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Tuesday 7-18-23

Tuesday 7-18-23



Verse(s) for today:

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light: which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God: which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy.

1 Peter 2:9-10 KJV

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

Joshua 1:9 KJV

if my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV

Thought(s) for the Day:

For Naive Canadians;

UN drafts new rules, and I mean rules!

And you thought the Pandemic lockdowns were bad. [Patrick Bestall]

Scott Ritter and his documentary –

"Agent Zelensky, Part II':

Here is Scott Ritter's documentary -- "Agent Zelensky, Part II." Please watch and share.

I had sent you earlier "Agent Zelensky, Part I." Those of you who missed receiving Part I, or haven't seen it or misplaced it, I am sending you the link once again.

Please watch and then share these two VIDEOs…

[Salim Mansur]

Parents’ concerns and voices about radical changes in the school system have had a definite impact on politicians. The result, Bill 98, might help pave the way for changes parents want, but it will not be of much use unless they stay involved as the process rolls out. This is because those who put the ideologies in place (that most parents did not want) will try to keep them in place. Get ready for the battle. Plan to write more than one letter, as changes may roll out in phases. You can also be more proactive, and start recommending actions as soon as you have enough basic knowledge on any of the areas of concern. Teachers might have that already, ask them.

Start by forming parent groups before the school season starts, and work to educate each other. Perhaps begin with reading sections of Bill 98, such as the one on board communication with parents and guardians, or one called Communication re multi-year plan.

Here is the Bill:

Once your group has begun, have regular contact with trustees and the board, as well as your children’s teachers. As new information or curriculum data are rolled out, plan to give feedback to the correct individuals. If anything objectionable is sprung, be sure to complain and take other actions right away. In this case, you might want to begin connecting with other groups who will likely have the same issue. There’s power in numbers.

Letters written may contain some of the positive statements made by Lecce in his speech about Bill 98, in comparison to what gets rolled out in the real world. Here are some encouraging bits from the speech:

  • · “a provincial priorities framework to ensure all school boards across the province are focused on student achievement.”

  • · “a clear, unambiguous commitment to student achievement, to higher grad rates, to higher success rates in reading, writing and math”

  • · “school boards, for the first time, to meet with parents in the development of a board improvement plan”

  • · “requirement for school boards to meet with their parent communities “

  • · “enhanced school board financial reporting on the funding and spending”

  • · “trustees would have to undergo governance training”

All sounds good, but words are just words; it will be up to parents to monitor the rollout to ensure education truly takes solid steps back to less radical and more effective methods and away from controversial ideologies and politics disguised as learning.

A few items stand out from the speech as areas to watch out for. Regarding the board improvement plan, Lecce stated, “This is about creating some metric where we can measure success. One wonders, what will those metrics be, and what science or logic will they be based on? This needs to be watched, as wrong metrics yield false statistics. This is an area where good recommendations can be made by parents or teachers before some stranger form of metrics suddenly appears.

Another possible red flag - what did Lecce mean by “building very socially and emotionally intelligent leaders”? One person’s view of these concepts can vary widely from another’s, as we have seen with the gender ideology. Who is going to be deciding which social and emotional viewpoints are right and wrong?

Perhaps the biggest red flag is the statement: “...every minister, whomever he or she may be, will have to modernize curriculum on a regularized basis to make sure it meets the needs of job creators”. This assumes that the kinds of jobs available in the future have already been decided and that new generations will have no say in the creation of jobs, such as starting up a novel small business. The term “modernize” has recently been used by governments to cover up very unpalatable actions. Training all children to be very good button-pushers with low expectations for a salary no bigger than a UBI (Universal Basic Income) for example, could be called modern. So are “15-minute cities” and Digital IDs. Digital currency, too.

And what about the teachers? Many have not bought into the woke ideologies being coerced from above, but they have been censored, intimidated, shunned, suspended, and fired if they dared voice beliefs different from new, radical curriculum concepts. They will need firm support from parents. Teacher Chanel Pfahl wrote about her desires for Bill 98’s details since she was fired for a simple expression of a very common viewpoint.

Teacher’s Open Letter to Education Minister Stephen Lecce

My written statement in regard to Bill 98 (with a few minor edits since submission).

