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Saturday 1-27-23

Saturday 1-28-23

Verse(s) for today:

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19 KJV

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

Ephesians 6:11 KJV

Then said Jesus unto his disciples, if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

Matthew 16:24 KJV

Globe & Mail:

Morning Update:

Review of billions of COVID-19 wage benefits not worth it, CRA head says:

Canada Revenue Agency Commissioner Bob Hamilton says it is not worth the effort to conduct a full review of more than $15-billion in pandemic wage benefits the Auditor-General has said may have been sent to ineligible recipients.

Hamilton said during a committee appearance Thursday that the agency stands by its existing “risk-based” approach to enforcement, in which it reviews a sample of cases it deems most likely to be of concern. Karen Hogan, meanwhile, told the committee that a more aggressive and expansive review is warranted, given the very limited safeguards that were in place to screen applications during the pandemic.

Read more:

Canadian Pastor reportedly Jailed over COVID Protocols:

Canadian pastor reportedly jailed over COVID protocols to face final trial: 'Crazy stuff.'

Pastor Artur Pawlowski speaks out, says 'they're so terrified of the truth' on 'The Ingraham Angle' [Mike Mitchell]

Russian Robot Maker Working on Bot to Target Abrams, Leopard Tanks:

A Russian manufacturer says it is adapting one of its ground robots to target Abrams and Leopard tanks—the types heading to Ukraine from the United States, Germany, Poland and other countries.

Dmitry Rogozin, a former head of the Russian space corporation Roscosmos and current head of the “Royal Wolves” group, which advises the Russian government, took to Telegram on Wednesday to announce that his group was working with the AdvancedResearch Foundation and a company called Android Technology to develop a combat version of Android’s Marker ground reconnaissance robot.

“Everyone agrees that our strike [version] of the Marker, before the arrival of the Abrams and Leopards in Ukraine, should be prepared for their destruction,” Rogozin posted.

In an interview published by Russian news site RIA Novosti, Rogozin said the Marker would “be able to automatically detect and hit the ‘Abrams’, ‘Leopard’ and other vehicles due to the electronic catalog in the control system with images of enemy equipment.”

In 2018, Android made headlines with a claim that it would put a robotic cosmonaut named FEDOR onto the International Space Station. That hasn’t happened.

Russia is unlikely to field ground combat robots to Ukraine in large numbers, said Sam Bendett, an adjunct senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security and an adviser at the CNA Corporation.

“It appears that most of the existing Markers, 3 out of 5, will in fact be tested in Ukraine, and can be lost in combat,” Bendett said via email. “It also appears that Android Technology is actually ok with that, indicating a willingness to respond to the [Ministry of Defense] needs for improved weapons and tactics, and perhaps indicating that the company is working on other projects that can build on the Marker experience.”

How well would a Russian robot perform against a well-trained human tank crew? On Twitter, Bendett expressed skepticism, calling the announcement mostly a PR stunt.

“Previous Marker tests - at least those made public - were against small UAVs, and these [unmanned ground vehicles, or UGVs] conducted tests for orienting in a complex space like a forest, but not an actual battlefield where multiple countermeasures are trying to destroy the vehicle. Moreover, Western tanks will be part of combined arms formations with aerial support like drones and UAVs, which are going to hunt for any Russian target, including the likes of Marker ground vehicles. Rogozin's earlier claims of Marker as a recon UGV were more realistic.”

UGV makers, like most Russian technology firms, are somewhat hampered by Western efforts to stop the flow of computer components to Russia. But these sanctions have had uneven effects, according to a report out this week from the Silverado Policy Accelerator.

Android’s CEO Evgeny Dudorov said last month that technology sanctions have had little impact on his company’s ability to score key component parts, according to Bendett.

“Dudorov thinks that investments from the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade will allow the domestic robotics industry to catch up with the leading players in about 1.5-2 years, and fully align with the market leaders in 10-12 years,” he said.

Bendett called Dudorov’s assessment “optimistic” given “the continued reliance of the Russian high-tech sector on imported components. Dudorov’s FEDOR robot was in fact almost 80% made from imported parts.” [Defense-one Media]

Pres. Trump Mocks CNN, MSNBC — Urges You to Cancel AT&T DirecTV!

One day after denouncing the "disgusting" DirecTV move of "deplatforming" Newsmax, former President Donald Trump continued his rebuke of liberal media bias.

He specifically cited major liberal networks like CNN and MSNBC that have seen their ratings fall dramatically but continue to get significant cable and satellite carriage.

