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Thursday... a few days to the week-end

Thurssday 5-09-24


Verses for today:

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

Hebrews 13:8 KJV


But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

Isaiah 53:5 KJV


And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

Galatians 6:9 KJV


Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another.

1 John 4:11 KJV





Donald Trump On The Offense Against Special Counsel Jack Smith After Documents Mishandling Revelations:

In a surprising turn of events, former President Donald Trump has lashed out after revelations surfaced about the mishandling of documents in his ongoing legal battle regarding classified information.

Fox News reported that Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is leading the prosecution against Trump, is facing calls for his removal after prosecutors acknowledged discrepancies in the handling of seized documents.

The controversy began when the FBI recovered 33 boxes containing classified documents from Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in August 2022.

This led to Trump facing 40 felony charges, to which he has pleaded not guilty, asserting that the Biden administration has motivated the charges to discredit him politically.


Chronological Discussion of Mar-A-Lago Seizure and Trial Developments

Following the seizure at Mar-a-Lago, a notable dialogue unfolded among several government institutions about the former president's handling of documents.

According to discussions between the White House Office of Records Management and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), concerns were raised early in the Biden administration regarding missing presidential records. In January 2022, Trump's team delivered 15 boxes of documents back to NARA.

As these events unfolded, a court filing by the prosecutors revealed that the documents retrieved from Trump's property were not preserved in their initial order, contradicting earlier statements from the government about their intact condition after the seizure.

Trump responded fiercely, accusing Special Counsel Jack Smith and his team of evidence tampering on his social media platform, Truth Social, demanding the case's dismissal and the arrest of Smith.


Comparison With Biden's Classified Documents Case

Amidst Trump's legal battles, a parallel situation involved former Vice President Joe Biden, where Special Counsel Robert Hur decided not to recommend criminal charges against Biden for possessing classified materials after his tenure. Trump highlighted this as an example of one-sided justice, given his own legal entanglements contrast starkly with Biden's case.

Trump's legal team has argued that the former president acted in good faith concerning classified documents, citing a "Q clearance" held by Trump until it was revoked post-indictment.

Judge Aileen Cannon is overseeing Trump’s trial, with proceedings expected to start around May 20. The debate over document mishandling complicates the already complex narrative surrounding Trump’s legal issues, which also include another legal battle in Manhattan where Trump pleaded not guilty to 34 felony charges concerning falsification of business records.


Regional and National Implications of Trump's Legal Challenges

These legal troubles are not just a matter of regional news but have implications at a national level, reflecting on the justice system's functioning and its handling of high-profile figures.

In his own words, Trump accused Smith of being a "deranged" criminal and insisted on the immediate dropping of what he refers to as the "boxes hoaxes," which he believes are rooted in political persecution. These comments echo through his campaign rhetoric as he positions himself for a potential run in 2024 under the MAGA banner.

The government’s acknowledgment of the inconsistency in handling the documents was part of a footnote in a recent court filing, which further fuels the controversy.

The Acting National Archivist, Debra Steidel Wall, has confirmed that NARA officials were not pressured or influenced by any party in their handling of the documents, suggesting an administrative misstep rather than political interference.


The Future of Donald Trump's Legal Battles

As Trump faces his legal challenges, the outcomes could profoundly impact his political future and the broader landscape of American politics. The trial's proceedings, under the scrutiny of Judge Cannon, will be closely watched by supporters and critics alike.

The cases are a blend of legal maneuvering and political narrative building, where each side presents its version of the truth. How these legal battles unfold will likely ripple through the upcoming electoral cycles, influencing public opinion and voter behavior.

The larger picture here involves not just the legal outcomes, but how they are perceived in the court of public opinion, which may play a significant role in the upcoming 2024 presidential campaign.

In conclusion, Trump’s aggressive response to the recent admissions by prosecutors underscores his broader strategy of portraying himself as a victim of political persecution. This narrative ties together his multiple legal battles, from the classified documents in Florida to financial misdealings in New York, setting a contentious backdrop for his potential 2024 presidential campaign.

American Digest

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QUB Students Seek Ouster of Hillary Clinton As Chancellor:

Protesters at Queen's University Belfast are calling for the removal of Hillary Clinton from her role as Chancellor, citing a lack of democratic process and disagreement with university ties to Israeli institutions.