An excerpt from that letter…

Now, in the province of Ontario, we literally have school boards running racially segregated eventsdances, career days, workshops — that White students are not invited to attend. We have drag queens being hired by board administrators to give pep talks to the student body. We have teachers telling six-year olds that boys and girls don’t exist in reality. We have principals suspending students because they won’t renounce their moral conviction that biological males should not use female washrooms. We have biological male woodshop instructors, in a mockery of decency and femininity, wearing massive prosthetic breasts in their classroom. We have educational “thought leaders” encouraging their teaching colleagues to stop showing tolerance to students who don’t hold progressive values. Those cases were in the news in just the last 12 months and that’s just a partial list of what we might start “leaving out.” (The National Post, April 18th, 2023)

Parents may well need to oversee if traditional or radical viewpoints are being used in the supposed refocusing on Reading, Writing, Math, and STEM subjects. How will we revive the teaching of Math, when there are ideas like “Math is racist” being bandied about as truth? How do you teach Reading when you have works like Shakespeare being degraded as Colonial? Can you teach Canadian History without painting everyone with white skin as entitled, and slandering dead former leaders of our nation as racists? How do you teach Science when numerous topics are no longer permitted to be debated, such as the concept that Earth will be doomed if the temperature rises 1.5 degrees, even though the temperatures in the Medieval Warm Period were higher than now? When you have narcissists claiming to be “The Science”? Oversight by people with common sense will be necessary.

Another new item: Boards are required to publicly post their multi-year plan, which covers three or more school years. They are to measure student achievement annually. Again, the metrics used will be key.

New materials are also expected regarding student “mental health”. While some believe this is positive, it must be remembered that mental health is a fluid definition these days. The materials will need to be examined before your child is exposed to who-knows-what concepts.

A little sidebar here: Where did all the craziness come from; parents wonder. One might even consider there could be a global agenda to re-educate youth into a singular monoculture, noting the exact same thing is happening in the USA and a number of well-developed European nations. A little research on the plans of the U.N. (the top two funders: China and Bill Gates) finds them no longer trying to stop wars...but meddling in all areas of human endeavour with their “17 SDGs” (Sustainable Development Goals). There are to be metrics for all the assorted parts of these goals. “Quality Education” is SDG # 4. Webpages like this from their own site show the extent to which the U.N. plans to insert their goals forcibly into the education systems of the world:

The UN Connection is a topic I recommend researching yourself to form an opinion on. What is clear, though is that Canada is no longer protecting its citizens’ Charter Rights, that freedom of speech is being quashed regularly, and that unless parents finally stand up for these rights, they will find their own children assimilated into a new, highly-digitized dystopian society with very questionable ethical foundations. Plain propaganda replacing classic education for high-level skill sets and critical thinking.

We are the thin line between the more pleasant and stable society we grew up in, and a radically different model that is sure to lead to mentally unstable adults. Parents don’t deserve to have to do this extra work in monitoring the school system, but the alternative is too awful. Get involved. Kids deserve a better future than the bizarre one that strange people with personality disorders have been busy designing.

Concerned Parents Association of London & Area is free today. But if you enjoyed this post, you can tell Concerned Parents Association of London & Area that their writing is valuable by pledging a future subscription. You won't be charged unless they enable payments. [Patrick Bestall]

GLOBE & MAIL: Morning Update:

Nearly 900 wildfires burn across Canada; hot weather has experts worried.

Nearly 900 wildfires continue to burn across Canada. The number of blazes have doubled since mid-June and record-high temperatures in parts of the country have experts worried about how hot, dry conditions may worsen the fires.

Meanwhile, military assistance has arrived in B.C. as the province continues to battle more than 350 wildfires. A Canadian Armed Forces reconnaissance team arrived in Prince George, B.C., this week and worked with BC Wildfire Service to co-ordinate details on firefighting deployment. The CAF is also providing two CH-146 Griffon Helicopters and, if needed, a CC-130J Hercules from the Royal Canadian Air Force, which will help with logistics and emergency evacuations.

Other wildfire news in the province is the death of a nine-year-old boy from 100 Mile House, whose existing medical condition was aggravated by wildfire smoke. The BC Coroners Service is investigating.

[Globe & Mail Media]

by Peter Schweizer • July 18, 2023 at 5:00 am

  • · A new interim report from the House Judiciary committee highlights politically motivated mission creep where we might least have expected it: The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

  • · The agency went, for example, from, ensuring the digital security of American voting systems to censoring criticism of those systems.