"Cancel CNN & MSDNC (MSNBC)," Trump posted Thursday night on Truth Social. "Fake news should not be allowed to 'stink up' our airwaves! DirecTV, which is doing really badly, & AT&T, which is doing even worse, should be ashamed of themselves for dropping Newsmax and OAN.

"We should drop them!!!" Trump said, repeating his call for his supporters to cancel DirecTV and AT&T.

In two posts Thursday, Trump bashed the bias of AT&T and DirecTV, and their struggling bottom lines and "pathetically bad" ratings.

"I think that AT&T, which is heavily over $leveraged, and it's DirecTV, should cancel CNN & MSDNC (MSNBC) in that their ratings are so pathetically bad that it must be an embarrassment to be associated with them," Trump wrote first on Truth Social.

"Put Newsmax & OAN back on — the Republican Party demands it!!!"

DirecTV said it dropped both networks to save money for their customers.

Still, DirecTV continues to carry 22 liberal news channels, many with low ratings, and all get paid hefty license fees.

A Newsmax spokesman said that CNN and MSNBC get approximately 20 times the amount it was seeking as a fee, despite the fact Newsmax is the 4th highest cable network and typically has half the ratings in any daypart.

Newsmax has blasted AT&T's decision to drop its channel as "a blatant act of censorship."

On Wednesday, Trump used his TruthSocial to blast AT&T DirecTV's decision to drop NEWSMAX, calling the move "disgusting."

Trump also stated he personally was canceling his DirecTV and other AT&T services.

The former president has advocated a full boycott against both DirecTV and AT&T, and his recent statements suggest he may make the effort a priority on the campaign trail in his bid for president in 2024.

Action You Can Take to Fight AT&T DirecTV's Censorship:

1. If you are a DirecTV customer call them toll free at 877-763-9762 and demand they bring NEWSMAX back on air, or you can CANCEL!

· [When you speak to a live operator, let them know you are aware NEWSMAX's livestream is ending soon on other platforms, so unless you get it on DirecTV you will have to cancel their service.]

· If you are an AT&T customer for any of their products or services, call them and demand they end their censorship of NEWSMAX or you will cancel. Call AT&T toll free at 888-855-2338.

2. Call your Member of Congress or senator at 202-224-3121 and demand they stop AT&T and DirecTV's censorship of conservative media like NEWSMAX!

3. Go to our online petition and get more info at:

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© 2023 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

[News Max Media]

Christina Pushaw just exposed one media outlet for lying about Governor Ron DeSantis:

Left-wing reporters in the press constantly smear Ron DeSantis and lie about his policies.

But this time they crossed the line.

And Christina Pushaw just exposed one media outlet for lying about Governor Ron DeSantis.

During Donald Trump’s four years in office, one of the favorite tactics of the press was using “anonymous sources” to make up false allegations about him and his administration.

Now that Ron DeSantis is a rock star in the Republican Party and a potential threat to the White House in 2024, the press is using the same tactics against the Florida Governor.

On Wednesday, The Daily Beast published a hit piece on Ron DeSantis accusing him of having a “secret Twitter army of far-right influencers” and running a “bot farm” to boost his popularity.

Daily Beast reporter Jack Lahut based his entire allegations against DeSantis on anonymous “conservative influencers” who DeSantis pays to be part of his “bot farm.”

“Both sources said the idea was sold to them as being paid to boost DeSantis on social media with the help of the ‘bot farm’ to boost the reach of their content,” Lahut said. “The Republicans who were approached—and ultimately turned down the pitch—said they believe DeSantis’ campaign pays the influencers off the books or through a third-party vendor, though no one said they knew exactly how that would work or what the offer would be.”

But Lahut made a big mistake when he also lied about DeSantis Rapid Response Director Christina Pushaw.

“Pushaw, who has deep connections in right-wing media, has been reaching out – either in person or through intermediaries – to recruit conservative influencers, promising to boost their follower count through engagement with the help of an alleged ‘bot farm,’ according to three Republican influencers who received the pitch,” Lahut wrote.

In a post on Twitter, Pushaw dropped the hammer on Lahut for lying about DeSantis paying for “bot farms.”

“This is laughable even for the Daily Beast @JakeLahut, nobody received this ‘pitch’ — that’s why you have to use anonymous sources & have NO receipts,” Pushaw wrote. “@RonDeSantisFL won by 20 points. He has millions of real life supporters. No need for ‘bot farms’- do people actually do that?”

