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Thursday... Election in ONTARIO

Summary as I am able:

6-2-22 Thursday

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Righteousness keepeth him that is upright in the way: But wickedness overthroweth the sinner.

Proverbs 13:6 KJV

Put on therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, bowels of mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering.

Colossians 3:12 KJV

Illegal Immigration surges 10% under Biden's Watch, report says:

President Joe Biden's decision to reverse as many of his predecessor's immigration policies as he can has led to more than a 10% surge in illegal immigration, according to a new review of federal data.

A dramatic increase in the number of foreign-born persons in the United States is largely driven by illegal immigrants, the Center for Immigration Studies finds in a new report. Based on data from the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, CIS estimates there were 10.22 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. in January 2021. By April 2022, the illegal immigrant population is estimated to have grown to 11.6 million.

"This means that illegal immigrants accounted for some 1.35 million (about two-thirds) of the two million growth in the total foreign-born population since President Biden took office," the CIS report said. "This growth is extraordinary because for the illegal immigrant population to grow, new arrivals do not simply have to exceed deaths and emigration, as is true for the total foreign-born, they also have to exceed legalizations, which are substantial every year. This means that the number of new illegal immigrants who settled in the country in the last 16 months must be a good deal larger than 1.35 million." [The Blaze Media]

Radical socialist San Francisco DA poised to be ousted from his job in embarrassing fashion:

San Francisco's far-left socialist district attorney Chesa Boudin promised a "new vision" and "radical change" to the Bay Area's criminal justice system. He was supposed to usher in a utopian period of peace and safety by ending mass incarceration, the war on drugs, and the criminalization of poverty.

But now, just over two years into his term, he appears poised to be ousted by recall, Politico reported on Wednesday. Voters in the largely Democratic city will head to the polls on June 7 to determine whether or not Boudin should be recalled as top prosecutor.

The recall effort comes amid a backdrop of worsening crime and quality of life in the Bay Area, of which residents have taken notice, many holding Boudin to account. A groundswell of activists led by a group called San Franciscans for Public Safety sought action last year by gathering the over 50,000 signatures needed to put the recall on the ballot. Now it's up to voters to decide.

Boudin, the son of violent radicals and the former employee of Venezuelan socialist dictator Hugo Chavez, was elected in 2019 as part of a national tide of progressive prosecutors running for office on promises to roll back decades of tough-on-crime policies, which they claimed disproportionately affected minority people.

His candidacy was supported by several key national progressive figures, such as Vice President Kamala Harris and socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and radical anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour, who claimed that she cried tears of joy following his victory.

Boudin entered office with a bang. Within his first two days on the job, he abruptly fired seven tough-on-crime prosecutors. Before that, he vowed not to prosecute cases involving quality-of-life crimes, such as public camping, prostitution, public urination, and blocking a sidewalk. It was all part of his new lenient approach to criminal justice. [The Blaze Media]

CBC News:

B.C. man among first Canadians Approved for COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Payout:

B.C. man among first Canadians approved for COVID-19 vaccine injury payout Ross Wightman,who was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome last year following a dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, has been approved for a pain and sufferingpayout under Canada's Vaccine Injury Support Program.

In the year since he became partially paralyzed, Ross Wightman has kept his focus on small victories — from getting up the stairs unassisted, to going for a solo walk near his rural B.C. home.

But the biggest win came in the form of an e-mail from Canada's Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP) that confirmed something he says he knew all along: that his condition was likely caused by the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

"That was quite vindicating," Wightman said from his Lake Country home in the Okanagan Valley. "To have it in hand, in paper, acknowledging it has been vindicating."

Wightman was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), a rare condition that affects the nervous system, just days after his first and only dose of the vaccine. The condition can cause paralysis, muscle weakness, and even death. [Michael Dunne]

Globalists move into the KILL PHASE of Human Extermination:

Globalists are now shifting into their "kill phase" of human extermination, abandoning all their previous strategies of trying to hide their true intentions.

