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The Betrayal is now Complete!


The Betrayal is now Complete:

The SCOTUS Dismissal of the Texas Lawsuit sheds light on

the Final Remaining Option to Save the Republic

What does God have in mind

for North America?


Is a word rarely used today, but if you watch the video below, I suggest you have pen and paper, ready?

For if you are like me ... as God gives more pieces of His puzzle together then I (we) need to verify with our Bible that which has been documented in the past ... and is by the hand of God, going to come once again to save a particular nation because of those citizens who believe in Jesus.

Biblical history (difference between good and evil) is a blessing for all those who embrace and learn from it and a curse for the evil side, who wish to erase and or change all/any of it.

This video is 1 hour long, but worth every minute ... especially the prayer at the end.

May God continue to watch over, guide, protect and bless each one of you, and ALL whom you love,

HANK KUNNEMAN: Prophetic - Corruption - Exposure - and Justice!

Start at the 0.45-minute mark to avoid commercials

This is very encouraging...

If this is true... We will see the exposure of the Voter-Fraud by year-end... [only a couple of weeks away]! "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God!"

PS: Please pray for the same outcome for Canada, as it is growing darker every day

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