The Daily Mail reported that students at Queen's University Belfast have launched a protest demanding significant changes at the institution, including the ousting of its chancellor. The protest, organized by the QUB Palestine Assembly, includes a sit-in and aims to address several contentious issues.

The main demands focus on the removal of Hillary Clinton as chancellor and cutting ties with Israeli universities.

The protesters are also advocating for the implementation of a democratic process for selecting the university's chancellor.


Protest Erupts with Democratic Demands

The QUB Palestine Assembly, leading the protest, has emphasized the need for a democratic election process for the next chancellor.

They argue that the current method does not reflect the democratic values that should be inherent in educational institutions.


Further, the Assembly has criticized the content and terminology used in the university’s courses related to deeply divided societies, particularly those pertaining to Palestine. They are pushing for educational reforms that they believe will lead to more balanced and fair representations.

During the sit-in, students expressed their dissatisfaction with the university’s stance and curriculum, urging immediate changes that reflect a more inclusive and fair academic environment.


Support From Political Figures and Broader Community

Gerry Carroll, a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from People Before Profit, attended the sit-in, offering strong support for the student protestors.

He praised their initiative and expressed solidarity, highlighting the university's historical context of opposing oppression.

"I think it’s very, very important that they’ve done this," Carroll stated, adding, "Hopefully the students can force management to act. This place, as many universities do, has a history of people standing up against oppression and these students are following their friends and fellow students in America and at Trinity College, Dublin."

Carroll's presence and statements have bolstered the protesters, providing them with significant political backing and public attention.


University's Response to the Protest

In response to the protests, a spokesperson from Queen's University emphasized the institution’s commitment to freedom of expression and the right to protest.

They noted that the university has engaged in constructive discussions with various groups, including the students' union and trade unions.

"Queen’s University Belfast is committed to freedom of expression, the right to hold a range of views, and the promotion and protection of the right to protest," the spokesperson said. They also mentioned that the university strives to ensure that campus activities can continue without disturbance.

The university acknowledges the differing views regarding the Middle East and seeks to maintain a respectful and open environment for all its stakeholders.


Broader Context and Future Actions

The protest at Queen's University is part of a larger pattern of demonstrations related to Israeli actions in Gaza. Recently, thousands of pro-Palestinian supporters gathered at Downing Street, protesting against Israel's attack on Rafah.


The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament reported that approximately 5,000 people participated in the protest, indicating a significant public outcry and solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

The QUB Palestine Assembly plans to discuss further actions, aiming to continue their advocacy and push for the changes they deem necessary at the university level.


Conclusion: A Call for Change and Dialogue

In conclusion, the protests at Queen's University Belfast highlight a growing discontent among students regarding the university's leadership and its international affiliations.


The demonstrators are calling for a shift towards more democratic processes and a reevaluation of the curriculum to better represent global conflicts and human rights issues. The university’s open approach to dialogue and its affirmation of protest rights suggest the potential for future resolutions that could address the students' concerns.

The American Digest

Additional American Digest


The American Digest


Karine Jean-Pierre was left scrambling after Joe Biden’s horrible cognitive episode:

One of the problems that’s gotten worse thanks to his advanced age is Joe Biden’s penchant for gaffes.

This often puts Biden’s inept press secretary Karne Jean-Pierre behind the eight ball.

And now Karine Jean-Pierre was left scrambling after Joe Biden’s horrible cognitive episode.

Joe Biden insults America’s ally Japan

When Joe Biden campaigned for President in 2020, he promised that the “adults would be in charge” once again in foreign policy.

The media bought this line of baloney hook line and sinker even though Donald Trump: became the first President in 40 years to start no new wars; negotiated a deal to end the war in Afghanistan; and struck historic peace agreements between Israel and her neighbors.

Since taking office, Biden orchestrated the greatest American military humiliation since the end of the Vietnam War when the Taliban took over America.


World war threatens to break out in Europe after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Hamas staged the worst terrorist attack in Israel’s history when Jihadists butchered 1,200 Jews on October 7.