Now they openly talk of cutting of energy to humanity, starving people to death with food supply disruptions, resetting the global currenciesto plunge humanity into poverty and achieving depopulation through the use of vaccines and deadly medications.

Their plans are now being aggressively accelerated through the year 2025, with the hopes of exterminating billions of human beings by that time. [Brighteon Media Inc.]

For Your PAIN:

Here is my BLOG:

Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz have made headlines everywhere with what they recently announced in an exclusive interview. And while America is applauding their creation, the pharmaceutical industry is digging for a lawsuit.

The renowned doctors announced a project they have been working on for years has finally come to fruition, and it's users could not be more excited about it. Here is what Dr. Oz said:

"Most people have now heard of cannabinoid oil, commonly known as CBD. However, not everyone knows how it works. Some older men and women see CBD as having the hallucinogenic effects like 'pot' or 'weed.' This causes a negative stigma. CBD actually has no THC whatsoever, which means there are absolutely no hallucinogenic effects.It is completely different. But there was still a problem with the CBD on the market...

Although current companies have been selling CBD, the type of CBD is not potent enough to have real, life-changing results. Dr. Phil and I hired a team of 10 well-regarded doctors and scientists to find a solution to this problem. And what they found was 10x better than we ever imagined."

Here is a response from Patrick Bestall:

Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz are no pioneers in the development of CBD oil, but late-comers to a great biblical health remedy that was finally legalized four years ago in the US, and two years ago in Canada. Two people in my house have been using it to find relief from pain that no prescriptions could help. It's the only medicine recommended in the Bible, the main ingredient in the healing oil for the sick (James 5:14). Yes, there are probably some on-line retailers who dilute the product (read the labels). But we find no need to switch to Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz brand, Alpha Extracts. Just contact a Canadian Cannabis Clinic (1-888-256-7043) and ask for an appointment with a Cannabis Doctor (doctor's appointment paid by OHIP). [Patrick Bestall]

5000 CANADIAN ex-Policemenand Military taking action!!

On Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 8:04 PM, Awake Canada <>

There has been a lot of questions about Marcus Ray and his movement.

It is hard to know if you should get behind something or not, so here is their latest update.

It answers most of all the questions, except, when and where. But the how, what, and why are clearly answered.

The fact that this is a group of patriots that have already served this country means I stand 100% behind them.

Please share this. This will be a historical event. It must happen. It will not be stopped. The revolution will be televised!

Our MP's are constantly voting against the people. Most recently in the travel restrictions being lifted.

My thoughts were that politics were dead, but I am the kind of guy that keeps on pushing and trying everything.

We must win, so we attack from all angles. I am not saying stop emailing your MP's. In fact, we should probably mail, phone, email, and hound these people so that they hear our voices loud and clear.

This is what happens when it goes too far. Stay tuned for further updates on this event!! It seems to be one of the best chances.

It might make the freedom convoy look like a sideshow. And let's face it. While the convoy was not successful in its objectives, it woke up more Canadians than any other single event. This has the ability to push this to the level needed to punish the politicians guilty of these crimes. I don't know about you, but I am prepared to die on this hill.

I am prepared to die on any hill that stands for our children and future generations.

We must win.

Do not be afraid. Be brave.

Fear is their weapon.We need to make them fear us.

We, the people, are higher than government.

The government is a service corporation meant to serve us with the money we give them.

They are failing us, so they all must go. Fired, arrested, and tried for treason. This event could be the catalyst we have all been waiting for! [David Cheyne]

Join us on:


I am seeing how long it will take for YouTube to take down this account. I will be pushing its limits.

BC Supreme Court Update May 31st 2022 "PEOPLE" VS TRUDEAU, BONNIE HENRY AND ETC.


The court was filled to capacity (78 seats) plus there was another 50-70 people outside of the court room.

The court proceeding addressed the Motion to Strike set forth by the defendants named in Action4Canada’s Statement of Claim. Justice Alan Ross presided.