  • · After the Biden administration was sued in federal court, CISA outsourced its censorship operation to a non-profit group funded by CISA itself. The Judiciary Committee report charges that the outsourcing was an implicit admission that CISA knew that its censorship activities were unconstitutional. CISA, meanwhile, said that it out sourced material to another agency to "avoid the appearance of government propaganda."

  • · There is more to see here, however, than just a thwarted attempt by a government bureaucracy to police the political speech of the American people in violation of the First Amendment. It is the use of funded or politically affiliated non-profit groups to do the government's dirty work for it.

  • · This parallels the behavior of the Justice Department under then Attorney General Eric Holder during the Barack Obama administration. The Government Accountability Institute did research into the DoJ's pattern of using "consent decrees" to force private companies with threats of anti-discrimination lawsuits to donate funds to one or more designated non-profit organizations on a list helpfully provided by the Justice Department. These groups were largely "social justice warriors" who would then use the money to exert political pressure. This practice was immediately banned by the Trump administration when it took office in 2017, but that ban was quietly reversed by Biden four years later.

  • · Not only that, but after the Biden administration took office, Vijaya Gadde -- the woman who, a few weeks before the October 2020 presidential election decided that Twitter should censor the New York Post's scoop about Hunter Biden's laptop -- became a member of CISA's "Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Misinformation and Disinformation" subcommittee. Gadde, you may recall, was unceremoniously fired by Elon Musk on his first day of owning Twitter.

  • · According to a report in The Intercept, this committee in 2022 recommended that CISA closely monitor "social media platforms of all sizes, mainstream media, cable news, hyper partisan media, talk radio and other online resources.

  • · What the Judiciary Committee's work so far has highlighted is the creation of "feedback loops": that an agency of the government can create and use advisory boards to go well beyond its statutory mission, giving it cover for exercising power Congress never meant it to have.

  • · How many more federal agencies are doing similar things?

  • Mission creep is a serious problem in the federal government, and the ongoing investigations by House Republicans into "weaponization" of government misdeeds have shown how pervasive and deep the problem can be.

The FBI, Justice Department, CIA and even the Internal Revenue Service all look as we have seen, like tempting operatives for use against political opponents or to run interference for allies. But what about an agency that is supposed to protect us against cyber threats? A new interim report from the House Judiciary Committee highlights politically motivated mission creep where we might least have expected it: The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

How many more federal agencies are doing similar things?

Peter Schweizer, President of the Governmental Accountability Institute, is a Gatestone Institute Distinguished Senior Fellow and author of the new book, Red Handed:How American Elites are Helping China Win.

[Peter Schweizer]

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during the recent NATO meeting in Vilnius:

A friend sent me this note concerning a photo taken of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during the recent NATO meeting in Vilnius:

“NATO literally turned his back on him. I didn’t think that would happen.

What do you think will happen next?”

NATO didn’t completely ditch him. Zelensky clearly didn’t get what he wanted in terms of a more definitive road map for joining NATO, along with the number and specific types of weaponry he seeks.

A consensus among some has the collective West giving the Kiev regime until the end of this year to roughly 12 months from now, to make its case on the battlefield. That stance comes across as a roundabout acknowledgement of the practical limits on opposing Russia, which appears to comparatively have more in reserve to continue the conflict if need be.

Another prevailing factor is US President Joseph Biden, who will still be in office within this time frame and can’t politically afford another Afghanistan scenario with a looming election. Following the recent NATO gathering, Biden said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has already lost, further digging a likely deeper hole for the former. Putting aside Biden’s neocon-neolib bluster, the Kiev regime and collective West can arguably/reasonably best expect a frozen conflict for the purpose to build up the Kiev regime. Russia will be understandably wary of such.

The Kiev regime is somewhat like a car which has become a money pit to the degree that the owner increases the thought of ditching it. For its part, Russia would like to do other things with its budget and resources. It definitely didn’t want this conflict, waiting years for a peaceful option to be honored in the form of the Minsk Accords, as well as trying to have a new security arrangement with the collective West.

Russia views securing geopolitical stability on its border as a necessity that it can’t ignore and will successfully see enacted in one way or another, albeit with some hardship which their opponents have experienced in varying degrees as well.

The Kiev regime and its main backers wishfully hoped for heightened civil conflict between some (definitely not all) Wagner Group personnel and the Russian armed forces. That incident dwindled with a reality giving Putin (in my opinion and that of some others) the continued greater odds of outlasting (in the role of head of state) Biden and Zelensky, as well as the current leaders in France, Germany and the UK. In turn, new leadership among the leading Western nations potentially increases the likelihood of ending the proxy war.