And now Joe Biden insulted Japan – one of America’s top allies in the Pacific – by calling them “xenophobic” bigots and lumping them in with Russia and Communist China.


“You know, one of the reasons why our economy is growing is because of you and many others. Why? Because we welcome immigrants. We look to – the reason – look, think about it – why is China stalling so badly economically? Why is Japan having trouble? Why is Russia? Why is India? Because they’re xenophobic. They don’t want immigrants,” Biden said at a fundraiser.

Karine Jean-Pierre struggles to defend Biden’s incompetence 

In any conflict between the United States and Communist China over Taiwan, America would depend on Japan to help provide a military presence in the Pacific in terms of troops and bases due to proximity.

Biden calling the Japanese racists, who are no better than tyrannical governments, isn’t a great way to forge a military partnership.


Reporters asked Jean-Pierre if Biden would take the natural step of apologizing.

“Does the president want to apologize to Japan?” a reporter wondered.

Instead of saying “yes,” Jean-Pierre began spinning to make it seem like a  cognitively-impaired Biden no longer has control over his mouth.


“The broader case that he was trying to make, which I think most leaders and allies across the globe understand, is he was trying — he was saying that when it comes to who we are as a nation, we are a nation of immigrants. That is in our DNA,” Jean-Pierre responded.

“Our allies and partners know very well how much this president respects them,” Jean-Pierre added.


One reporter pointed out that “xenophobic” isn’t the type of word you use to describe a friend.

In America, it’s how Democrats and the media slander Trump supporters.

Jean-Pierre attempted a second set of evasive maneuvers.

“I think the president was very clear, and I think —” Jean-Pierre began.

But a reporter pointed out that Biden wasn’t clear at all which is why they were asking Jean-Pierre for an explanation.

“He wasn’t very clear. I mean, that’s why we’re asking you,” the reporter followed up.

And as usual, when the question wasn’t one, Jean-Pierre could pull a scripted reply from her binder for a response; Jean-Pierre never bothered to try and answer.

“Here’s what I’m saying,” Jean-Pierre concluded. “He was talking about who we are as a country, right? He was talking about the importance of being a country of immigrants.”

24/7 Politics


Morning Update:

Alberta to change fixed election date, saying natural disasters worse in spring:

Liberals introduce legislation amending Elections Act as part of agreement with NDP

Changes allowing voters to cast ballot at any polling station in their riding won't be implemented by 2025

Liberals introduce legislation amending Elections Act as part of agreement with NDP:

Changes allowing voters to cast ballot at any polling station in their riding won't be implemented by 2025:

C.B.C. News Media

The Liberals introduced legislation Tuesday aimed at expanding voting access and targeting electoral interference and the spread of disinformation.

Bill C-65 introduces a suite of amendments to the Canada Elections Act as part of the Liberals' political pact with the NDP. But it delays two key aspects of that agreement: spreading the official election day over three days and allowing voters to vote at any polling station in their riding.

Speaking to reporters after the bill was tabled, Democratic Institutions Minister Dominic LeBlanc and NDP democratic reform critic Daniel Blaikie said Elections Canada raised concerns about implementing those two reforms before the next election.

CBC News Media

Ivanka Trump May Rejoin White House In Father's Second Term:

Ivanka Trump is reportedly contemplating a new role in the White House should her father secure reelection this November. Mediaite reported that despite her prior retreat from political life, Ivanka Trump might reenter the White House arena in her father's possible second term.


In 2022, Ivanka Trump announced her decision to step back from politics to focus more on her personal life and family. This decision came after serving as an advisor during her father, Donald Trump's, first administration. Her previous role involved significant policy input and public engagements on behalf of the presidential office.

Recently, however, reports from Puck's Tara Palmeri, based on a knowledgeable source, suggest Ivanka is reconsidering her political retirement. This change of heart is attributed to her renewed interest in "being helpful" in a potential new term under her father's presidency.


Ivanka Trump Revisits Political Aspirations

A source close to Ivanka has expressed that her stance has shifted from a definitive disinterest to a more open consideration of a White House role. "She’s not like ‘Hell no’ anymore," the source revealed, indicating a softening in her previous resolve.

