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Sunday 10-23-22

Summary as I am able:

10-23-22 Sunday

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The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: But fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Proverbs 1:7 KJV

He restoreth my soul: He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Psalm 23:3 KJV

In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

John 7:37-38 KJV


Donald Trump Says It Is Over

Republican Attorney Generals Drop the Hammer

She Just Exposed Biden Vaccine Scandal

· BREAKING: Donald Trump Says It Is Over - Fans Shocked...

· BREAKING: Republican Attorney Generals Drop The Hammer - Wall Street Terrified...

· BREAKING: She Just Exposed Biden Vaccine Scandal - This Must END...

· BREAKING: 2nd Amendment VICTORY - Judge Order STUNS Democrats


· BREAKING: Maxine Waters GUILTY - CRIMINAL Announcement Rocks D.C

· BREAKING: ARREST Stuns Obama Family - This Is SHOCKING


· BREAKING: BUSTED - Biden CAUGHT In Sick Scheme...

[Breaking Patriot News]

Democratic Insider Admits the Truth About Mass Migration:

While exploring a spot for a mayoral visit in Brooklyn on July 5, 2022, an aide to Mayor Eric Adams was robbed at gunpoint.

According to Chris Baugh, an Advance Team Assistant for Adams, red state leaders such as Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas have wreaked havoc on New York City’s far-left leadership.

“There was talk of simply capping the number of immigrants we would allow, and I’m delighted we didn’t do that. But I believe what Texas Governor Abbott was doing was effective. It’s saturated our system,” Baugh explained.

“There are more people in social services than ever before – possibly ever in history. As a result, it effectively demonstrates the tension,” he continued.

Baugh noted that the crisis is reverberating upward and producing problems for the Biden administration as Republicans go on offense and generate issues for the Dems., turning the far-left-promoted migrant crisis towards them.

“To be honest, I’m not sure how much Biden will enjoy having a mayor saying, ‘Hey, you owe blue communities funds due to this migrant situation.’ That, eventually, will make Biden appear bad. We’re a month away from midterms, and he’s not going to enjoy it. It’s a dangerous scenario for him, and I’m not sure Eric Adams can navigate it,” Baugh said.

“I believe the images of this are horrible for Biden and horrible for the mayor, and I believe Biden announcing, ‘OK, I’m just going to just give funds to NY City since they cannot take care of all these immigrants’ is just going to be really bad politically for him,” he continued.

Baugh believes the blame will eventually fall on Adams and New York City’s far-left leadership, and he doubts they will be up to the task.

“Emergency [government] funds should go to Florida and Puerto Rico before coming here [to NYC]. Finally, it is we who are trying to abide with our own regulations. Our ‘Right to Shelter Laws’ and other things,” he explained.

“It’s going to be the greatest test of his [Adams] career in politics, which is kind of strange given that he’s only been in government for nine or ten months.”

“Just like, if he does this right, if we can withstand the influx of migrants and adhere to, whatever that’s called, ‘Right to Shelter Laws,’ he’ll look like a hero. If it goes the opposite way, Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis will say, ‘The Dems. don’t follow what they preach,’ and that will be a major liability for him,” Baugh added. “We’ll see what happens. As I previously stated, this might define his entire tenure in government.” Author: Blake Ambrose

Pathetic Left-wing Protesters try Shutting down Matt Walsh's 'Rally to End Child Mutilation' but have Complete Meltdowns instead:

Matt Walsh's "Rally to End Child Mutilation" attracted an estimated 3,000 people Friday at the Tennessee State Capitol — as well as a small group of foul-mouthed, left-wing protesters who made several pathetic, unsuccessful attempts to shut down the event, according to the Daily Wire.

The large crowd was solidly with Walsh's cause to end medical transgender treatments for children and easily drowned out the protesters.

What are the details?

Twitter videos of the event documented numerous incidents of leftists melting down over the rally's message.

Radicals held up signs that read "Nazi lives don't matter" and "fascists f*** off." At one point protesters surrounded some Walsh supporters in the crowd and chanted over a megaphone, "F*** around, you're gonna find out."