[Global Research Media]

David YEO:

B@nK3r$ Ch!P (4 Min)

Cath0L!c Pergatory? (1 Min)

$w!$$ G0v'T: S@v3 H@v3N (24 Min)

!s $T3W P3T3R$ a FL@T E@rTh3r? (48 Min)

Y0unG W!$d0m (1 Min)

Th3 0b$0L3T3 M@N**A!**(39 Min)

$0cc3r PL@y3R**D!3$ Sudd3nLy @20 Yrs 0Ld (1 Min)

AnDr3W: $L33P (1 Min)

Dr!v!ng J03: 3nd 0f H0LLyW00D (30 Min)

B0++L3D W@T3R: GL0B$ 0f Gr@ph3n3 (5 Min)

Th3r3 are 'F0r3v3r Ch3m!c@L$' !n 0ur W@T3R (23 Min)

New Information on the BIDEN FAMILY Investigations:

Judge Blindsides Biden’s DOJ In Critical CaseTrump Gets The Word:

The Justice Department’s request in a case involving lawsuits brought by former FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page was denied by a federal judge. According to NBC News last week, President Joe Biden’s DOJ was attempting to stop former President Donald Trump from testifying in court “to determine whether he met with and directly pressured FBI and Justice Department officials to fire Strzok or urged any White House aides to do so,” in two lawsuits. In response to the Justice Department’s request for the court to reconsider an earlier decision allowing Strzok’s attorneys to proceed with a deposition of Trump in the lawsuits Strzok and Lisa Page filed against the Justice Department and FBI in 2019, U.S. District Judge Amy Berman

[Political Signal Media]

Resign Immediately’: Biden Busted After Republicans Uncover Leaked Email

New shocking details of the criminal activity of the Biden crime family have surfaced in DC and parties are scrambling to explain to the American people about a previously undisclosed email chain from 2015, when Democrat Joe Biden was Vice President and on his way to Ukraine for an official visit- with his son, Hunter Biden curiously in tow.

Media reports show that this previously ignored email chain revealed the motive and “ultimate purpose” behind Hunter Biden’s affiliation at the time with a Ukraine energy company named- Burisma Holdings.

[Political Signal Media]

Did y'all see Barry's new Bud Light commercial?


Okay, I don't care if this gets me in trouble; the weekend's here and I just have to share this with you.

Check out this new "Bud Light ad" from 44 him/herself:

You must see this…

They can make anyone look like anyone now-a-days. Should we laugh or be afraid?

[Patrick Bestall]