While Ivanka warms up to the idea, her husband, Jared Kushner, appears less inclined to return to the political limelight.


During the Trump administration, Kushner held a pivotal role as a senior advisor, where he was instrumental in orchestrating the Abraham Accords, among other diplomatic achievements.

Post-administration, Kushner has engaged primarily in private sector activities, founding an investment firm that has notably secured substantial funding from entities across the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.


The Political Landscape Awaiting Ivanka Trump

It is suggested that Ivanka should defer a full commitment to her father's campaign until after the GOP convention this summer. This strategic patience could potentially align her role announcement with a more formalized campaign structure.


Nevertheless, a spokesperson for Ivanka and Jared has recently reiterated their current priorities, stating, "As they’ve both repeatedly stated, Ivanka and Jared continue to focus on their family and lives in the private sector and do not intend to go back to politics."


This official statement contrasts with the behind-the-scenes discussions about Ivanka's potential political reengagement, showcasing the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of political decision-making.


Public Reaction and Future Prospects

Ivanka Trump’s potential return to politics has stirred mixed reactions among the public and political analysts alike.

Some view her possible comeback as a strategic move to stabilize her father’s campaign with familiar faces, while others express skepticism about the implications of reversing her prior decision to leave politics.


As the election approaches, the Trump campaign might leverage Ivanka's previous White House experience and her public appeal to fortify its strategy and messaging. This decision, however, hinges on various factors, including the political climate at the time of the GOP convention.


The evolving situation leaves many observers watching closely, as Ivanka Trump’s final decision could significantly impact the dynamics of the upcoming presidential race.


Conclusion: Ivanka Trump's Political Horizon

In summary, Ivanka Trump, previously an advisor in the Trump White House, is considering a return to politics if her father wins the upcoming election. Her husband, Jared Kushner, however, prefers to stay out of the limelight, focusing on his business ventures. As the political landscape shapes up for the next presidential race, Ivanka's decision remains a topic of significant speculation and interest, with potential consequences for the Trump campaign and beyond.

American Digest



The Notice of Liability delivered to individuals at the W.H.O. this week:

1.   Dr Mark Trozzi cross-posted a post from A Better Way with Dr Tess Lawrie

WHO General Director Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, and Dr Maria van Kerkhove, Dr Janet Diaz and Jeremy Farrar also of the WHO have orchestrated gross violation of human rights around the world and helped orchestrate the largest premeditated mass murder and assault in history.


They have now all been personally served notices of harm and an orders to cease and desist, from The World Council For Health. The service was completed by Swiss Attorney Philipp Cruse. We are not just playing defence with these villains.

I am very happy to have been involved in penning these notices and orders. Please study the material, and join in taking similar actions against individual perpetrators in federal, provincial, and municipal governments, medical regulators, and medical and nursing colleges. 

Addressing both corporate and personal liability in wrongdoing:

Below you will find the text of the Notice of Liability delivered to Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Dr Maria van Kerkhove, Dr Janet Diaz and Jeremy Farrar this week. It was drafted with the help of specialist international lawyers and health scientists. Feel free to copy, paste and adapt for the purpose of notifying others of their liability in relation to the Covid-19 fraud.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus:

dba: Director General World Health Organisation (WHO)

Office of the Director General

Avenue Appia 20

1202 Geneva - Switzerland       

6th day in the month of May in the year 2024

Dear Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (hereafter ‘you’),

Re: Notice upon Harm and to Cease and Desist

On behalf of living men, women and all their sons and daughters living right now and those yet to be born on Earth, we hereby place you: a man: Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, doing business as the Director General of the World Health Organisation (hereafter W.H.O), on notice that:

1.      Your actions carried out in the capacity of Director General of the W.H.O during the Covid-19 chapter, principally consisting of falsely informing world governments of a so-called pandemic, thereby causing governments to declare non-existent medical emergencies, have been and are still an integral part of a chain of events that is resulting in mass loss of life, immense physical harm and untold psychological distress and trauma to the people on this planet;

2.      Said actions appear to have led to Governments deploying insufficiently tested SARS-CoV-2 genetically modified organisms (GMOs) falsely termed ‘vaccines’ being also gene therapies, mandating unscientific masking protocols, implementing inhumane and anti-scientific ‘social distancing’ measures, purchasing and deploying ineffective and fraudulent PCR tests subsequently used to create false ‘casedemics’ in order to justify unlawful ‘lockdowns’, business closures and house arrest;

3.      We demand that, with immediate effect, you cease and desist from taking further actions that would involve false and fraudulent communication to governments thereby causing or resulting in further instances of the kind of catastrophic outcomes outlined above.


