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Sunday 6 - [23]-24... 


Verses for today:

Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief.

Hebrews 4:11 KJV


For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.

Hebrews 4:10 KJV


There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.

Hebrews 4:9 KJV


Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

Matthew 6:19 KJV




Microchips in Pets:

Significant increase of CANCER-in-PETS...

Find Out About Pet Microchips – Protect Your Pet from Pain, Illness and Exploitation

What are the real risks and the benefits of implanting a microchip in a pet? Who should make the decision about the implant and what kind of microchip to use?  Our intent here is to provide the person responsible for the care of the pet with information on the risks and adverse effects of pet microchips and programs that are not readily available elsewhere.  If you want warm, fuzzy reunification stories, you will not find them here.  There are already plenty of those fluff pieces elsewhere.  We will tell you of things not so nice.


Microchip identification is promoted as a means of returning a lost pet to it’s owner.  Would that not be a matter for a guardian who has a pet at risk for getting lost?  So why are there programs mandating them for all?  Who is promoting such invasive control of our personal business?  It seems that risk assessments done by government agencies and authorities favor security over health and privacy.  Is that in the best interest of the pet, their guardian and the community?  Who are these microchip zealots and why are they imposing these Draconian mandates on our pets?

One does not have to look far for answers. 


Acquiring customer data on the Pet Industry is certainly Big Money. The Medical Industry can promote and sell pet microchips without disclosing the harmful side effects because they are pet medical devices.  The harmful side effects are marginalized by special interests who advise veterinarian organizations and consumers that the benefits are well worth the risks.  The convenience of such a tracking system has appeal.  Certainly those who manage animals would want to believe they do no harm.

And who pays for this convenience?  Pets and their guardians.  Our pets pay with their pain and their health and we pay with our hearts, our privacy and our wealth.

So what can you do about it anyway?   We will attempt to answer that here.

It is suggested that pet guardians ask the following questions of the manufacturer before implanting their product in a pet:

  • ·        What percentage of pets implanted with the pet microchip are ever returned to their owner by that method?

  • ·        What are the rates of failure, migration and reaction for the microchip implant?

  • ·        What is the typical inflammatory response to the implant of the microchip in terms of the duration of the acute and recovery phases and does it return to the original level or just within some norm?

  • ·        What are the specifications for the encapsulants of the microchip and what methods of quality control are used to assure acceptable levels of potential toxins?

  • ·        What are the specifications for the magnetic potential of the microchip and how do electromagnetic forces effect them?

  • ·        What are the rates of cancer for pets implanted with the microchip as compared to those without?

We hope guardians who choose to implant their pets will find the information here useful to choose a microchip that would be the safest and what considerations a pet with a microchip needs.  There is no lack of information on the subject, and it is challenging to organize in a concise manner. 

Links are provided to references so you can look for yourself and decide.  Leave us a comment on the blog if you have something to add.  We hope you will take the time to find out what you need to know to protect your pet.

Donna Warren


Bill Gates is still at it... Bird-FLU Planned!

Gates hired a scientist to create a deadly virus, so he'd know how to stop one.  Yeah, that's science for you today.  No wonder Russia wanted to destroy the US labs in Ukraine!


If you're busy just listen to the first three minutes of this 20-minute report. 

You'll want to buy lots of powdered eggs (one year shelf life).  I found the best price for 2 kg (320 eggs) is $123 + $14 shipping in Canada.

That's equivalent to about $5 a carton.

David Yeo



NIEO: the New International Economic Order:

It's another UN plan being implemented "from the ground up" at the same time as it's being pushed "from the top down".  And you're the one getting squeezed in between, literally, with the development of high-density, high-surveillance cities which are anything but smart for the people. The new infrastructure includes controlling every aspect of your life.  Read #88 below.  And that's just part of it!  Look at the section on Transport (which I also screen captured below.) No wonder we're into more traffic jams.  


After half an hour describing the urban nightmare, she moves on, for 15 minutes, to show how you cannot escape by moving out of the city.  Rural communities and farmers are targets too. (Just look at the tractor protests in Europe for the past 2 years!)  Towns will fall prey to new regional governments and "public-private" partnerships (a definition of fascism).