IN DEPTH: 1. Death Toll After Powerful Rain Storm Grows to 40, Hundreds of Rescue Workers Deployed 16 seconds ago 2. ‘Resign Immediately’: Biden Busted After Republicans Uncover Leaked Email New 3. Tim Scott Stuns Audience When He Suddenly Gets Up In Middle Of Tucker Interview New 4. Judge Blindsides Biden’s DOJ In Critical Case — Trump Gets The Word New 5. Steve Bannon Has Officially Declared HOLY WAR — It’s On! New 6. Fauci and Health Officials Accused of Illegally Approving $26B in Taxpayer-Funded Grants 1 hour ago 7. Top Biden Admin Immigration Official Called for Abolishing ICE, Defunding Border Patrol 1 hour ago 8. China and Russia To Start Joint Navel and Air Forces Drill In Sea Of Japan 1 hour ago 9. Report Contradicts Claim No Fingerprints Were Found on White House Cocaine by Secret Service 2 hours ago 10. MTG to Use New Committee Spot to Push Against Ukraine Aid 2 hours ago 11. Watchdog Reveals Big Pharma Bankrolled Biden’s NIH Director Nominee 2 hours ago 12. Mexico Files Complaint About Texas’ Border Control Efforts in Rio Grande 2 hours ago 13. Four More Texas Counties Declare Invasion At Southern Border 2 hours ago 14. Putin Warns Of “Reciprocal” Use Of Cluster Bombs In Ukraine 2 hours ago 15. China and Russia To Start Joint Navel & Air Forces Drill In Sea Of Japan 2 hours ago 16. Iran’s Morality Police Enforce New Crackdown On Islamic Dress 2 hours ago 17. Israeli PM Netanyahu Discharged From Hospital After An Overnight Stay 2 hours ago 18. U.S. Sending F‑16s To Protect Strait Of Hormuz Shipping 2 hours ago 19. Stephen Moore: Democrats Are Throwing Kids Off The School Bus 2 hours ago 20. Liz Peek: Biden “Yells” And Shuns 7th Grandchild. Now, The Most Unexpected People Are Waking Up 2 hours ago 21. Non-Binary Luggage Bandit Sam Brinton Was on Secret Taxpayer-Funded Trip at Time of Theft 3 hours ago 22. Lib Journo Identifies “Lack of Diversity” as San Francisco’s Real Problem 3 hours ago 23. 49-Year-Old Dude Wins 9th Medal in Female Sporting Events 4 hours ago 24. Federal Govt Now Running a Daily $5.1 Billion Deficit 4 hours ago 25. AOC Voices Support for UPS Workers Ahead of Potential Major Strike 4 hours ago 26. The 2024 GOP Field vs. the Tucker Test 4 hours ago 27. House Foreign Affairs Comm Chair: Top Biden Official May Have Committed Treason 4 hours ago 28. Five Times the Media Attempted To Link Fitness to Right-Wing Extremism 4 hours ago 29. Despite Biden’s Boasting, Union Membership Continues Falling 4 hours ago 30. IMF Hints at Allowing Countries to Use Chinese Yuan for Debt Repayment 4 hours ago 31. Conagra CEO Says Grocery Shoppers Are Buying Less 4 hours ago 32. Fed Open to More Rate Hikes After Expected Increase This Month 4 hours ago 33. Hollywood Strikes Could Open Up Opportunities for More Conservative Content to Thrive 4 hours ago 34. San Francisco Real Estate Market a “Disaster” 4 hours ago 35. MTG and Matt Gaetz Sue California Venues For Canceling Events 4 hours ago 36. Jan 6 Defendant Appeals To SCOTUS In Case That Could Upend Hundreds Of Charges 4 hours ago 37. Russia halts deal that allows Ukraine to ship grain in a hit to global food security 5 hours ago 38. Using Wrong Pronouns Should Be ‘Criminal Offense,’ Say Almost Half of Millennials 8 hours ago 39. Leftists Furious At In-N-Out Burger – Demand Immediate Boycott 15 hours ago 40. Kari Lake Celebrates After Big Election Announcement 15 hours ago 41. Former Goldman Sachs Executive Predicts Imminent Financial Crisis 15 hours ago 42. Findings of Investigation Into Collapsed Bank to Remain Confidential for 50 Years 16 hours ago 43. State Lawmakers Ordered to Redraw Congressional Districts 19 hours ago 44. New Citizenship Test Requiring Greater English Skills Draws Concerns from Immigrants — Too Difficult 19 hours ago 45. Grave of Robert E. Lee’s Horse Desecrated, Plaque to Beloved Traveller Removed 20 hours ago 46. DeSantis Shakes Up Campaign Staff Amid Poor Polls and Cash Burn Through 20 hours ago 47. WaPo Humiliated After Trying to Make Country Cover of Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’ a Racial Issue 21 hours ago 48. ‘Game Over’ for Jack Smith? Attorney Says Trump Can File One Motion That Would Change Everything 22 hours ago 49. EV Suffers Minor Fender Bender, Owner Stunned as Repair Bill Skyrockets to $42k 22 hours ago 50. Pence Goes Into Full Panic When Tucker Hits Him With One Burning J6 Question 23 hours ago 51. Twitter Roasts DeSantis After PR Stunt Targeting Trump Falls Flat on Its Face 23 hours ago 52. ‘I’m Kind of a Jerk’: Carlson Mocks Implosion of 2 GOP Hopefuls During Interview with Beck 1 day ago 53. Fox’s Harris Faulkner Shares Truly Disturbing News 1 day ago 54. Trump Makes Genius Game-Changing Move In Legal Case Against Him 1 day ago 55. Trump Delivers Final Day Speech at Turning Point Action Conference 1 day ago 56. Treasury Sec Yellen Pitches Ukraine Aid as “Best Boost” for Global Economy 1 day ago 57. John Kerry Takes Jet to China on “Climate Diplomacy” Mission 1 day ago 58. United Airlines Avoids Strike, Raises Pilot Pay as Much as 40% 1 day ago 59. WaPo Publishes Bogus Article Based on Source That Already Admitted They Were Wrong 1 day ago 60. NYC to Pay Nearly $2 Billion Over Supposedly “Racist” Teaching Exam 1 day ago

Who is ‘Queer’?