Notice upon Personal Liability

We also put you on notice that failure to cease or desist from continued or repeated involvement or implication in the above harms shall render you liable both in your personal and corporate capacity. As a man, you shall be investigated for criminal conspiracy. As a corporate officer, you shall be investigated for gross negligence, serious misconduct in public office, corporate fraud and potentially even aiding and abetting corporate manslaughter.


Further to the above Notices, and in order to clarify our position, may we take this opportunity respectfully to remind you of your own position and legal responsibilities.


WHO Constitutional Obligation

The objective of the World Health Organization (WHO), according to Article 1 of the WHO Constitution, is the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health.1 Thus, in your role as WHO Director-General, you are obliged to consult with a diversity of experts, including those who disagree with your recommendations on health, to ensure that best practice is ethically and objectively promoted to uphold the best interests of the public.


As early as 2021, international experts were cautioning against the novel Covid strategies recommended by the WHO Covid team, especially but not limited to the experimental modRNA medical technologies developed at ‘warp speed’ to function purportedly as vaccines.

The WHO Constitution states in Article 67 that members of the WHO may enjoy ‘such privileges and immunities as may be necessary for the fulfilment of its objective and for the exercise of its functions.” Such privileges and immunity, whilst patently unfair, inequitable and dangerous, only apply when fulfilling the Article 1 objective.


By your unilateral recommendation of harmful Covid strategies, The People, represented by the World Council for Health, do not believe that you acted in accordance with your constitutional obligations in Article 1. If your actions are found to be in contravention of Article 1, you will not be covered by Article 67 of the WHO Constitution that provides for the stated protection and immunity.


In other words, you may be personally liable for the millions of deaths and immense suffering caused on account of your role in the unlawful authorisation of these harmful recommendations. Moreover, given the blatant conflicts of interest evident in the WHO’s activities, closely connected to commercial interests, immunity is not guaranteed when acting at the behest of those interests.

Consequences of your WHO Covid Policies, Recommendations, Advice and Omissions

1. Immeasurable suffering and death

In the past four years, billions of people who trusted and complied with WHO-based country government advice have experienced ongoing physical and mental suffering, illness, disability, loss of income, poverty, child abuse, other violence, and even death as a result.

2. Human rights violations

Country governments worldwide implemented severe emergency measures directly based on WHO recommendations that consequently resulted in widespread violations of fundamental human rights. Boys, girls and babies were masked and injected. Living men and women expressing, or wishing to express their right to free speech, travel, bodily autonomy, and to choose, were threatened, intimidated, coerced, neglected, abused and in some cases assaulted, imprisoned or killed. The WHO did nothing to address the harm it caused.

3. Failure to recommend inexpensive, safe and effective treatments and remedies for Covid-19

Covid-19 can be effectively treated with safe and established multi-purpose generic medicines, including ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, in combination with zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, and other immune-boosting, health-promoting and anti-coagulant treatments. Failure to disclose and raise awareness of these, and failure to recommend ivermectin widely in combination with zinc for early use, meant that millions of people suffered and many died as a result of not being offered effective early and late treatments.


By recommending ivermectin only in the context of clinical trials and omitting sound and practical advice on how to attain the highest level of health during the Covid-19 scare, ivermectin and other effective treatments were withheld in many countries in favour of expensive GMO drugs, emergency-authorized patented pharmaceutical drugs without safety records. Thus, in your personal capacity, the world’s people may hold you responsible for the consequences of serious omissions related to safe, effective treatments for Covid-19, in preference for undisclosed GMOs.

