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Thursday 7-20-23

Thursday 7-20-23

Verse(s) for today:

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light: which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy.

1 Peter 2:9-10 KJV

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

Joshua 1:9 KJV

if my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV

I am in BRANTFORD all day… Short BLOG

Thought(s) for the Day:

Salim Mansur:

So, here is Don Surber's post.

I keep hearing individuals I know of "conservative" leaning, individuals who at least claim to be informed of the going-ons in politics in Canada and the US, sharing their views about what is wrong and what are the odds if any of some amelioration in the degraded nature of politics and more in which we are sinking without any likely exit. Much of this, I believe, is an outcome of frustration, of releasing pent-up emotions, and sometimes of living in a world of denials wherein one can escape at least temporarily from confronting the sheer wickedness that engulfs us given the fact that us common folks are struggling mighty hard simply to survive.

I don't believe anymore that there is any fix for Canada from within, from the actions of Canadians coming together to save their country from the long drift into the morass of Globalism and one world government of the oligarchs run by the Deep State. Canada's origin, its birth as a Dominion in 1867 and the gloss provided in 1982 by the patriation of the BNA Act with its Charter, cannot mask any longer the simple reality that Canada was conceived and put together as a vassal state of the British Crown, and with the collapse of the British Empire post-1945 the Canadian vassalage transitioned into the control of the US Empire in the making in the slipstream of the fading British Empire. There was one brief moment when Canada could have shed its vassalage and emerged as an independent sovereign state in control of her own destiny. But the political class lacked the spine even of the sort that Mahatma Gandhi displayed in winning India's independence however strained and soiled it was because of the perfidy of the Tories under Churchill that coerced the partition of India in 1947. For Canada that moment came in the aftermath of the 1980 referendum in Quebec and Pierre Trudeau seized that moment for his agenda of patriating the BNA Act with a Charter. English

Canada went along with PET represented by the premiers who were simply outclassed by the Prime Minister given their parochial mindset. The result was as PET, representing the intellectual-political elite of Quebec within the old arrangement of the Dominion based vassalage, made sure that the rest of Canada would remain beholden to Quebec.

Bilingualism and Biculturalism as legacy of Lester Pearson was turned into the Trojan horse for the rule in effect by the Laurentian elite to continue masked by the trinket PET offered in terms of the Charter for the rest of the country, especially the emergent bloc of western provinces demanding some sort of recognition of their interests in a highly centralized form of federation run by the money-political class based in central Canada. Multiculturalism and open-door immigration/migration have castrated English Canada of whatever residual identity it has had of being European in origin and Christian in faith and tradition as the founding culture. PET's multiculturalism and its logical slide downwards in the slippery slope of politics without any effective resistance from English Canada meant that there should be no surprise where Canada has arrived in the "land of wokeism", of alphabet-soup of identity politics wherein the country, as the current prime minister states boldly, has no core identity and is a post-national state (in other words, a proud vassal of the World Economic Forum backed by the power of the American Deep State).

It is in this context that I am sharing with you Don Surber's post in his blog from this morning on Donald Trump. I have been reading Don Surber since 2016. He is a former reporter and investigative journalist based in West Virginia whose writings on American politics I have read with keen interest for what he offers in analysis and history of American politics outside of the mainstream media narrative. As you would know, West Virginia is a coal country, and Don's reporting took this fact into account as a key variable in explaining the emergent politics of the "fly-over" country, or the red states, that was changing the national politics of the Uniparty system and which came to a head with Trump elected as president. You know the rest of the history since 2016.

In today's post Don Surber does not mince any word in indicating all of the maneuvering in American politics ahead of the 2024 election is to deny Trump his re-election. I keep hearing from friends frequently all sorts of complaints of why Trump should be put aside, his time is over, he is divisive, etc., and someone else should be the Republican nominee to take out Biden. Well, I try to explain why any such thinking about Trump is defeating and submitting to the machinations of the Deep State that murdered JFK and ousted Trump so that America will continue to be run as an Empire that it became, a rogue state all but in name managed by the political class as place-holders for the oligarchs and their one world rule-based order. But as a Canadian, I believe, that the only ever so slim hope for a "fix" for Canada, for a Canadian "awakening" to make Canada a free and sovereign state, is Trump's re-election and his renewed effort to drain the DC swamp and dismantle the Deep State that may break the WEF and its Globalist agenda that the American Uniparty has made its own. This is why, I continue to hold the position, that the return of Trump is not only the prerequisite for America's return to its republican foundation based on its unique constitution that has been effectively jettisoned by the Deep State, but also for disbanding its ill-gotten Empire that would make it possible for Canada also to shed its vassalage that has been its sordid feature since it turned its back on the 1776 revolution as the loyal fief of the British Crown.

So, here is Don Surber's post. My commentary was to put it in context of why Trump's return is ever so important for us Canadians if we care about our own destiny as an independent sovereign state.

LOVE overcomes a multitude of Sins:

Here is the link to watch this unique sermon

Dale Mackness sent to me this VIDEO…

A Cowboy Tames a Wild Horse in one-hour in a Corral set up inside a large Church in Tennessee.

Watch the Power of LOVE overcome the Fear & Trauma that ruined a Horse.

This is a MUST SEE……………………………………......................................………………………………………………..……..[Dale Mackness]

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!


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