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- After showing perceptible increases in 2020 and 2021, U.S. adults’ identification as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or something other than heterosexual held steady in 2022, at 7.2%. The current percentage is double what it was when Gallup first measured LGBT identification a decade ago.

It varies a lot by country

Spain is where respondents are most likely to say they are gay or lesbian (6%) while Brazil and the Netherlands are where they are most likely to say they are bisexual (both 7%). Japan is the country they are least likely to identify as either gay or lesbian (less than 1%) and as bisexual (1%).

Women and Liberals are more likely to be queer.

Key Statistics: Women are more likely to identify as LGBT than men. (6.4% vs. 4.9%) Women are more likely to identify as Bisexual (4.3% vs. 1.8%) than men Women Identify Bisexual 4.3% Lesbian 1.3% Something else 1.8% Men Identify Gay 2.5% Bisexual 1.8% Something else 0.6% How LGBT People Politicly Identify 13% Liberal 4.4% Moderate 2.3% Conservative Political Ideology 8.8% Identify as Democrat 6.5% identify as Indipendant 1.7% identify as Republican (Source:

[Patrick Bestall]

North America is coming apart:


Mon, Jul 17, 10:56 PM

I give thanks to Warren Cosford for sending me this article about the "danger" of America becoming unglued due to increasing political polarization that has grown into migration of Dems and Republicans into their favorite states. I checked it out and there are many other articles like it on the internet.

Such a development was predicted in the booklet Don Brooks and I wrote in 2013-2014. In fact, we predicted all nations will soon look a lot like they did a few hundred years ago, including Canada which will end up seeing the return Rupert's land, Upper and Lower Canada and large territories with scattered first nations moving freely as they once did.

Our predictions are in the booklet we published in April 2015 "Church - Coming of Age" and the chart on page 11 was subsequently made into a 40 minute video (below).

Bestall & Brooks - revealing God's puzzle –

watch now:

Since then, we have seen separatist movements in Canada; as bold as the Alberta-Manitoba sovereignty movement, or as superfluous as the Diagolon movement founded by Jeremy Mackenzie who also was a founding member of the People's Party of Canada (PPC which now has Maxime Bernier as its leader). Diagalon has had some scary press but it was never declared by our government to be a terrorist organization. It was started as a joke, a satire of the resistance to Trudeau. But the Liberals didn't get the joke. I find Diagolon interesting because of the flag they use to identify freedom-lover's territory extending diagonally from Alaska to Florida. (You might want to reconsider Texas lately.)

My wife had a dream 20 years ago of Chinese soldiers moving freely between Canada and the USA at a time when there was no electricity.

[Patrick Bestall]

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!


General Summary

Mon. 17 July White Hat Intel:

  • · Lithuania was in a Death Grip controlled by CIA, M16 Deep State Pentagon Regime. The only way they can break this death grip is by staging a War against Russia!

  • · Game Theory Operations by military assessment configurations say Lithuania wants to deliberately create chaos/ fear in their country and in their Economic structure and create MASSIVE civil unrest that would lead to over overthrow of their [Deep State] government.

  • · Lithuania wanted to intentionally create a civil (near) war in their own country in order to over throw the CIA regimen that was controlling their country.

  • · White Hats will start moving the Lithuanian People to massive protests by dropping Deep State information into the country.

  • · EU nations are unaware that a MAJOR COLLAPSE of the EU will happen, sending the nations into 3rd world countries for months. This Game Theory Plan will awaken the sleeping EU Nations into taking action against their governments and the coming plandemic attack, vaccine attempt and false climate agenda.

  • · These actions are necessary and lead to nations rebelling against the New World Order, UN, CIA, Rockefellers, Rothschild, World Banks control.

  • · Globalists were in panic as RFK Jr. says Covid Virus was manmade.

  • · Major Hollywood actors are set to go against the Hollywood Pedophilia Network.

  • · The CIA warned Hollywood Elites that Congress was planning to go after Epstein, Human Trafficking and the Biden Laptop that will connect Hollywood Pedophilia and the Child Satanic Sex trade. This is the reason Hollywood actors are on strike – that is a CIA False Flag Operation.

  • · The Hollywood strike is proof A I. has replaced famous actors in videos.


FL@T E@rTH: L3T'$ R3@D T0g3Th3r (18 Min)

FL@T E@rTH: L3T'$ T@LK @bouT Th3 N0rTH P0L3 (16 Min)

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