One unnamed protester claimed to have taken hormone blockers and attempted to tell attendees that the treatment is life-saving and "completely reversible" if children change their minds. The protester argued that puberty is traumatic for some children, so "gender-affirming" treatment is necessary for minors.

Event speakers included U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), Robby and Landon Starbuck, Scott Newgent, and former U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who denounced her Democratic party affiliation earlier this month.

Far-left protesters attempted to drown out a speech by de-transitioner Chloe Cole by repeatedly shouting, "F*** you, fascist."

Cole discussed her emotional journey of being born a girl but deciding to transition and undergo a double mastectomy at 18 years — then ultimately de-transitioning. Cole now dedicates her time to speaking out against irreversible gender-mutilating hormone therapies and surgeries on minors.

Some leftists didn't like that very much.

"[Cole] is a fascist, and she doesn't care about other trans youth," one leftist protester told the Daily Wire. "She's using her own experiences to s**t on thousands of others that want to kill themselves because people like this won't let them."

When Matt Walsh walked on stage, radical protesters continued trying to chant and shriek over the rally.

One protester was captured on video calling Walsh "a far-right lunatic propagandist." The protester stated, "If you support anything he f***ing says, you're indoctrinating everyone you know into being a Nazi."

Despite the best efforts of the leftists, the vast majority of the crowd turned up in support of Walsh.

Walsh's stated during his speech that "these people here don't want you to hear what we have to say because they're cowards. They can't engage in the argument. All they could try to do is shut us down and silence us, but it's not going to work. We're still here. We're not going anywhere."

Walsh explained that the purpose of the event was to rally together "to protect our children." He accused the far-left protesters of "victimizing and preying upon kids."

"As Tennesseans, do we believe in castrating children? Do we believe in that? No. Do we believe in drugging and mutilating kids? They believe it — we don't," Walsh said. "Are we going to allow this in our state? Are we going to do what they want us to do, which is to sit back in silence and allow our kids to be victimized?"

He added, "The reason they're acting this way is because they are losing, and they know it. They're losing. And they will continue to lose as long as we continue to fight all across the country." [The BLAZE Media]

Pelosi Makes Shocking Personal Threat to Donald Trump:

Today's Headlines

· Pelosi Makes Shocking Personal Threat to Donald Trump

· WATCH: Stacey Abrams Gets CRUSHED In Georgia Debate

· NEW 2024 Poll: Trump AHEAD Of Biden By How Much!?

· [Trending] Trump Supporters LOVE this $5000 Sweepstakes!

· LEAKED: Hunter Biden’s $40M ‘Real Estate Deal’

Pelosi Makes Shocking Personal Threat to Donald Trump

During the demonstration on January 6th, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who threatened physical violence against then-former President of the United States Donald J. Trump, according to video that was broadcast by CNN on Thursday.

The footage was shot by Pelosi's daughter, a documentary filmmaker, who also appeared in the film. Pelosi is heard on video threatening to "punch out" President Trump if he so much as sets foot in the Capitol building.

‘I hope he comes. I'm gonna punch him out’ — In exclusive, viral footage shared by CNN on Thursday night, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can be seen threatening to 'punch' Trump if he came onto the Capitol grounds on January 6

During the time that lawmakers were anticipated to certify the election results for the presidential election in 2020, Trump was considering paying a visit to the grounds of the Capitol. Democrats and many members of the mainstream media have made the assertion that the 45th President encouraged violence both while campaigning in 2016 and after his election.

The January 6th Committee issued a subpoena for Trump's testimony on Thursday, but Pelosi has not been charged with any federal offences… Why?

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Oann. [Family Survival Headlines]

Ron DeSantis snapped when he found out about this horrible setback:

Ron DeSantis snapped when he found out about this horrible setback

Additional Viewing:

#1. Barack Obama made a fool out of himself when he launched this sick attack on Ron DeSantis #2. Woke Washington are coming after your savings… #3. One Republican just betrayed Ron DeSantis with this disgusting double cross #4. All hell is breaking loose after Ron DeSantis made one promise to Joe Biden about the border crisis

David YEO:

Cancer is a Fungus**Dr. Simoncini Part 2 (10 Min)

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis lets it be known when he is not happy.