Last night in Claremore, Oklahoma, 211 people showed up to a grassroots-organized meeting to discuss the Rogers County Comprehensive Plan and to hear from Angel Cushing about the 30x30 Land Grab as it's rolling out in Kansas and across the US. What a turnout! Here is a link to my google drive with the Rogers County Comprehensive Plan documents and slides from last night's presentation.


I highlighted many (not all) sections of the Plan that are related to the Reset. As with all my posts, you may copy and share the information I've put together here. There is much more that I could have included in this talk, especially concerning: Land Value Capture, Land Taxes, Digital Economic Zones, Employment Hubs & Workforce Housing, Immigration & Public Services, etc. I've covered these topics in other videos and posts, which are available by searching my profile or visiting my YouTube channel (Hearts over Hexagons).

Juliane Romanello PHd



Countless people have observed their loved ones becoming “more compliant” and “broken” after the shots.

This was deemed a “conspiracy theory,” but now we have the data to back it up.


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A new study from South Korea analyzed the electronic health records of 2.2 million and, later, 4.3 million individuals in Seoul. What researchers found was alarming.

By comparing the rates of various new medical conditions in vaccinated versus unvaccinated groups over three months, the study revealed that the vaccinated experienced:

• A 68% rise in depression

• A 44% surge in anxiety and related disorders

• A 93.4% increase in sleep disorders

• A staggering 138% jump in mild cognitive impairment

• A 23% rise in Alzheimer's disease

Dr. Pierre Kory writes:

“In my practice of treating vaccine injuries, one of the three most common symptoms I see is brain fog. So many of my patients had been in the prime of their lives, can now barely function, have significant cognitive impairment, and need a lot of help from our nurses to carry out their treatment plans. I never imagined I would see any of this in people far younger than me, and instead, I see it every day. I bear witness to an immense amount of suffering on a daily basis that is hard to put into words.”

Read More from A Midwestern Doctor:

The Forgotten Side of Medicine

Story at a Glance: •Subtle and overt neurological injuries are one of the most common results of a pharmaceutical injury. •The COVID-19 vaccines excel at causing damage to cognition, and many of us have noticed both subtle and over cognitive impairment following vaccination that relatively few people know how to address…

The Vigilant Fox


In the 1980s, the average tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of cannabis strains was around 1%, but now your average jack-of-all-strains has 20% THC content and some even contain as much as 90% or more. The truth is, we simply don’t know what exposure to psychoactive compounds at these concentrations is likely to do to a person’s mind, let alone a mind that is still as plastic as a 13- or 14-year-olds.


new large-scale study suggests that teens who use cannabis are eleven times more likely to develop a psychiatric disorder than teens who don’t.

The researchers used data for 10,000 young people aged 12-24 in Ontario, Canada, including survey answers and hospital records, to see if there was a relationship between recent use of cannabis and mental illness. As well as finding that teens who’d used cannabis in the last year had a massively elevated risk of developing a psychiatric disorder, they also found, conversely, that the vast majority of teens diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder had a history of cannabis use: five out of every six teens who were hospitalized for a psychiatric disorder.

In the 1980s, the average tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of cannabis strains was around 1%, but now your average jack-of-all-strains has 20% THC content and some even contain as much as 90% or more. The truth is, we simply don’t know what exposure to psychoactive compounds at these concentrations is likely to do to a person’s mind, let alone a mind that is still as plastic as a 13- or 14-year-old’s.


We don’t: but we’re going to find out.

We’re in the process of narcotic self-experimentation on a massive scale. It’s now far more normal to smoke weed than tobacco, and it’s seen as an overwhelmingly good thing. According to Gallup polling, 16% of Americans say they smoke weed, as opposed to 11% who still, doggedly, cling to tobacco. The vast majority of Americans now see cigarette-smoking as “very harmful,” with 83% of adults choosing that response in a 2019 survey. By contrast, in another survey, from 2022, half of all respondents said they believed weed is a “positive force for good” in society.


These statistics barely capture the nature of the transition from nicotine to THC and CBD (the other psychoactive substance in cannabis). As no doubt you’re aware, people don’t just consume the active ingredients in cannabis by smoking the leaf. They use oil and gummies and vape juices and brownies and other edibles as well, and they’re using them in quantities and in situations that are totally novel.