4. Dangerous GMO gene therapies deployed in the guise of vaccines

You may also be personally liable for death, loss and suffering in relation to the SARS-CoV-2 ‘vaccines’ as you have not advised people of the following:

1.      The long-term material risks of these ‘vaccines’ are unknown. The LNP-modRNA platform fulfils EU, UK, South African, Australian, and US legal definitions for being properly deemed a genetically modified organism (GMO), and a gene therapy, where material risks are identified over a period up to 15 years and perhaps into offspring. People were not advised as required by law that the so-called ‘vaccines’ are, in fact, GMOs.

2.      Pfizer used one process to manufacture the products that they submitted for approval but a different process to manufacture the product supplied for injection into the world’s people. The latter product was manufactured using E.coli bacteria and plasmid DNA which has resulted in excessive synthetic DNA contamination confirmed as able to integrate with the human genome. Moderna’s use of plasmid DNA in manufacture has also led to excessive synthetic DNA contamination.

3.      Pfizer products includes a SV40 virus-derived enhancer gene sequence. This gene sequence is known to facilitate the transport of the synthetic DNA into cell nuclei, posing a real risk of chromosomal integration. This threatens permanent genetic modification of inoculated people without their knowledge or consent and can only be harmful.

4.      The contents of these genetic injections do not stay in the arm muscle.

5.      Spike proteins are produced for a prolonged and unknown period of time, possibly indefinitely.

6.      These spike proteins trigger extensive microvascular blood clotting as well as large vessel blood clots.

7.      Spike proteins are deposited in many tissues and organs including the heart, brain, testis, ovaries, liver and spleen, causing tissue degeneration and disease.

8.      The large quantity of spike proteins may overwhelm the immune system, causing immune system dysfunction and worsening risk of all infections and cancers.

9.      The spike protein is toxic in itself, but this foreign antigen also marks the victims’ own tissues as non-self, triggering autoimmune disease within these tissues.

10.  The antibodies generated are non-neutralizing and worsen Covid disease; this is “antibody dependent enhancement” of infection.

11.  Undeclared plasmid DNA in these products carries further dangers; especially in the case of Pfizer and the concealed SV40 enhancer and promotor sequences. This includes the disruption of tumour suppressor genes, and adds to the list of mechanisms by which these products increase cancer risk.

12.  The artificial modRNA in these products is hyper-persistent due to the substitution of N1-methylpsudouridine in place of uracil. This prolongs the production of the toxic spike proteins, but also causes ribosome frame shifting, such that a variety of unpredictable proteins and polypeptides are also generated. These pose serious risk for triggering a large spectrum of autoimmune diseases.

13.  Additionally the pegylated lipid nanoparticles, which deliver the genetic payload into the victims’ cells, are toxic in and of themselves.

5. Violation of informed consent

Based on your authority as the designated WHO Director General, the majority of people around the world trusted your words when you stated that Covid-19 GMOs and gene therapies were “safe and effective”. This claim cannot be substantiated and is further disproved by Covid-19 vaccine contracts. As such, the right to free and informed consent was violated for every human being who was injected with the experimental Covid-19 GMO gene therapy called ‘vaccines’.


In addition, it appears that at no point did you appraise people of the risks associated with these experimental GMO injections, nor have you shared the mounting vaccine injury reports with the public. Vigibase, the WHO pharmacovigilance collaboration with the University of Uppsala, holds the records of over five million people suspected of harm due to the Covid-19 genetic ‘vaccines’, yet you have failed to demand and ensure transparent, independent and timely analysis of these data.


This is in direct contravention of the Nuremberg Code, that was agreed to in 1948, to prevent non-consensual medical experimentation on human beings, following gross human rights violations during the Second World War.2 Your failure to advise on, recommend, promote and ensure free and informed consent for these Covid-19 GMO gene therapies can be prosecuted for both breach of your duty of care as well as for battery.

World Council for Health Invitation

It is our opinion that the health of the World’s People is much poorer for the actions that you have taken during the course of your work responsibilities at the World Health Organization. In the circumstances, we are morally obliged to invite you to defend your actions or apologise publicly with a plan for reparations. A World Council for Health Country Council General Assembly is scheduled to take place on May 21, 2024, to hear your response and to agree on further necessary actions.


In the interim and in future, we demand that you cease and desist from spreading disinformation about the Covid-19 GMO gene therapy products with immediate effect.

