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11-28-2020 Saturday

The Incredible String of Impossibilities You’re Supposed to Believe Right Now

Sidney Powell:

Suit Makes 30 Allegations in Bid to Invalidate Georgia Election Results

Charlie Ward:

*** Good Overview of Current Events: Interview with Clay Clark and Charlie Ward:

*** Another good Update: Interview with Rodriquez and Charlie Ward:

Judy Byington:

Trump’s 2020 Election Sting Operation Ends in Mass Arrests,

by Byington as reported in Before It’s News:

Trump to Bring Back Firing Squad, Big Pentagon Changes:

EU: New Pact on Migration and Asylum

The proposed system invariably gives rise to multiple questions about the practical viability of the proposed system. Will frontline states become efficient at screening migrants? Will the planned increased border control work? How, exactly, are widespread, years-long people-smuggling and human trafficking by gangs who profit immensely from it, going to be stopped? And much – Much More!

There remains the difficulty of Migration WITHIN the EU… this is what caused BRITIAN to EXIT!

*** EXPLOSIVE! *** [Audio only] Do NOT miss this!

Interview: Sheila Zalinsky with Steve Quayle, Gary Heavin, Mike Adams:



Patients treated with hydroxychloroquine cocktail touted by Trump are 84% less likely to be hospitalized

Charter flights underway:

To position doses of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine for quick distribution

Financial News:

Revised estimate of third-quarter GDP numbers confirms earlier report of 33.1% growth

*** What is unfolding in the Courts:

Powell’s ‘Kraken’ lawsuit in Georgia reveals the voluminous extent of alleged voterfraud

'The complaint also offers voluminous eyewitness and expert testimony about Dominion Systems' vulnerability to fraud'

‘The Kraken is released’:

Sidney Powell sues in Georgia and Michigan alleging massive electionfraud



The “Conversion Therapy” Ban:

David Cooke, Campaigns Manager, Campaign Life Coalition

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Police arrest BBQ restaurant owner for staying open, defying Ontario lockdown order

Skelly opened his business Tuesday. On Thursday around dawn, Toronto police officers and city officials arrived around dawn and changed the locks on the building.



"I can't say with confidence who won this election, I don't think anyone can."

Mike Yeadon

Former V President Pfizer Coronavirus Pandemic... is over in UK Covid-19 Lockdowns / Masks [Thank You - David]

Trump Admin:

Removes Globalists and Warhawks from Defense Policy Board including; Henry Kissinger, Jane Harman, Eric Cantor and Dopey Madeleine Albright

Alternate Currency – George Galloway:

BRICS + nations will have their own financial systems to avoid dollar & drunken sailors at printing presses

COVID-19 Hoax: COVID-19 Vaccine Mistake Could Halt Approval:

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