For example, 11% of 12 graders claim to have used delta-8-THC vapes and gummies in the last year. Delta-8-THC is a variant of delta-9-THC, the main psychoactive form of THC. Delta-8 has only been available in the US since 2018 and, as a result, there are no federal regulations restricting its sale to minors. Delta-8-THC vapes and gummies are now a fixture at gas stations and they’re readily available online. There are no reliable safety data on delta-8-THC either.


That’s pretty bad. Just as bad, if not worse, is the fact that pregnant women are using cannabis like never before. Since the legalisation of cannabis in Canada, cannabis-use disorder has grown by 20% among pregnant women. Women are also being recommended CBD oil to ease the symptoms of morning sickness.

1.      More detail found at this LINK:

Patrick Bestall

$3,000 a month...

...could get you a cabin on a cruise ship (with 3-year contracts)

...could house you in a retirement home with services

...could house a homeless person in the same retirement home

“All of us here are city builders. And we know that all types of housing are needed for a city to be truly prosperous,” Tricar Group’s Adam Carapella said at a news conference setting the stage for the request for council.

Tricar, Auburn Group, Drewlo Holdings, and Sifton Properties have created Developing for Change to build this housing facility, and perhaps more.


Construction could begin in a few months, with people moving in by mid-2025, Carapella said.

“We can only solve this crisis by all working together. It’s our hope that the success of this project will serve as a catalyst and sort of a template for other projects going forward, both by our group and by others,” Carapella said.

The project is the first under London’s new homelessness and health system that brings a group of developers together with city support and federal and private donor funding.


The new system, called the whole of community response, aims to build up to 600 highly supported housing units and 15 full service hubs/shelters. Those housing units would provide people access to health care and 24/7 social service support.


Developed by more than 200 people from dozens organizations, the new system aims to help the highest acuity homeless Londoners – those with the most complex mental health, physical health and social challenges.

At the series of summit meetings that created the new system were several London developers, who promised at the time to help find places to build and manage construction.


“At those summits, one of the major takeaways was that permanent, highly supportive housing is a key item that is going to help combat the homelessness crisis that we have here in London,” Carapella said. “We were inspired to act.”

Patrick Bestall


Rumors – Rumors - Rumors – Rumors – Rumors


RUMOURS Circulating out there...:

You need to MAKE-UP Your own MIND!





Restored Republic:


Wars and Rumors of Wars:


The Real News for Sat. 23 June 2024:


Globalist Depopulation Agenda 2030:

  • ·        Sat. 22 June 2024 While Idaho Farmers Are Having Their Water Shutoff Look What’s Happening In Arizona: “During one of the worst mega droughts of the past 1200 years—Saudi Arabian owned company is allowed to pump unlimited amounts of groundwater to irrigate farm fields.” The crop is sent overseas. “We’re out here in the middle of the Arizona desert during one of the worst mega droughts of the past 1200 years. So you might be surprised to know that a Saudi Arabian owned company is being allowed to use these pumps to pump unlimited amounts of groundwater to irrigate farm fields in the desert and grow one of the most water intensive crops there is, alfalfa. So what is this company doing with all of this alfalfa? Well, they’re putting it on trucks, and they put it on trains, and they put it on ships, and they send it back to the Middle East. So why are they growing these crops out here in Arizona instead of back home? Well, it’s illegal to grow a crop like alfalfa in Saudi Arabia because it uses too much water. The attorney general of Arizona says this is an outrage. She says this is scandalous, and she’s trying to get these leases with her on state owned land canceled so this will stop happening. She says that these foreign companies should not be allowed to operate here in Arizona, especially now that water is a depressions”

  • ·        New York has become the first state to rollout Bill Bates’ Digital ID System. According to the Democrat Governor, the digital ID will initially be a voluntary way for New Yorkers to store their driver’s license and non-driver IDs. Eventually, the system will become mandatory for all residents who wish to participate in society.


Jan. 6 Setup” Capitol Police Lieutenant EXPOSES who was behind the setupon Jan 6th.

  • ·        Everyone who “walked on that grass right there, didn’t know they were breaking the law. Because all the restricted zone signs had been taken down. They were set up. That was deliberate”

  • ·        Former Capitol Police Lieutenant Tarik “TK” Johnson “If everybody was there for the purpose of violence, if everybody was there for the purpose of taking over the US capital, we couldn’t have stopped them because there were just too many people.