By the men and women named below:

World Council for Health Steering Committee

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed (WCH Africa), Fahrie Hassan (WCH Africa), Emma Sron (WCH N. America), Dr.Marivic Villa (WCH N. Americas), Dr. Mark Trozzi (WCH N. America), Izumi Kamijo (WCH Asia), Rev. Dr. Wai Ching Lee (WCH Asia), Dr. Gilbertha St Rose (WCH Caribbean), Christof Plothe DO (WCH Europe), Dr. Mazen Nasreddine (WCH Levant), Lucinda van Buuren (WCH Oceania), Dr. Anne O’Reilly (WCH Oceania), Prof. Héctor Carvallo (WCH Latin America), Marco Albertazzi (WCH Latin America), Dr. Tess Lawrie (WCH Chief Coordinator)

Notice to principals is notice to agents and vice versa



David YEO:


P0P3's D3V0T!0N (1 Min)


X $H@MAN TURN$ +o CHR!$T (56 Min)


11 M!$T@K3$ !n M3@$UR!NG BP (14 Min)


D0L0R3$ C@H!LL W@RN$ $KY N3W$ (6 Min)


TH3 ANT!-$3M!T!$M B!LL !s FR@UDUL3NT as TH3 PL@ND3M!C (11 Min)


D0N's $CR!PT (1 Min)


TH3 $H0W MU$T G0 0n (4 Min)


BL@CK FR!D@Y !s M0R3 TH@N 1 D@Y (20 Min)


!NV!$!BL3 L@$3R$ THR3@T3N $3CUR!TY (10 Min)


Y0UNG R!$!NG CR!CK3T33R D!3$ @ 20 Yrs 0ld (4 Min)

David YEO

True News last night (15 minutes):

#1. Netanyahu asks Qator to Fund HAMAS [2018]

This is HUGE & Explosive...

TRUE North

Patrick Bestall



Rumors – Rumors - Rumors – Rumors – Rumors


RUMOURS Circulating out there...:

You need to MAKE-UP Your own MIND!




Prayer is Effective.The New Republic shall STAND.God bless America.…Q

“People don’t realize how hard it is to speak the truth to a World full of people who don’t realize they are living a lie.” …Edward Snowden

Note: Things were warming up: Our Global Financial System that was packed with fiat monies, was on the verge of collapse, so on Wed. 1 May 2024, the gold/asset-backed Global Currency Reset of 209 countries began to roll out to save the system.

Then a week later on Wed. 8 May NATO went into Panic Mode when Russia threatened Nuclear Strikes as Israeli Tanks entered Rafah. On that same Wed. 8 May there was a complete Blackout over Mexico, which may have been tied to the Global Military Alliance being in the middle of making half a million arrests of Global Elites across the World.

  • The Global Military Alliance was making half a million arrests of Global Elites, ensuring implementation of the Quantum Financial System: The Global Military Alliance Stands Poised Half a Million Arrests of Global Elites Imminent Ensuring Implimentation of the Quantum Financial System (QFS)

  • EBS ACTIVATION COMPLETE WORLD WIDE: BLACK SWAN …Q Storm 1776 on Telegram Wed. 8 May 2024

  • Wed. 8 May 2024 Wolverine Mexico: Blackouts have started. They report areas of CDMX, Edomex and other states without electricity. As of 5:04 p.m. on May 7, 2024, an Emergency Operational State is declared in the National Interconnected System, so CENACE will carry out the necessary operational actions.

  • Q is the 17th Letter of the Alphabet, while the Letter 17 is considered the “Greatest Operation in the History of the World.” The Q Movement supports the Global Currency Reset and is behind forming and running the Global Military Alliance. Right now the Global Military Alliance is arresting and bringing to justice, over half a million Illuminati Deep State Cabal Globalists. That Globalist’s New World Order Agenda 2030 was designed to completely control The People by depopulating the World through creating bio-weapon vaccinations and food shortages. They also planned to meet their goal of World Domination by implementing a fiat digital banking system that controlled what, how and where you spent your money.

