrested the criminal Biden regime’s secretary of agriculture, Thomas J. Vilsack, after connecting him to the calculated destruction of a dozen agricultural processing facilities across the United States, JAG sources told Real Raw News.

  • Back on March 24, marionette Joseph R. Biden made a shocking statement on national news. Muttered he, “With regard to food shortage, yes we did talk about food shortages, and it’s gonna be real,” in response to concerns about empty grocery store shelves and rising inflation. He pinned the blame on the usual suspect, Vladimir Putin, but also may have inadvertently telegraphed his administration’s goals of bankrupting and starving the American populace.

  • Within hours of Biden’s clairvoyant proclamation, a series of inexplicable ‘accidents’ began plaguing food processing plants throughout the country.

  • On March 24, a potato factory in Belfast, Maine, burned to the ground. Although officials said the fire was started by a large fryolator machine, line workers at Penobscot McCrum said the enormous vat fryers were disabled for routine maintenance when the blaze began.

  • On March 25, a mysterious fire razed the Maricopa Food Pantry in Maricopa County, Arizona, taking with it 50,000 pounds of staples. As of this writing, the Maricopa County Fire Department has yet to determine what caused the fire.

  • On March 31, a massive structural fire consumed the largest fresh onion packing facility in South Texas. A family-run business, Rio Fresh Inc. supplied fresh produce to grocery stores like Kroger’s, Aldi, Tom Thumb, and H-E-B. The conflagration put 300 people out of work and destroyed an estimated 100 truckloads of onions.

  • On April 12, a raging inferno engulfed the East Conway Beef & Pork plant in New Hampshire. According to owner Darrell Robinson, the fire, which is still under investigation, “destroyed tens of thousands of pounds of beef and pork and killed livestock.”

  • The above examples are emblematic of an issue that transcends mere conspiracy theory; the callous, gradual annihilation of America’s food chain. Since March 24, astute observers have catalogued 15 such incidents, none of which were covered by the MSM.

  • The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps took interest in the bizarre fires only after being contacted by an FBI whistleblower on April 21.

  • This was the same day a light commuter plane, a Cessna A340, nosedived into a General Mills plant in Covington, Georgia, killing the alleged occupants, a student-pilot and his CFI. Although the National Transportation Safety Board said the owner of the plane was doing flight training when the plane took a nosedive, the whistleblower claimed the FBI, not the NTSB, authored the accident report after usurping investigative authority from the NTSB’s regional go-team. This transfer of power should occur only if the NTSB suspects a crime and requests FBI aid. But in this case, the NTSB did not suspect a crime, did not request FBI help, and was shut out of the investigation within an hour of the crash. Typically, a thorough accident report takes weeks or months to compile, but the FBI had the answers at its fingertips in mere hours.

  • Furthermore, the whistleblower claimed that the FBI had “speciously falsified” the accident report, and in doing so removed a crucial “Smoking Gun” fact that shreds to pieces the official account. The plane had no occupants. It was remote controlled.

  • Additionally, the informant said he knew who had orchestrated the crash, as well as the previously mentioned food factory fires. He named Secretary of Agriculture Thomas J. Vilsack and had paperwork to support his claim.

  • We’re hesitant to believe anything coming out of the FBI, even from a so-called whistleblower. White Hats don’t trust the Justice Department; they’re Deep State. They are masters of deception and disinformation. So, our investigators independently verify everything, and I mean everything. I can’t discuss specifics on the plane, but we confirmed it was pilotless when it hit the General Mills facility. This gave us reason to authenticate some of Vilsack’s email correspondence given to us by the informant,” a JAG source told Real Raw News.

  • An email sent from Vilsack to Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo, dated 13 April 2022, read, “Small, isolated events won’t get coverage but will have an immense impact on inflation. People shouldn’t bitch about paying higher prices, they have too much food as is. A little combustion isn’t a bad thing.”

  • Two days later, Vilsack sent her a second email: “How does the saying go? When he says jump, we ask, ‘how high.’ Aviation accidents happen all the time, doesn’t have to be 767s or 757s.”

  • A third email, written on 16 April, said, “The best way to conceal a crime is to hide it amid other seemingly unrelated crimes.”

  • JAG’s associates at U.S. Army Cyber Command, Fort Gordon, confirmed the emails had been sent from Vilsack’s government email account. “Under authority of the Insurrection Act of 1807, it was felt this was enough evidence to pick him up on charges of treason. JAG drafted a military arrest warrant in his name.”

  • Vilsack, the former Governor of Iowa and, prior to that, the longest serving member of Hussein Obama’s original cabinet, was on April 26 taken into custody by JAG investigators at his home in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. “He will be processed and made to answer before a military tribunal,” our source said.

2020 Election Fraud:

  • · Documentary Proves Rampant Illegal 2020 Election Vote Trafficking:

  • · The RT television network broadcast news about the leak of more than 2000 documents that prove the responsibility of George Soros and Open Society in the manipulation of elections in all European countries.

Covid/Vax Hoax, Bioweapons:

  • · Bill Gates Issues Covid Warning:

  • · Fluoride is poison! Don’t drink tap water. Don’t use fluoride toothpaste. It’s toxic and calcifying your pineal glands. They want you asleep to control you.

BIDEN Crime:

· Biden has supported, even likely participated in the Nazi SS CIA killing of children in Donbass by the Ukrainian army since 2014 – the main reason Putin invaded Ukraine in a de-Nazification and de-Militarization operation supported by the White Hats. The Western media did not write or film anything about these children for eight years. Ask yourself: Why? Why is it considered "ok" by the West for these innocent children to be murdered? How are they any different than other kids?

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