This is laughable even for the Daily Beast 😂 @JakeLahut, nobody received this “pitch” — thats why you have to use anonymous sources & have NO receipts. @RonDeSantisFL won by 20 points. He has millions of real-life supporters. No need for “bot farms”- do people actually do that?

— Christina Pushaw 🐊 🇺🇸 (@ChristinaPushaw) January 25, 2023

Ron DeSantis’ campaign also slammed Lahut for using anonymous sources to make up lies about the Governor, pointing to his landslide 19-point re-election victory as proof that his support is as real as it gets.

“Enthusiasm for Governor DeSantis is generated through his relentless work to keep Floridians free, not paying for retweets,” campaign spokeswoman Lindsey Curnutte told The Daily Beast. “We do not pay ‘influencers’ to tweet nor do we pay for ‘bot farms,’” she continued, before adding that “in case you need a reminder: The Governor was re-elected by a historic 19.4%, and he won in every corner of the state. He has millions of supporters and yes, many of them are on social media. This isn’t news.”

Curnutte then called out Lahut for using DeSantis to “drive clicks” to their “clickbait websites.”

The media is terrified of Ron DeSantis.

He’s a proven conservative fighter who is wildly popular with the voters.

And this latest smear is just more proof that Democrats view DeSantis as a top threat to the White House in 2024.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story. [DeSantis Daily]

David YEO:

Th3 D0m3 $T0N3 (3 Min)

FE: 44 G0v'+ D0cum3n+$ (29 Min)

CAT ParK3r: $evereLy !njur3d w/ P0T!0N (2 Min)

L@ura-Lynn & D0c K3v!n:Way$ to R3ver$3 CL0++!ng (80 Min)

N0T3: Th3re's a major $hortag3 0f P!L0T$.

TruNews Jan 25:

View and find out what is really happening in the Ukraine:

This is Jan 25 edition and it's 90 min., but you should listen to it while you work at your desk. A variety of topics come up.

One person’s OPINION:

It occurs to me that the reason there's so much time between the First and Second Coming is because the Father, is waiting for Christians to stop fighting each other. Those who can see past their denominational divisions are with Him watching us. Those who couldn't are asleep, so they won't continuing arguing in Heaven. God will wake them up when the divisions are gone and they can see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears how their protegees finally worked it out.

My Response:

For every time that Jesus was approached telling Him that “So & So’ had DIED… Jesus always responded by saying ‘no, they are SLEEPING’.

I think after DEATH, everyone is asleep until the Resurrection Day… the Dead-in-Christ rise first, then we who are alive at His coming, are caught up with them, being changed in the Twinkling-of-an-eye!

The delay is not at the feet of Christians who have not learned to work together… the DATES are in God’s control and the timing is His!

I recall as a youngster, attending Funerals where everyone was looking for ‘Resurrection Day.’

Most Funerals today talk about running about Heaven, through green hills, meeting relatives you never knew existed… quite a change in expectation wouldn’t you say?

Now… back to our current time… this 90-minute Video is well worth watching… [Patrick & Me]

Justice for the “Vaccinated” | United Health Conference:


Justice for the “Vaccinated” | United Health Conference

My 2-minute video message, and the United Health Conference, Toronto Feb 4th & 5th.

May I have two minutes of your time to share information, an invitation, and a chance to help people across the nation?

[Dr Mark Trozzi]

P.s. you can also still join us tomorrow in Oakville, or Sunday in Windsor. More info.

We Blow the Doors Off the Biden, Soros, FBI, Russia-Gate Scandal:

Explosive new information emerges in the growing Biden corruption scandal. In this episode, I address the China connection along with the possibility of Soros influence. News Picks:

· The latest GDP report has an ominous warning sign in it.

· A shocking piece about Biden confidant Kathy Chung.

· Congress secures the cooperation of the National Archives in the Biden documents scandal.

· Did former VP Biden suggest prosecuting Mike Flynn using the Logan Act?

· Pompeo mocked Hillary and the IG got involved?

· The FBI director has some explaining to do.

[Dan Bongino]

More with Dan Bongino:

This Week on Unfiltered with Dan Bongino: The Mob, or the Government?

Don’t miss Dan Bongino's show “Unfiltered” on Fox at 9p ET on Saturday where an ex-mobster lays out how the tyrannical government we live under is worse than the mob.

Treasury Refuses to Turn Over Hunter Biden Records to House Oversight Committee

It sure looks like there's a lot of Joe Biden's Treasury Department doesn’t want us to see

[Dan Bongino]

The video from last year's hammer attack on Paul Pelosi was released to the public on Friday. The police bodycam video shows the husband of Nancy Pelosi in his San Francisco home being brutally attacked by a man with a hammer.

