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*** Hot Mic Catches Fox News Anchor’s Stunned Response to Guest Criticizing Media Calling Election for Joe Biden

Trump Election Operations Director Sounds Alarm, Shares Photo Allegedly Showing “NO ENTRY” List for Republican Poll Watchers

Biotech Expert: COVID Vaccine Announcement Was Deliberately Delayed Until After Election

10 Attorneys General File Amicus Brief in Supreme Court over Penn. Mail-In Ballots, Potential Voter Fraud [Thank You – Carol]

'Trump Will Be President': Charismatic Christian Leaders Say the Election Is Not Over, Argue Trump Will Be Reelected [Thank You – Carol]

Iran: Mullahs Celebrate What They Hope Will Be the Return To Their Nuclear Bomb

CSIS warns China’s Operation Fox Hunt is targeting Canada’s Chinese community [Thank You - Carol]

*** A snapshot of the board during election results on Nov. 3 showed a vote for Trump at 135,567,321 – which number then strangely disappeared.

** On 29 Nov. Truckers were going on a one-day nationwide strike to bring attention to the COVID-19 Hoax and fraudulent 2020 Presidential Election.

Trucker Strike Could Be Another Nail in the Supply Chain Coffin

Nine States had more Votes than their Population

Mel K and Charlie Ward weekly UPDATE

David Nino Rodriguez and Dr Q chat to Charlie Ward

History, Charlie Ward:

Charlie Ward: History and Now w/ Denise Boland and Antonio Sabato Jr

Laurene Hope & Charlie Ward Catch Up

Amelia Love with Charlie Ward - Media, Fear and Control Bishop Larry Gaiters Talk with Charlie Ward

"Electrifying Juan O’Savin and Roseanne: Hang Tight, We’re Gonna Get 'em all!" By Kat

Fox News Morning with Maria, Sydney Powell on Democratic Voter Fraud:

The Take-home-Message, Anna Von Reitz:

Joe Biden Brags About Having the most extensive and exclusive voter organization in History:

Hammer and Scoreboard Explained:

AG Barr authorizes DOJ probe of allegations of 'voting irregularities' in 2020 election

We have evidence dead people voted big time in Election 2020, Giuliani:

Nevada Whistleblower comes forth alleging witness to human wall processing illegitimate ballots:

Gregg Hunter on election fraud Nancy Pelosi, Senator Feinstein Linked to 2020 Election Theft: /politics/2020/11/nancy-pelosi-and-senator-feinstein-linked-to-2020-election-theft-3217524.html

Dems collude with CIA to launch intelligence operation that ALTERS voting machine results in Pennsylvania and other swing states. Massive Voter Fraud Across US as Trump Decries Attempted Coup: Attorney Sidney Powell Drops Bomb: We’ve Identified 450,000 Invalid Ballots for Biden: Election Ballots Watermarked to Reveal Fraud: Trump Win Validated by Quantum Blockchain System Recount of Votes, Byington: B|iden Elected President of a Defunct US Inc. via Voter Fraud, Byington: Trump Said to Have Won, Democratic Biden Camp Said Charged with Voter Fraud:

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