It was an amazing day in court watching Rocco Galati in action. Rocco was brilliant as he argued the merits of the case in opposition to the Motion to Strike. Rocco pointed out that this is not a straightforward case such as a truck hitting a bicycle, but rather one of extreme complexity (importance) and huge public interest.

Rocco meticulously provided case law, both Canadian and International, to defend our position as well as facts supported by evidence, to counter the defense’s accusation that the case was founded on “conspiracy theories.” Mr. Galati advised Justice Ross that the case is not based on conspiracy but rather facts, and that he can provide the evidence proving that Bill Gates funds GAVI and the WHO; Bonnie Henry has ties to Bill Gates and the WHO; Teresa Tam is tied to the WHO; Justin Trudeau paid a billion dollars to Bill Gates; and many more important points.

The proceedings began at 10:00am PST and there were ‘seven’ lawyers representing the defendants.

Mr. Witten, the lead counsel for Justin Trudeau, John Horgan, Bonnie Henry and the other provincial crown defendants, was the first to speak and provided a very weak submission. Mr. Witten provided no evidence to support his vague allegations and argument that the Statement of Claim was “replete with groundless conspiracy theories, deficient in substance, frivolous, convoluted, scandalous, irrelevant, costly, an embarrassment and an abuse of the court’s process.” Mr. Witten made further claims that the Notices of Liability were threatening and intimidating to those who received them and that the delivery of said documents was harassment.

Mr. Witten spoke for more than hour and covered several sections of the Statement of Claim (SOC) in great detail. It was impressive to hear the merits of the case being spoken by the defense and at times it became difficult to know if he was representing the defendants or the plaintiffs. As Mr. Witten read through the details of the Statement of Claim it only legitimized our position that the government has indeed violated the Constitutional rights of Canadians, caused irreparable harm and over-stepped their authority.

The lawyers representing the additional defendants named in the SOC provided their submissions and it was clear that they also had no argument or evidence to support their reasons for the Motion to Strike.

There was a break for lunch and upon returning to the court at 1:30pm PST Rocco began his response. As mentioned above it was nothing less than brilliant and something to behold.

Mr. Galati not only challenged Mr. Witten for referring to the case as a conspiracy theory but also for making the absurd statement that it would be too much work and too costly to proceed with this case. Mr. Galati called out the provincial governments and the Prime Minister for spending an accumulative 1.2 trillion dollars on COVID-19 measures and that by comparison, the cost for the case would be inconsequential.

Rocco brought to the attention of the court Mr. Witten’s lame and offensive efforts to discredit him by reporting that Rocco had 10 cases which were dismissed due to Motions to Strike, but conveniently failed to point out Rocco’s nearly 600 reported cases that were won. None of his wins were revealed (reproduced) by Witten. Rocco pointed these facts out to remind the court that previous wins and losses are irrelevant. The Case at hand is the only issue.

Mr. Witten further failed to mention the thousands of cases that Rocco has argued in his 34 year career and the many wins he has achieved. Justice Ross thanked Mr. Galati for the information and it rightfully elevated the level of respect due to him.

In closing, Rocco stood on the merits of the case and that it is a matter of public interest and should not be dismissed. Rocco added, “the Constitution does not bend, kneel or kiss the feet of public health offices or any public official or judicial legislatures.”

There is so much more to report but these are some of the highlights. Live updates were posted during the proceedings.

The defense lawyers were then given the opportunity to reply but ZERO replied! None of them had a rebuttal! This is because they could not respond to Rocco’s correction of the defendant’s counsel’s embarrassing misstatement and ignorance of Constitutional law and rights pleaded.

We now await Justice Ross’ decision which may take up to 30 days. We will make an announcement once the information is made available to us.

To access the Court docs visit the Legal Action Page directly.