Paul Pelosi, 82, was attacked with a hammer in the early hours of Oct. 28.

Suspect David DePape reportedly broke into the Pelosi home in the affluent neighborhood of Pacific Heights. He allegedly asked, "Where's Nancy? Where's Nancy?" At the time, the former speaker of the House was in Washington, D.C.

DePape purportedly detained Paul Pelosi. However, Pelosi was reportedly able to go to the bathroom, where his phone was charging, and he called 911.

Police dispatcher Heather Grives allegedly informed police officers that the reporting person of the incident at the Pelosi residence told her, "There is a male in the home and that he is going to wait for his wife. However, he stated that he doesn't know who the male is but that his name is 'David 'and that he is a friend."

At 2:27 a.m., police reportedly arrived at the Pelosi home for a "priority well-being check."

The newly-released police bodycam footage shows two officers approach the Pelosi residence. An officer knocks on the front door. A few seconds later, the door opens. DePape and Pelosi are holding a hammer.

Pelosi, dressed in a button-down shirt and underwear, warmly greeted the officers, "Hey guys. How are ya?"

A police officer asked, "What's going on man?"

DePape responded, "Everything's good."

Pelosi was seemingly smiling. He appeared to be holding a beverage in his left hand.

The officer instructed DePape to "drop the hammer," but he replied, "Nope."

Pelosi and DePape can be seen struggling over the hammer, then the suspect wrestled it away. Pelosi attempted to flee to another room, but the suspect lunged and violently swung the hammer at Pelosi.

Police officers jumped into action and a struggle ensued. The shaky video shows all of the men on the floor of the home.

Police attempted to detain the suspect while Pelosi was motionless on the ground.

As an officer was attempting to handcuff DePape, the cop shouted, "Give me your f***ing hand!"

Pelosi can be heard moaning in pain in the background.

WARNING: Graphic video [The BLAZE Media]

Lew Rockwell: Weekend Edition, January 28-29, 2023

Excellent Reading!

Thomas DiLorenzo

Tom Woods

Ron Unz

James Howard Kunstler

David Codrea

Ryan McMaken

Charles Hugh Smith

Tyler Durden

Igor Chudov

John Byron Kuhner

Theodore Dalrymple

Moon of Alabama

Joe Rogan Says Bill Clinton is in Hiding:

During an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience” last week, host Joe Rogan suggested that the public’s changing perception of former President Bill Clinton is forcing him to go into hiding. Rogan and his guests Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis were discussing the late Jeffrey Epstein’s private island when the conversation veered to the current whereabouts of Bill Clinton.

When asked what Bill Clinton is up to today, Rogan said he isn’t up to much other than hiding. The world turned on him,” Rogan added. Rogan and his guests discussed whether Clinton’s age may be the reason he’s withdrawn from public life. Rogan said the 76-year-old Clinton isn’t just old, he also had heart problems.

He said Clinton became a vegan and added that vegans have to be careful to “really dot your I’s and cross your t’s” to make sure they are getting all the right nutrients. In another podcast last week, Rogan went off on billionaire George Soros, comparing him to the villain in a superhero movie and accusing him of wanting “crime to flourish.”

During an interview with former CIA officer Mike Baker on last Wednesday’s “Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan mentioned a conversation he had with Texas Governor Greg Abbott about George Soros. Rogan said Soros donating to “very progressive, very leftist” prosecutors or politicians was “f*cking terrifying.”

He said it seems as if Soros “funds corrosion” and he “wants these cities to fall apart” and for “crime to flourish,” comparing Soros to “an evil person in a Batman movie.”

Mike Baker agreed, saying the billionaire leftist “understood early on where you wanted to seize power.” Baker added that contrary to the belief that becoming a Senator would be the “pinnacle of success,” Soros understands that it is from prosecutors and “state-level politicians” “where real change occurs and where things can happen.”

Rogan observed that what George Soros does is “all very weird.” He said “obviously” Soros has been involved in the highest level of politics for decades “and it seems like it’s his fun little game.”

Baker agreed, telling Rogan that Soros enjoys being “the puppet master” who is pulling the strings. He suggested that the billionaire likes to have that level of influence and impact on American politics.

Watch below.

[News Week Media]

Joe Biden tries to slam Trump over debt — but inadvertently takes shot at himself instead: 'My president':

President Joe Biden attempted to take a shot at his predecessor on Thursday over the economy and national debt. Instead, he ended up knocking himself.