  • Since 1982 the World’s Mainstream News Media has been controlled by the CIA and Vatican through Operation Mockingbird. Nothing we hear on the news was necessarily true – but only propaganda for the purpose of mind controlling the masses into believing in the Globalist New World Order Agenda 2030 – which was to depopulate and completely control The People of the World.

  • World War III Pending: On Wed. 8 May 2024 Israel seized control of the Palestinian side of the Rafah border crossing in Gaza, while Russia warned of retaliation through Nuclear Strikes.

  • 2020 Election Fraud: 46 of 50 States have now recounted and confirmed that Biden lost the vote! Explosive new documents have exposed a secret meeting organized by the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) that involved several power players, including officials from Dominion Voting Systems and the FBI, to discuss the 2020 presidential election with private companies and Democratic groups. Report: Dominion Voting Machines deleted 2.7 million votes for Trump nationwide. Data analysis shows 221,000 Pennsylvania votes switched from President Trump to Biden and 941,000 President Trump votes deleted. States using Dominion Voting Systems switched 431,000 Trump votes to Biden. Josh Dunlap ULTRA-MAGA on X: “ELECTION FRAUD BREAKING: Explosive new documents have exposed a secret meeting organized by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) that involved several power players, including officials from Dominion Voting Systems and the FBI, to discuss the 2020…” / X (

  • Wed. 8 May 2024: Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes & Sarah Westall: Dropping NEW Bombshells About TRUMP and the REPUBLIC. (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (

  • Tues. 7 May 2024 Situation Update: WTPN SITUATION UPDATE 4/7/24 (

  • Wed. 8 May 2024: Judy Byington: Un-Redacted: BQQQM! Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming! Hold On! Almost There! It’s Over! Special Intel Report 5/8/24 (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (


Apparent Timing:

Mon. 29 April: The Military Alliance was given the Green Light to begin Operation Storm and make mass arrests of Global Elites charged with Crimes Against Humanity.

Wed. 1 May: The Global Currency Reset of 209 countries began.

Fri. 3 May: Iraq celebrated their financial inclusion in the Global Financial System. Columbia, Brazil, Chile Paymasters began RV-ing.

Sat. 4 May: Foreign Currency Exchange Regulations were completed.

Mon. 6 May: Wells Fargo gave the Green Light for the Global Currency Reset.

Wed. 15 May: “We are passing through the gate (on Wed. 15 May).” …17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram

Mon. 27 May: Civil War Two might begin in the USA on Mon. 27 May when Texas is set to secede from the rest of the country, while on that same Monday Biden planned to cede US Sovereignty to WHO in a Pandemic Treaty.

Thurs. 11 June: A very famous music artist was set to reveal that they faked their own passing.

Thurs. 19 September: The first ever Category Six Hurricane could occur on the US East Coast, slamming the Carolinas


Global Financial Crisis:

Restored Republics:

  • According to NSA sources, “White Hats” are currently attacking the Fort McPherson base complex in Atlanta, Georgia. It is here that the Rockefeller citadel of AT&T and CNN conducts fake psychological operations of the Joe Biden administration.

  • According to Canadian intelligence sources, Biden’s fall will be followed by a similar move in Canada. “Justin Castro will be removed from office and humiliated in front of the world community. The Canadians, supported by the military alliance, are waiting for a signal to act,” they promise.

  • For their part, Dutch farmers warn Prime Minister Mark Rutte: “The protests will continue. We have the support of millions of people. There will be actions that Holland has never seen.

  • It looks like it started in China too. People are rebelling against the CCP machine. Banks collapsed there, and the police were unable to stop the protesters by fraudulently manipulating their mobile devices to make them look like they had “Covid.” The Chinese people should understand that George Soros boasted that his people took over China in 1987. We had a video of him saying that, but it seems to have been deleted from our computers and from the internet. However, the fact that the regime there agrees with the fake pandemic and the accompanying excessive social control is a clear sign that they are not working for the Chinese people.

  • An MI6 source says: “The days of the G7, G20 and the like are over. Their failure will be reflected in an economic crisis leading to global unrest, similar to what we are seeing in Sri Lanka. All these archaic prime ministers should be captured and shot along with all these old habits Clear the deck,” the source continued.



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