It’s best not to get on DeSantis’ bad side.

And Ron DeSantis snapped when he found out about this horrible setback.

Governor DeSantis was among the many Floridians left in shock over a jury declining to sentence Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz the death penalty.

A jury sentenced Cruz to life in prison with no possibility of parole for killing 14 students and three staffers in a February 2018 shooting.

During a press conference, DeSantis told reporters that if any case merited the death penalty it would be for a killer who slaughtered 17 innocents – including 14 children – in an act of premeditated mayhem.

“I think that if you have a death penalty at all, that that is a case, where you’re massacring those students, with premeditation and utter disregard for humanity, that you deserve the death penalty,” DeSantis stated.

DeSantis added that a death sentence was the only sentence that could deliver justice.

“I just don’t think anything else is appropriate except a capital sentence in this case. And so, I was very disappointed to see that,” DeSantis added.

DeSantis spoke for the families of the victims by expressing his disappointment in the verdict.

“This stings. It was not what we were hoping for . . . if that would’ve gone the correct way, I would’ve done everything in my power to expedite that process forward,” DeSantis added. “Nevertheless, we are where we are today. But it is disappointing nonetheless.”

Cruz’s act of madness stunned the nation.

Democrats and the corporate-controlled press immediately seized on the tragedy to push their gun-grabbing agenda.

Several of the students – led by far-left radical David Hogg – turned themselves into celebrities going on press tours and working with gun control activists to leverage the tragedy for maximum political gain.

At the time, Florida’s RINO Governor Rick Scott quickly folded in the face of David Hogg, the corporate-controlled media, and the Democrat Party’s emotional blackmail campaign.

Scott signed a massive gun grab into law that allowed for red flag confiscation laws.

When Ron DeSantis campaigned for Governor that year he said he would not have signed the gun control bill into law.

Guns were not to blame for the Parkland tragedy.

Like the horrific events in Uvalde, law enforcement sat outside not taking action while the killer carried out his act of madness unimpeded.

Only the gunman bears the guilt.

And in this case Ron DeSantis was not happy the jury did not deliver proper justice.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Trump Brings Back ‘Trump Force One’ With Key Change that Sends Big Message: There were a lot of great moments at the Trump Rally in Robstown, Texas last night but there was a moment that topped them all. During Trump’s speech, his supporters out of nowhere started to sing the National Anthem. It started with just a few but after a few seconds, thousands were standing and singing the National Anthem. After singing the National Anthem the crowd followed it up by chanting USA – USA - USA! Take a look: [Populist Press]

HOT.   · Chilling Moment at Trump Rally · Rally Crowd Erupts After Trump Makes Surprise Announcement · Biden Gives Four Words For What He Will Do If GOP Takes Over · Obama Makes Desperate Video Plea — Dems In Full Panic · Trump Brings Back ‘Trump Force One’ With Key Change That Sends Big Message · Watch: Exclusive Interview With ‘sleepy Joe’ Goes Really Wrong On Live Tv · Prominent Republican Tragically Dies After After Heroically Going To Save Wife · Just In: Big Election News Rocks Oz/Fetterman Race In Pa · Scotus Just Made Huge Ruling On Biden’s Latest Move · Breaking: Major Charges Announced In Election Fraud Case To Turn Midterm Results

IN DEPTH.   1. ‘Deny Reality, You Racists! 2 hours ago

2. World Reacts to China’s Dictator Xi Purging His Predecessor on Camera 3 hours ago

3. CBP Reports 227k Migrant Encounters in September 3 hours ago

4. Oz Takes Commanding 4.5‑Point Lead Over Fetterman in PA Senate Race 3 hours ago

5. CDC Director Who Said Vaccinated Can’t Catch COVID Catches COVID 3 hours ago

6. Charles Gasparino: “Truss” Worthy Biden: Prez’s Economic Mess Could Bring Doom 3 hours ago

7. U.S. Military “Fully Prepared” to Cross Into Ukraine at a Moment’s Notice 4 hours ago

8. Trump Drops Biggest 2024 Hint Yet 4 hours ago

9. DOJ Budgets $200k for “High-Quality” Arts Program for “At-Risk Justice-Involved” Youth 4 hours ago

10. Everyone Who Backed Lockdowns Is Blaming Everyone Else for Learning Loss 4 hours ago

11. Democrat Pollster Discovers Biden’s Worst Performing Message Is When He Touts Their “Legislative Accomplishments” 4 hours ago