At the end of a long diatribe about the economy, in which he often attacked "MAGA Republicans" for their economic perspective, Biden tried to slam former President Donald Trump over the debt that accumulated under his watch.

"Look, under my predecessor, the last guy that was president, the deficit went up four years in a row, accounting for 40% of the entire 200 years of debt. You hear me?" Biden claimed.

"No president added more to the debt in four years than my president," he added, referring to himself when he actually meant to refer to Trump.

Biden never corrected his statement. Instead, he immediately said he "misspoke" about the percentage of the national debt that was accumulated under Trump. It was, according to Biden, "25% of our country's entire debt," not 40%. While Trump, like his predecessors, significantly added to the national debt, Biden made no mention of the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused the deficit, and thus the national debt, to grow by trillions over a short period of time.

Hours after Biden's speech, the White House uploaded a corrected transcript of Biden's remarks. Instead of "my president," he meant to say "my predecessor," according to the correction.

Earlier in the speech, Biden outright lied about congressional Republicans.

"Look, that's how [House Republicans] starting this new term: cutting taxes on billionaires, raising taxes on middle-class families, and making inflation worse," Biden claimed.

In fact, Republicans have not cut taxes for billionaires, and they have not raised taxes on middle-class families. Not that Republicans advocate for such policies, but it would be impossible for them to take such action right now because they only control the House. They do not have the unilateral ability to pass tax-impacting laws.

Republicans, therefore, have not made inflation worse like Biden claimed.

[The BLAZE Media]

David YEO:

!s i+ Up$!de D0wn? (1 Min)

$T!ng 0p3r@T!0n: 5z3r 3xecuT!ve (6 Min)

$T3W & S!3rra**!njur3d P!L0+ $p3@K$ 0u+ (14 Min)

N0T3: Th!$ P!L0+ h@s My0C@rD!+i$ @ 24.

$. Afr!c@: CaLL$ +o $u$pend B$19 J@b$*$af3Ty C0nc3rn$ (9 Min)

3L0n $h!f+!ng (3 Min)

$0ng: Morning J03 Pr3$+i+utes (2 Min)

Kr!$$ $kii: Th3 15 M!nu+3 C!+y?**$cam (7 Min)

!s D0n@LD a Fr33M@$0n-$@Tan!$T?**T0w3r 666 (39 Min)


This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU must make up YOUR OWN MIND!

Where is the Mainstream Media [MSM] – OUTRAGE?

· Fox News Tucker Carlsen Thurs. 26 Jan. 2023: Pfizer exec admits C19 came from a lab. Pfizer is conducting gain of function research creating enhanced pathogens a.k.a BIOWEAPONS. Pfizer is lying to the public and using wordplay to circumvent the law with “directed evolution.” This is a massive conflict of interest, the Pharma industry creating a “cash cow” by creating viruses.

· Project Veritas: BREAKING: Pfizer Exploring “Mutating” COVID-19 Virus For New Vaccines. I fear people are not fully grasping the magnitude of what is going on here. The Pharma companies are making viruses that they also sell the cure for. This should have every single human on Earth in an uproar. This is the equivalent of Doctors shooting people in the street, so they can make money off of the victims’ medical bills. Except this on a global scale, infected billions, killed millions, and forced/coerced billions to become lab rats so they could profit. Where is the mainstream outrage?

· U.S. BIOWEAPONS LABS: There are now 12 mRNA manufacturing plants in Western Europe, and two HERE, in the United States!

Where is the Outrage?

· The Selling, Trading and Gifting of Military Intelligence Reports from Pentagon Classified Documents by the Biden Regime is considered highly Illegal, Espionage and Treason.

Where is the Outrage?

· A new poll found that a significant number of Democrats doubt Joe Biden’s Mental Fitness.

Where is the Outrage?

· The CIA does not work in behalf of the American people, or act in their interests. The CIA is a rogue element of the Deep State and an expression of the will of World Oligarchy and their vision for a New World Order. In fact, 95% of the World terrorist attacks are made by the CIA.” Putin

Where is the Outrage?

· Each year Billions of US Taxpayer dollars are paid into a non-accountable Black Budget to fund the CIA.

Where is the Outrage?

· Since 1950 the CIA has been performing ongoing Satan worshipping tortuous Child Rape and Sacrifice MKULTRA Mind Control experiments on thousands of innocent children for the purpose of splitting their thinking patterns into multiple personalities so as to have lifelong control over the victim.

Where, Oh Where is the Outrage?

· “The Dream of a Nation”

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