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An update on total death counts:

Recently, reference was made to Center for Disease Control (CDC) data showing total deaths in the USA over the last decade. It was suggested that the total number of deaths has not changed over the last 10 years, and by implication that the COVID pandemic is very minimal or non-existent. In fact, CDC monthly data for deaths takes weeks to get fully reported. For your information, total death count for all causes in the USA is tracking about 13% higher than normal. This does represent a serious health challenge. People can argue over what deaths are strictly or partly COVID. The bottom line is that a lot of extra deaths will occur this year in the USA and Canada, perhaps 300,000 or more. While this is a large number, realize that each year between 2.5 and 3 million people normally die from all causes.

It is noteworthy that in Canada total deaths attributed to COVID are tracking at approximately 25% of the deaths caused by the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918…. While our population has quadrupled in size since then. That suggests that on a proportionate basis we are at 1/16th (6%) of the Spanish Flu impact. ….

Serious but NOT the end of society!

Lockdowns and restrictions of freedom also have serious consequences, and these extend well beyond the economy to include depression, suicides, physical and emotional abuse, addictions to name but a few. We need to pray for our leadership that the decisions which are made are logical and reasonable. The Indiscriminate – Arbitrary – Un-equal Application of ‘Lock-down’, is building resentment and ‘push-back’ by increasingly more angry Citizens.

Let’s avoid extremism in any form!!!

==>Dr. Igor Shepherd – Ex-Intelligence Officer [Section Chief] for COVID Response, Ex-Military Physician Specialist on Weapons of Mass Destruction [former Soviet Union]

[Lynne Mullen]

Trump Attorney Lin Wood

2020 Election Fraud and what to expect this next week:

President Trump tweets “Martial law = Fake News” because he knows the Insurrection Act is not martial law:

Cryptic Tweets Hints at What Is to Come:

Sun. 20 Dec. Situation Report:

*** [See detailed Summary at end of this BLOG] ***

Sun. 20 Dec. General Flynn:

Foreign Intelligence Agencies Have Been Monitoring US Agencies and Now Will Provide Intel to Trump:


Nancy Pelosi BUSTED – Chinese Spy Scandal Backfires

Eric Swalwell Conspiracy Goes Deeper – Nation Shocked

Bill Gates is Gearing up for an Unofficial Role in Biden Cabinet

‘It’s too slick’:

Tucker Carlson reacts to vaccine rollout that ‘all seems a bit much’

Trump team files petition with Supreme Court challenging Pennsylvania elections process

Turning Point USA (day 1): Donald Trump Jr, Tucker Carlson, Charlie Kirk, and more to speak

Dominion Audit Finds System ‘Designed’ to ‘Create Systemic Fraud’ According to Judge Who Released the Report

More on Dominion Voting Machines: They Could Easily Duplicate Votes and Security Threats Were Virtually Ignored

Trump flips on Hunter Biden investigation

House Democrats Devise Punishment for Republican Lawmakers That Supported Texas SCOTUS Suit

Everybody Fears AOC’s Stupidity


Donald Trump Gets AMAZING News – Evidence Proves He…


Massive Voter Fraud Announcement – Democrats Busted

Supreme Court sides with houses of worship in complaint against NJ restrictions

Biden Furious Over Leaked China Emails

The walls continue to close in on the Biden family. They can’t run from their past forever.

Supreme Court Deals Blow to Illegal Immigrants

Finally, the Supreme Court knocks some sense into a country overrun by Illegal Immigrants.

Trump campaign takes fight over Penn. election, ballot laws to Supreme Court

Romney predicts Trump’s ‘populist approach,’ ‘substantial influence’ on GOP is not going away

====> NOTE:

COVID-19 Adverse Reaction:

Here is news you won’t get from CNN, CBC, CTV, London Free Press… etc. [Patrick Bestall]

'Syringe is empty, the guy didn't push the syringe at all, bad acting

====> Tiffany Dover dies, the nurse who passed out on national TV while getting the C19 Vaccination:


The J&J Vaccine does NOT use the Messenger RNA that makes changes to the DNA.

It is really important that you understand what you are permitting to be inserted into your body! Be Wise! Be careful! Be prudent! [Lynne Mullen]

Battle of Athens:

1946 Veterans of Athens Tenn. Fight Voter/Election Fraud (13 min. movie): From JFK to 9/11 – Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick:

Detailed SUMMARY:

President Trump has the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) report due tomorrow, Friday. (It was announced as a late submission) Barr steps down on the 23rd, so he is now able to be a witness. Durham is now a special counsel. He can prosecute in any state, all [B]iden’s! He is allowing the civil, criminal, and federal courts to fail. Why? So he is able to handle the situation properly, using the military tribunals. President Trump has all the data from NSA, the Kraken supercomputer, the Alice supercomputer, and other systems most are not familiar with. He has the dueling electors from seven state legislatures. He has VP Mike Pence as the final arbiter of ballots to accept on 6 Jan. 2021. He has the Insurrection Act, the National Defense Authorization Act,(NDAA) the Emergency Act, the 14th Amendment, the 2018 Executive Order (allowing for the rejection of the election based on Foreign Interference) which we now know is true. He has January 27, 2017 (the very first President Trump Executive Order) the Patriot Act, the FISA warrants and the possible Declassification of EVERYTHING (including Wikileaks). President Trump has over 1000 witnesses to voter fraud who have signed affidavits. The QR code scan personnel who just needs access to some real ballots & he can detect if they are fake by looking for creases & printing items using his scanner technology. Trump has all the statistical data being analyzed (the videos, emails, phone calls, bank transfer statements) showing the coordination of the coup. We know Zuckerberg manned it and [S]oros funded it. He has the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) law passed in 1970. President Trump has crimes against humanity videos, which Wikileaks just released massive videos. As we know Julian Assange has been pardoned, so he can talk about Seth Rich. Now that the governors and secretary of states have certified the illegal ballots and [B]iden has accepted them, they knowingly committed treason! Criminals are desperate and stupid! We just raided the solar company and & Dominion is closing up the shop. Many media company CEOs are gone. The same goes for many politicians. President Trump has the CIA servers from Germany (used to change Dominion machines) and he will soon have access to the state's machines too. He baited them to staying in DC so they could be inaugurated...arrested! [B]iden has not accepted any transition money, nor has Kamala given up her seat. The military has infiltrated Antifa & BLM and President Trump has the financial tracings. He knows exactly which politicians took Chinese and Soros money. He put in Miller & Watnick. He also just reduced more regulations and wrote an Executive Order in the military line of succession. He is defunding the CIA. He just replaced Kissinger & Allbright on the National Security Advisory Board with his loyalists. The military has been flying more planes over America and to Guantanamo for the first time in years. The DNC wanted to close Gitmo but President Trump said no way (and said softly under his breath “I want to use it for her” (meaning crooked Hillary). The Navy just parked huge naval fleets on both coasts. The 82nd Airborne is preparing for an operation (same group of Flynn & Donoghue). Things are falling into place. Trump has it all. He is just laying out the case and building the narrative. He knows he won and they cheated. He gave them the chance to fix things. They chose not to. Do not feel sorry for them. They did this to themselves. Trump has set a trap. He knows these four companies (coming out with a C19 vaccine) have not done the proper procedures, so at the last minute he won’t let them come out with their vaccines. It’s a way to break the Pharma companies and their control over the people. So far there have been 150,000 arrests. Last week there were 1700 flights to Gitmo. In 2021 people who lost homes or businesses will be compensated (plus interest and penalties) as NESARA begins. 650 planeloads of cash and gold were taken out of the Vatican. Peoples Birth Certificate values are worth 5 to 6 million. The richest family on the planet were the Payseurs whose wealth is worth 34 Quadrillion U.S. dollars. It’s enough to give everyone on the planet one million dollars with plenty left over. 176 warehouses in the Philippines and Vietnam are packed full of wealth. The new quantum financial system (QFS) already has all of our account information. The owner of US Incorporated (Pope Francis) filed Bankruptcy in 2015 and finalized it on November 5, 2020. On November 2, 2020 President Trump's Executive Order established a restored Republic. The western [D]eep State [R]othschilds / [R]ockefeller’s / Wall Street Banksters / Michael Bloomberg / Big Tech corporations / G[oo]gle / YouTube / Twitter / Amazon / Facebook / CNN and Fake Mainstream Media offered the USA to China to become the “United States of China” (Chinamerica) in exchange for China forgiving the [D]eep State cabal’s fiat dollar trillions in debt. The plan was the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) compromised [B]iden/[H]arris ticket would be in power when the Global Currency Reset was completed. Foreign interference in the US election has been confirmed by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe. [D]eep State Cabal in the intelligence community were trying to delay his report. This involved the CIA in conjunction with Cabal members of the Democratic Party and Communist parties in China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Germany, Spain and Canada. Behind the scenes it was known that there were enough House Representatives and Senators who would object to the Mon. 14 Dec. Electoral votes given to [B]iden to force the House vote. On January 6, 2021 the House vote would affirm the true Electoral Vote for Trump by a 27 GOP State Legislature vote to 20 Dem State Legislature vote. Peter Navarro’s 36-page report alleging Election Fraud was “more than sufficient” to swing victory to Trump. Trump Attorney Lyn Wood announced that SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts was refusing to litigate election fraud cases, having been compromised through his relationship with the Cabal and having visited Epstein’s Pedo*phile Island. SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts is a Sat*anic pedo*phile. There is no justice in the justice department. Attorney General Bill Barr was let go because of his connections to the Cabal and was involved in drug running. Barr made a deal with Trump and would be working behind the scenes to help implement NESARA. He was being replaced by a person who worked closely with General Flynn. On Thursday December 17 Trump told his staff to get out of DC. 70% of our government politicians will be arrested and prosecuted for being [D]eep State and Chinese CCP puppets. Trump may invoke the Insurrection Act and a form of Martial Law in order to maintain law and order. Trump’s intelligence and military team members have put everything in place for an Insurrection Act scenario. Martial Law is at the doorstep. It is expected that President Trump will declare limited Martial Law in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Penn and Arizona. Troops would then seize election offices and oversee a recount or a revote. President Trump is expected to make an announcement on Thursday December 24 (Christmas Eve) about the US return to a gold/asset backed dollar. Juan O’Savin is rumored to be in fact JFK Jr. JFK Jr. has been seen in the WH and in Trump's helicopter. JFK Jr. is rumored to appear soon in public, maybe around the holidays. Sidney Powell is rumored to be the new head of the FBI. Trump will open the WH to the public and parties will be held there in celebration of the restored republic.

Hopefully… THE END!

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