12. Federal Judge Refuses to Block Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education” Bill 4 hours ago

13. Several Woke NYC Private Schools Requiring Parents to Take “Anti-Racism” Training, Sign Pledges 4 hours ago

14. Biden Welcomed Enough Illegals in Fiscal Year 2022 to Exceed the Population of 15 States 4 hours ago

15. New Senate Forecast Shows Three States Slipping From Dems 4 hours ago

16. Cost of Thanksgiving Turkey Up 73% Since Last Year Under Biden 4 hours ago

17. Republicans Warn Inflation Will Get Worse as Biden Admits “A Lot” of Democrat Spending Impact “Has Not Kicked in Yet” 4 hours ago

18. Mike Pompeo Says He’ll Run for President in 2024 Even if Trump Does 4 hours ago

19. Biden Says It’s His “Intention” to Run for Reelection in 2024 4 hours ago

20. Biden Claims Dems Have “Great Record” on Crime 4 hours ago

21. Trump Force One Is Back on the Move 4 hours ago

22. Lawyers Prepare to Sue Any State That Requires COVID-19 Vaccination to Attend School 4 hours ago

23. Leftist Protesters Melted Down at Nashville Rally to End Childhood Mutilation 4 hours ago

24. Why You Can’t Pump Your Own Gas in New Jersey 4 hours ago

25. Alex Jones Seeks New Trial as Sandy Hook Families Seek up to $2.75 Trillion in Punitive Damages 4 hours ago

26. Railroads Reject Demands From Holdout Union 4 hours ago

27. Wall Street Warns of Trouble Brewing in Auto Loans 4 hours ago

28. IRS Raises 401(k) Contribution Limit Due to Inflation 4 hours ago

29. American Express Sees ‘Mixed Signals’ in Economy but Consumer Spending Still Strong 4 hours ago

30. Abbott Nutrition to Invest $500 Million in Infant Formula Manufacturing as Shortages Continue 4 hours ago

31. Soros-Backed Group May Have Used Illegal Funds From Biden Admin 4 hours ago

32. Lisa Murkowski to Vote for House Democrat Candidate Over Sarah Palin 4 hours ago

33. GOP Gives Warning to IRS That’s Been Caught Red Handed Destroying Docs 4 hours ago

34. Criminal Trial Against Trump Org to Get Underway Monday 4 hours ago

35. Former Official: Biden’s DOJ Weaponizing Law To Arrest Political Enemies 4 hours ago

36. China Seeks to Influence U.S. Politicians Ahead of Midterm Elections: Former Intelligence Officer 4 hours ago

37. CCP Denies Using TikTok to Track Americans 4 hours ago

38. XI TIGHTENS GRIP 5 hours ago

39. THE NEW MAO 5 hours ago

40. Monkeypox kills two in NYC… 5 hours ago

41. Outbreak Leaves Risks, Questions in Wake… 5 hours ago

42. Widespread snow to unfold across Northwest, Rockies… 5 hours ago

43. Dems didn’t run presidential candidate 150 years ago. It backfired… 5 hours ago


45. WSJ: No Sympathy… 5 hours ago

46. Fraud-related criminal trial against Trump Org to start Monday… 5 hours ago

47. Promises Ex-CFO as Star Witness… 5 hours ago

48. Mar-a-Lago probe proceeds on two tracks: One public, one private… 5 hours ago

49. Mutiny in Russian ranks? Conscripts ‘threaten to topple regime’… 5 hours ago

50. Launches ‘Massive Attack’ on Ukraine Power Grid… 5 hours ago

51. How Putin threatens to unleash 18 million ton wall of water… 5 hours ago

52. As Musk expands his reach, Washington worries… 5 hours ago

53. Wall St Warns of Trouble Brewing in Auto Loans as Prices Dip… 5 hours ago

54. Home values could fall 20% next year… 5 hours ago

55. Federal Tax Collections Set Record… 5 hours ago

56. REVIEW: Refreshed David Geffen Hall Hits Right Notes… 5 hours ago

57. 1,000 students absent from high school with flu… 5 hours ago

58. Covid subvariants ticking up in CA… 5 hours ago

59. Major Hurricane Roslyn heads for Mexico’s coast… 5 hours ago

60. Inspection finds ‘very thin dolphins’ at Florida’s Seaquarium… 5 hours ago

[Populist Press]