  • ·        Yogananda Pittman was the person that was in charge of the setup. (Yogananda Pittman served as the assistant chief of the United States Capitol Police and is now the Chief of police of the University of California, Berkeley)

  • ·        J. Thomas Manger, he’s the person leading the cover up. (J. Thomas Manger is the current chief of the United States Capitol Police)

  • ·        When demonstrators and officers are going after each other, they need that. They love it because it takes the, attention off of Yo and on the Pittman and what Manger is doing.”

  • ·        “Right. They need the narrative of J6 to be the same. A bunch of white, uneducated, violent Trump supporters attack the capital for a violent insurrection.

  • ·        Right. That’s the narrative. They gotta keep it that way until the end of next year.

  • ·        Right. After the election is all over, now we can start finding out what really occurred because that’s not what occurred. That’s not what it was. They set us up. They set us up. They set up 64.

  • ·        Oh, absolutely. Yeah. And then they asked y’all to come. 2 hours later, they set us up. We didn’t have a chance.

  • ·        Yeah. They did. The officer said couldn’t do nothing down. It’s not enough big time.”


Fri. 22 June 2024 Congressman Brian Mast Says All The Quiet Parts Out Loud:

– We’re funding Atheism overseas– We’re directly funding the Taliban– No one can account for the money being sent overseas– Falsely labeling money being sent overseas– None of the aid has made it to the people of Gaza– Out of 144 partners receiving tax payer money only 65 even respond to the Inspector General “about where the US taxpayer dollars were being spent” and so much more, this is absolutely INSANE.

  • ·        “We should not be giving you one more dollar. And I think the proof for why that is the case is in how, in far too many circumstances, you all really have no idea where the money is going. And I’m not saying it’s easy to figure out where it’s going in every circumstance, but that can’t be the situation. I’m gonna reference a few different places. Uh, you have Nas sitting behind you here.

  • ·        We had a hearing for a couple hours here in this very room where we discussed, uh, just a $1,500,000 grant to expand atheism in Nepal. — I’m not gonna hash it all out, but it’s one example of you all didn’t know where the money that you sent out there from the US taxpayer was going.

  • ·        I was reading over the last 24 hours the special investigation into Afghanistan reconstruction, the SIGAR report, and looking at the amount of money that has gone directly to the Taliban.

  • ·        It’s not a it’s not a mystery. It’s not something to argue about. It is a fact, money going directly to the Taliban that’s gone out through all of these agencies that state works with, and specifically, a 144 partners were referenced in this SIGAR report. And when it talks about it, it talks about the 144 partners and the questions that they were asked.

  • ·        But of those partners, only 65 of them actually chose to answer to the inspector general about where the dollars were going. The other 79 didn’t even feel like they had to answer questions about where the US taxpayer dollars were being spent.

  • ·        We saw it from the Pentagon just in the last day that, on this massive pier that was built, that was worked on by you all, that, uh, none of the aid has yet made it to the to the people of Gaza yet.

  • ·        It’s sitting in warehouses and other places. And, again, it’s just to the point that there’s not nearly enough accountability, and we should be receiving every grant, every sub grant, every awardee, every solicitation that should be sent through this body for review whether in a classified or unclassified setting.

  • ·        Now I do have a couple of questions on that. I spoke about the 79 grantees in part that did not respond to the Guard report, and I have a question about them. Uh, since that time, have you frozen any of the bank accounts of those 79 entities?  

  • ·        Um, congressman, we’ve looked, uh, very hard at the, uh, the SIGAR report. I think it’s important to note that money does not go directly to Taliban. It goes to the UN, NGOs. We’ve dedicated about $2,000,000,000 so they could build an appetite. Now you’re literally telling lies to the American people. These these state dollars went directly to, uh, to those that were solicited to do it. These, implementing partners as it’s referred to, and they paid directly money to the Taliban.  

  • ·        Sometimes they labeled it taxes. Sometimes they labeled it value added taxes. Sometimes they labeled it a host of different things, but do not pretend that money did not go directly to the Taliban.“

  • ·        I can’t transcribe it all due to X’s text limits but this is an insane listen:


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