[Patrick Bestall]

Monkeypox Poses Very Little Threat

Monkeypox is less deadly than smallpox, with a mortality rate below 4 percent. Nevertheless, there are those in governments actually talking about lockdown 2.0. Johns Hopkins University reported, “Lockdowns in the U.S. and Europe had little or no impact in reducing deaths from COVID-19, according to a new analysis. The lockdowns during the early phase of the pandemic in 2020 reduced COVID-19 mortality by about 0.2%, said a broad review of multiple scientific studies. We find no evidence that lockdowns, school closures, border closures, and limiting gatherings have had a noticeable effect on COVID-19 mortality,” the researchers wrote.

(Armstrong Economics)

My comment:

As the public grows in awareness that monkeypox is not a serious threat, the evil, power-lusting leaders will claim monkeypox has suddenly mutated into something more deadly and contagious. That way they can institute another lockdown and a new mandatory vaccine, or three, or four. [Scott Card]



The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Mainstream media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.


Here is what is circulating on the Inter-Net:

Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.

Covid/Monkey Pox/ Vax Hoax:

· Baby Die-Off: Lactation Issues, Miscarriages, and Neonatal Death. Babies who are nursing are getting sick from vaccinated mothers, and at least one has died. Out of the 270 women who got pregnant in the Pfizer trials, 236 of the participants’ records disappeared, but out of the 34 women who remained, 28 of their babies died. In Scotland, twice the number of babies died. In Ontario, Canada, 86 babies died (the average is five or six per year), and deaths among vaccinated mothers are up 34% in Israel. Dr. Naomi Wolf: “[This] should be making news; it’s the biggest news there is.”

· “They’re Not Recovering” – Athletes Collapsing, Sudden Death, and Not So Mild Cases of Myocarditis. Dr. Robert Malone: “It’s long been known that myocarditis, on average, before the vaccine of any cause, viral or otherwise, had something like a 15 to 20% mortality rate in a five-year horizon.” “Heart muscle doesn’t heal; it scars. And I fear that not only do we have this cancer risk, but we have this long-term heart damage risk.”

· As Monkey-Pox mania fades Hemorrhagic fever ramps up – Australian Free Independent Press Network:

· Horrifying Vax Data out of the UK don’t let your kids get vaccinated:

· NIH Website: Covid is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history:

Election Fraud:

· Dominion voting machines used in 16 states have ‘substantial vulnerabilities.’ They are cheating machines. We know this. But now ABC news is even reporting it.

· 19,000 Invalid Ballots received past state deadline Counted in Arizona 2020 Election.

· Election Integrity Group Unveils Findings on Ballot Trafficking in Arizona:

· A seminal event took place in Washington, DC on Monday, May 16, 2022, during a semi-public ceremony right on the White House grounds, may have been the evidence of a historic Constitutional Convention of states which has restored our American Republic back to what the Founding Fathers envisioned.

· The trial of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann managed to shift the entire focus squarely upon Hillary Clinton as the key conspirator of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax during the 2016 Election, thanks to the great work of Special Prosecutor John Durham.

· The massive fallout from the documentary film, “2000 Mules” continues to escalate to new heights every week and is having a profound impact in exposing the stolen 2020 Election.

· On Saturday, May, 21, 2020, law enforcement officials raided several nonprofit organizations in Arizona which were revealed as “stash houses” for ballot traffickers in the ‘2000 Mules’ documentary and according to investigators their employees: “Like tweety birds, they sang.”

· On Tuesday, May, 24, 2022, search warrants were served at a Yuma County, Arizona nonprofit and at an employee’s home in connection to the ballot trafficking election scandal.

· On Saturday, May 28, 2022, the lead investigator in “2000 Mules,” Gregg Phillips dropped yet another HUGE TRUTH BOMB when he revealed his team had discovered multinational players and Federal agencies were deeply involved in the operation to steal the 2020 Election. He said in an interview with Patel Patriot: It was a “multinational deal involving billions of dollars.”

· More big developments regarding ballot trafficking operations are now emerging from the states of Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin — all thanks to “2000 Mules”.

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