Breaking News from

· Survey: Dems Losing Independents on Economy, Inflation Before Midterms

· NYPD on Pace for Over 4,000 Quits: 'Full-Blown Staffing Emergency'

· Russia Strikes Homes in South Ukraine, Warns of Escalation

[News Max]

Trump Was Right and the Democrats are Playing Dirty:

Democratic leaders have argued for years that the 2020 election was fair and honest. They cried foul when Republicans wanted to audit results and look at the machines used for voting because they did not want to expose their lies. Former President Donald Trump had even alerted the country to the devious acts of fraud from the liberal left.

The media had their hands in the coverup as they refused to pick up on fraud reports from around the country. But now that the midterm elections are closing fast, the truth of what took place is beginning to surface because the liberals are up to their old tricks again.

President Joe Biden has done his best to divide the country and bring back segregation. The staunch division has allowed the left to cry racial foul on several fundamental voter law changes that they claim keep minorities from being able to vote. The frontal show of misdirection allows them to work behind the scenesto build up their fake voterregistration pile so that they can stack the deck again when the time comes.

They do not understand that organizations are keeping a tight watch on what they are doing. The Public Interest Legal Foundation is a conservative law group that keeps tabs on what the Liberals are doing with election matters.

The PILF has found that in New York alone, over 3.1 million registered voters had provided no personal information such as Social Security numbers or driver’s license numbers. Without the information, there is no way that voters can be identified as legal residents.

The vast amount of missing information gives the Democrats the ability to fake ballots and stack the voter count in their favor. The PILF has since filed several lawsuits to shut down the fraudulent efforts of the Democrats.

The law group also found in six counties in Minnesota that, there were 515 duplicate registrations. These kinds of so-called mistakes are precisely what the Democrats need to boost their voter count.

Red State Reported that the PILF wrote, The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) prohibits states from accepting a voter registration unless the voter registration contains a unique identifying number such as the last four digits of a social security number or driver’s license number. The Department of Justice oversees HAVA enforcement and therefore, needs to act quickly in order to fix this crucial issue.”

The liberals have conveniently left off checking to ensure that all information is recorded correctly. They love to turn a blind eye to doing things legally.

J. Christian Adams is the president of PILF. Red State pointed out, “This lawsuit flurry will hopefully clean up some Minnesota problems because they’ve had these duplicates on the rolls for a very long time, and some, indeed, are casting two ballots.

One of the duplicate voters is “in a mental hospital, a convicted child sex offender, [yet] managed to cast two ballots in the 2020 election, it looks like,Adams said, adding: ‘We found a guy in Pittsburgh registered seven times.’ Shocked? Me, neither.”

The deliberate choice to rig elections is excellent cancer within the Democratic Party. They know that they cannot win an election without cheating. They take great effort into rigging things to fall in their favor.

Everything boils down to the Democrats needing to mess everything up so badly that people are confused and off-balance to how things should be taking place. The insaneneed to cover up their tracks and have the media lie about their actions is damaging at best.

Donald Trump raised the alarm after the 2020 election, and it has taken two years for everyone to realize he was right. The Democrats hijacked the election because they could fraudulently stack their fake ballots in favor of Joe Biden. They used the media to cover up their deeds and invented narratives to keep the public from realizing the truth. [Really Loaded News]

Additional News:· Sanders' Backwards Thinking Exhibits Progressive Ideology BREAKING NEWS: · Drug Bust Riddles New York City As New Reality Emerges · Head of JP Morgan Chase Reads the Writing on the Wall and It’s Worse Than Predicted



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